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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 18, 2020

    well as the daily quest get improved at higher lvls, the faster you max it out the more rewards you can get over time i guess with P2W eyes this event can look like rubbish but for F2P people this is super good, i think is the first event we can get legendary contracts without any BCM intervention, now i have a light of hope to complete some transformation collections, can get a LOT of skillbooks, i can get Legendary transform in my alts accounts for free too GG, and probably some heavy grinders out there will use secondary accounts to get hundreds of stigma enchanment stones
  2. Gear gap / Skilled vs Geared

    Yeah i was thiniking about this too, like old Abyss gear below lv 50 and arena lv 55 that could be enchanted and traded between your own toon trought Account warehouse. But sadly only Blood Mark boxes are tradable, once you open them, the gear inside is untradable.
  3. Help will be wonderful

    After the free set a quest chain opens, its pretty easy do BoS, FM, IDD and PF, you get full Risiel accesories 2 rings, 2 earrings, 1 belt, 1 necklace, and Legendary Skyflame Wings. ofc pandora accesories and wings are better but its expensive for new players a 500k per retune, when Risiel just gives you the core stats directly. could be usefull for healing classes to get pandora if they want atk & healing boost at the same time, but then again its just way cheaper to get some ancient accesories with healing boost and switch when u need heals. About armors with Blood Mark Gear +0 you gain more atk than with Pandora +15 and, same defence as Pandora +5 Pandora Tunic: Base atk 1371 + 98 Bonus PvE atk + 36 from max enchant = 1505 atk Blood Marck Tunic: Base atk 1523 Pandota tunic: Base Physical defense 1182 + 98 Bonus PvE def + 32 def from +5 enchant = 1312 Blood Marck Tunic: Base phy def 1310 A mix of Risiel accesories & wings and Aureate weapon and Armor is the way to go for new players, you get huge benefits with zero cost of enchanting or retuning,
  4. Help will be wonderful

    This was viable until patch 7.0 but now at 7.3 with the free set legendary Risiel there is no point at all to invest that heavy grind time on Pandora as the Core stats atk and defence are the same. Also Aureate (blood mark) Armor and Weapon are better for PvE than Pandora +15 Pandora Orb: Base atk 4228 + bonus PvE 114 + 371 pve from max enchanted = 4713 atk Aureate orb base damage= 4698 + 126 PvE from armfusion with a risiel orb = 4824 atk And for single hand weapons the difference is greater.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    Bullies others players who present legitimate complaints... 5 minutes later comes to the same forums to Cry about his skillbook... Aawww poor cry baby failed a combine do you need a pacifier?
  6. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Yes middle npc versatile/specialist sents you to a random path and you get a 4th chest. Its 100% to get a rubbish kerub and i would say a pretty decent chance to gret Rank A to C contracts like 25% i would say (yesterday from 6 runs i got 3 contracts) Now the chance to get a Rank A yes its low but better than using Cute Minion contracts as these are 14 types and minium vault contracts are 11 types. Idk from like 70 runs i got 1 kromede and 1 modor.
  7. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Dude... are we playing the same game? Are you aware that we need 14.000 grade A miniums to attempt a grase S combination with a decent succes rate? That would take like 10 months with only 2 o 3 entries per week. Thank god they listened to our suggestion about resets. Also there are already several ways to get rank A contracts. -combination - pandora - world bosses - events -cash shop (black cloud boxes) -Broker -Minium Vault versatile/specialist path
  8. 7.2 / 7.5 assassin dual wield d/d vs d/s

    Yes every weapon have different weapon damage i omited that coz imo i don't consider it a major factor anymore, not sure but i think auto attacks are around 6 - 4% of total dps in PvE and even less in PvP (some dpsmeter user correct me if im wrong pls) About crit multipliers those remained unchanged and dagger is still the higher, 2.3X iirc

    You know things are going downhill badly when even Neleth rejects a Classic server post
  10. 7.2 / 7.5 assassin dual wield d/d vs d/s

    i don't play sin but as nobody else replied to you, here are my 2 cents like now after 6.0 all weapons have the same stats, so i think the best is d/d for both pve and pvp, maybe d/s if you do some weaving the extra strike form the sword can proc more deadly poison stuns?, and s/s i think is the worst option
  11. Enchanting

    Well as the self proclaimed "Player with Best enchanting RNG of 2019" (enchanted ultimate pvp gear from +0 to +15 without a single fail) In my opinion 7.2 rates are worst or at least in my case they are. for example i used to go +6 on ulti gear with only ancients stones no problem, now after 7.2 when enchanting my 2nd pvp set i just stop at +4 and switch to legendary.
  12. A Knife in the Heart

