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  1. Subj. I got a survey, need to decide to what character I'll give it. Didn't find pictures anywhere! Is it same as Legendary Riesel weapon or diff? Of what color?
  2. Thank you! Although, very much depends on enchanting and especially socketing. A "worse" piece of gear, socketed with Crit strike/magic attack, enchanted, can be better than an empty "good" piece. Why an armor piece costs 600 event coins, and a ultimate manastone selection box like 460 or 490 coins? And an Ultimate enchantment stone too? 1 piece of gear has 3 manastone slots and possibility of +15 for enchantment, so the stones cost much higher than the gear itself. same goes to the gear and stones for exp marks. A weapom costs 6 e.m., an Ultimat ench. stone costs 15 e.m. BTW, are
  3. I'm a very old player, but I don't know every detail about every type of gear. I played passively for some months (like Luna, enchantment stone upgrading, the easy part of Lugbug quests, Snowball event, things like that, without real action, cause problems of rl distracted me a lot and made me tired. The Chocolate Hearts event stimulated me to go out and kill mobs, at last. What is better by stats, Ultimate Heartguard or Sovereign? Some of my toons got some pieces of Sovereign (for 600 event coins) long ago, when surveys and staying online gave many Event coins, others got Ultimate Heartgu
  4. Thanks. So, 2% proc effect means that when I click on the skill, what happens? 2% that the described effect will occur, but what if it doesn't, what's happens in the rest 98% cases??
  5. Thanks. Yeah, I understand how gear's appearance sometimes has skills in it, with 5 min cooldown. (Thunder Dragon King, Brilliant Fire Dragon King). Then my question is, what's the nature of the skills that Ereshkigal's jackets have? Which one is "stronger"?
  6. Also, is Ereshkigal's armor any better in stats than Ultimate Heartguard armor sold in Gelkmaros? Is Sovereign armor any better? We are having Chocolate hearts event earning Event Coins. For what goods do people usually want to spend these coins? For example, Sovereign armor box costs 600 Event Coins, it's quite expensive, compared with Ultimate Heartguard armor, Sovereign weapon box is still much more expensive (1200 coins?) and Accessories still more. I think, it's not reasonable price ratios, cause accessories have much less stats than weapon and even armor.
  7. Sorry, I didn't find a detailed explanation to the difference between " skill appearances" of Ice Dragon Scale skills in these tunics (as well as in any jackets), so I don't know which jacket to choose when opening Ereshkigal's Armor Box. Some source say, Frigid tunic has shock resistance, Merciless tunic has increase of movement speed, their pictures of skills are blue, Arctic tunic has a green picture of the skill. Do they look different? In which way? Do they have different properties? What property is considered most useful? Can anyone please show me a video of these skills in action and
  8. Are there any TITAN COINS in these boxes?? So strange, they are in the event but not mentioned here in the list. Can they be in Consumables?
  9. With a bycicle? If I use a transparent scroll, will the bycicle remain? Also, what if I'm Asmo?
  10. What???? What do you mean? I want my characters to look like themselves and have beautiful and fast bikes for sprinting, flying and riding beautifully. Does Kaisinel form look like a bike under a character and can sprint??? (I think you're kidding)
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