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  1. DP skills please

    Well we have Mau form that its rlly good (not that game changer anymore that now anyone can reach mov speed or atk speed cap with legendary transforms), but WTF with Aether Arrow i think in 2 years i used it only like 3 times
  2. sm

    No need to get that worked up catsu, we all know that Fear it's retardedly OP. That is way SM are always target N° 1, it's not about X class vs SM and to know how to PvP. it's a simple truth that everybody knows but you refuse to aknowledge, Fear it's Retarded period. Kill that SM or your whole group is dead.
  3. How many hits could you do in 1s?

    27 dmg... REPORTED! defence hack! Nerf temp plz
  4. sm

    don't generalize pls i didnt say cloths, i said SM it's retarded, Fear is not real pvp, your enemy can't auto attack, can't move, can't heal, can't use any skill. does truth hurt you? Fear makes PvP into PvE
  5. sm

    yeah sure say all the excuses you want. SM it's a retarded class, you don't PvP you transform your opponent into Mob a Dummy that can't do anything just stand there waiting for the next fear.
  6. Bye bye Bless Online

    There are plenty of stones lv 40 and 60 to reach the minimum requirements, and wtf with FM? that can be done with empty sockets. And we have Pandora set now they can do PF with a mix of BoS, FM and pandora gear. Not enough dps? Bring an SM to dispell boss enrage.
  7. Bye bye Bless Online

    Not as much as others, like 40 manastones, 200 legendary stones and 1 ultimate stone. Anyways enchanting it's ez pz m8 take a look.
  8. Anyone else crashed during event?

    @Vantheria-DN i only use 1 PC and it's been working flawlessly. Only times it does a slow progress is when they add someting like with this event after mainteinance, but it's just once.
  9. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Haha thx, yes it works, yesterday i got dc 2 times doing the event, this thing saved my run
  10. Anyone else crashed during event?

    Do you have set the Fast Start up ? Works fine and it's safe to use.
  11. Bye bye Bless Online

    -Transformtions: yes they suck! and they should add a toggle to hide it or cheaper transparent scrolls in GST. But hey at least SM and SW can't remove my scrolls anymore - Manastones & enchantment: what is wrong with that? Is in the game since forever and is a core system of like 90% of mmos. If you mean the enchant rates are bad, well that can be true, but i played games with harder enchanting, so i grind instead of complain, maybe that is why i'm full red +15 -Ranking Reset: i didn't support it, i lost my rank that took me long time to achieve. But a big part of the community was continuosly asking for a reset, so can we really blame NCsoft for that? -Proxy players: soon is going to be 3 years playing in NA from SA using different Proxy, WTFast, PingZapper and Mudfish, i never had my account Banned or Locked. And from what i know innocent players that got problems recently they got their accounts back. Aion: Time online 10 years and still going. Bless: Time online 10 months? And dead.
  12. sm

    Curse of Water / Fire can be resisted, but is instant, so pretty hard to resist it unless your are rlly lucky.
  13. Prestige pvp quest

    Do you really can't do 50 kills in a entire week?? Wtf dude that is half of my daily kills
  14. That necroing this a 1 year old post. I think Palaces were made available again at the same time that Gelkmaros houses, like 2 o 3 months ago.
  15. sm

    They don't even need to burn our resist skills, insta fear and new daevanion fear are non-resistable lmao, they bypass my Focused Evasion and Nature Resolve.