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  1. "Ice Hot" Event, please!!!!

    Thanks for the event, but level 76 for both quests... Had me very stressed to level several toons very quickly to 76 for the sake of these scintillating cocktails! Passing the Tiamat campaign is especially hard! Also, I would like some purple scintillates too! Also, I would like it that not only Chanters with mantras and their group members in 25m radius could see the lights but any class of characters!! (Why did they create them so they're not seen without a chanter????) Also, I would like that the bug is fixed - if a character logs out with this buff and then logs in again, this buff disappears!! All other buffs remain, except of transformations! Transformations are short, but this scintillating is 30 min and so valuable, very sad to lose!!
  2. Return wings and wing skins!!

    Wings with appearance are very insufficient! I need Vasharti Brigade General Wings!!! I see no way to get them now!! Please put them at least as a skin to inner shop or BCM!!!
  3. mount

    Please, give all Sharptooth bikes available again!! If you want money, why don't put them to BCM (where they used to be before)?? Especially Sharptooth Voidtracer is valuable!!! Also, Chromanimbuses disappeared, please give them back! Also, it's bad that whe I poen Chromanimbus box (15 days) several times in a row it often gives same colors of mount and I can't get the desired color! All this is complicated when these boxes are rarely available on the broker, probably from old events and it becomes up to impossible to get the color I need when opening one box after another!!! And lasting only 15 days :(
  4. Trading low lever gear

    I agree, pleas make skin items tradeable Also, I want low level gear tradeable again as carriers of other skins! And more skins like armor should be repeatedly skinnable!!
  5. Wrappable gear, where are the wrapping scrolls??

    Really, so much time has passed on patch 6.0 with many "wrappable" gears, but wrapping scrolls never appeared on BCM or anywhere in the game. (I make the conclusion about the game because they don't appear on the broker. Very rarely, from some old supplies, I chanced to buy Eternal wrapping scrolls 65 and lower, but when I saw a Mythic one it was extremely expensive (160mil k) , and with kinah untradeable I couldn't buy it. I would better buy it on BCM! Also, please, put Ubinding Stones on BCM or make them anywhere available!!! They used to be on BCM. On the broker they kinda disappeared, I saw 1 some time ago for 120 mil k or so, it's very long to accumulate such kinah on 1 character, and generally expensive!! The devs made it impossible to wear armor of another class (eg, cloth for Chanter, leather for Chanter) and these items (+15 and with manastones) became useless and untradeable!! It was injustifyable since the very beginning that they became untradeable, the devs should have give Unbinding stones to any of such items to every character who was affected with this problem! More than that, Unbinding stones disappeared from BCM!! If the devs want MONEY why do they remove goods from BCM that players would like to buy???? Looks totally illogical!!! They removed the whole section "Convenience" that included wrapping scrolls, courier passes and Unbinding Stones! Please get them back! (Unbinding and Wrapping)!!! I want Vasharti Brigade General Wings, at least as a skin!! Can't find it on the broker, BCM and inner shop! I have it on another toon though, who doesn't need them now, so I could unbind it and give it to a toon on my account if I only had the Unbinding stone!