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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    Are you sure about that? I think the first post reporting this caught Cyan off guard maybe because even he didn't knew about that change, so he rushed his response about fixing it. Coz i remember another of his posts that sounded pretty much like "rewards are working as intended"
  2. Ultimate manastone on weekly lugbug mission

    Yup follow these steps so from 50 crafts you can get 35 wrong class ones to extract them again, 12 brokerable ones so useless that can't be sold anyways, and finally 3 Ancient Crit for your class and fail them at socketing, with this guide you will enhance your Aion experience to it's fullest
  3. Aion black hole event

    B-Black Hole-chan!?
  4. AION 7.0 Spiritmaster

    I guess a decent build would be Crit up to 30% then full attack, and i don't think you need magic acc
  5. cyan blocks all people who use bots is not fair

    Hahah i know title sounds pretty funny, but alexxha is asking Cyan to Ban bots. Btw there are bots in Demaha now? Coz the only bots i remember that still remain in Lakrum are at Devastated Coast and only 2 Aprietas Shift + K vas a la pestaña de actions donde esta el retorno de emergencia y hay un Skill para reportar bots. Tambien puedes mandar ticket a support con los nick de los bots. Quien sabe tal vez les den ban. Y en que zonas encuentras bots?
  6. What you do with your right hand ?

    I guess its harder to Jump shot on Ranger compared to Sorc because auto attacks cancel the jump shot and sorc range is much shorter 15m with tome 3m with orb? Anyways none of that will improve your dps in PvE and to make succesful and meaningful Jump Shots in PvP you need to be a God lvl Expert lol, overall it's just better to Slide Shot.
  7. What you do with your right hand ?

    oh baby you can't even imagine what i can do with my right hand ! not for nothing girls around call me Mr. Nimble Fingers
  8. Hooray for the Retune Buff!

    It is just for today or it will last the entire week?
  9. Playing Aion as in Dolby TrueHD possible ?

    PvPers ? sound its pretty useful... for example you can Hear Sins buffing up while they are in Hide
  10. You guys should just quit your jobs.

    why soon and not right Now !?!?
  11. Thanks GM Odin ...

  12. Nice job rigging arena lul

    as i said process is annoying to do and not very suitable to post on their youtube channel, and there are some players that want to try their skill against her too XD, so they don't need to do it all the time. is not 100% foolproof but almost 90% you can still dodge her (better to say a preventive dodge), after getting matched against Team Poco several times 20 seconds after the arena starts, now if i have no Enemy i drop arena anyways at 2 seconds remaining lol. and about that screenshot i tried the trick and failed at the timing.
  13. Nice job rigging arena lul

    ''There is no worse blind man than the one who doesn't want to see'' as i said you need to enter the arena at least 135 seconds after the POP but no more than 160 later. if you lose track of time this is what happens. My usual End of season ranking since at least 1 year is between top 5 to top 30. The difference is that i don't play Spiritmaster and i don't have 20 ping, there are multiple matchs ups were i will lose 80% of the times (like vs geared Clerics or vs Gundam for example lmao), so for me to apply this method would be like to Dig my own grave... in my case its better to dodge ppl, i don't have 90% Win Rate like Mochi lol. Ofc they are not going to post this trick in their youtube channel lol, also i'm not saying they do it all the time, The process is annoying to do so they only do it when they need to get points ASAP like 2nd week and/or 4 week of season, as she proably wasted her 1st season entrys between monday and tuesday to ensure a high rank in past season, and now in this season she is behind on points because no entries... Method works as described, is not just for 1 entry, she got a really high amount of competition points just from 2 easy fights that in normal playstyle would had taken 4 or 5 entries. and yes she plays HARDCORE! not for nothing she is the Queen of Discipline like 10th times champion right ? to use this method do not takes away merit from her Achievements, she excels in pvp, so sometimes she needs to do it to gain points otherwise a LOT of ppl would dodge her. well... i hope i cleared your doubts mate.
  14. Old AP / Abyss Gear & Accessories

    AP scale changed, in the past winning a Dredgion gave us 12k AP, now it gives 360k. A full set from ancient to ultimate takes around 320 millions AP to make. So to recover 30% of the AP of your old sets its meaningless now, you are in a better spot keeping the sets for skin purpouses, nowadays its common to obtain transparent scrolls so you could get some kinah selling them, or enjoying them yourself
  15. Nice job rigging arena lul

