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  1. Can we get the official Aion?

    Reducing the price of the enchantment bag at fort would be nice too, takes a while to gather 200 legion coins to gain just 1 ancient stone.
  2. More than i should I guess 6.2 is not casual friendly lol Also i buy the 10M contract from GST with all my alts (only main account ofc) everyweek
  3. I got 4 ancients the first week farming halloween event, like 5 just doing pve, some others from the rest of the events and some more from combining but failed at combining legendary 3 times alrdy QQ
  4. Mau crit gets removed and BF crits improves from 300 to 500. Paralisys resistance gets removed, i dont mind never really worked against SW or AT. maybe helped against godstones, not that matters now. The thing i will really miss is the pull resistance that worked pretty good, sad QQ. 6.5 nerfed the damage buffs but koreans realized that sucked ass lol so 6.7 improves the skills dmg to compensate. Phy att manastones are cheaper but you should try to get around 30% crit
  5. Feeling Real Guilty... (Just need ur POV)

    Fast load fix work wonders. Also to reduce crashes setting animations to "Self" can help
  6. Chanter needs a nerf

    yup sad i used to sell seed at 1.5M each or so... now you can buy them at 80k in a NPC in lakrum lol
  7. Chanter needs a nerf

    OFC nobody uses them ! coz their are totally and completely useless in any kind of situation. Stigmas are special skills that are supossed to be better than normal skills thats my point. Every class has some stigmas better than others, but not 3 completely garbage.
  8. Forget PIN

    están mas afilados últimamente , hoy solo tardaron 2 horas en responderme. igual recuperar un PIN es complicado, tenes que comprobar que sos el dueño real, así que trata de hacer memoria de todo lo que tengas en tu cuenta, busca screenshots tmb por las dudas
  9. Chanter needs a nerf

    Ranger was a forgotten class for a long time. for example: Ranger Flight time recovery Heal Wings: 10 Minutes Long ass CD, Recover 33% Aethertech: Fuel Reserves: 5 Min cd, Recover 61% Even now we still have useless skills like: Blazing Trap, tested it against ungeared alts and starter mobs in lakrum does Fixed damaged by 546 lol Sharpen Arrows, gives weapon damage, like 60 lol and 50 evasion less that a single manastone, but Every great power has a price... our mana consumption increases 10% lmao. Trap of Clairvoyance, does 1 damage to reveal targets in hide if you are unlucky enough to go near the trap, range effectivenes 10 meters... really ? plus any silly mob can walk on top of the trap and break it lol. before some sorcers come to bite me, i'm not complaining, i'm happy with current ranger, but everything i said here is truth too.
  10. EK Server Situation

    ''hit GP reset'' and ''hoping for ways to keep people from leaving'' are contradictory ideas, i don't see how punishining the more faithful players that worked years for their ranks its good for a game that barely gets new players.
  11. EK Server Situation

    Narcissistic much ? that phrase applies more to you than to us. i didn't see any IS KR BR high ranks crying in the forums in last merge, idk why u think your server deserves an special treatment that the others didn't get. cya in a few months soon to be Army-1
  12. EK Server Situation

    Took me more than 2 years to be barely near to General Rank (i'm around top 45) and doing a LOT of content to farm that not just 2 or 3 hours of siege per week like EK guys, and somehow they think they deserve special treatments and dare to call everybody else afk
  13. wow more than 40ppl in the top 1 - Arena of harmony

    Envious much? Harmony rank gathers ppl from the 3 servers and both factions so is not that crazy for only 13 teams from the entire population to obtain the max amount of points.
  14. RoyalSmurf Scammer Warning message

    Mmm i'm curious about what u wanted to buy. What is tradable but not brokerable... a Caeus weapon box? Tell us please I think royalsmurf its a main he always sells Ncoin stuff
  15. Harmony and discipline works different. Harmony u get a fixed amount 200 per win 70 pero lose and you always get points doesn't matter if the arena is empty. But discipline its so shitty past week i got 5 empty, 3 left before start, and the remaining 2 were geared chanter so RIP me, thx 6.5 is rlly close those heals are so broken
  16. Is not a nerf on ranger all classes get their buff changed to numerical value wich is less than % on high geared toons
  17. yes very true but all classes get the same treatment in the rework of damage buffs going from % value to a fixed amount. btw we can recover that damage lost in 7.0 when Sharpen arrows will be finally fixed after so many years being pure garbage
  18. From what i know Ranger damage will get boosted by 30% 1128 + 30% = 1466 Could be considered an indirect nerf compared to other classes like gladiator that will get a 40 to 50% skill damage boost. But we have Focused Shots so i guess dmg buff overall could be balanced. Btw you can't erase posts, this will be here for the eternity! guys lets bump it once a week muahaha
  19. 6.5 !?!

    @mooMOOMooMoomoo-KT from what i heard those stats only work against Erekshkigal and do nothing anywhere else, can you confirm?
  20. Aion Online Evolution

    Furry Superheroes Are Super Gross - FURRY FORCE - YouTube wanted to share the video directly but i guess that would get me nyerking banned lmao
  21. 6.5 !?!

    Mah dude! you really think this repetitive behavior through the years of always deliver patchnotes barely a few hours before server gets down for maintenance or deliver after it ends its just plain lazyness or lack of care? don't be that harsh with poor NCsoft >_< No, i think its an intented decision made to avoid or at least reduce exploits, as there are all kind of tasty interactions between patches. For example i know a guy, that read all the patch notes from external sources and has accounts in Europe pre 6.0, he bought thousands and thousands of verteron scrolls in every toon in several accounts, for what? around 1k each old kinah wich is around 450 new kinah. Scrolls to deleted maps got compensated for General Return Scrolls wich can be sold to 4.1K, so with a 1000% investment recovery he made several billions out of thin air Something similar happened in 4.X Stigma Overhaul, as we had nothing to do with repeated stigmas and also we could buy them from NPC, broker prices were extremely cheap, i remember the crappy stigmas going for 20 or 50k, some people bought hundreds and hundres of them and after the update old terminated stigmas depending their grade got compensated for 500k to 2M each.
  22. Scoundrel's Bond

    No, i don't think so. HB works with pure Healing skills. Scoundrel its a damage skill with Leaching/Life steal effect.
  23. Idle motion - hide!

    Not sure, i guess you can hide that setting animations to: Self
  24. Mighty Morphing Minium

    Bump @Cyan please forward this to the dev team! In the meantime wold be nice to have some Grade A minium in some events. Also Fix pet loot in groups and Strong Energy of Repose for Prestige.
  25. Gameforge is kicking ncwest ass

    We full support you Cyan whatever makes you happy go for it!!