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  1. This is my subjective opinion on all mounts in all games: If you’re going to have a horse pop out of your $&@ like that why not just implement a run system? Or, alternatively, a mount capture/care system? Or, explain it as it exists as fiction?
  2. The looting gimps are so generic! They look like menus straight out of the IDK! How about some style?
  3. 1. Yes. It used to be that we could do a player search through the website and see each other’s stats and gear. 2. We used to get alerts when we sold anything on broker. I think this was also through the site. 3. Our flight animation was changed. It used to be simple and nice and comforting. 4. Yes. Some thing that would pry. 5. A mobile ghost could spy or at least satisfy its own curiosity. You could run to a soul healer or if someone resurrects you could be summoned back to that spot.
  4. The ability to see other players’ gear by doing a name search. (Like we used to.) Out-of-game broker notifications. (Like we used to.) Our flight animation the way it used to be. Simple. An optional questionnaire that helps you choose your class. Like a strengths-finder. Become a ghost when you die who is mobile.
  5. Dear Class Discussion, I just want to know what statistic mana restore relies on to calculate the amount of mana being restored. Sincerely.
  6. Dear Aly, I agree and notice the change as well. “A war sparked by passion is a war without end.” The forts reset, the defeated players resurrect, in less than two years new and better gear comes available. I’m more conscious than ever of the fact that I’m never going to reach the end because there isn’t one. Say I reach end game- then what? I mostly play to exercise my imagination. Aion is no mere game and the Devs shouldn’t treat it like one. Sincerely.
  7. Dear Devs, I haven’t been able to play because of my current circumstances but I have been following some of the most fantastic and powerful players on Twitch. This may be from the perspective of someone who prefers to watch but I notice the animations that accompany the skills are identical whether you choose Elyos or Asmodian. I just thought it would bestow a little more identity if they were themed according to faction. Sincerely.
  8. Dear Repliers, Thank you for your words of consolation and advice. I do plan to buy a laptop and an ISP subscription once I find where I belong in this country of ours and my life settles down and seems more permanent, but I think to remedy this I’ll delete and create some Elyos characters: a bard, chanter and cleric. Love.
  9. Dear Suggestion box, I hadn’t logged in a long time. I had forgotten what my little goals were and I deleted three pieces of upgradable PVP gear because I was given “better” gear for completing a survey (or something.) Though it is not the only reason I’m not currently playing it is definitely one of them. I do plan to return someday in the future but I’m drastically disheartened by my mistake. I couldn’t possibly be the only one. My suggestion on what you could do is simply don’t give us free gear that is not upgradable when the entire point of the current version is to earn a
  10. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made the wrong item or the right item using the wrong skill difficultly. The menu is very unfriendly.
  11. Yes, I tried to make a character and licked 'Check Name Availability', and they were. What happened was I was trying names on in Lakrum, just saying them to see how they look, and found one. Checked it's availability and then tried and got the error message. People are snatching up names so fast that we're running out and they're names I never see anywhere; names I thought were pretty original. We need to be allowed duplicate names. You might be one of them. Name hoarder!
  12. Dear Suggestion Box, I have checked names that I like twice in the past day to be sure they are available and by the time I get to my character to change its name they are taken. People seriously LOVE to collect names by creating level 1 alts and hoarding names this way. Please allow us duplicate names on account of the disparity in level. Sincerely.
  13. Dear everyone, Thank you for all the suggestions. I did have some success. There is some synergy left in the game-world. Sincerely.
  14. Dear Suggestion Box, I've been doing camps and quests in Lakrum to get all my Ancient Herald Gear up to +15 but there are too few ways to earn Fighting Spirit. I think this might be game for me. Maybe legions are keeping this instance in-house, or maybe mid and left are intimidating too many people. I would run it with my legion except they became intolerable and we parted ways. I would get it from Idgel Dome but my gear is only Ancient Herald and it's too unlikely that I'll win in there. There's always Illumiel's Brawl, but again the chances are pretty slim. Goodbye for now. I think I'll
  15. Oh, so it's not so bad after all. Good comment!
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