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  1. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    It's good that a new player realizes how OP this gear is. Most have no idea and just think they're OP themselves while they rush through leveling, but then they get to 66+ content and suddenly they don't know what to do :'D I think they would better rework the lowbie content instead of making players power through it with too powerful gear. It's fast to level alts indeed, but it's not fun at all and there's zero challenge and chance to improve skill.
  2. Fissure of Oblivion Elevator glitch - Please fix

    I only have a trouble with that specific elevator when I alt-tab to something else when my character is on it. (Yes, judge me for my attention span, damn slow elevators) And then my character just falls through - it's not high enough that one to die from it though.
  3. Lvl 46+: 1 free white die / week Any level (?): 1 golden die + 3 berdin stars in survey Lvl 66+: 1 golden die in survey I wonder which one of the surveys was only this week? (I assume the one with the berdin stars)
  4. Please send survey about housing in game

    I'd love the idea to have one 'physical' house per account. (There may be a need to expand the amount of item slots for people who have alts with lots of furniture, but at least it really decreases the need for every single character to have their own house... it's nice for rp I guess but practically it's a mess xD)
  5. Abbey - gone or coming back?

    ^ Yes! I'd love to see it reworked, for sure - but now it feels like there's some kind of gap. Lots of emptyness in the lowbie zones, I have a friend which I got into aion recently and the poor fella loves the game, but is quite lost as to why everything is so deserted.
  6. Argent Manor: Elementis Forest (entrance): Elementis forest (Jordan): Elementis Forest (Jordan the Cursed): Elementis Forest (that swamp with the rolling mobs kek): ah, the memories...
  7. Updated 11/14: Post Server Merge Information

    can't wait for the house bidding re-opening may the odds be ever in your favor
  8. Known Issues: Server Merge

    I'm happy the legion issues are finally solved I was BG on a toon and received a legion name ticket, but when I pressed 'G' it said that the character wasn't in a legion. Quite some funny 'quirks' with this merge indeed.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 18, 2017

    I wish we could still run PvE instances just for the sake of them being entertaining... And to help out new people who still need the gear from it. I don't think a couple boxes from a p2w event render the entire instance useless. They could hand me a full set of Harvester gear tomorrow and I'd still want to run BoS - it's the challenge and the fun right? Imo, it would be better if they gave out Apollon / Frigida in order for people to be able to run it more, but what will we do about it
  10. Abbey - gone or coming back?

    *shameless bump* Is there reaaaaally no one looking into this? @Cyan it would be wonderful to see this finally fixed :c (or at least have some form of feedback). How can you ask in survey if we would recommend this game to friends, if there's no quality treatment for new/returning players? Clearly the abbey isn't gone, one of my alts is still in there: If we could just get the stones back, (and preferably also make abbey avaiable for new players not only returning ones) - it'd be awsome.
  11. Post your Aion character!

    My assassin; Rubyvulpa
  12. Aion Memes!

    @Magellan-BR that one hit right in the feels :c
  13. Character and Legion Name Ownership Policy

    I fully agree with this. I don't see the need to reset all names. Why not just reset those that are the same after merge? And, since I truly do care about Nc's profit (sarcasm), I don't think they even should hand out tickets to everyone in this case. If there was no merge everyone would be keeping their name as well so what's the problem. Lacked creativity at creation? Buy a namechange ticket later, this merge will be chaos already for support. I feel you there's something about leaving that alt in that legion to remember 'the good old days' - ripperinos for the names of those.
  14. Fallen poeta abuse

    Yec said something about the tiered 'punishments' being in terms of the intensity of the abuse. If you used it to level from 66 to 75 then it results in permaban, 68-74 14 days etc. Not sure if it's a rumour or based on player confessions, but I'm sure there is some logic behind it... right?
  15. New Server Name Suggestions

    probably... I think i'm one of the only people who actually goes through previous pages tho... so even if a suggestion was missing from the list - nobody cares people just keep posting and reposting names that have already been denied x)