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  1. i think an easy temporary solution until they fix the bug would be just to add a 2nd weekly mainteinance, scheduled maybe Saturday morning or Monday morning. @Kibbelz what do you think? can that work? At this point we should asume server will bug out every week. Instead of doing emergency mainteinance at complete random times and receive a sea of complaints every time, wouldn't be better to just program a second maint mid week ?
  2. SW cds are a joke, advanced freestyle, 5,5 sec duration on PvP with 13 second CD, yeah what an eternity to wait until the next cd its available right? Lmao
  3. Yes it does makes a big difference the SW will be full HP while their enemy won't lol.
  4. Sleep Target -> Turn off Impassion -> Switch to HB set -> Cast a Heal -> Sleep Target again -> Cast more heals and bam , from 10% HP back to 80% in 10 seconds if not 100% HP Like i was watching chikiboom stream few days ago Dueling against another SW and the guy casted 34K heals. Also SW with hybrid transformations like Frigida or Apostles Yustiel/Triniel, its at higher cast and attack speed than at 5.8
  5. I think it safe to say you can throw everything away lol. About gear unless you have something +20 everything else doesn't have any value besides to be a cosmetic skin. About consumables only useful things are Omega stones and Tempering Solutions, anything else its mostly just rubbish. Idk post some pictures of all your inventory and maybe we could help you better.
  6. Now stigmas you get buy them from broker, either you search for the specific stigma you want or buy a Heavy Stigma Box and chose the one you need. About crafting every type of gear is made from a single profession, Aetherforging, Shift+P to open craft window, note you need to be lv 76 or higher. With that said, at current patch is not worth to waste time and kinah trying to craft things, just get gear from tokens NPC Genesis Crystal, Tiatan Coins, Blood Marks, or from instances.
  7. Rebirth Manastone Fastener Weekly reminder we need the item to reset Gemstone and Runestone slots. @Kibbelz @Loki
  8. You get banned for False Report Abuse
  9. I already shed tears of blood burning around 100 skillbooks to unlock my Mau's Honor Lmao. To bad impatience won over you, as some ppl alrdy pointed out, rates are awful and its better to just be patient and do de 20hrs recipes only, i personaly divided my mats over 3 toons to craft them.
  10. you seems to be very confused... 1st, it's not needed to be max geared to do Red cellar. 2nd. The expensive price would apply to everyone, not just to the ''Max geared players'' how that benefits a less geared player or a player that doesn't have time to farm 8 Lunas, thats like 80 minutes just to cover a single entry reset at 160 lunas as you suggest ? 3rd. Dude idk about you but i don't consider to get One, a Single fragment of gemstone of a Random class, a ''good reward'' at all. 4th. You are the one comparing 2 instances that work different, not me. Do you need me to ex
  11. Crucible is an instance with a Competition Ranking, thats the reason it can not be reseted, not because it's ''too good'' yeah i don't want to be included in your ''best for everyone'' please, i really don't understand in wich way having more expensive prices will be a good thing for everyone Lmao hey Kibblez remember that change about lowering Selective Retuning costs from 160 to 20 Luna ? scrap all that nonsense please, here with the Community Representative Vasilios we determined that improving the cost to 320 Luna per retune will be the Best for Everyone.
  12. well i think is no mistery anymore lol, we have many precedents to already be aware that each new patch brings new Tokens/Materials, making each previous currency less and less useful. Silver Medal < Gold Medal < Platinum Medal < Mithril Medal < Ceranium Medal < Spinnel Medal < Ridium < Etium < Dickium Providing very poor exchange ratios like medals, or no exchange at all like Ridium. Also to be fair we can check for new changes at Databases and Korean official page an be prepared beforehand, the thing is that the patch 8.0 that probably will bring new
  13. Oh dang i'm the same bro, i feel your pain, i've been waiting for 6 years already checking everyday hoping for NC to give back my beloved guards from Asteria and Roah fortress, darn it @Loky do something about it !!1!1
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