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  1. Aion Recording Feature

    Still, how to start recording? Nobody yet replied.
  2. Enchanting tips please ?!

    (Wanted to edit but it didn't let me, so sorry for errors)
  3. Enchanting tips please ?!

    When I got ancient wings, earlier patches, I did Ancient stones from +1 to +11, sometimes to +12 if it proced from 10, then, legendary with random success to +14, sometimes +15, used to destroy those +12, sometimes stopped at +13 when a character had a couple of Ultimate stones and then Ultimate to +15. I did so befolre Lugbug missions appeared. I could do just 1 time and stop because of feeling I'm tired or something, feeling afraid. When Lugbug missions started, they were 1st for 3 enchants, then for 5. When they were for 3 enchants and I did that difficult part on wings, I used to do like 1 or 2 on wings and the rest on other gear, lower grade and lower than +10. Now Lugbug missions require 5 enchants in a row (I can't keep too long on same toon waiting for when I feel more lucky cause then I'll miss all other toons, so I do 5 in a row, even if not all of them are successful. Or I do no enchants at all until I collect 5 appropriate stones (some Ult, some Leg) and appropriate possibilities to use them (for example, I almost never spend Leg stones on leg gear after +10, not more than to +11 cause in most cases I'll only get there and back. I tried it and stopped trying to get to max on Leg gear at all. After that event when 1 per account got Leg and Red enchantment stones and mostly Risel's pve gear, +many leg. manastones and 2 red supplements in the event when you got for them a food and could any number of any grade manastones for 10 min with full success, The difficult part was opening slots for manastones in leg gear, I crafted very many plumes and bracelets that I extracted to get the fasteners. The new patch came 7.5 and there appeared such wings for 320 Titan coins that have no enchantment option but have original flight time +450, flight speed +40% + tuning option. So, after Herald ancient wings it took me to these new wings that are much better. Also, Genesis crystals and Titan coins offer good shoes at last, they can be tuned to speed +22% that made me stop using Archdaeva's shoes on many toons since getting these Ult ones. Those I get and enchant with Ult ench. stones only. I can't believe they can be enchanted by any lower grade ench. stones even to +3. IAncient stones don't eeven worlk on Legendary gear to +4 or 5 because they get there and back. I better upgrade 10 ancient to 1 Leg. and 5 Leg. to 1 Ultimate ench. stones. Ultimate stones are good because they never reduce the previous level when they fail. A good thing started on 7.5 when Windel in Gelkmaros started to exchange Experience marks for Leg and Ult Etium that I hadwanted for a long time but they were never there, or very few occasionally in events. Now that they are there I can make Ult ench. stones and use them on Ultimate shoes (after exchanging in Demaha) Also I like to buy Ult. accessories that require no enchantment. These are a few good things on 7.5, the rest are mostly bad. I don't like that turning of Lakrum and Demaha to battlefields on the terrible fast-track server, still worse is the new Katalam. I like to do campaigns but they totally disappeared in katalam. Campaigns were renamed to Episodes in Lakrum and Demaha, thankfully they remained but that damned hourglass expires even when a character is offline!! (Why wouldn't they preserve them when offline? To prevent them from accumulation, they could do something like not letting there be more than 2 in the inventory. I must get toons to Luna because it's the only way now to get Exp. I spend time there, and if I got 7 toons thgrough :Luna and then decide to play some of them in Lakrum or Demaha, and then they have no hourglass cause it expired while offline Bad things in 7.5 gear are plumers and accessories, I think all, because I saw different ones and none of them were enchantable. I wondered looking at them in Lakrum Genesis Crystal store, how are they made long if they are not enchantable, or they are originally long? The preview never shows the length of a plume or bracelet, they all look short. Thankfully I didn't spend anything for them in any store and continue wearing the old ancient ones, Herald or what I crafted, +10 or higher. Me went on some of my old toons to Udas Temple in Gelkmaros to do a campaign that appeared to them that younger toons (born on 6.0 and later) had and I knew how to play it and what were the rewards, from the new toons. Those old toons on 7.5 completed it and got plumes and braceletes, but I was very disappointed by them because they turned out short without a possibility to make them long, cause they were not enchantable. There is some "sanctification" but it's too complex for me to understand it and I believe it's not going to make them long (am I right?) Shame on NCSoft, how they began to neglect such important things in appearance as length of plumes and bracelets, are they crazy?? Aion has originally been a beautiful game, and even on the ugly 6.0 when they removed the best-looking bikes (Sharptooth series) from BCM and Luna, made them totally unavailable, and many skins and godstones, but they created some nice armor skins for newborn toons, and rather beautiful Red Knight weapons and some armors for old toons that were on lev 79 and lower, not 80. But then it looks like they are quite inattentive and random to the things they do to the game :( `Maybe they just FORGOT to check how the plumes look after they automatically made them unenchantable like accewssories and some wings?
  4. Duration of Titan Coins Event?

