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  1. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    Had you logged in during the event? It was rather long. Letters with the coins were massively sent in the beginning of the 2nd week (or 3d?) and you could use them if you logged in at those times. If you weren't there for too long, it's a gone train now.
  2. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Thank you, I'll try. Do they fly or only glide? Have a winged screenshot? Can I play 2 accounts on same computer? So, 4 accounts on 2 PCs? In Aion I enjoyed gathering 8 toons together for a final fertilizing of a wingfeather guestbloom, toons grouped and Chanter and Cleric's group skills coloured them in stars and other figures. That was when Sandboxie worked. Also I liked to gather 8 together standing with wings, standing on bikes at a Solorius Tree, 8 dancing, etc.Is there snow in Guild wars 2? Bikes?
  3. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    One of my toons will be 2 coins short to by Swing Dance! I'll try to write to support.
  4. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Thanks, I'll maybe try, but I already have many beautiful characters here in Aion and I like to just check them! Sometimes play. If I can create same beautiful toons in GW2 that would be interesting. I like bright juicy colors...
  5. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Hmm, I don't know all this busy stuff because I sharply lost interest to the game when they removed the Abyss. I don't like ground siege, only flying one. I don't like pve instances either (never liked). I mostly liked campaigns/quests with beautiful cut scenes, sprinting quickly on beautiful mounts having enough flight time and without sacrifice to my stats for playing (Abyss jackets and pants had flight time? accessories I used Kunax or of Hope, wings were +15 and I didn't feel bad in pvp. I only went to flying sieges so I didn't need to ever change my armor, the 5.x patches were OK with it. I also played Dredgion. On the new patch as I saw new gear without speeds and flight time I was depressed and didn't want to change the gear, but it needs working to get pvp enchanment stones etc you know, to get it good to fight others. So I gradually stopped playing Dredgion too. Also, I got more drastic problems in real life (corrupted mayor allows stupid constructors build horrible things in my city, destroy good buildings, capture citizens' territories, densifying construction, removing trees etc, I don't want a subway under my building (together with other 10000 people in several buildings in the region, nobody actually needs this line the way is projected, and we fight to be left alone and save our property. Tried to vote for our candidates to Moscow Dooma (Russia) but 15 best candidates of 45 including ours were rejected even though they collected enough signatures and I know these people and they are real. But no, the corrupted government doesn't want any changes that would make it lose control, lies are everywhere, so we went to the streets to protest against spoiling our elections and many people were repressed for that You know, after all of this horror, all I want from a game is rest and pleasure, beautuful pictures and beautiful music. And personifications of my gods and my runes to which I apply in my mind praying for help in the real life! So it's why I create many toons and simply don't know how to play only 1!
  6. The 10th Anniversary Event.

    I read on the official site: "These Daeva’s Day celebrations will keep the party going until October 10" - is it exactly correct? Oct 10 is not Wednesday but Thursday. Will there be no maintenance on Wed but on Thu instead? Can we gather Anniversary coins on Wed and up to Thu morning? There are very good performance cards I want to buy on many toons - Cute dance, Swing Dance, Playing Dead. Anything sold on BCM is much worse! So let me know please. If a character has 10 coins now, is he still able to get to 25?
  7. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Sorry for errors, can't edit: *Divine siege through some vortex 1 time per week that I've never even seen? No, I want a whole and 24/7 accessible Abyss instead of this!!
  8. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    Do you think, AFKing on events and Luna mission was the main characteristic of 5.8? But it didn't disappear on 6.0.,7.0, basically almost all I do on 6-7 patches is AFKing in Luna and events and sometimes start new characters and grow them to 80 because I need some new personalities. I grow them to 80 and then do nothing but visiting Luna, buying houses, go to Agrint to earn them blue statues.I like the video cut scenes in Tiamat and Beritra campaigns in Enshar. On on couple of toons I did all campaigns in Lakrum but they didn't bring me any bright memories and there was no cut scenes (showing characters) at all. So I was lazy to do the same on my other toons. I still remember how excited I was on campaigns in Norsvold - they were thrilling, beautiful, with flight and with gorgeous cut scenes. I did the Transcendence on almost all toons, and all campaings on some 25-26 toons, it was attractive! Building the Artifact 1 was my favourite campaign and "Prison of Silence" was my favourite quest. We could fly in Norsvold. And the main thing, we could fly in the Abyss!! On any day and any hour, just come to there and do what I want - flying freely in a wide space, siege every day, no limitations on entering!! What do we have now? Diving siege throiugh some vortex 1 timeper week that I've never even seen? No, I want a whole and 24/7 accessible Abyss instead of this!!
  9. Ways to remove DP?

    Do you have inferiority complex or watched too much TV advertisement? In a healthy society, beauty is not something that some people are worth and others are not worth, but a NORMAL NECESSITY for everyone and everything. In an electronic product like a game, it's much easier to implement than in biological organisms, then why any questions at all?
  10. Ways to remove DP?

    Not everywhere are mobs and dummies. Pernon doesn't have it. But OK, it's possible to make a duel with each other. Spend time though... Can NCSOFT please create a button "Remove DP" like it has with buffs? On the upper left part of the screen, you can right-click on a buff to remove it.
  11. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    Error post
  12. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    My chat log was recorded not at the time when I received 2 White Nesting Dolls. They were received earlier. I'm not even sure this +5 Doll in my chat log was about me. I don't remember. Also, mine could be turned into broken dolls. It doesn't get to the chat. When I get a doll or a bag from a doll it gets to the chat. There's no mentioning about getting a White Nesting Doll in the chat. I recorded a video on another toon about opening from Nesting Dolls+5 and higher, it wrote "you got +6 Nesting Doll, +7 Nesting Doll, Nesting Doll's Gratitude etc. Didn't get White Nesting Doll unfortunately.
  13. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    You don't believe me? Another screenshot of the same thing: Sorry, that time I didn't screenshot the tip. They are White Nesting Dolls, gotten from +10 Nesting Dolls. Quotation from NCSoft: At +10, opening the Nesting Doll will reveal an [Event] Magic Paint and [Event] White Nesting Doll. Combine it to create a [Event] Magic Nesting Doll.
  14. Got [Event] White Nesting Doll but no [Event] Magic Paint

    I have the same problem: 2 White Dolls, no Magic Paint @Cyan, how to solve this problem?
  15. Housing - Fertilizers

    Is there any way to get dyes for armor???