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  1. Thanks. I'm often busy and have many characters. When things happen like free (or almost) new gear for everyone, not only 1 on account, it's much more work and I wanna do it to all. What is Aspartamian quest about Raz? Gathering? Is this event gonna be long? I didn't find it in "News" and Patch notes, but I had earlier read that retuning and enchanting for 1k is going to end on Oct 13. Then it's so nyerking expensive to retune Glyphs. And it's not 30 min for me but several hours to grow renown to level 4 or how much is required for buying Lumiel Transformation essence. I used to grow ren
  2. In Kerub's quick guide window I got a box of 6 [Guide] Red Gemstone (Gladiator). I had 4 Kerub's accessories and 2 Heartguard earrings. I began to try this thing and was pleasantly surprised that it cost just 1 Blessed Socket stone to open a slot in each Kerub's accessories. I socketed into them 4 [Guide] Red gemstones easily. No question about matching slots with gemstone types. Then I decided to try it on 2 Heartguard earrings, as I don't have Kerub's earrings yet and maybe won't have time to complete all Kerub's quests where I'll get 1 Kerub's earring (btw till when will this Kerub's event
  3. Hmm, I didn't know this, where do I find the shugo Mysterious Black Marketer = Wrapping Scroll ???
  4. I would prefer an inventory pet. 1) Inventary expansion is important, and it's very good when a pet carries some things everywhere I go, allows to sort them out so there wouldn't be full chaos of multiple things before my eyes complicating finding the needed thing. 2) A looting pet is useless in a group play, I tried. A group of 2 or whatever. The only way to use it then is that the pet owner is the group leader and the distribution is to the group leader. Loot may be untradeable! Also, when you do quests by a group and you killed a mob, every group member must receive quest items from thi
  5. Even if I create my character not on June 16 but later?
  6. I don't understand what means "unlock an exclusive pet for reserving your account!" What pet? What is "reserving my account" if not reserving my character's name before others grab it? Cause the game is empty now.
  7. No, you don't need to delete any characters! When you select "Aion classic" instead of "Aion" you get to an empty account with 8 slots. The characters' names in Aion Classic also can coincide with your normal Aion characters' names.
  8. Magic Defense doesn't change, still it's purple. Now the main stat is Magic Accuracy, it's rather high but white. The last time Magic Attack was rather low in the range of possibilities but it was orange. What does it all mean?
  9. What color means what on the Glyph's stats? The description shows Black (actuallly white)=Normal, Yellow =Ancient, Purple=Leg., Red=Ult., but I have white, Orange and Purple. What means orange? It's less than purple. Why does the enchanting window shows only 1 stat Magick Attack if Magic Defense also changed? If magic Defense didn't change, why is it purple?
  10. Oh, I found, it's not in equipment but apart.
  11. I read in the description by your link: " A New Equipment Slot Daevas can prepare for Unshackled Fate to bring them an entirely new equipment slot for storing Glyphs! Glyphs provide resistance to various control effects, such as Fear, Sleep, and Stun, as well as other bonuses." What is this slot, in what equipment? I don't see any such slot in my equipment!
  12. Patch notes say "Changed the recovery counts of 'Protective Ward of Recovery' and '(Upgraded) Protective Ward of Recovery' to 6 times" - what is it? What does it mean? There's no skill with this name, there is Chanter's Protective Ward. What means "recovery counts"???
  13. I think their minds got obsessed by the Balaur-Reptiloids a few years ago, it manifested in the fall of 2018 on NA, even earlier in their native Draconic country... The scenario of so dramatic world destruction, the removal of the Abyss, virtually removaL of flight, cause the remaining tiny flight zones don't really fit for flight. In the Eye Of Reshanta, all siege combat occurs on the ground! What a shame! And it's not even always available for entrance! Then , they invented Brahma Dredgion! They clearly believe the Universal God is Reptilian!
  14. Why the nyerk did they announced the deletion in the last few ours of the event? Don't players need to sleep? All the accounts visited during a day, must be revisited again to open the gifts? Can't normal main characters doubt which enchantment stones - Ultimate or Legendary, will they need more? RNG is random and fails a lot!!! I asked a few days ago in a separate topic whether they will be deleted, nobody with the knowledge replied, I followed that topic, suddenly I needed to search for another topic, new and not followed, just because I felt some uncertain worry inside? Not even a link to
  15. WHERE released? I mean I found the patch notes here https://www.aiononline.com/news/update-notes-79 but they don't say Zudra's boxes will be deleted!
  16. That's good if "not immediately". I just wanna do several enchantments with Leg stones before opening more gifts, I don't know when I will get to +11 on all items to open Ult. Enchantment stones, or open them and use normal (not Event) leg. ench. stones because Ultimate may turn too few..
  17. When will 8.0 be in NA? What will happen to the old pve and pvp gear and enchantment stones? What will happen to the Bobonerk coins and the morphing system upgrading enchantment stones? Will ridium remain? Will any items disappear from the game? Any items become useless? For what currency will the new gear be sold? How much renown required? Will Exp marks continue being the main currency ? Will the Nightmare trader continue selling items for Event coins, including pve/pvp enchantment stones? ? Will the Garden of Growth remain to earn Event coins?
  18. Will unopened Zudra's gifts be deleted immediately after the Stormwing event ends?
  19. Sorry, I don't understand what this question means? If I do wanna see details of other characters' gear, which option should I vote for?
  20. BTW will unopened Zudra's gifts be deleted after the event ends?
  21. From Kaisinel to Fennec Fox? Jajaja! Can I use the stats of Kaisinel with appearance of some male Apostle, like Lumiel, Nezekan, Yustiel, Ariel, Triniel? Can a different appearance be set for diff characters on an account or only 1 for all account? When will patch 8 start?
  22. Yes, let them add +1 more week! Some of my characters have Affectionate orbs and could grow them to Loyal if another week was added... !
  23. Day 1 was less than a day ago, don't throw the hope away! I remember they made an error on some maintenance so we couldn't normally buy EXP extractors, and the Support would reply "You can find [those] flowers somewhere in Gelkmaros" - no help, no notion about the error, even during a day after we got surveys with 25 Exp extractors to 1 char./account and the rest toons couldn't buy them... but in a couple of days they restored the extractors' normal price in the store.
  24. Nice idea! But send them not on the VERY LAST day, but somewhat earlier.
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