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  1. Farm or buy Manastone

    Best way i have found is to farm hidden mobs in gelk/ingg, they often drops selectable engraved ultimate boxes, i have farmed 5-10 boxes in several hours at times. and over a 100 in a matter of 2-3 weeks, it takes some times and depending on how many people are farming at your side at the time it might be harder but still i have found it by far the best way to obtain manastones, you can check on youtube "aion hidden monsters" to see guides and locations.
  2. Transformation Update

    i was looking at the bundle, theres the 5200 one, limit 10 per account, so still not enough and still in the 1000s
  3. Transformation Update

    Not quite, the cheap one is only once per account, then you need the 8800ncoin bundles, which is like 110$, so that and needing the transformations more than once in order to combine, means its going to the 2000$+ range. I'm pretty sure we asked for a reasonable way not spend four figures way, i guess "they heard us loud and clear" wrongly.
  4. Frosty fever over!? @loki @kibbelz

    The NPC still appears to be there, atleast in Pandaemonium on KT. The event page said it would end today tho: So check if the NPC is still there for you, and for the box not having the selectable manastones try asking support to restore the box itself, so you can atleast chose something else.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    The Aetherforging event seems gone now, it was suppose to be running until September 2nd, i mean i still have Crafting requests on several chars that i was collecting to make the 60 craft, and now it seems gone and all that work with it as well. Care to comment?
  6. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    [rant]Yeah i really have no idea what the thought process of the developers must be regarding sorcerers. We finally get some worthwhile shield and they go nah they can't have that lets make them silence themselves while using it, its not enough that most other classes can silence/para/stun lock us and have enough damage to kill while it lasts, and we are completely disabled when silenced(physical classes can still attack when silenced and heal, buff, shield when blinded) with zero to none recovery options after if we even survive that long. Sure thanks ill just wait 30% longer to die now, the effect is going to be the same. These kind of skills work for healing/tanking classes, because they can use it between healing/shield cooldowns to buy themselves some time and pop a heal after it, we dont have those so using such a skill that silences us and then if we manage to survive we end up with a ton of dots and debuffs that we are as good as dead, basically what happens with repulsion field most of the times, it might be helpful when in group but then you have to rely on heals, solo its seems more of a punishment for using it that an advantage. The other two skills are just meh. That combined with the pointless cc DP skill and the pointless-er Divine Daevanion which slightly different version of the same cc DP skill, and the fact that most of our stigmas when enchanted just give reduced cooldowns, instead of dmg increase like a normal person(stigma), useless stigmas that never got with the times like wintry, elemental ward, curse of weakness and i start thinking who in the dev team got hurt by a sorcerer as a child(Varys is that you in there) that grew up hating out class so much.[/rant] Maybe i'm not getting something, if so feel free to correct me.
  7. Katalam server bugged again

  8. Stigma enchant rates, I loled

    Also Herelym mine seems to not give AP anymore, only XP. Unless i saw wrong, could be all the lag. Anyway another road block in upgrading gear/stigmas for people that dont already have a ton of AP.
  9. Title needed for Silona seige?

    Think you need to buy the title [Title] Fierce Challenger of Katalam (7 days) for 20 Ultimate Blood Marks now to attend sieges.
  10. Sorcs have been neglected, pretty much since 3.0. We still have the pre 3.0 pvp 40-50% dmg handicap on Storm Strike, Glacial Shard and Flame Spray, which never accounted for the insane addition/increase in magic suppression/magic resist and combined with the long 3-4 sec cast times makes it really impossible to even stack enough dmg on healing classes nowdays. We used to die fast but kill fast, that was the tradeoff before, now we die as fast but do close to no dmg comparatively to other classes. They added songweaver and figured why bother with sorc, when sw is a sorc with heals and almost no cast times and no pvp handicapped skills, Like Treble Cleve is instant and does 5k dmg and even has lower cooldowns than our nukes. Song of ice, fire, thronesong was enough on its own to kill most not overgeared classes in 5.X. And about the Sorc stigmas, they are a joke. Wintry Armor reflecting 2000 flat hp on classes like glad and templar that have 80-100k hp is useless, you can never survive 40-50 hits to reflect enough dmg for wintry to matter, when there are glads/sins/vandals doing 30-40k single hits. Elemental Ward, 1000 Magic Resist and 1000 Magic Defense, in 7.2 where current gear has over 10 000 of these is less than 10% increase which again is close to useless. CCs that have been halved in pvp, so most sleeps last like 5-6 seconds which makes it impossible to crowd control effectively, because if theres a cleric as soon he wakes up ripple follows then theres nothing you can do, but get stunned/silence/fear locked to death. The fact is that sorcs need to be greatly overgeared to even have a chance compared to other classes, making it not a really fun class to pvp with without heavy time/money investment. I dont know, i might be wrong i mostly do PVE anyway, so feel free to correct me.
  11. Lore Question

    a brief summary here
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Anything about the housing fees? 20 million kinah per month for an estate is a bit much in current economy, if you are gonna scale down stuff, scale everything.
  13. rifts and low lvl pvp

    I haven't checked after 6.0, but before you could walk through silentera canyon and enter the opposite factions area, without any rifts needed.
  14. Instance Entry Option

    With Private Entry you wait for a group from other people applying to be formed before you can enter, Quick entry is still pretty much the same, but if there is already a started instance that lacks a player or players you can get thrown in there aswell. Click the Help button in the application windows, they are explained there.
  15. Apollon Reinforced, and Harvester Reinforced chain both have healing boost.