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  1. Bots

    1. The asmo is a bot 2. You already knew that 3. Bots moved to another part of lakrum to farm mats 4. players are farming their alt bots everywhere 5. here a bot there a bot everywhere a bot bot old macdonal'd had a farm eeeeee-eye-eeeee-eye oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 6. bye
  2. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    Eh, I'm pretty sure everyone knows the answer to your first Q already, at least on KT. As for the compensation etc., I'm not holding my breath, but in a game where everything is about snowballing your progression faster than your opponent's, BiS isn't the end of the road-- it's all the other stuff you can amass that gives you an advantage or a head start in subsequent updates. Yeah, it's always been a bit like this but it's wildly out of control now and I'm not sure they can do anything about it tbh. It's still pretty irritating that they have 0 control over the 1 thing the game is about. EC won't be the last time this happens for sure.
  3. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    Point is that since then the people who didn't exploit gear faster b/c they have a harder time winning. You'd have a better argument if the exploiters were evenly split among ely and asmo, but … yeah. No.
  4. Bots

    No! Please don't do that! Bots are very important for helping bad players progress! If only there were logs and IP traces to confirm all this...
  5. What is your thoughts about Vandal Power?

    They're easy to gear and very low skill cap and they hope new people will come and play them and spend money because look I can push 2 buttons and kill everyone PLUS see pretty colors
  6. Aion Classic Up to version 5.8 All Maps

    You know things are shady when 1. they add xform scrolls and make them mandatory 2. shorten the duration so you have to buy more 3. make the xforms fugly and override the appearance gear you paid for 4. charge for different scrolls so you can see your original appearance again
  7. Neleth is a bit whiny but he's mostly right. Most people play this game hoping to feel a bit of the nostalgia they felt at release, and there are enough people who do so to keep the game afloat for now. That doesn't mean they couldn't easily make it better, but they won't. I bet 5 minutes access to their internal metrics would show virtually no new players, and old players whose spending habits can be predicted with almost 100% accuracy (so you'll get no changes to systems or content, the cheapest translation and localisation available to reduce costs, and a million P2W events to incrementally drain the wallets of people who are heavily invested in their characters). Still, we accept it 'cause there's a chance that occasionally we remember better times. To put it in Aion terms: When playing Aion, there's a good chance that your happiness loses a level, and a small chance that it stays the same, and a really tiny chance that it goes up a level. I like the music, mainly.
  8. 3 Weeks W/out Evergale Canyon

    My gripe is that the people who abused it are geared af and still in game getting all the advantages those upgrades give like facerolling dredge and ID, which throttles the progression for those who didn't exploit. Also the longer they wait, the thornier this gets-- for example, what do you do about someone who upgraded to ulti using exploited etium but +15 their item after that legit? IMO just compensate the people who didn't exploit, punish the people who did, and put add the EC rewards we're not getting to IB rewards til you figure out what to do.
  9. One shot deal. No returns. It's to preserve certain items that no longer exist. This was clearly stated in the OP. Also, it's not mandatory. People can choose not to use it just like any other service.
  10. It's my main account. Also, your reading comp is bad. Tasty rage tho, even tho no-one ordered any.
  11. Simple. Announce this a week early to boost +xp consumable sales. Then: for one week: Players may sacrifice a level 80 character for 12 legendary or 2 ultimate enchantment stones. The level 80 character will be permanently deleted, after which the stones will arrive by BCM mail. Upon hitting level 80, every character will receive an item in their inventory which will blow them up 3 minutes after activation. There will be a server-wide announcement when it's activated. People in the immediate vicinity will take fatal damage, but will also have a chance to receive 1 legendary or ultimate stone as bits of the dead character rain down from heaven. Botters will have their IPs blocked forever and ever amen. Also, someone will hurt their feelings. THINK ABOUT IT.
  12. I've been thinking. Here's what I thunk: Aion should have [Faction Change + Server Transfer] Tickets and [Class Change] Tickets with conditions The [Faction Change + Server Transfer] allows you to transfer a character to another server which has characters of the opposite faction. During the transfer process, your faction is changed but your class stays the same. All other server transfer restrictions apply (e.g. GP loss etc.) . This allows you to keep any heritage items and consolidate your alts, which is a nice QOL improvement worth paying for. This would be nice for people who are coming back to the game and have multiple toons spread across servers. The [Class Change] Ticket puts your character back at a simplified character creation as a level 0. You cannot change your appearance or gender. The character loses almost everything it has amassed in game (transfer or sell before doing this), but you get to keep all claimed heritage items, emotes, motion, possibly discontinued titles and your name. After re-selecting your class, you load into the starter area as a level 1 of your new class. This allows you to keep any heritage items and name, which is a nice QOL improvement worth paying for.
  13. Not getting coins.

    Yeah, I just don't want them to nickel and dime me like they did on instance resets. let there be a public record etc
  14. Why do so many of you people complain about gear?

    10 mil kinah says you were backpeddling when you wrote this cover letter for the resume of an over-geared bad. P.S. does zerg-humping chafe? I wonder these things. P.P.S.Also, your thesis is: this game isn't about gear. It's so easy to go get gear, so go get the gear this game isn't about. P.P.P.S yer dum P.P.P.P.S this is why you shouldn't raise your kids on a reactor, folks.
  15. Not getting coins.

    C'mon guys....