    For how long will there be the Event About Titan Coins? Nothing is said on the off. page. Till what time will Lugbug give Titan coins for various missions? For how long will we receive surveys with Titan coins and Rebown tonics, giving Titan coins? I only recently noticed that Titan coins store sells very good wings (Ult., Legendary) that is possible to tune, originally have flight time, speed and not enchantable. They are much better than those new in Lakrum (Ult., Leg.)- those can't be tuned. Also, it's nice to buy Ultimate shoes (speed 22% or tunable to 22%) and Ult. accessories not enchantable. What is sanctification? There are also Feather Accessories but I don't trust them so far, they cannot be enchanted, preview doesn't show any plume's length, so I don't know whether those plumes and bracelets are long originally?? (I don't wear short feather accessories cause they look bad). I still wear old ones (ancient, crafted) enchanted to +10-15 that provided their length and beautiful drops). Also, what do Runestones actually give? I tried to read, they say something about transfornation, how does it work? Constantly transformed or I summon and choose transformation, is it possible to make them transparent?
  5. Yellow Minions - what is it?

    I remember when we had an event in Demaha gaining grade A minions and purple, red enchantment stones, I saw many people had exactly those minions but completely yellow, instead of their original colors. How did that happen? I didn't evolve mine, first of all because A-minium was given in very small amounts. But if do it, will my minion remain the same or become yellow? (I'm even afraid, I don't want my minions to become yellow!)
  6. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    I'm Asmodian and did it on many toons.
  7. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    It must be there after you click on Windel and take "Windel's Help" quest (or Windel's support). Fix Aion or write to support if you don't have this quest.
  8. Yellow Minions - what is it?

    I won't do it just the same. I don't like those yellow minions but like the original ones like Viola, Sheba, Modor.
  9. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    Did you take the quest from Windel? Then Then there must appear the green-blue double triangle on the quartermaster. Then you click it, then you buy an e4xtractor and don't spend it immediately but come to Windel. He must accept the quest, take your extractor and give you an Exp mark. It's like a tutorial Then you simply trade with him. He has a little bug - a double triange hangs over him even when I don't have anything to trade with him. Are you able to trade with him? Maybe you need to write to Support.
  10. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    BTW even if your quest doesn't work but you have exp marks, you can trade them at Windel to Etium.
  11. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    Thanks, I found it on the compass. If you have an exp extractor from another source it probably won't work. I need to buy it from the quartermaster there 20m from Windel. I didn't try so, but I tried to use another exp extractor (from an old event) and Lugbug doesn't give a reward for them.
  12. Current Meta to Converting PvP Enchant Stones?

    Didn't you notice 3 npcs in Gelkmaros, in the beginning they have orange triangles above them, then you can see a quest at6 Windel. Buy Experience extractor(s) and bring 1 to Windel. He exchanges it to Experience Mark. Then if you open the experience extractor it gives an Experiece Mark. If you do it the 1st time in a day , Lugbug gives you another Exp Mark as a reward. Then you exchange Exp Marks at Windel to Ultimate or Legendary Etium, or fighting spirit. Then you go to Demaha- stellusia and exchange Etium for Ridium/ Then open Morhing Design. Also you need Babonerk coins that you buy in the cpersonal shop (on the bottom right from the exp bar. Opening them also needs EXP. Getting EXP in the game became very difficult now, you actually get NO exp from killing mobs and reporting quests, you can only get it in Luna :(. They made it hard just when they made it highly needed! They changed EXP for renown or smth like that (I don't even know where I can see my own Renown), Renown never helps to open Bobonerk's coins or EXP extractors Youy need Berdin stars to buff exp or wait for a couple of days doing Luna. What is "Meta" in Aion?
  13. Nostalgia event ! Please

