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  1. Ways to remove DP?

    Do you have inferiority complex or watched too much TV advertisement? In a healthy society, beauty is not something that some people are worth and others are not worth, but a NORMAL NECESSITY for everyone and everything. In an electronic product like a game, it's much easier to implement than in biological organisms, then why any questions at all?
  2. Ways to remove DP?

    Not everywhere are mobs and dummies. Pernon doesn't have it. But OK, it's possible to make a duel with each other. Spend time though... Can NCSOFT please create a button "Remove DP" like it has with buffs? On the upper left part of the screen, you can right-click on a buff to remove it.
  3. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    Error post
  4. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    My chat log was recorded not at the time when I received 2 White Nesting Dolls. They were received earlier. I'm not even sure this +5 Doll in my chat log was about me. I don't remember. Also, mine could be turned into broken dolls. It doesn't get to the chat. When I get a doll or a bag from a doll it gets to the chat. There's no mentioning about getting a White Nesting Doll in the chat. I recorded a video on another toon about opening from Nesting Dolls+5 and higher, it wrote "you got +6 Nesting Doll, +7 Nesting Doll, Nesting Doll's Gratitude etc. Didn't get White Nesting Doll unfortunately.
  5. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    You don't believe me? Another screenshot of the same thing: Sorry, that time I didn't screenshot the tip. They are White Nesting Dolls, gotten from +10 Nesting Dolls. Quotation from NCSoft: At +10, opening the Nesting Doll will reveal an [Event] Magic Paint and [Event] White Nesting Doll. Combine it to create a [Event] Magic Nesting Doll.
  6. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    I have the same problem: 2 White Dolls, no Magic Paint @Cyan, how to solve this problem?
  7. Housing - Fertilizers

    Is there any way to get dyes for armor???
  8. Where the nyerk are the armor dyes?? I don't see them in the game, and they disappeared even on BCM. Furniture Paint guestblooms disappeared too. Whom are NCSoft trying to attract by this? Did any player complain on the presence of dyes??? Did anyone lose a battle because their opponent had dyed armor or furniture???
  9. Where are the armor dyes??

    Where are the armor dyes?? I don't see them in the game, and they disappeared even on BCM. Furniture Paint guestblooms disappeared too. Whom are NCSoft trying to attract by this? Did any player complain on the presence of dyes??? Did anyone lose a battle because their opponent had dyed armor???
  10. Return wings and wing skins!!

    I don't know what causes your laugh. Luna has been the simplest leveling tool since it started. Thanks for your answers, but I did campaigns and most of blue quests on my new toon till lev 54 and he got no wings (skins) so far. Should I get them in quest rewards? No looted wings either. What appearance do they have?
  11. Housing - Fertilizers

    The Daeva of Cosmetics at the piano only sells dyes for hair and skin. But who sells dyes for armor? Is there anyone??? NCSoft removed all guestblooms and dyes on BCM, how can we dye our armor now???
  12. Return wings and wing skins!!

    From where, campaign rewards? So, characters don't have the right for appropriate appearance until level 50 or 55?? If I level a character in Luna (without campaigns) to level 53 or smth like that, they get no campaigns in Beluslan at all (I have some toons of lev 53, their campaign list starts from Gelkmaros.) Why the nyerk do they remove low level campaigns when a character's level grows?? They didn't do so before. Campaigns are not an obligation but must be a chance to enjoy, record video cut scenes, why do they deny us of this chance now? On earlier patches I often delayed doing campaigns until my characters got certain appearance, f.e. Norsvold Wings, and then recorded Showdown With Destiny campaign. It's bad to deny us of the chance to do campaigns of lower levels. Although... the cut scenes became so few, the campaigns so crippled, the content so poor, so maybe we shouldn't even hope to enjoy this game any more, so not care about our appearance?
  13. 5.8 Vs. 6.0

    I totally agree with you!! I started in 2013, and the patches 5.1-5.8 were best in my gaming life! They were great, glorious, like a fest! How sweet it was to enchant wings to +15 and have total flight time like 7:30 without any flight time manastone, and soar in the Abyss, and hang in the air facing each other in flame (when having 2 characters), and sprint throughout Norsvold doing campaigns trying to avoid mobs, and doing campaigns, the campaigns were bright, adventurous, I would become sweaty doing them but excited and happy! Especially Building Artifact 1 campaign, and Prison of Silence quest, and the Calydon sky was majestic at night, violet with clouds and lightnings! The campaign cut scenes were gorgeous, especially Transcendence, Building Artifact 1, Peregrine's Urgent Call, and then at Pontekane in the Abyss about exploding the bomb on the Eye Of Reshanta seal! Now what became of the game is so poor and boring! I can't believe they removed the Abyss, Norsvold, the flight, and several more maps including Morheim and Brusthonin which were very beautiful! It looks like a horrible dream! Gliding above the sea in Northern Brusthonin during the "Vortex" time, when the sky was black-orange was so majestic, fabulous, I used to re-do it many times on my toons just because I wanted to train to land to that pirate's ship correctly and record the best version of video gliding and landing as perfect as possible! The cut scene in Ataxiar after killing Hellion in "Showdown With Destiny" was gorgeous too! Now all this is gone, the game is stagnant, the mood is frustrating... Looks like NCSoft are suicidal or mysterious evil aliens captured their minds specially to kill the best MMORPG on the Earth! The game that was full of esotherical meaning, telling about spiritual awakening, restoring Memory and Destiny, increasing psychic abilities, Ascension, Transcendence, I thought NCSoft were very wise because they were doing such serious stuff, but now what? All is gone, their spirits died???
  14. World drop skins in account warehouse

    For how long have you been doing it, what is your level? Are you a twink? They removed Altgard with Heart of Impetussium, so it became very long and boring to decrease your experience, like, for example, flying and falling in Beluslan Fortresss
  15. World drop skins in account warehouse

    It's generally very stupid that when we farm mobs and get those skins/gear they are mostly of other classes, so while being untradeable and not re-skinnable, they have no use for anything at all! Just to sell to a merchant for a very cheap price