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  1. EC and ID rewards problem?

    With sieges, the upgrade on lakrum quests, new lugbug quest and npc that sells crystals for stellium plus the 30% reducion on ancient gear prices, i think now we can farm like 180 fragments per week without crafting.
  2. Every mob from instances or open world have a chance to drop a Single coin, (2% maybe? ) final bosses have 100% chance to drop prestige bundle either you get 1 coin (70%) or 9 candies (30%). Prestige quests, i think 200 coins per week. We used to get i think 150 coins per staying loged in for 2 hours (Not sure if this still works). Coins are tradable via account warehouse so you can farm them with your alts too. I have like 40k coins, the title and mounts are nice but i don't need them. Do still waiting here for something useful and NOT overpriced to be added to the prestige machine Really @Cyan a single PvE stone 5000 coins?? SHAME -_-" Pls update prestige shop
  3. EC and ID rewards problem?

    Damn ID too? Sad @Cyan i many others for sure would like to spam pvp instances. There will be any compensation? Can we get new materials based on the runs we do as compensation when this gets fixed?
  4. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Sorry i forgot to follow Mistress Cheesecake teachings Adding /s
  5. Lore Quesitions from a CBT Founder

    @2s7DFAA-DN Hi use the search function by Author, look out for our LoreMaster @Bryos-DN you will find several good posts.
  6. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Lock thread please... everyone is happy with transformation system

    Try windowed mode maybe? I guess overall game experience and inmersion its better in Full screen, but windowed its more practical, also i get less issues while dual boxing.
  8. Essencetap on 7.0

    U mean to gather the Titania? I think the only way is with that gathering tool, with pickaxe shape that sells 1 stellium each if i'm correct.
  9. Aidps confirmation

    I don't know about PvE.. but i can confirm he doesn't hack in PvP ;D
  10. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    Note: the difficulty between enchanting Legendary and Ultimate gear its pretty similar. At least in my case. (Fun fact: i failed 8 ultimate stones on a single legendary piece, but never failed that many on ultimate gear)
  11. Correct me if Im wrong(old and new pvp gear)

    To avoid any confusion i will try to explain the best i can "Old gear" 6.0 gear its called Tier 1 (T1 for short) "New gear" 7.0 gear its called Tier 2 (T2 for short) If you Have T1 ultimate gear, go ahead enchant it to +15 and then purify to Ultimate T2 +0 If you already have Legendary T1 +15, go ahead and purify it to T2 Legendary +0. never NEVER purify it to Ultimate T1 If you have Legendary T1 less than +13, is not worth to invest stones in it, just extract it for fragments, the dificulty to enchant between ancient and legendary its abysmal. In this case it's better to start again from Ancient T2 gear from genesis crystal NPCs.
  12. Etium and Ridium

    10k Legendary y 5k Ultimate Ridium here, would be too easy to gear up with an exchange like that lmao. Also exchange from new to old is still usefull to morph enchantment stones. Otherwise new players could not use it.
  13. @TheSecretCowLeve-KT hi mooMoo i made a set with knowledge and magic boost manastones, i reach 2k Bonus Magic attack, but Blazing Trap damage did not improve a single digit QQ. Also the duration time on ground seems to be a lot lower 25 - 30 seconds. Another thing, buffs duration keeps running out while we are DC now? I'm pretty sure i went in hide a few times before switching toons and when i come back invi buff was gone.
  14. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    LMAO it says just "changed difficulty", that doesn't mean it will be easier... just think about it new patch, new items with quite higher stats... Cut the BS please that is not true, i did crucible with my glad in EU and mobs got a lot more HP. Good advice! i started doing that 2 months ago, now i have 300 stigma stones