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  1. Is it possible to enable transformation scroll on a minion?? With 10 min interval?? What is a stone from Gold Sands? I saw crops as plants, they were targetable as for chatting but didn't say anything. If mobs eat those crops, there's no harvest? Are they on the outer ring? My characters in auto-hunting used to run to the middle and didn't care about the crops on the outer ring. Then, also, they used to be attacked by many mobs suddenly running to the middle circle and characters used to die, even when I only used skills for 1 selected target . Best of all was a Chanter with dps stigma set an
  2. I tried this thing and liked it, but I don't understand 2 things: 1. Where do I receive quests for this garden? ("Quest mobs prioritized" is written in the Auto-hunting settings) 2. Description says: "Every 10 minutes, crops within the garden will begin to mature and can be harvested for items once they are fully grown." How is it, how does it look? What items do they give? During auto-hunting, I can only see the mobs and my character killing or looting them. I used to stop to gather the loots manually, because the bot missed quite a lot of them. But didn't see any "harvest" .
  3. Thank you very much, very useful answer 120 min OR 60 min? In what conditions does it replenish 60 min? I noticed that it doesn't open in inventories of characters who have 3h buff. It opens on those who have 2h and their buff becomes 4h. I don't know if was exactly 4h or more. About hovering - I didn't try yet, thanks for the advice.
  4. What does the writing here mean? "The item will be deleted at a predetermined time when the event ends"? Which event? When? The event that gave these things ended long ago. Please can NCSoft give more clear information if some items are to be deleted??
  5. Also, some strange things happen some time on some characters. For example, I opened the Hourglass item on a certain character at approx. 1h 40m before expiration, had something like 25-30 min in the buff on the top, got 2h written on the top, and he has been standing at home, now I see the session length 48 min but the buff on the top continues to write "2h", what is happening? Why didn't it decrease? Please I suggest that the writing on the buff on the top showed not only hours but also minutes! It only shows minutes when it's less than 1h.
  6. I maybe not completely understand how this thing works. When I log in to a character I often see they have some minutes (20-40) of Hourglass in their buffs on the top. Does it mean that this buff doesn't expire when off line? Then, If I took the Lugbug Start gift and some time has passed, I have Hourglass in my inventory saying like "Expires in 1h 41 min". Then if I click to open it, it disappears in the inventory but the buff on the top says "2h". It won't say minutes. How much is really there? If there was 25 min and I opened the item in the inventory on 1h 40min of expiration, are they sum
  7. It's kinda sounds easy "not to claim the Lugbug instantly" but requires a lot to adjust my mind. First, with the Start gift Lugbug also gives event items like storm tokens now, or other items on other events, and I'm interested in getting these items. In my time belt (CT+9) I often play before and after the day reset (it happens here on 18.00), and I visit many toons during a day. For example, I logged in to some character several hours before the reset and decide not to open the lugbug start gift because I wanna spare it for a later time. Then I have to log out of that toon because I need t
  8. The Hourglass item that we receive as soon as logging into the game and take the Lugbug's "Start" reward, immediately begins to expire. It only lasts for 2 hours. We usually log in and need some time to think what we will do with this character today, kinda sort out the things in the inventory, go to Luna, wait for other characters , to log in, do Luna, dress up, do the hair, clean up the bag , look at how many kinah, exp marks, renown level, enchants, successfully and unsuccessfully tuned gear items, how good some gear looks on them , etc etc and lots of casual things. Then if I decide
  9. Yes, I understand it's account-wide. I need to concentrate as a person playing the game on this account. I have 2 magical characters and 6 physical ones here. There is a physical Pixel transformation, speed 61%, and no magical one like that. Tahabata and Viola were my results opening magical transformations and they are slow So I need to concentrate to be lucky, to open it as Bolvig or Veille.
  10. Subj. So many event items seem to be deleted in these new patches, many that have such warning in their description in fact are not deleted, so I want to know exactly. I lost about 10 Ice Prisms on the Snowball event cause I needed some time to think how to distribute them between characters before opening them Today I bought a random Legendary transformation contract for 400 tr. coins and many cheap transformation contracts on other accounts. I need to concentrate before opening these contracts!
  11. Oh yes, I've also have been suffering for pve enchantment stones upgrades for a long time. They brought us back pvp enchantment stones upgrades after some break and materials are here, but the materials for pve upgrade are off production. Legendary Guiding stone is still more expensive than ultimate, it costs like 1,000000-4,500000 kinah and sometimes disappears on the broker! It's cheaper to buy 1 Legendary enchantment stone itself than to craft it from ancients. But we need 5 same type of Legendary enchantment stones to craft from them, all usual or all BCM. It's nyerking complicating! Als
  12. Oh nyerk, it turned out I didn't win a magic Legendary transformation with speed 60% the last year, it was Tahabata . I wasn't lucky this year either when opening my transformation conrtact from Stormwing - Viola It's a crazy game!
  13. Yes, I believe I picked up a Transformation contract key the last year on some of my characters (7 mains on the account, ha-ha), I never had that many event coins. Or, I spent them for Daevanion skills (before Marks of Knowledge were sold for AP by an npc in Gelkmaros and the design appeared to craft D. skills) and Sovereign armor. As we all got the Legendary Pixel transformations shortly after the event giving many Event coins, I stopped worrying about legendary transformations. The account has both physical and magical classes. For magical classes, I had got a Leg. transformation in the p
  14. Daily free Event Coins on BCM, do you really mean this??? In which section are they?? I only saw free daily Transformation coins and they are different than Event coins. For some reason, I can never see Transformation contract key in the "Featured" section where I directly see the free Transformation coins. I searched through BCM and found them in "Boost-Transformations" section. The Tr. coin bundles are in the same section in Boost too. But why aren't the keys the same easy to see as the Tr. coins? The keys are needed to open the transformation contracts we buy for transformation coins,
  15. I lost my 7 Brilliant Ice Prisms (because I didn't know they would be deleted) plus >300 Snowballs on other accounts cause I ran out of time. I join the plea to NCSoft to give us one more week to open our Snowballs and their products that we didn't have time to open or didn't know that they would be deleted! It's a shock for us that these items are deleted so quickly! I played Aion since 2013 and collected Snowballs every year, some Snowballs and Snowflake crystals/Wintry coins would remain in my inventories and I would open them later and exchanged Crystals|Wintry coins the next year! It
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