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  1. Someone got an extra entry to Arena of Harmony this week

    Yeah i guess u could say that too. Anyways the 80% of nicks i see in the top are from rlly strong players i think most of them don't have the need to fix their matches.
  2. Someone got an extra entry to Arena of Harmony this week

    I feel that you don't need this to be explained... whats your point? Want me to rephrase in some other way? Seasons are 40 matches long, so max ammount of points should be 8000 if someone gets more than that in a unfair way (using resets unavalable to the rest) we could say that person stole the 1st place.
  3. Someone got an extra entry to Arena of Harmony this week

    Well no need to make any drama here, support compensates the players affected, nobody will lose the rewards. In march season somebody stole 1st position too and support sent me my ultimate stones and kinah. In fact i got a bit better rewards than i should coz 2nd position gives manastones while 1st doesnt. I know he got the rewards in a unfair way but its NCwest fault for not removing the scrolls and in the end we don't lose anything.
  4. Kaisinel transform

    Casting speed doesn't work on traps. And if you have to much casting speed in some situations can be worst as u don't have time to jump cast focused shots.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 15, 2019

    i just got the compensation, 3 M ap and 5 Legendary stones thanks Syan
  6. Wrong Season End Date

    hey Potato Master, since 6.0 arenas reset on Mondays that happened only on harmony because some players still had old Entry Reset Scrolls from 5.8
  7. So... Report a gold seller function is a joke to u?..

    Maybe if you will pay your debts ppl won't harras you... still waiting for my spinnel medals
  8. New server for 7.0 ?

    yes please open a new server for 7.0 ! i will join
  9. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    Superb compensation for 6 month old charcters in a dead server. 0 compensation not even a thank you for veterans that supported the game for years and lost their ranks.
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    I must say i agree with you on almost everything you said but... How is that ever possible, 6 hours a day is plenty of time and with prestige. I don't want to start a fight with u but maybe you are doing something wrong? I know some f2p players that even have ultimate pvp items on their alts too.
  11. Old player, acct has chars that are not mine

    Katalam Elyos for sure! And welcome back

    Mmmmm suspicious... i see a server shutdown and force transfer incoming
  13. If RNG makes you sad

    i use ancient on legendary and ultimate +10 pieces, it works for me, usually lands between 15 and 40 stones
  14. Please.. Remove Reset from ID/IB

    Sad times for Governor MetalPhantomEvil huehuehue
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 24, 2019

    Does it even matter? What is the point of ranking? Even if people goes full P2W they will lose their rank next month anyways.

    NEVER! Bwahahaha!
  17. Returning Player 1.7-5.1

    @Sjofn-KT hey doing a raw estimate i think with 16k Ncoin u can buy half a Ultimate crafted set. IMO prioritizing faster gear up get crafted weapon, wings, helm, jacket, pants, shoulder, gloves and boots. And the rest go for GC Vindicator. Enchant only your weapon and wings to +15 the rest of crafted gear just leave it +0 or +5 if u want. Even going full p2w takes time to farm stones and the materials needed to morph them. So i would save the stones for the GC gear that can be purified to the new Set in 7.0 With ancient contracts that give 21%atk speed and 50% mov speed that little 2 or 3%difference between craft and GC is not big deal. Plus chanter have new daevanion skill with atk speed, celerity mantra and wow is now every 15 minutes with same durarion.
  18. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Dayum! does your Incandescent Blow gets the skill boost?
  19. stacks with artifact buff Pioneer's Grace ?
  20. Auto follow broken ?

    I had my alt in follow collecting bloosoms without problems. If i remeber well the follow breaks if the distance between toons is higher than 25 or 30 meters. Adivices: -Get your alt on Mount & your main on foot. -Use a higher mov speed transform in ur alt. - Pay attention -Set a Macro to restore follow faster.
  21. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    i bet 80% of the Pro Reset QQers will be out of top 100 lmao
  22. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    yeah... i'm still confused, would be nice if @Cyan could clarify this point. Officers Ranks and GP Season reset every month or Officers Rank cumulative and only GP Season resets ?
  23. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    well yeah the way i understood it was there will be a constant GP reset of our total ammount of GP to zero every single month, and yeah that would be really bad and annoying everybody losing their rank each month and to wait several days without yellow chat and commander stun until ppl reach the fixed amounts for each rank. But thanks to our Reading professor here down below it seems our system will be just like a always, our total GP will keep growing and our officers rank will remain untouched. The reset will only be applied to the Season GP Ranks like discipline or harmony. My bad! so its ok i dont have any problem, probably will reach General rank now
  24. What Happened To My Surveys

    The survey in game also had this time limit warning, bad luck u didn't look closely