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  1. Thanks. I thought, Event thread is supposed to be viewed and replied by GMs/CMs. It was started "Posted on Behalf of the NCWest Aion Game Team".
  2. Yes I enjoyed when we could get Even Coin Pouches tradeable through account, it's a pity that now we cannot. It was also good to receive Event coins directly by being online, now we don't even have that. Only Sonpyone that can produce not more than 50+35 event coins per week, or 100+35 if you got a survey with them, and login that gives 5 coins. You can exchange gold ingots for ingredients only 2 per week. I'll never spend socket stones for this stuff, they are much more valuable. Stellium is something from the past, I don't have 40 on any toon cause I spent them for promise rings event long
  3. Oh, I searched for a description of Event Coins and Baron Baroca and only found this topic! Nothing in event descriptions on the page where the events are listed! I see there's a mess about when Baron Baroca will be removed. He wasn't removed so far, Oct. 19. He looks like related to Halloween, but appeared much earlier. It would be strange to see him removed right before Halloween. However, i have a question whether he will remain through Oct 21? If the npc changes, will I be able to buy Daevanion skills for Event coins?
  4. CAN ANYONE TELL ME PLEASE TILL WHEN THE EVENT WITH BARON BAROCA LASTS??? I don't enjoy the fact that the descriptions to the events on the site became very unclear, events are several at the same time, end at different times... Also I donj't enjoy the fact that no one replies to my question on the forum. I searched by Google and found "Harvest Festival & Hanbok Pixel" Event Duration: 9/30/2020 – 10/21/2020, it describes making Honey Songpyone, Pixel Transformations and "If an account consumes 2 Legendary transformations via combination". As far as I remember, the Pixel Transforma
  6. Tell me please what is Autumn Harvest event? What is the event where we buy stuff from Baron Baroca, till what day will it last? I believe Baron Baroca sells transformations in locked scrolls and you need a key from BCM for 0 Ncoins.
  7. I don't know how the event is called where we buy stuff from Baron Baroca for Event Coins, I wonder till which date will this event last?? In the Summer, my favourite event Ice Hot was skipped, I wonder why, please don't skip it the next year or sell us the scintillating drinks from it!
  8. Why do you turn the weather off? To avoid lag? No, Pernon weather doesn't create any lag, there's few people, and the weather setting doesn't spread to any other locations where are many people, sieges and things like that.
  9. I need to think about videos, cause I have many recorded fragments that are not yet on youtube in ready clips... Maybe after May 27 I'll look through them attentively, cause now I'm very busy in the end of the event to get expansion of slots and socket them on many toons that have Stormwing Pets... Atm I only can advise these videos of mine including snow weather in Pernon, ready on youtube: (the 2nd one shows most, diff toons and diff episodes in Pernon on snow) (very little of Pernon and I have an unfinished 2nd improved version of this vi
  10. I support: 1) Add windows that were sold at a construction NPC back. 2) Add other previously crafted items to sale at some merchant, or looted at Agrint, or at Vintage quest - everything we had! 3) Add the purple Surfinder mount we used to loot at Agring, back!! 4) Return the Wingfeather Guestbloom that we used to have collected crystals for, at Agrint, or give the possibility to get this skin anywhere in the game, cause we lost this skin (Noble Pernon wings) and it's not even available on BCM! Some characters need it who previously skinned it to other wings without Luna
  11. I bought Ancient Herald Mystic Wings (pvp) for Genesis crystals in the Temple of Wisdom, didn't have to go a to base (like omeone recommended?) Once been in a base captured by our race (Asmo) trying to find an npc selling stuff for genesis crystals but there was nothing, only General Goods and such kind of stuff. They also gave quests to earn genesis crystals. But I earned a lot of them on Cubic quests given by an Archon in the North. There happened to be many Elyos around one-shotting us, but still easier to find a moment to avoid them than to capture a base. These pvp wings are tunable. My
  12. Thank you, found them in Lakrum No pink triangles on them but exchanging.
  13. Will they ever be the Abyss again?? All these you show on the pictures is not quite interesting, maybe just little about skins, the mounts are stupid crap!! Please give back Sharptooth (Voidtracer, Ripper, Mauler, Barbtail, Bloodletter), Sleek Hovercycle for permanent time.! The game became so poor on mounts, skins, possibilities to trade skins, stupid transformations, expensive transparent scrolls, short duration, no flight, speedless and flightless gear! Pathetic!! Didn't NCSoft get enough complaints from players about all this and disappearing flight to make 7.0 a restoration of th
  14. WHERE ARE EVENT NPCS Primavera and Primabella to this event???? Why don't I see them in Pandemonium and in Lakrum ar all???? Made an update to the new Aion patch like usually, with the orange button!!! Does anyone see these npcs???
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