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  1. Dragon Pet Set

    i registered for it succesfully, but still i didnt receive the pack, and Hime said go contact support -_-", yeah maybe in 5 days they will respond to me telling me i'm not suitable to receive the rewards or some crap like that lmao. when the delivery failed the first day, why not just send a survey to everyone and get over with it? idk about coding and shiet, is that hard to make?
  2. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    the solvent is a new extraction tool, so yep the item gets destroyed, also if you extract the item the normal way you only will get manastone fastenrs and Zero refining Dust, about what items to extract i would use only the best you can get, always Ultimate grade, wings prefareble or necklace/bracelet, to maximize the amount of refining dust, because this solvent can be tricky to get, the sources are very few with weekly caps, and with Fame renown lv 6 and higher. (you can get 5 easy per week, 3 from lugbug and 2 from aetherforging) the extra +5 effect you get it by enchating the gems and runes with this Refining stones. BUT note that the New skills gets unlocked according to the gemstone quality, Normal, Brilliant and Dazlling. The greater the quality the less amount of Gemstones of same skill you need to have socketed to unlock said skill. for example you want this chanter skill you need to have 1 Dazzling gem, or 3 Brilliants gems or 5 common gems green color, socketed and then the skill gets unlocked. To get the extra secondary effect (Remove shock CD reduction) you will have to get them to +5. if the enchanting fails, gems/runes became corrupted, they still work, but can't be enchanted anymore, unless you Purify/Cleanse? them with some item i don't have a clue how to get.
  3. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    @Violeta-KT thx a lot great post violeta is so good at making guides, that you can actually click on the little skill images and get redirected to the skill info lol @Arhangelos-KT you use Extraction Solvent, on Wings, Bracelet, Plume and accesories to get Refining Stone Dust, you assemble 100 of these and get a Refining stone, you just use it like a normal enchantment over the Runes and Gemstones. P.S. Omegalul, please send Templars to retirement, Vandal on top their 60% dmg reduction ''iron skin'' stigma, now they have a 100k shield with Gems, GG.
  4. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    the room behind the mailbox, npc next to aetherforging merchant
  5. i guess this means Eylos are meaner than Asmos? lol i never tried that strategy myself, but i know it can work. Because it worked against me, several times asmos used this method and i just let them be. ouch,i ain't that bad right? or am i ?
  6. Aion: Shadows Over Balaurea Known Issues

    Luna Shop - Manirunerk's Treasure Chamber, rewards got reverted back to the ones from patch 7.0 First pic is what we had 1 week ago in 7.3, second pic is what we have currently 7.3 7.5
  7. Rune question.

    I'm still very lost with this new patch, but i think it works this way. The first buff/Unique skill in this case Exp buff it works just by socketing the rune. The second buff enhance transformation, does not depend on your rune slot shape in this case Support, depends of the Rune Tag, wich is Madness type. So i guess you can have 3 differents Shapes, Support, Attack and Boost, but if all 3 of them are Madness tag then you will get the second buff
  8. Can't send Support Ticket on aion site

    You can e-mail them at support@aiononline.com
  9. danm you are right i was thinking about the old Lakrum, sad. Still getting used to all this crosserver BS.
  10. Sealing and Unsealing items: Don't do it

    oh Boy! i'm sure i would be damn mad LMAO, thx for leting us know
  11. Hello @skythee-DN , i know this is not what you, or any other player, that comes here to express their discontent with the game wants to hear. But complaints, suggestion and feedback adressing and implementing those changes is a slow process, and even slower in our region, so any of the changes you want are most like not going to happen anytime soon or never at all. Another thing is that PvE instances located in conflict zones it is already an Aion feature, historicaly this was always been like this. So this lead us for you to take 2 possible options: A- The Easier one, quit Aion, and look for another game, that caters more to your playstyle, with Lower or No PvP risk. B- The Harder one, improve yourself and take measures to acomplish your objective. Now if your are willing to take option B, i can help you with that, and give you some advices. 1- Timing Try to arrange your in game activity schedule to match times with low population in the zones you need to go. Just an example, Altars times. I'm not telling you don't participate in altars just to get inside HM, i'm saying if you quickly move right the second after altars ends, others zones are still going to be pretty empty, as players are still tangled up on some left over PvP, or doings quests or on queues to do quest, or afk waiting for altar shugos, Lakrum will be a lot safer. 2- Enemy Detection Set your Compass/Minimap at maximum zoom out, this will give you a 360º and 90 meters range detection tool. Make 1 or even 2 enemy chats, one with enemy attacks and defence and another with enemy buffs. This will give valuable info about how many enemies there are, wich classes they are, how strong they can be, and the important buffs they could use, like hide detection. 3- Enemy Avoidance With all the info above you can make decisions ahead of time to keep you alive, make a turn, and pick a differnt path to the location you need to reach. But the other faction also benefits, from the ''Enemy Tab'' so for you to get there in one piece, just praying to be lucky is not going to work. You need to pay attention and don't make any ''Noise'', if you go around using potions, killing mobs, using buffs or running in a straight line aggroing every mob on the way and getting hit by them the enemy will know you are there really quickly, even without visual contact, as Chat range is around 110 meters. So if the enemy player is smart and read wich mob is hitting you they can pretty much pin point your location. 4- Diplomacy Just a simple gentle gesture from your part like a cute emoji can save you. Or you can go beyond that, and make macro with a friendly sentence in the enemy language, ''Hey, i'm really ungeared, i just want to run my HM, don't kill me pretty please, smiley face'' with a translator http://nya.aiononline.cz/translator/ and spam it when you are near the entrance. Of course some people will kill you anyways, but many others can be forgiving. 5- Be Try Hard Begginer version: Make a second account, with a cleric, buff yourself with Hand of Reincarnation, when you are near the isntance, pop every single defensive skill you have and die at the entrance, wait a couple of minutes, enemy will eventually leave. Advanced version: Make a second acount with 3 Spiritmasters Lv 25, one stationed in each Entrance Spawn, this way with the 30 seconds untargetable feature from loging in you can scout the area first, and then use the Summoning skill to move your toon safely, for extra safety you can even socket stigma Cloacking Word in your SMs, just in case. 6- Better use of Hide Use your Shadow Walk right before leaving the city, if there are enemies in the entrance, Mark them so you can control the distances between both of you, back away 110 meters and rebuff your hide if needed, that way no one will ever know you are there. ok question, at this point how many of you took option A ? LMAO
  12. Skin Farming in 7.0

    aren't these Eternal Bastion skins? The same skin as Sauro Supply Base but Black. i thought Beritra skins were only the ones from DD btw Esoterrance drops the weapons too ?
  13. Pandora Reward NPCs Gone?

    You better get revenge on the people that made up that joke on you lmao. Never heard of anything like that.
  14. @Shoenfein-DN it seems you have the wrong info... Vouchers are not a guareented 100% enchating succes tool, they are a discount, you get a 100% discount on Purification process. Once the stigma is +15 u need to purify it to make it advanced. Paying Kinah and Abyss points. A set of 6 stigmas cost around 70M AP and 50M kinah. Thats it you just dont have to pay these costs
  15. Dragon Carpet Pack??

    Take it easy, the dragon pack isn't anything game changer, we will get it eventually, maybe next week or so.