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  1. The cats seems to have been only available for purchase in korea, no free way of getting any of them so not sure how they will get here if at all: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://aion.plaync.com/board/notice/view?articleId=923584 the sheep hanboks we might get for this years harvest festival which is somewhere in september, meaning no pixels this time i suppose.
  2. @KibbelzLast year the Joker Gamble event was updated with: https://www.aiononline.com/news/jokers-gambit I take it that this time we are not worthy enough to even get that updated, can you pivot something on this or is fairness too much to ask?
  3. check task manager, if it doesnt show anything except the process name like Aion or Aion.bin then its running 64 bit, if it has (32 bit) or *32 depending on which windows you running then its 32 bit
  4. Also merging will mean housing reset again, wiping the few remaining unique consumables left in the game, last merge i lost my house skin and event floors and wallpapers which were not obtainable in the game anymore, and they refused to restore them including the house skin which i bought from bcm with real money. Anyway it will turn even more people away since housing is mostly what keeps them anchored to the game nowdays. A better solution would be to make cross server grouping for instances easier, like maybe integrate it with current lfg, because now you have to actually organize with
  5. Crucible spire lower, stage 8, has a golden pigs level, the bigger one drops a golden pig item that you can sell to npc for 15 million kinah, the person is talking about hitting the weekly kinah sale limit by farming it with alts which is around 200 million a week i think.
  6. Yeah its the same bs all over again, 6 cards for 1 attempt, with only 3 of them free. I'm glad all that feedback from last time has been put to good use(not). @Kibbelz
  7. Last time we had this event we got 3 free Joker cards that weren't even enough for 1 craft attempt. So the 3 "free" cards are useless on its own and not really free when you have to buy 3 more . After some outrage we got 3 more cards for at least 1 TRULY free attempt at an ancient/legendary contract. So the same scam is being tried again expecting a different outcome or what exactly is going on?
  8. Apart from maybe the socket reset stone, i dont see anything in there worth mentioning, and knowing how the odds usually work it will be berdin stars probably 9 out of 10 times.
  9. @KibbelzJune 6 is a Sunday if i'm not mistaken, so unless you have started ending events on sundays its unclear whether the Battleground Support Event end next week or the one after that, information that some might find important. Also no thanks on the Fissure of Oblivion, after spamming it for years in 5.0 times it takes a lot more than some outdated rewards to get me back in there. But i guess it could be fun for people that didn't have to do it 1000s of times to get to lvl75. Just a personal jab at it, nothing against it existing.
  10. i think its accuracy, dont think it gives attack unless they changed it recently
  11. yes if you stop attacking it and wait 2 minutes the boss might actually kill you, and if you do it on 8-12 characters you are losing 20-30 minutes a day in just waiting to die, while a simple end instance button, like the ones crucible has would suffice. removing gear is not ideal either, it would mean i need to have 20 free slots in my inventory available at all time, and thats not always an easy task with mostly untradeable stuff.
  12. yeah but you can reroll when you see rugged viola when you are looking for tenacious viola, and end up never getting it again after that and running out of rolls
  13. So the Selection part has now evolved to mean selecting which random thing to get. The transformation is random, and the skill is random, and you are not even seeing the skill until you get it? @Stormexia-KT just lately? @Motgar-KT But having standards would mean they have to actually work to sell stuff, instead of tricking people into impulsive buying before they realize all the shady tactics and non existent odds involved.
  14. @KibbelzSo they will be restored and re-deleted the same day, i'm sure its a mistake but this is just absurd at this point.
  15. Abyssal Splinter seems to do a lot less dmg now, so you have to sit around and wait for 2-3 minutes to die after you hit 1mil points. Would be better if it just stops and pops the rank reward once you reach 1mil points, and the lower ranks if you die before that.
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