    I don't have accurate info but i heard several ppl complain about this quest after 7.2 update. (NC broke something after an update? Blasphemy they never do that!) It seems the NPCs do more damage on quest targets than some players do.
  13. A Knife in the Heart

    NCsoft supportlike as its finest
  14. remember Top vandals are heavy P2W they have complete transformation collections, that give lot of extra Physical attack and PvP attack with Kaisinel transform and the new Bonus ''Crit damage'' that improves the natural Crit multiplier of weapons, plus Painted Fist skill damage is stupidly high (6300 physical damage) 2x to 3.5x more damage than other dps classes with skills of same Cooldown (30 sec)
  15. No more new+returnign users only events please

    good advices ! =D but about getting a ton of skillbooks idk, thats heavy rng based, last week of 7.0 i did 50 entries with alts to get only 1 skillbook, but i think rates are better now in 7.2
  16. How to get transforms?

    Faster way is always cashing, BCM or Luna dice Game of fate. Maybe 1k to 4k dollars depends your RNG to get 1 legendary. The best way is from events as a F2P maybe u can get 1 or 2 per event, if you cash in events probably will be 5 to 10 times cheaper than BCM or Luna Game. I would not waste prestige coins in a crappy white contract. You can buy a contract with each character at 13M kinah and run instances to get contracts, i would say drop is 25% (?) Only from final bosses. You will get mostly white and green contracts but there are decent chances to get ancient directly too. Farm a lot and combine them to get a higher grade. Usually ppl combine 6 whithes, 4 to 6 greens and 2 ancients.
  17. No more new+returnign users only events please

    It would depend on the time frame someone wants to get that... The faster you want to get that the more real money you would spend. Like to get that in 2 weeks? Idk maybe 12k-15k dollars lol To get that in 6 months ? Idk 2 or 3k maybe. It's pretty vague question and there are many factors to take into account its hard to be accurate.
  18. You will need to get a new cabinet of same version "plain 1 drawer" to unlock them again. Try npc outside studio or broker if doesn't work i guess the only option is to ask support to move the items.
  19. Well the OP is about ppl starting from scratch so they have 2 options: -spend 180-200 dollars for each S rank minium attempt -make 12 toons and spend 2 hours daily doing luna isntances to be able to do 3 extra resets per day. And i don't think many new players would be that willing to do that from the get go, so i don't think anyone starting from scratch will get them in 1 week. 6 months maybe? About defensive stats i think phy def and magic def are better than HP coz they work directly in the dmg formulas, but in retunes i think is better to have the 3 stats, i have 80k HP 13.5k magic and 13k phy def and still i receive a lot of dmg. But then again this is for new players so if they are out of atk manastones socket some hp is ok
  20. unless minium starts to rain from the sky from some events, any F2P new player will be really far away from getting a S rank minion, i think if u are out of atk manastones socketing HP can be decent option. As the enchanting part first weapon and then wings to reach ultimate dark talon is the best option as these item have high base dmg and they will be good for PvE too. but idk about going the rest of the gear dark talon too, with the huge nerfs on EXP adquisition and genesis crystal Enchantment stones i see it imposible for any new F2P players to finish a full ultimate dark talon set. i think it would be better for them to just get the free legendary gear, complete all the Helper chain quests and then go only weapon and wings dark talon and the rest full Ultimate Battle Marks gear.
  21. Best update ever

    hahahah so ironic they destroyed the game to fight bots to now give free ingame bots to everyone I guess the said is true, if you can't beat them, join them. Lmao
  22. So Vandals got nerfed?

    Ok ok 3 shoting Oh no! How come someone can think so ill about a class that fair, wholesome and balanced! SHAME ON YOU @Arhangelos-KT
  23. Illumiel Brawl

    I doubt every enemy team is a troll and just want to waste their time extending the game. What happens is that if your team is afk the enemy team doesn't win war points so they can't upgrade their transforms to gain more damage and kill tower quicker. And on top of that if the other team went for a tanky build like temp, mace, chanter/glad, destroying the tower maybe takes like 3 kunax spawns. So if you don't want AFK team mates don't go quick que... post on lfg and recruit a group.
  24. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    It seems Magic Resist manastones name are wrong... again... for the third time... they say Magic Defense instead of Magic Resist
  25. So Vandals got nerfed?

    Like they don't even need the lasers, every vandal skill is OP just compare some skills that have the same cooldown Shackle Arrow Burst : 1730 Physical damage, CD 30 seconds Painted Fist : 6310 Physical damage, CD 30 seconds LMAO 3.6X more dmg in same cooldown,