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  1. Lore Question

    a brief summary here
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 9, 2019

    Anything about the housing fees? 20 million kinah per month for an estate is a bit much in current economy, if you are gonna scale down stuff, scale everything.
  3. rifts and low lvl pvp

    I haven't checked after 6.0, but before you could walk through silentera canyon and enter the opposite factions area, without any rifts needed.
  4. Instance Entry Option

    With Private Entry you wait for a group from other people applying to be formed before you can enter, Quick entry is still pretty much the same, but if there is already a started instance that lacks a player or players you can get thrown in there aswell. Click the Help button in the application windows, they are explained there.
  5. Apollon Reinforced, and Harvester Reinforced chain both have healing boost.
  6. Mastering Alchemy

    The problem with fine bracing water is that it requires an untradable item that you only get 1 from Infinity Shard for a successful run, so thats the limiting factor coz you can only do 2-3 runs per week and i dont see much groups even running it anymore hopefully if you have been collecting them you might have some headway, and you also need white ancient crystals that are made by another craft(weaponsmithing) but those i can make for you if needed just mail me in game. About the 400+p i guess i mixed up the gems with handicrafting, for the alchemy masters quest you need fine stone of wisdom and fine magic power crystal that are made from fine elemental stones -> fine elemental water/fine elemental dust, so the advice remains, make all those so you can level from them otherwise when you get to 499p you will gonna have to craft them anyway without making use of all those materials for leveling.http://aiondatabase.net/en/recipe/155007188/
  7. Mastering Alchemy

    For alchemy you mostly need ores or elemental stones, all of which can be morphed from various aether types. So you can only level aethertapping and morph everything you need. But alot easier to level with Work Orders, the repeatable quests that you can do at every 10p levels of crafting but it takes alot of manual work getting the quests and the quest items from the npc but they can get you to 400p without any other materials whatsoever. Other than that when i leveled i think i did most of the various ore powders/gems, elemental stone powders/waters at the different levels to as high as the cheap designs get me, usually around x60p[x between 0-3) and then finished up with work orders. Its the same with 400+p and you should do all the gems coz you need them for the masters quest anyway, and then do the balic designs after 450p, check the npc in panda its a shugo in the left corner before the armor/weaponsmith tables for those designs.