    Nostalgic events for me are: Letter Collecttor (very long ago, they would give Sharptooth Repulser (it's like Voidtracer but 15 days or 30 days) in Greater Letter Collector Box or Letter Collector's Box. All Sharptooth bikes disappeared from BCM and from Luna :(( Why from BCM, I don't understand?? NCSoft denies themselves of money! What is their purpose? If the item doesn't appear in the game either, the reason is totally unclear, it must be crazy! I still have some of those Letter's Collector's boxes, used to once get Sharptooth Repulser from it, but's very rare. They mostly give cheap Idians, outdated, used to give Godstone guestbloom but those became rare or disappeared. My 2nd favourite event has been Ice Hot - mostly for getting scintillating cocktails. It used to disappear in 2016-17 but appeared agin in 2018 and 2019. Please make this event again! Also there used to be Playing Cards event that gave spme red and yellow tradeable scintillating cards (food). At least these, although no green and no blue ones.
  14. Duration of Titan Coins Event?

    Thanks! Give me the link to this page please! And then, will Titan coins remain? Will the gear for them be still available to buy? Will Quests for them (to kill mobs) remain, loot remain?
  15. Bugged again

    If you need money, put weapon and shield skins of Brilliant Fire Dragon, Transcendent Thunder Dragon, transparent shields, etc on BCM! And beautiful bikes of Sharptooth series (Voidtracer, Ripper, Mauler, Barbtail, yellow Airspike... And Archdaevic skins like Adma, and allow all Archdaevic armor to Luna Wardrobe! I would buy some, espacially for new toons!
  16. Bugged again

    I join. Luna is not working, some npcs not waorking, no butler noteleport in houses! Please reload the server!
  17. KT server bugged again

    Yeah, and switched off in 6:05PM CT suddenly disconnecting 3 toons of mine in Luna
  18. Manastone Mayhem Details

    Is it far from Stellusia? Shown on the map?
  19. Manastone Mayhem Details

    Where is the Boiling geyser to which we should throw purple rings?
  20. Manastone Mayhem Details

    "Each quest rewards 1 Booteranerk's Manastone Socketing Support Cookie. ..... Lastly, a survey will be provided to all Daevas level 76 or higher until May 27 providing 1 Ultimate Flawless Manastone Socketing Supplement." 1. About survey it's incorrect about "a survey will be provided to all Daevas level 76 or higher" - not to ALL Deabas but only 1 per account. I already got 1 such survey on 1 character, the other 7 (all lev 80) didn't get anything! 2. I wonder how many times will Booteranerk give a supplement until May 27? Only 1??? I wonder what is the sence of this event quest, if Booteranerk requires 2 supplements in exchange for 1 cookie but the survey gives only 1? How are we supposed to get a 2nd supplement for this event? Nothing tells about it and it's not even available on BCM! So far, only characters (one per account) who have Stormwing pet and got 2 supplements from this pet, are able to exchange it with Booteranerk. What can I do for the rest toons? The Stormwing event already created very unequal conditiopns for different toons on an account (the only good thing was that the transformation went to the whole account. On the other hands, there are different classes on my account so fully physical and fully magical transformations can'y serve all). The supplement-exchanging event makes this unequality still stronger! I feel pain for 6 toons of 7 mains on my accopunt :( Will we have a transformation of CHOICE on the last level of Stormwing pet? The 1st transformation only offered a choice by class but we couldn't choose particular transformations and they have different movement speeds, so, as I play couples with my girlfriend, some couples got different movement speeds and can't run together comfortably
  21. Event is GG suggestion

