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  1. Return wings and wing skins!!

    I bought Ancient Herald Mystic Wings (pvp) for Genesis crystals in the Temple of Wisdom, didn't have to go a to base (like omeone recommended?) Once been in a base captured by our race (Asmo) trying to find an npc selling stuff for genesis crystals but there was nothing, only General Goods and such kind of stuff. They also gave quests to earn genesis crystals. But I earned a lot of them on Cubic quests given by an Archon in the North. There happened to be many Elyos around one-shotting us, but still easier to find a moment to avoid them than to capture a base. These pvp wings are tunable. My man tuned his to flight time +221, but I tried more times and got sometimes 201, 209, 203 and still never 221, why is it so? He is Songweaver, I am Chanter. He started tuning when there was no enchantment, I enchanted to 2 and then realized that I should retune first. Does enchantment have any influence on how tuning goes?
  2. event already a failure

    Thank you, found them in Lakrum No pink triangles on them but exchanging.
  3. AIon 7.0

    Will they ever be the Abyss again?? All these you show on the pictures is not quite interesting, maybe just little about skins, the mounts are stupid crap!! Please give back Sharptooth (Voidtracer, Ripper, Mauler, Barbtail, Bloodletter), Sleek Hovercycle for permanent time.! The game became so poor on mounts, skins, possibilities to trade skins, stupid transformations, expensive transparent scrolls, short duration, no flight, speedless and flightless gear! Pathetic!! Didn't NCSoft get enough complaints from players about all this and disappearing flight to make 7.0 a restoration of the normal old game???? Sucks!
  4. event already a failure

    Where are event npcs??
  5. event already a failure

    WHERE ARE EVENT NPCS Primavera and Primabella to this event???? Why don't I see them in Pandemonium and in Lakrum ar all???? Made an update to the new Aion patch like usually, with the orange button!!! Does anyone see these npcs???
  6. What Happened To My Surveys

    I also wondered why they disappeared within like 2-3 days, I didn't have time to claim them on all accounts. They usually lasted for a week at least Also, I don't understand how to use them cause there's no event npcs in Pandemonium and Lakrum (?)
  7. Ways to remove DP?

    Any more stupid advices? Re-rolling is technically not difficult to me, I have many toons and my mains have 1 or 2 duplicates each. (I created them to re-record old cut scenes that my old mains failed to record beautifully (in good skins, acceptable FPS, clean screen etc). But if a class is a property of a character I can't change it cause then it will be a different person!!
  8. Ways to remove DP?

    You are strange! Whatever the number of other problems, it doesn't make the importance of a particular one less. I agree with EnemyofGod - also was annoyed many times when using Scintillating cocktails and flying 2 or 4 toons together in the Abyss (on bikes, on wings) for a beautiful video, and those cocktails gradually generate DP, so in 30 min this ugly greenish-yellowish smoke is emanated from all toons. When we could morph, we would immediately land and morph. Sometimes DP appears earlier than that cause I killed some mob(s). Death is not a solution, cause then the scintillating effect (which I basically want to have) disappears. Now there's no morphing and it became still more difficult :( When pouring your anger upon other users of the forum, don't forget that this is a Suggestion box where everyone can express their wishes. Also, don't forget that a video game is not an obligation but an entertaining thing! The first 2 obvious things that I SEE WITH MY PERSONAL EYES (not imagine, believe, hope for, suspect, fear, etc) about any video game are beauty and performance. Other things only follow. If I'm dissatisfied with any of these 2, especially beauty, I just don't play the game.
  9. Return wings and wing skins!!

    Yes, we surely need flight time and more variations of wing skins!
  10. Lower the price of Transparent Scroll box and Shard

    When we had Axelerox etc they were for 30 min and stayed after death, Grerater Running and other scrolls used to be for an hour and also stayed after death, they stole them from us and gave us 5min-10min scrolls that lose effect with death! Why wouldn't they make these transformation scrolls keep the effect after death at least? Cause it's very expensive to use them this way. If NCSoft wants more money, why did they remove dyes for armor and best bikes (Sharptooth) from the BCM? It's absolutely irrational!
  11. plz bring back Tombstone of Revival

    Old toons may have many Reviving Elemental Stones gotten from guestblooms, it's the same thing, doesn't your broker have them? I'm on KT server, unfortunately I can't help you.
  12. What is subject to Purifying and for what do we need AP?

    The campaign mobs are easy, I did all campaigns except the siege one on alt toons in low Archdaeva gear without enchantment and socketed with only flight time manastones. I like to sprint much. BTW does the last campaign give a video cut scene?
  13. What is subject to Purifying and for what do we need AP?

    Thanks, but I won't work on this gear. Gear without speed and flight time+ flightless and boring patch+very hard work and expensive.
  14. It says I cannot purify my Archon Royal Captain Leggings +15. What gear is supposed to be purified at this npc? My 2nd question: If Abyss gear is totally denied of value/taken out of the game, for what do we need AP that Dredgion gives?
  15. Started a new character - my comments

    BTW, if any coin gear disappeared, and Departed Soul, Dolan's, Reaper's, Demolition, Elder and such dropped gear too (looking same or similar), they were animated and rather beautiful, can we get them in any form again?