    Thats wrong, arena preparation time before the fight starts is 130 seconds, while pop waiting time it's 120 seconds, so even if you wait till 0 seconds to press enter the enemy still have a couple of seconds to dodge. What they do is to take advantage of the reconection system. @Aly-DN @Arhangelos-KT going to explain the trick for you guys to pull it of successfully you need a couple of things: to have set the fast start up (to avoid the long loading bar) a chronometer or alarm set at 150 seconds, and windons Task Manager open before hand. So when you get a pop you don't wait at all, you instantly press enter, then you quickly alt tab to your task manager and terminate the Aion process, then you log in back again, but as you forced your DC in the loading screen, you will appear outside of the Arena and you will get a system message that permits you to re enter the instance server, but you don't click enter yet, you need wait for your chronometer. This way they can avoid to lose entries in empty arenas, as if there is no enemy to fight, the server transfer will just Fail, but if there is an enemy you will get inside after the preparation time ends so your enemy can't dodge you. @Ele-DN what you can do next time this happens, its just to instantly leave the arena, as you have the ''Bonus Time'' in your favor the amounts of competition points you lose should be a lot less.
  16. Demaha World Boss League or Legion?

    Ofc we will kick all the non legion members before boss dies what else?? Those plebs deserve NO loot Bwahahaha !! What is the next question? Where to buy arrows ?
  17. Aion 7.2 arriving to mainland China service on 2019-09-19

    People tend to forget that enchanting over +15 started in 4.7 and between 4.7 and 5.6 only P2W players enjoyed that +20 gear. 5.8 made it available for F2P peeps too. Also 5.8 made easier to get and lvl up minions so at least we could counter the P2W that got rank A max lv by the 1st or 2nd month of 5.6
  18. Aly's Adventures and the Classic Server/flat Earth believers

    i thinke there is a Plot hole here.... where did the fairy go?
  19. Guia rápida para tontos/Fast Guide to low IQ ppl

    funny, but that is wrong mate... This is the current ranking of best weapons for PvE 1st - Ultimate Noble Soldusk - Aetherforging 2nd - Ultimate Demaha Champion - World Bosses 3rd - Ultimate Dark Talon - Genesis Crystals 4th - Legendary Sovereign - IDD 5Th - Ereshkigal Weapons - VT
  20. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    Adressing the comparision you made the other day about Massive amount of small spenders vs low amount of Big spenders, NCwest is not cellphone manufacturer Company like Huawei that sells hundreds of thousands of cheap phones and makes their money out of the big of average people instead of the small amount of millionaires. Here in Aion the situation i s pretty different, is idk 45% of population that never will put money on the game, 30% of small spenders, 20% of medium spenders and 5% of whales?? and because our population is low and NCwest don't have many attractive products to acquiere for the small & mid spenders (or maybe doesn't need to have?, because whales), like cellphones are in real world, that 5% of whales, completely outweights the sells from small spenders. For exmaple let's do a Comparission, Ranger vs Ranger, Average vs Whale, DevilNest vs OnionKinght >_ < i'm a small spender (almost F2P uwu) , the only thing i buy is Prestige Pack, nothing else, so from 24 months i have been suscribided that is a grand total of 360 dollars, over the course of 3 years that i have been playing in NA. Now lets catch just a glimpse of what some whales spend. so he just in 2 weeks spent 900 dollars, that is 2.5x more than me in 3 years lmao. How many small spenders like me are needed to offset just ONE whale? you still don't believe the game is being running by whales? game is almost on mainteinance mode milking the remaining whales, as NCwest keep getting money with almost zero investment they don't feel any pressure to make the game better for the rest of the comunity. This is not to shame OnionKinght or anything, in some way i'm grateful to you mate! thx for keeping the servers alive it's just the only posts i remember of someone posting their money spent.
  21. Skill Gears + skin INFO !!!

    U can't use weapons on luna wardrobe, and passive skills, like for example archadaeva skills boost on armor don't make any effect once inside the wardrobe
  22. Do you want to change to Aion ?

    Yep let's go 50 vs 3 at Tenacity or 100 vs 6 at ID, maybe some other 15 F2P wanna help me take Gundam down at Discipline hehe?
  23. @cyan @gideon