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  1. The weapons in the weekly lugbug chest are just skins, they dont have the skill that goes with the weapon.
  2. its the [Event] Dungeon Star that is in the table under it, not structured very well this event post is
  3. Actually 3 weeks (Event Duration: Feb. 24 – March 17), 21 days x 21 coins = 441 free coins, not enough for the "1% chance at ultimate box"
  4. Well before if i remember correctly we got 12 tokens from being logged and 7 more from lugbug, and it took under a month to fully upgrade it if you got all tokens daily(20-25days maybe). If this time we only get the same amount from lugbug and takes as much tokens to upgrade as before it would take over two months, roughly but lets see.
  5. Selling tokens on BCM, so really might not be as easy to upgrade it this time around in a timely manner for free, which is usually what they do on a repeat events that people used to like initially. Hope i am wrong.
  6. So when i pointed out exactly that just a few days ago someone called me toxic, hmm.🤔
  7. It opens in Jotun Lake every 2-3 hours and has certain amounts of entries, like a rift. The renown npc sells reset scrolls, not tickets. To enter you need a Red Crystal Key that you get by combining 20 base crystals from base 701 and 712 i think, either from killing captain or buy from shugo that used to sell accessories when we have the connected bases.
  8. I dont really get it, you are both blaming "toxicity" and praising it for causing changes? Also if anything brought that it was the game design of 4.0 and onward, they brought elitism by making everything about endgame, overnight most legions went from free for all to level 65 geared only. The experienced players didn't have time to help out people leveling anymore because they were too busy running all the endgame instances and sieges, again that was brought by game design and people only having so much time and not wanting to miss out. So the game went from a journey through various levels,
  9. That sounds more like an excuse that an actual argument. So there are mean people, people that have been lied to and ignored for years never the less, so that somehow makes it ok to ignore them, which is also our customers. Seems like a common thing lately, to blame toxicity for people wanting to be treated fairly. I take it you are fine with everything that has been going on?
  10. What happened is what always happens with this company, they get someone to do their dirty work with what i'm guessing is flashy promises that they got their backs, so at first there's enthusiasm and actual desire to do some good. But then after awhile the reality of the situation starts to settle in, that they work for liars and grifters so they are being forced to either start lying on their behalf or just ignore everyone because they don't have any answers and it becomes the only way that they can do their jobs, which is really not doing their jobs.
  11. its a 3 person instance now, its soloable too if you have decent dps, but its not hard to get a group for it. it drops Ancient Esoterrace Armor Box which has Ancient Esoterrace Legionnaire's Mystic Helm https://aioncodex.com/us/item/125102233/ it doesnt have a screenshot but it might have the same skin so check it out
  12. from what i can see, its only remodeled once, so you cant transfer it but it seems to share the same skin as Legendary Esoterrace Legionnaire's Mystic Helm https://aioncodex.com/us/item/125102240/ not sure if that still drops there, since drops have been changed with some ancient gear boxes but you might look into that
  13. People expect it now, so doubt we will get it any time soon. As you can see they only drop these things when people don't expect it so the only way to get into it is BCM. Like 2 weeks to get 12 legendaries to combine when most people wouldn't have been keeping them not knowing about it, and the only/best way to get is BCM. Next one use 500 contracts, when people don't hold on to contracts so the only/best way to get 500 in such a short time is BCM, and then obfuscate the 1% chance for an ultimate? Minions were somewhat achievable because we had 4 weeks and with prestige and snow
  14. Vision is keep lying that they heard us loud and clear hugging us with one hand and reaching into our pockets with the other, keep vaguely promising things will get better somewhere between now and eternity and keep ignoring themselves out of any issues that arise on the way until it blows over because its easier than actually doing their jobs.
  15. i'm glad you are well rested and on top of the important issues.
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