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Kerub Season 4?

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On 10/3/2023 at 2:12 AM, Roseae said:
  • Kerub's Quick Guide Season 3 Extended
    • Season Ends:  March 14, 2024


On 10/6/2023 at 1:13 AM, GlennTipton-KT said:

A few days ago the Kerub's window said "3 days remaining"? I thought the 3d Kerub's season would end, but now it says "161 days" instead of that while nothing changed, no quests have been reset. What does it mean??


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The kerub guide is something that never ends. We have had the same conversation from the first time it was implemented. The reason why it has a timer is because in Korea where they have the official they are pretty strict with dates and every time the kerub would end they would get an update and get a renewed kerub guide which was either identical to the previous one or had some slight changes.

In our case the timers and dead-ends mean nothing, they usually make them much longer than what they are just to be sure they won't time out while we have a specific patch. This is because we never get patches and new updates in a timed schedule so the Korean time stamps inside the game never match our changes and updates.

Thi sis the same issue we had with the Sacred Relic, here you can see the whole discussion:

When the next season was out I asked specifically to let us know about the season and a GM replied with this:


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