    I started Aion in Jan.2013 and enjoyed it till the end of 5.8. Pach 6 was a fail, I was shocked by new gear without flight time, flight speed, especially wings, by the absence of flight zones in Lakrum, disappearance of several exciting maps, and most depressing was the disappearance of the Abyss. I began to play much less, mostly doing Luna and not evolving new gear. Also, I had enough problems in the rl (threat of a subway under our building, corruption of our officials, robbing territories from people, trying to turn Moscow into a stone jungle, removing trees, increasing density of buildings, destroyihng old culture, destroting nature etc, that caused strong political tensions). I leveled several new characters just for the sake of impersonating some Runes and Gods that would help me concentrate my energy for victory in rl. I went deeply into Scandinavic Runes, Odinism, magic, esotherics, social fight... Aion became more exciting to me again when I learned that new wings get much flight time when enchanted plus +40% flight speed when +15, so I began to enchant wings on all my toons and generally play more of the game. Demaha showed some video cut scene in the 2nd campaign that I completed on 1 pair of toons. In Lakrum I found Cubic quests and retunable Herald wings for Genesis crystals. Recently they opened Katalam, I went through it on 2 toons, there were some beautiful places but almost no quests so it became boring. I'm disappoinbted that it has no campaigns. Quests were only in bases (except the 1st weekly one) and there used to be only 1 Asmodian-captured base at a time in the whole map, and all times when I tried to get to such base I never succeeded because It would quickly become captured by another faction. Quests about capturing bases on the ground by only 2 or 1 character equipped not very strongly, are impossible to complete. I used to capture bases in the Abyss back in 2016-2017 and it was much easier in 3D space, where I could find the captain from above and attack him not interacting with other mobs. On the ground it's incompletable, I don't even see whether the captain is there at all, and inevitably interact with many other mobs in the base that kill me. WHEN WILL NCSOFT BRING BACK THE ABYSS????
  22. Return wings and wing skins!!

    It's so frustrating now to play a new character! They removed Huron selling wings, removed Edandos giving wings and speedy gear, can a new toon get any wings at all before level 70? You know, we need flight time for sprinting and gliding, not only for flying!! We need wing skins too! The number of wing skins so drastically reduced in the game, and on the BCM too! Why going from a richer content to a poorer content, I don't see any common sense in it, it's crazy like suicide! I don't imagine why any player could complain on presence of wing skins, why they removed them?! For example, I need some Despare or Abyssal wing appearance for my new toon, how could I get it? No way?? Any dark-purple and violet wing skins? I was so distressed when I came to Darina in Pernon and saw that "Crystal Visions" quest still exists and the seasonal Agrints exist but there's no Wingfeather Guestbloom in the reward!! WTF?? The reward is 10 Guest petals, it's a mockery, will anyone want to do this quest for such reward?? It's only good I was able to give Hyperion Archdaeva wings to a lowbie, with decreased stats, but it's not exactly the appearance that would fit him. What if you're a totally new player and don't have any premade tradeable wings on older toons? Nothing at all? I played a toon to lev 47 and he never got any wings in rewards for campaigns!
  23. Event is GG suggestion

    Oh, thanks! So far I I made the 1st campaign and some quests, tried a windstream in Demaha and didn't see anything like snow flurries, and all mobs are very hard (common grade 2) for my toons with Legendary jackets, weapons, necklaces, Lakrum wings+15... MUCH harder than any common mobs in Lakrum that can be killed in Archdaevic gear. A year ago I did all campaigns on 2 toons in Archdaevic gear filled with flight time manastones without enchantment. Boring, there was no video cut scenes showing characters, at all! Does Demaha have any?
  24. Event is GG suggestion

    When I'm in Demaha and ask /where obelisk it replies Vifrost Bridge in Pandemonium. What stupid reply! It's not even possible to teleport to Demaha from Pandemonium, only from Lakrum. When I type /where Icerunerk it replies Unable to find. On the picture on Aion website it looks like he is in Beluslan. But then, where do Elyos have him? There is no winter in Heiron, I used to be there.
  25. Event is GG suggestion

    I checked Damaha and didn't find Icerunerk. I didn't find an obelisk in Damaha either, how are we supposed to play in this region? Where to bind, only kisk? Why so stupid uncomfortable? Then, every time after Luna the game carries every toon to the obelisk they are bound to, so I can't even keep my toons standing in Demaha. Getting toons to obelisks after Luna instances started a few months ago and I found it uncomfortable, especially uncomfortable it is now if there is no Obelisk in Damaha and we need to play there! Please stop carrying toons to obelisk everytime on exit from Luna, leave them where they were before!!! Stupid, stupid thing!!