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  1. I lost my 7 Brilliant Ice Prisms (because I didn't know they would be deleted) plus >300 Snowballs on other accounts cause I ran out of time. I join the plea to NCSoft to give us one more week to open our Snowballs and their products that we didn't have time to open or didn't know that they would be deleted! It's a shock for us that these items are deleted so quickly! I played Aion since 2013 and collected Snowballs every year, some Snowballs and Snowflake crystals/Wintry coins would remain in my inventories and I would open them later and exchanged Crystals|Wintry coins the next year! It
  2. The seller of Exp extractors is bugged too, so if you don't have 1 you cam't do the Lugbug quest! I wonder if the server will be shut down soon for the repair? If yes I would better not go to Luna cause I'll lose the run. If not I could continue with Luna. Please tell us the plans!
  3. Still, how to start recording? Nobody yet replied.
  4. (Wanted to edit but it didn't let me, so sorry for errors)
  5. When I got ancient wings, earlier patches, I did Ancient stones from +1 to +11, sometimes to +12 if it proced from 10, then, legendary with random success to +14, sometimes +15, used to destroy those +12, sometimes stopped at +13 when a character had a couple of Ultimate stones and then Ultimate to +15. I did so befolre Lugbug missions appeared. I could do just 1 time and stop because of feeling I'm tired or something, feeling afraid. When Lugbug missions started, they were 1st for 3 enchants, then for 5. When they were for 3 enchants and I did that difficult part on wings, I used to do like
  6. It must be there after you click on Windel and take "Windel's Help" quest (or Windel's support). Fix Aion or write to support if you don't have this quest.
  7. I won't do it just the same. I don't like those yellow minions but like the original ones like Viola, Sheba, Modor.
  8. Did you take the quest from Windel? Then Then there must appear the green-blue double triangle on the quartermaster. Then you click it, then you buy an e4xtractor and don't spend it immediately but come to Windel. He must accept the quest, take your extractor and give you an Exp mark. It's like a tutorial Then you simply trade with him. He has a little bug - a double triange hangs over him even when I don't have anything to trade with him. Are you able to trade with him? Maybe you need to write to Support.
  9. BTW even if your quest doesn't work but you have exp marks, you can trade them at Windel to Etium.
  10. Thanks, I found it on the compass. If you have an exp extractor from another source it probably won't work. I need to buy it from the quartermaster there 20m from Windel. I didn't try so, but I tried to use another exp extractor (from an old event) and Lugbug doesn't give a reward for them.
  11. Didn't you notice 3 npcs in Gelkmaros, in the beginning they have orange triangles above them, then you can see a quest at6 Windel. Buy Experience extractor(s) and bring 1 to Windel. He exchanges it to Experience Mark. Then if you open the experience extractor it gives an Experiece Mark. If you do it the 1st time in a day , Lugbug gives you another Exp Mark as a reward. Then you exchange Exp Marks at Windel to Ultimate or Legendary Etium, or fighting spirit. Then you go to Demaha- stellusia and exchange Etium for Ridium/ Then open Morhing Design. Also you need Babonerk coins that you buy in
  12. Nostalgic events for me are: Letter Collecttor (very long ago, they would give Sharptooth Repulser (it's like Voidtracer but 15 days or 30 days) in Greater Letter Collector Box or Letter Collector's Box. All Sharptooth bikes disappeared from BCM and from Luna :(( Why from BCM, I don't understand?? NCSoft denies themselves of money! What is their purpose? If the item doesn't appear in the game either, the reason is totally unclear, it must be crazy! I still have some of those Letter's Collector's boxes, used to once get Sharptooth Repulser from it, but's very rare. They mostly give cheap Idian
  13. Thanks! Give me the link to this page please! And then, will Titan coins remain? Will the gear for them be still available to buy? Will Quests for them (to kill mobs) remain, loot remain?
  14. I remember when we had an event in Demaha gaining grade A minions and purple, red enchantment stones, I saw many people had exactly those minions but completely yellow, instead of their original colors. How did that happen? I didn't evolve mine, first of all because A-minium was given in very small amounts. But if do it, will my minion remain the same or become yellow? (I'm even afraid, I don't want my minions to become yellow!)
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