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  1. What is this bike?

    Stats are rubbish - very slow? Not sprinting?
  2. What is this bike?

    Is it a mount?
  3. What is this bike?

    I opened and tried to look through the list, didn't find it. What skill level is it?
  4. What is this bike?

    Mounts in Aetherforging?? Do I need to buy a design for it? In Norsvold or where?
  5. What is this bike?

    Thanks, I will look at the broker. Actually, never seen that red bike until yesterday. What is Ironfang?
  6. What is this bike?

    Is it in Tower of Eternity?
  7. What is this bike?

    What is this bike and where is it gotten?
  8. Nostalgia event ! Please

    Better make Ice Hot event!
  9. Scale hitboxes for dead enemies down while in combat

    I always use Tab to target, as clicking on screen gets much to a wrong object. I would ask to equalize the possibility to get to any target by TAB, independently of the size of the character. It's very annoying that some toons are very small, while mobs much larger, in Dredgion, the enemy comes close and attacks me among mobs, but as I press on TAB many times, I still cannot target that player - mobs are larger and get into my target even being farther from me than the pc.
  10. Flight and Falling in General

    Aion also has a famous glitch - when you pass near an obstacle or a wall, it throws you back many times. My friend who played WoW before Aion, complained on this, telling that there was no throwing back in WoW. This glitch also happens sometimes when you're jumping off a precipice, the precipice being an obstacle. Especially it happens on large bikes. And when it happens in the beginning of gliding, it always produces a flight cooldown, so in result you begin to fall and there's no way to save yourself. Is flying available in GW2?
  11. What is this weapon (appearance)?

    Thanks, I'm using red glowy Dragon Lord weapon skins for some red characters, but I'm specially interested in purple ones cause they are generally rare. For purple, I so far use Heroic and Fabled low-level AP Harp, Staff and lev 55 Bow, Dagger and Sword. They are not glowy.
  12. What is this weapon (appearance)?

    I got Sunayaka's Dagger box for 150mln, it opened as Eternal dagger and untradeable Must it be mythic to look purple like those on pictures? This is the preview
  13. What is this weapon (appearance)?

    I also noticed the 2nd phrase on the tope - 5 dice must be Laughing Shugo. When I got 5 same Cats the reward was very low, worse than when 3Cats+ 2 Shugo or 4 cats+ 1 Shugo.
  14. What is this weapon (appearance)?

    Oh. I opened the highest tier and started to gamble but rewards came like from the lowest, like usual. It doesn't depend on the chest I click on. I started from having 40 Luna. What means to "get all 5 dice matching"? I don't see any dice's value but just press on "Roll dice, 3 Luna" and get some result. Must there be 5 same values in a row or what? Where do I "pay additional 35" to roll the highest tier? Oh sorry, I understood what you meant by 5 dice results, So these 5 pictures must be same?
  15. Enchantment Stones??Omegas??

    Mine is too, plus many other toons: WellaRed, StarlaGreen, SvetlanaShine, HappyUnbirthday, AcheronDark, Oceanida (this account).