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  1. I meant holy waters say they will be deleted
  2. Relics say that they will be deleted in the future, so they might all get deleted before a new season begins so that no one has a huge head start on the stats. So saving up might not be the good option, and because the staff is clueless we wont know what is the case until its probably too late anyway.
  3. Do Fire Temple mobs give good xp, and in the Luna Shop there is Taki's Mission, with 2 dots on the map there, 1 is daily, 1 is weekly, they give XP at the end you can even afk them, there should also be some repeatable quests in Beluslan. Try to level to 76 or 80 today, theres a passport event, that might be ending tomorrow, you still have a chance to get that legendary transformation contract, im not sure if that is available for lower levels.
  4. That is for the rift to gelk and ingg, the forest was never really advertised as an event or anything, just dropped off out of the blue and apparently removed without a word.
  5. What was the issue with having 2 chests instead of 1 during the event, that would double the chance of getting shards. But anyway, it would take someone actually putting some thought into it. And i doubt anyone can answer why is there an Ultimate Shard in the event picture when it isn't the one being doubled? @Kibbelz
  6. <-Its right there in the picture, but as usual unclear description or broken event.
  7. And i got 1 (one) shard on one of my alts so its clearly not working @Kibbelz can you confirm with whomever is responsible if or how this is suppose to work, thanks.
  8. @Kibbelz Thats for the above 5 is double from how many shards?:) also about the rifts, someone forgot to translate some stuff
  9. @Kibbelz So when i receive 5 ultimate shards this week, which i did, thats double and it would have been 2.5 shards last week? MathS doesn't add up or it isn't working? Has someone received more than 10 shards to confirm that the double thing is actually working?
  10. Yeah we are suppose to be at 7.99, but we dont have all updates, like the honor npc with glory points converted to honor medals at the end of each season. About the anniversary reward, we are getting only the first box this week Which is still unclear if its selectable or not, but seeing there is rubbish items like [Event] Bright Abyss Treasure and Blessed Socket Stone my guess is random, because who would select those given the chance, the hope is for the [Event] 12th Anniversary Special Gift Box to be selectable atleast.
  11. Mine is working on and off, mostly off for weeks now. Some friends have the same issue.
  12. It was suppose to reset last week, but it didnt or someone forgot to reset it, so we are getting in now.
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