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  1. Locking Threads

    My Fanfic CyanXHimeXGideon got locked too
  2. Can you guys fix the stupid competition ranking?

    The topic is about Harmony and dicipline competition rankings. Somehow kaonashi expects to have the old rewards (5k to 30k GP from seasons) to climb in the officers ranking, thing that probably won't happen, i guess we will get new shitty rewards. Just wait for 6.5 guys
  3. Any spanish players?

    Hola @Rubitzel-KT bienvenido a Aion En Katalam lado Elyos hay muchos latinos debe haber 6 o mas legiones las mas notables que me acuerdo ahora son Mugiwaras, MetalCore, Original Dragons. Presiona G o Shift+G para ver que legiones reclutan miembros y tambien hay varias legiones inglesas que aceptan de todas las nacionalidades como la que estoy yo. Cualquier duda o consejo que necesites me agregas en el juego. Ahora si sos Asmodian... lo lamento tu sangre se convertira en mis Genesis Crystals MUAHAHAHAHA
  4. Pin Change

    Any kind of ticket can take usually like 6 to 12 hours sometimes a bit more Also for security reasons changing a Pin can be pretty complicated, try to remember any kind of info about your account, number of toons, nicknames, faction, class, gender, items, gear some screenshots could help too.
  5. Servidores

    Ya te respondimos en tu otro post y ni gracias dijiste https://forums.aiononline.com/topic/3918-hola-soy-nuevo/
  6. Duda

    Veni a Katalam lado Elyos el mejor sin duda Y en cuanto al Gladidador es de las clases mas fuertes que hay. Super tanque, se cura un monton y hace un dps de locos. Cual es el chiste?

    Ohh great Empyrean Lords i implore you, please bring back Fissure of Oblivion! I can't be the only one that kept doing FoO after reaching lv 75, no idea why ppl hated it that much Fun fact i FireFormed the day previous the update and maintained the transform fully functional when i logged in 6.2 maybe they will come back again in the future??!!11!

    Now that you bring this up i realize why i progress more in the game than other players and why i don't complain like a lot of people here and push through the game hardships. Thanks to my first MMO! Metin2, that makes Aion look Softcore to me. In Metin2, with 3 Factions enemies between each others, there is PvP in every map without exception, players can even invade Main and starting cities there like Poeta or Sanctum, there are practically no Safe zones only 1 tiny space of 80 meters in the main city to trade, on top of that there is a PK system and you can kill players of your own faction anywhere, this comes with a Karma system with titles like if you behave well you can be ''Friendly'' or ''Chivalrous'' or if you kill people you will be ''Agressive'' ''Malicious'' and finally if you killed to many ''Cruel'' but if you get killed you can drop kinah and items from your inventory to be looted by anyone near. 5.X leveling was hard for you guys? here you could level up without gear, literally! doing FoO buttnaked was possible, while in Metin you needed full Top gear, max enchanted, and bonus Re Tunned in a very specific way and a second account with Perfect Auras to buff you to wistand the Best leveling spot, to do 1.2 to 0.6% exp/hour (without XP buffs) at higher lvls 84-99. Also in Metin items used to get destroyed upon failed enchanment even Purified PvP weapons, you needed special items like omegas here to avoid the destruction, so the item would drop 1 enchant lv instead, also each enchament on top of Kinah asked for diferent materials some really expensive for example from +6 to +7 a White Pearl was needed that translated to aion things could be like 5 omegas or so. Conclusion? Fast track server and a excessive amount of events made a whole generation of Aion players weaker.
  9. Cubic system ridiculous or fake ?

    Nice Guide 10/10 thank you!
  10. Hola, soy nuevo

    Hola @PARANA-EK bienvenido a aion Mira el cleric es muy bueno, pero viste cuando alguien recluta clerics para cualquier tipo de instancia pve o pvp esperan que sea el support principal que cure a todos y este muy atento de dispellear buff negativos. Si vos exclusivamente estas interesado en ser dps pero tener heals tmb yo te recomiedo Chanter o Songweaver, asi te vas a ahorrar muchas puteadas XD. En cuanto a los servidores EK es el mas nuevo solo 1 mes de antiguedad asi que ahi no habria tanta diferencia de equipo con los demas players. DN y KT son viejos y la gente esta mas equipada pero hay mucha mas disponibilidad de items creo que terminarias equipandote mas rapido en servers antiguos.
  11. P2W much?

    I do not know about that, but I would make a good sauce for my macaroni
  12. I can't find BCM

    Afterburner is Red so Black friday doesn't apply hahaha
  13. AIon 7.0

    So this last till you die or force log out your toon ? Lol
  14. P2W much?

    the one all over the map is you... from al the dozens of silly posts with complains you chose this one to rant about, the most legitimate of all. Better take you business 101 class and gtfo
  15. Letter to NCSoft

    Flight Combat was just a nice eye catcher something new and different from other mmorpg, but in reallity it sucks you can't jump shot, jump cast or slide shot.