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  1. Return wings and wing skins!!

    Yes, we surely need flight time and more variations of wing skins!
  2. Lower the price of Transparent Scroll box and Shard

    When we had Axelerox etc they were for 30 min and stayed after death, Grerater Running and other scrolls used to be for an hour and also stayed after death, they stole them from us and gave us 5min-10min scrolls that lose effect with death! Why wouldn't they make these transformation scrolls keep the effect after death at least? Cause it's very expensive to use them this way. If NCSoft wants more money, why did they remove dyes for armor and best bikes (Sharptooth) from the BCM? It's absolutely irrational!
  3. plz bring back Tombstone of Revival

    Old toons may have many Reviving Elemental Stones gotten from guestblooms, it's the same thing, doesn't your broker have them? I'm on KT server, unfortunately I can't help you.
  4. What is subject to Purifying and for what do we need AP?

    The campaign mobs are easy, I did all campaigns except the siege one on alt toons in low Archdaeva gear without enchantment and socketed with only flight time manastones. I like to sprint much. BTW does the last campaign give a video cut scene?
  5. What is subject to Purifying and for what do we need AP?

    Thanks, but I won't work on this gear. Gear without speed and flight time+ flightless and boring patch+very hard work and expensive.
  6. It says I cannot purify my Archon Royal Captain Leggings +15. What gear is supposed to be purified at this npc? My 2nd question: If Abyss gear is totally denied of value/taken out of the game, for what do we need AP that Dredgion gives?
  7. Started a new character - my comments

    BTW, if any coin gear disappeared, and Departed Soul, Dolan's, Reaper's, Demolition, Elder and such dropped gear too (looking same or similar), they were animated and rather beautiful, can we get them in any form again?
  8. Started a new character - my comments

    PS: I hate any transformations that are not transparent. It makes me feel like an idiot.
  9. Started a new character - my comments

    Weren't you disappointed by slow shoes and absence of running scrolls? That was the first thing that disappointed me when I tried a totally new toon, so I only got him to lev 10, moved to the middle of Pandemonium, made sure that there was no Edandos with gear, no gear sold for transferring skins (like Raider's, Archon that we had before) and then dropped, cause all of this was depressing and annoying. I have some "supply" toons of lev 10 that were started during Homeward Bound event long ago, they have Daevanion gear, only these are possible to play imho. Did you find any dyes for gear? How many skins were available to your toon? I got an impression that armor dyes and skins can only be taken from old toons, no other way, or, skins may be taken from BCM but their number was reduced and the dyes disappeared. Am I correct? Best mounts disappeared from BCM (Sharptooth) and from Luna along with furniture and skins. I don't know for which kind of NEW PLAYERS NCSoft made these changes? For dumbest idiots who don't care about any beauty? Is this what our new Aion community is made of?? And wings without flight time, and gear without it too and without speed
  10. AIon 7.0

    Is it a new class? These skills don't look beautiful to me, rather vulgar. Songweavers are better, they are elegant. You would better create a Heavy Metal/Black Metal guitar player!
  11. Letter to NCSoft

    What is Riders of Icarus, Bless, Revalation? Flying games? Thanks!
  12. Letter to NCSoft

    I totally support this message - give the Flight back!!! Would anyone pls advise me any other flying MMORPG?
  13. AIon 7.0

    I don't care about which Dragon lord they pick, I don't know for what people call them "favourite", just tell me whether we will fly again or not? Will the Abyss return? Without it the game is rubbish! The bat costumes are maybe nice, but any bat FLIES, will we??
  14. We either need access to old vendor skins or...

    My old Daevas didn't lose stats or appearance of their wings (thanx Gods), I don't know what happened to others. But if one starts a new character (I also tried) they get only untradeable gear, and their shoes have no speed! Raider, Archon etc white-letter tradeable gear disappered from sale, so no-one can get it and place any skins on it :( Just if you saved it from older patches you can use it. With wings it's worst of all, they have never been many times skinned. Edandos nps disappeared and stopped giving any wings and any gear with speed totally. Npc selling wings for kinah disappeared, so I wonder what choice of wings new player have? I didn't play my new character above level 10 when I saw this devastated Pandemonium, and no speed shoes of any level, and wings without flight time in Lakrum Only old players who stored some Archdaevic wings with time and gear with speed, tradeable, can give it to new toons. But this is not a good game for any new toons! That character can only receive those on lev 66. BTW how is the transcendence made now, I didn't see? I'm disgusted to play a new character, so slowly moving and having no chance to get wings with flight time until 66! Luna gives exp but there's no thrill when not doing any normal quests/campaigns in locations! Luna also stopped giving any skins and bikes, and Game of Fate became still more boring Stupid mini-cars or other mounts for 5 days, who needs them? Not worth spending any materials!
  15. I can't find BCM

    The Gods prevent us from spending money on a dead or dying game