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  1. Still nothing?

    Besides the notice of the addition of a 7.2 item into the BCM this 29th, the current Arena of Discipline season last 3 weeks instead of the usual 4, and also finishes on day 29th so it's highly proable we will have 7.2 update that day together with the EC fix. About compensations... that's another story, maybe 1 month later than that ? who knows
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 15, 2020

    what is the problem? i think a lot of asmos transfered to KT... Shouldn't the server be a bit more balanced now?
  3. Vandal Stats for Tuning

    Hi there, welcome! glad to have you back in the game =D now about the stats don't worry... Vandal is so broken that even with a Block Parry MP build you can one shot anyone lmao
  4. Unpopular opinion: I dislike anime

    As a Mega Anime Fan, i can say... Yes! as long as they have HUGE ''eyes'' we will like it anyways!
  5. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    it goes like this: Base Number of entries + Prestige Extra entry + 10 Luna resets. So in AD case it is a maximum of 12 runs per day, to do more than that you need old reset scrolls from before patch 5.8
  6. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    Well not many reasons or motivation to do that many nowadays, lately i barely do 1 run per day sad-lol But the first 2 or 3 weeks of 7.0 i used to do 15 or more Dredgion runs per day
  7. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    80 luna cost the first 4 resets after that the price gets higher. And you can only reset a max number of 10 times per day with luna and the cost of last resets is 140 luna, with scrolls you can surpass this limitation so makes sense for the scrolls to be at same price.
  8. FAIL

    few days ago i made 2 legendary pvp pieces to +15 with only 2 ultimate stones lmao. you need to control your anxiety XD, if it starts to fail just stop and try another day.
  9. TL;DR " give me classic server" If you expect any of your suggestion to hit retail servers in upcoming patches let me tell you right now, they won't lmao. We will get Purified daevanion skills, more transformations, more collections, minions rank S, purified stigmas, skill skins, gear destruction upon failure, Runes, Odians, etc etc
  10. For Security reasons exploiters are not allowed to server transfer. Or you are too fat to be manually moved
  11. Couple quality of life improvements we would like @cyan

    all good ideas, the retunnning it is expensive but sadly i don't think they will lower it. the other points are perfectly reasonable in my opinion.
  12. two hacker

    no need for video... we already know DN is full of hackers
  13. what happened to support

    well in my experience i would say the usual support response time is between 2 to 24 hours. for example i sent a ticket at november 7 got a response 90 minutes later, then sent a ticket november 15 got a response 5 hours later. i'm not from USA but maybe this longer delay have something to do with Thanksgiving holidays? also more than 1 year that Weapon wraps got removed from BCM probably potato support doesn't even know what that is
  14. Black friday

    Here at NCsoon we are glad to bring you all these specials goodies that you guys desired so much for our BLACK FRIDAY SHUGOTASTIC Special Offer !!! Exchange this black Shugo-Rock* at Ariel's Sanctuary or Azphel's Sanctuary for Great amounts of Abyss Points! (5 AP each) Reinforce your equipment with this Glorious Enchantments* blessed by the Shugo Emperor. (your items might get destroyed in the process nyerk) Enjoy with this new addition, the Shugo's Balls ! Thanks to this Inventory Decoration* made by our Shugo engineers your inventory will always look fuller! ( 40 unit Non-stackable bundle) Missed the chance to spam Dark Poeta ?? here our Time traveling shugos will bring you these fine pieces for you to create* your Necsium Gear (available at your nearest crafting table)
  15. What the hell is wrong with the enchantment?

    you should try with ancient stones at +10 On Legendary Gear +10 to +11 ancient stone +11 to +12 Legendary stone +12 to +13 Legendary stone +13 to +14 Ultimate stone +14 to +15 Ultimate stone On Ultimate Gear +10 to +11 ancient stone +11 to +12 Legendary stone +12 to +13 Ultimate stone +13 to +14 Ultimate stone +14 to +15 Ultimate stone don't try to push the enchanting, I would have stopped at the tenth failed legendary stone, if u see many fails just stop and try another day.