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  1. How are your transformation contract pulls? (research)

    Ingame shop: 10/11 white, 1/11 green Pumpkin bundle: 1 ancient
  2. question about housing and kinah

    correct, sorry to hear it doesn't apply to newly acquired housing.
  3. question about housing and kinah

    they added 8 weeks of maintenance to everyone's housing, supposedly ^^
  4. It's a fact that Aion support is super inconsistent with item recovery and reimbursement. Don't fret, keep trying. If they had half a brain they would never give back items that were destroyed 'by accident' as it is just too easy to abuse.
  5. There's a couple possible explanations as to why EU is doing 'better' than NA. Gameforge doesn't 'advertise' other regions much. Not that any of the other companies go above and beyond to do such a thing, but back when I played on EU I never realised it was possible for me to play on another server, in another regio. Ofcourse there's the 'this and this will come from Korea in the next update' - but I feel (or at least, felt) that they kept suspiciously silent about the NA version. This was ofcourse back when NA had a lot of cool things, the Atreian atlas, magazine, shadow archives... It's only through these I realised there was another (and back then, better) official free to play version of the game (something Gameforge doesn't like you talking about on their forums). Gameforge Aion is still avaiable on Steam, vs NA's version which had to be taken down. Steam does bring in new players who are already playing other mmorpg's, or similar games (Aion will show up in their recommended list) and at least some will try it out. Their overall marketing is slightly better than NA's, and something simple as actually keeping the website kinda updated on the info part makes a difference in attracting new players. EU has a higher 'need' of multiple servers because of the difference in languages, cultures etc. of their playerbase. However they have the most servers atm, some of them are vastly underpopulated and they've announced a merge already to get the new ones merged (either with each other or the old servers). It's likely that this merge will not be enough though, and that they'll have to lose some of the unique language servers in favor of keeping population healthy. EU is still 'kind of' pay2play, at least in a the way you can't endlessly make new accounts with 8 toons each, without having to pay to unlock them fully. This leads to less althoarding, but possibly also keeps lowbie content a bit more alive (people level less alts, but take more time doing so, and they have to play them to take full advantage (contrary to NA's masses of event & luna farmbots @ level 30). You could say that more accounts = more 'players', but you can't play them all at once. They did a lot of good things with the Q&A's (cringy as they were, it was something - and I wonder if they will still make them without Nick) and all the Daeva care things, extra quests, custom events - showing that you 'care' about your playerbase is always a good thing. Obviously they kinda ruined certain other things in favor of the cash shop, and it's waiting to see if they keep continuing this streak. Speaking about the cash shop: EU players are used to more expensive gaming (since a lot of games are priced the same in $ and € even though the currency is not equal). They simply don't realize their cash shop is more expensive than the NA one - or they don't really care. They're used to having to buy goldpacks, mounts and other convenience items. Unlike NA, p2w items like omegas and temperings solutions are avaiable near all year around, and lots of the 'good' items come in RnG boxes. But, as a positive this spices up Gameforge profit ofcourse These are just some assumptions based on me playing both for awhile ^-^
  6. Switching stigma builds on the fly...

    That's the thing, most people won't use it for PvE spec to PvP - they will use it to go from 1 PvP build to another, which will cause a lot of extra balance issues. Some classes don't need different PvP stigma builds depending on which opponents they cross... but others certainly do. Best example would be clerics (I have one, and for PvE it would be lovely to change out my heal and dps set on the fly so I don't have to hang around until group is formed to see if we get another dps cler in, so I have to change builds) - but in PvP, clerics with both heal and dps spec would be absolutely annoying. It basically gives you 12 stigma slots instead of 6 - which is great for certain classes who have too many great stigmas, but not for others.
  7. Post your Aion character!

    Some of my alts ^-^ (I got seriously too many alts)
  8. Answers to the questions of Korean players.

    Thanks for the translation @Aroch-DN I really do hope that they turn the 'we're working on it' in something real (and not too far away in future for NA players too). We definitely need leveling that makes sense. Storywise, progress-wise and and shortly something that doesn't feel completely redundant. And we really need a good balancing of maps, some PvE only maps is fine, definitely for leveling up and to locate PvE instances at. (Hopefully I'm not alone on this but it's quite ridiculous to place a lowbie PvE instance in a high-level PvP area). I do like the concept of Sarpan/Tia in a new map, with zones that are 'neutral' certain times for PvE progress but are otherwise the hotspot for PvP. Not too big, so it's a great way to get people together on the map, with something rewarding that they can fight for. Regarding the skills, they definitely could use some work. One way to balance the classes more aside from the gear and stats. Also, it's kinda ridiculous how certain classes barely have enough space to fit their skills on the avaiable bars, and others have space plenty. I don't mind that aion has a lot more skills than the regular mmorpg, but there's a point where it just becomes annoying and you need a lot of different set-ups for different situations.
  9. Kinah Conspiracy?

    The only thing you can do is report to support and gather as much evidence as possible. I know a fair deal of people who like having a whole lot of similar alts in an alt legion (for RP, for legit farming, or just cuz they like making clone armies). Not all do it for malicious purposes. I have to say one of the 'people' in the pictures you showed, I saw them spout some hateful / homophobic stuff in LFG. I'm not sure I made a screenshot but that would be another way to get them banned eventually. Some bots are 'dera frends', others are cancerous - make use of the reports wisely cuz sadly they're still limited ingame.
  10. "Can only be used once for appearance remodeling"

    I don't mind the one-time skin thing too much, as someone previously said it makes Aion skins rather cheap (reminds me of the 25$ skins from BDO kek). With aion's speedy gear treadmill it's not like you'll want to reskin your old gears that often, and you're not forced to throw out an armor with an old skin on it. It's far from ideal but I really prefer not having to pay the price of a full game for a skin. (Also I'm one of those people who really like new skins anyways, my old skins are in cabinets for nostalgia purposes but I rarely wear them)
  11. How can I tell what faction my characters are?

    There is also still 1 week of free transfers, so you don't have to delete characters because of conflicting factions ^^
  12. Overpowered lvl 10 Gear, Why?

    It's good that a new player realizes how OP this gear is. Most have no idea and just think they're OP themselves while they rush through leveling, but then they get to 66+ content and suddenly they don't know what to do :'D I think they would better rework the lowbie content instead of making players power through it with too powerful gear. It's fast to level alts indeed, but it's not fun at all and there's zero challenge and chance to improve skill.
  13. Fissure of Oblivion Elevator glitch - Please fix

    I only have a trouble with that specific elevator when I alt-tab to something else when my character is on it. (Yes, judge me for my attention span, damn slow elevators) And then my character just falls through - it's not high enough that one to die from it though.
  14. Lvl 46+: 1 free white die / week Any level (?): 1 golden die + 3 berdin stars in survey Lvl 66+: 1 golden die in survey I wonder which one of the surveys was only this week? (I assume the one with the berdin stars)
  15. Please send survey about housing in game

    I'd love the idea to have one 'physical' house per account. (There may be a need to expand the amount of item slots for people who have alts with lots of furniture, but at least it really decreases the need for every single character to have their own house... it's nice for rp I guess but practically it's a mess xD)