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  1. its a 3 person instance now, its soloable too if you have decent dps, but its not hard to get a group for it. it drops Ancient Esoterrace Armor Box which has Ancient Esoterrace Legionnaire's Mystic Helm https://aioncodex.com/us/item/125102233/ it doesnt have a screenshot but it might have the same skin so check it out
  2. from what i can see, its only remodeled once, so you cant transfer it but it seems to share the same skin as Legendary Esoterrace Legionnaire's Mystic Helm https://aioncodex.com/us/item/125102240/ not sure if that still drops there, since drops have been changed with some ancient gear boxes but you might look into that
  3. People expect it now, so doubt we will get it any time soon. As you can see they only drop these things when people don't expect it so the only way to get into it is BCM. Like 2 weeks to get 12 legendaries to combine when most people wouldn't have been keeping them not knowing about it, and the only/best way to get is BCM. Next one use 500 contracts, when people don't hold on to contracts so the only/best way to get 500 in such a short time is BCM, and then obfuscate the 1% chance for an ultimate? Minions were somewhat achievable because we had 4 weeks and with prestige and snow
  4. Vision is keep lying that they heard us loud and clear hugging us with one hand and reaching into our pockets with the other, keep vaguely promising things will get better somewhere between now and eternity and keep ignoring themselves out of any issues that arise on the way until it blows over because its easier than actually doing their jobs.
  5. i'm glad you are well rested and on top of the important issues.
  6. More or less what happens to any player feedback here.
  7. They haven't, and i'm guessing most of them are off for the holidays so doubt anything will change until after new year, or at all.
  8. How is it an exploit when people reasonable expected restoration to be available based on previous policy. And if they reasonable expected it and wasn't stated as an event condition that they wouldn't be able to use it before hand, how is it an exploit? @Kibbelz You guys are despicable.
  9. You do need to sacrifice one Grade S minion to open the combination slot, that minion gets destroyed and the slot opened, then you have to use a third minion in the slot for the extra stats, it can be Grade S or A or B but has to be rank 4. But you do need to destroy 1 Grade S regardless of rank and 99milion to open the combination slot on the main minion.
  10. Was this from support, if that is true its another backstabbing that disclosure was "conveniently" "forgotten" to avoid discouraging people from buying the overpriced BCM contracts. @Kibbelz care to comment on that, because words like disappointed and infuriating come naturally when you guys keep pulling these shady practices again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
  11. it spawns for 30 minutes between 9pm(not am when reset is) and 9:30pm server time, there are several shugos for each item that spawn around the normal one, but stuff is sold out pretty much instantly, so most people even if they have the melons wont be able to buy them, another "well thought"mechanic.
  12. If you mean this guy: he walks around the whispering forest in Beluslan
  13. Use the INPUT/SOURCE button on your remote to switch back to the source of the tv signal, if you are using a set top box connected with another hdmi, then you select the other HDMI 1-4 options depending on which port it is using, if its a Air broadcast then it might be cable or antenna, cycle thru the input options and you should see where your tv signal is coming from. If you are using the hdmi cable from your tv box then you might want to get that back into the box if you want a tv signal.
  14. Not that i'm aware of, hdmi is a digital signal that either works or doesn't and unlike analog isn't prone to interference. So the gold tip is mostly for marketing purpose, its the overall twist and turn durability of the cable itself is what is more important.
  15. Then hdmi from laptop to tv, and set the tv to either primary display(in screen options on the laptop) or duplicate and have the image on both laptop screen and tv. The chromecast option is only for android or google chrome browser i think so might not work for aion. There might be some third party software to send from a Windows pc to smart tv options out there, but that would take some research and compatibility
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