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  1. Ways to remove DP?

    Now that the morphing is gone along with classic crafting, I often don't know how to kill DP that makes an unwanted effect on my appearance! Sometimes there is a DP skill, but sometimes they are all in CD or only offensive (I need to call my friend to a duel), or only 4000 while I only have 2000. And if I'm on Scintillating cocktails I don't wanna die because then I'll lose my scintillating buff! Please introduce more ways to remove DP or make it invisible!! It's so annoying!

    Return the Abyss!!! Return Archdaevic soaring abilities, flight combat, flight time and flight speed in gear, fast shoes and beautiful cut scenes! Return the real beautiful bikes - Sharptooth series!!! The game became so boring!! Return crafting of consumables! It's absolutely not interesting to craft boring flightless and speedless gear that I won't use myself! And guestblooms, why did you remove them, what bad did they do??? The game is ridiculously castrated, I almost don't play it, just do events, and the evbents became much worse now too I was happy to find a "lost destiny" in Norsvold, the content was exciting, now the destiny is lost to still worse state than it had ever been before in this game! No destiny, no sence to play! But why did the devs do so???
  3. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - June 29, 2018

    Thanks! In which camp? Or in Azphel Sanctuary? What npc sells them?
  4. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - June 29, 2018

    What is it, buying 50x C-rank minions from the Norsvold camp? In which camp? For which currency? Is it possible to buy C-rank minions?
  5. Uncompleteable Quests

    Thank you!
  6. Uncompleteable Quests

    I do Charlirunerk Daemons' daily quests. It often happens to be "Find The Remains of a Giant Weapon" - I came to this place 3 times already, the instruction on the quest shows even an exact position, I'm on it and there's nothing clickable, no green star and has never been. Why is it so? Are there certain hours when it appear? What is its cooldown if somebody took it? Another thing in these quests happens to be some Fossil North of Bomire Village - I got it once, but never seen it coming to that place on later days. And searching everywhere along the road, or valley, never found it either. What strange quests? Could NCSoft pls fix these quests or remove them from Charlirunerk Daemons?
  7. "Ice Hot" Event, please!!!!

    Yes, Please, give us these cocktails!! Manduri Sour, Blue Atreia, Ribbit Sunrise, Brommeltini!
  8. Player's choice event survey, what to vote and why

    I voted it too cause yes, it used to give me rewards, and simple, just get keys in Pandemonium on every toon. Giving Grove would be the 2nd choice for me cause I could also get items on diff toons and give them to those who needed Blood Medals/Blood marks, and get some. Although, the other rewards were not all that good - composite manastones of lev 50 - too low. But my favourite event Ice Hot wasn't in the list!!! I want scintillating cocktails!! We didn't receive them in 2016 and 2017, and toons that were created later than in Aug 2015 had no chance to get them at all!! Please let us get them whichever way!! Manduri Sour, Blue Atreia, Ribbit Sunrise, Brommeltini.