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Bring back normal trade without broker for expensive things!

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"Untradeable, can be brokered" are majority of things now. It's generally stupid and complicates normal game. I don't know how it may help fighting any hackers or botters? A bot became built-in in the game client, we can legally farm with it now, but as for hackers, they probably still exist and are still more dangerous than they were on 5.x patches and earlier.  I mean broker hackers, I'm not sure whether they  exist now, but I read 2-3 years ago they existed and would immediately buy any expensive thing on the broker that was sold for a cheap price. I would say they were not always on, there were times I could more or less safely transfer average and expensive things like runestones through broker between my accounts. Recently there appeared prime runestones, very expensive on the broker.  It's obvious that one account can never collect 3 prime, or even greater, runestones of same transformation and 3 different effects , without trading between accounts. Kinah are untradeable, NCsoft is fighting kinah traders, I understand. But then, it becomes impossible to have enough kinah to trade between accounts through the broker paying the full price these expensive things cost. A couple of days ago I lost a good greater runestone Drop Rate Kaisinel-Zikel apostles +5 while transferring it through the broker between my accounts, it was so frustrating! :( We don't have any selection boxes for runestones and only get them at random, so trading is inevitable! This type of runestone is still in insufficiency to my accounts in general. I don't have ultimate transformations other than in bottles that Kerub gave us as quest rewards (Zikel and Nezekan). I was lucky enough to sell a prime runestone gotten from the recent event and buy that same runestone of mine on the broker for 500,000,000 k. But it is rather expensive, you see!  I'm sure it was that same runestone I had lost  because I've been watching runestones on the broker every day and I know this type is extremely rare. 

Please make runestones (and other valuable things) tradeable without the broker!!! 🙏

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