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  1. Confused with new event (atherforge masters)

  2. Confused with new event (atherforge masters)

    Are there any TITAN COINS in these boxes?? So strange, they are in the event but not mentioned here in the list. Can they be in Consumables?
  3. Hey, you didn't reply, I'm Asmo, can you sell me Kunax accs?
  4. add permanent mounts

    With a bycicle? If I use a transparent scroll, will the bycicle remain? Also, what if I'm Asmo?
  5. Thanks!. What are Cloud Wings, how to get them?
  6. add permanent mounts

    What???? What do you mean? I want my characters to look like themselves and have beautiful and fast bikes for sprinting, flying and riding beautifully. Does Kaisinel form look like a bike under a character and can sprint??? (I think you're kidding)
  7. I opened this window on a lev 80 toon - Retuning is grayed Why? ]
  8. Thanks, I didn't know. But it's only for characters lev 76-80 that can have retunable wings. Mine is 51. Can new Lakrum gear be also retuned to get flight speed and flight time? I don't use any gear without flight speed, when I still have Archdaevic gear. Playing 2 toons together with my friend, if one's speed differs from another's, and no speed scrolls, only transformations lasting very short, it creates serious disturbances in playing together. Can accessories be returned to get flight time?
  9. Asmo. Yes, I'd like to buy some Kunax boxes. How many? They used to be on the broker several months ago for 10-12 mlh k. And I'll need to log in to different toons to get these kinah.
  10. Please don't tell me about wings when I ask about rings, earrings etc. My character has not bad wings (Hyperion Archdaeva, flight time=94 or so), is on lev 51, wears Archdaevic armor socketed with flight time manastones and while I'm leveling her I wanna have pleasure with sufficient flight time sprinting on a temporary bike. I still have Archdaevic armor, weapons and wings supplied from 5.8 but accessories are coming to an end. When crafting existed I crafted many kinds of accessories with flight time of different levels up to 60, it was rather easy, I usually gave them to alts. For mains I got Kunax and then some number of "Of Hope" which were best accessories in Aion ever. Now they stopped appearing on the broker Btw with what thing can wings be retuned?
  11. "Ice Hot" Event, please!!!!

    Thanks for doing it in 2018, please do it again in 2019! Would be very nice to get PURPLE scintillating drinks! Like Distorted Sunayaka weapons!
  12. Subj. I think it's a bug in the game, or what is it? Much gear says "wrappable" in the description but in fact there's no wrapping scrolls, please fix it!!!
  13. 6.0 Removal of Original Professions & Essence

    New Aetherforging doesn't have any potion, food and scroll designs, it's boring! I had all old professions on diff. toons, now I don't wanna craft anything because it only offers gear that I hate because it doesn't have any flight speed and flight time!
  14. Can we get the official Aion?

    Bring back the Abyss, the Flight, flight time stats in accessories, flight speed (and somewhere flight time) stats in gear!!! It's a boring game without flight!
  15. Please, anyone who has any good soul-bound accessories with Flight time (best of all Archdaevic) and doesn't use them, reply and let's trade, I'll give my Unbinding stones and you unbind them and sell them to me! Kunax and Abyss accessories say "wrappable" but I don't know how to get wrapping scrolls on this patch!