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  1. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    @Sjofn-KT hey doing a raw estimate i think with 16k Ncoin u can buy half a Ultimate crafted set. IMO prioritizing faster gear up get crafted weapon, wings, helm, jacket, pants, shoulder, gloves and boots. And the rest go for GC Vindicator. Enchant only your weapon and wings to +15 the rest of crafted gear just leave it +0 or +5 if u want. Even going full p2w takes time to farm stones and the materials needed to morph them. So i would save the stones for the GC gear that can be purified to the new Set in 7.0 With ancient contracts that give 21%atk speed and 50% mov speed that little 2 or 3%difference between craft and GC is not big deal. Plus chanter have new daevanion skill with atk speed, celerity mantra and wow is now every 15 minutes with same durarion.
  2. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Dayum! does your Incandescent Blow gets the skill boost?
  3. stacks with artifact buff Pioneer's Grace ?
  4. Auto follow broken ?

    I had my alt in follow collecting bloosoms without problems. If i remeber well the follow breaks if the distance between toons is higher than 25 or 30 meters. Adivices: -Get your alt on Mount & your main on foot. -Use a higher mov speed transform in ur alt. - Pay attention -Set a Macro to restore follow faster.
  5. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    i bet 80% of the Pro Reset QQers will be out of top 100 lmao
  6. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    yeah... i'm still confused, would be nice if @Cyan could clarify this point. Officers Ranks and GP Season reset every month or Officers Rank cumulative and only GP Season resets ?
  7. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    well yeah the way i understood it was there will be a constant GP reset of our total ammount of GP to zero every single month, and yeah that would be really bad and annoying everybody losing their rank each month and to wait several days without yellow chat and commander stun until ppl reach the fixed amounts for each rank. But thanks to our Reading professor here down below it seems our system will be just like a always, our total GP will keep growing and our officers rank will remain untouched. The reset will only be applied to the Season GP Ranks like discipline or harmony. My bad! so its ok i dont have any problem, probably will reach General rank now
  8. What Happened To My Surveys

    The survey in game also had this time limit warning, bad luck u didn't look closely
  9. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

  10. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Well i'm sorry Reading Master, not everybody here is that good at engrish, but thanks for the correction it makes more sense now.
  11. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Yes they should... but things are not always that obvious for NCwest
  12. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Well it was highly probable that NCwest would follow the GP reset Trend from other regions but this custom change they want to do about reseting GP every month seems kinda bad and annoying. As to attain rank requieres a fixed amount of GP be prepared for 1 week without xforms and 2 weeks without yellow chat and commander stun, every month GG.
  13. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    1- so every month all rankings will get reset ? 2- there will be new things to buy with Gold Ingots? 3- there will be compensation for the current GP loss ?
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    Stop the whiteknighting nonsense, the event was useless previous the changes. The real hero is the Gray Kinght @DeathMist-EK thanks to his post and the rest of the comments there, Ncwest acknowledged the issues and Now we have a good event.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 10, 2019

    I don't think that Pure aether is the event post or i missed it. From where can we get it?