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  1. I also wonder, can anyone tell please?
  2. Hmm, kinah box is usually small, 5mln, less often 10 mln or more. For these materials? unless spending it on wardrobe slots, I've been mostly crafting cabinets and they would be sold more expensively than that amount of kinah from the box. Sometimes other furniture. I mean since the patch 6.0. Impossible to compare it with that gorgeous Luna workshop that was on 5.x. patches when there were many beautiful and fast bikes/mounts, various beautiful and coinciding with each other cabinets, and much other beautiful furniture. The modern Luna workshop is pathetic. But I visit it on many tons every day because it allows to relax since I logged in and do other things at the same time, plus it gives legendary and ancient enchantment stones, transformation scrolls, a little minium.
  3. Since what level can a character receive this survey? For how long will the survey be available?
  4. So, this was in Nov 2022? We could get Luna by doing Shattered Abyssal Splinter every day? As for Shugo Games, I don't find any connection with getting Luna here. A game for 12-24 players? Oh no, please, Luna must be gotten in solo games and easier ways!
  5. Why remove the kinah box from the Luna shop, what problem will it fix?? What is generally the problem? They gave us Luna materials in surveys for about 2 weeks, rather nice, but then suddenly stopped, why couldn't they continue it?
  6. Integrated servers suddenly started working again even though they didn't work after the last disconnection (a day ago), and since that time everything was online permanently, so they can fix such things on the run. But, new surveys with Luna mats didn't appear in the beginning of Tuesday 2023-09-19 00.00 AM CT, why? We would always get them at this time during the last couple of weeks. The week didn't end, the patch didn't change.
  7. The topic is actually about the past maintenance that was a day ago. There's no announcement about the current maintenance that started about 15 min ago. So I write to this topic. Why the nyerk there was no announcement before the server shut down? I received a Plastic Surgery Ticket (1 hour) from Daeva's Pass, just wanted to use it but was disconnected. It will expire in an hour! Will NCSoft give me another ticket? Will they use 1 of my restoration tickets for this? I'm not to blame for losing this one!
  8. Yes, I loved pvp instances, especially Dredgion. I loved pvp more in 4.x-5.x patches, but since 6.0 I became too often one-shot and it turned me away from pvp. Although, it was better in Dredgion and Idgel Dome with it. It was frustrating that they were removed.
  9. 1 token for 2 hours is very few. Most good quests are weekly, a character can do them for 2-3 hours when there is Demaha (+Gelkmaros), for 1-2 hours when there is Katalam (+Gelkmaros) etc, and then almost nothing to do on the same character.
  10. Absolutely agree! Forcing us to play only 1 character on an account 24/7 degenerates the game! Why do we have 8 slots on an account if we're not given time to play 7 of them??? It was much better the last year when we could get all tokens (5 from BCM +7 from Lugbug quests) for an hour and then switch to other toons!
  11. This is a good idea, especially if they add daily "Kill 50 mobs in Gelkmaros", weekly "Kill 50 mobs in Demaha" and "Occupy a base in Katalam" in Daeva Pass missions. Not only Daeva Pass rewards but also missions are insufficient and need to include more of regular practically needed things (what we do to grow renown and earn exp to buy items for EXP marks). BTW I don't know what is bad in "encouraging more afk". Luna Taki's missions still exist and I often visit them for enchantment stones, Administrator's boon, Transformation scroll, it's especially important for new toons.
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