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  1. Mr. mooMoo is is in da house ! *plays: Turn down for what
  2. Looking for name owner of pekpek

    Look pekpek is taken deal with it, but DopDingapdom it's available now so hurry up mate!
  3. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    I see a lot of paper experience here because i don't remember to ever saw you in discipline or open world.
  4. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    Well you statement has no value because every class has a chance to kill any class duh! really all the situations i described are just theory pvp and don't happend every single day? Maybe you are not experienced as you think you are and that is why your "objective" opinions are biased.
  5. Need a guide for aion 2019 / class recomendation

    What's next? AT saying they are not OP? Lmao In 1v1 situations Even if you outplay a gladi and you are 100% HP and they are about to die, they can still kill you so easy. 25m Leap & Pull + determination + knockdowns and RIP And in Open world with mobs around and so many life steal skills they get fully healed like nothing. And in pvp instances one of the most cancer setup it 3 glads & 2 healers, they are simply not going to die and omg the knockdowns are endless lol Just saying, Glad is one of the strongest class now and in 7.0 too.
  6. So this happened..

    This is soo true! That even @Neleth-KT's posts gets possitive feedback lately

    Well... i know a few that already sitting in full red +15 with 300M AP, 4k fragments, 500 legendary & 50 ultimate pvp stones stacked. So yeah... maybe they will be done in 2 weeks after farming the new Ridium.
  8. AT is no longer able to use chain anymore on new items post 7.0, but they are not going to leave every AT naked, from what i understand it is possible to still wear the 6.X gear, so you can keep enjoying your skins Nel
  9. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    Gideon: Here sorry for your troubles, enjoy! Lucky Vinna x 2
  10. Ready to 7.0 ? / Enchant Rate Again / Why Prestige ?

    @TuttiFrutti-DN also wait for a recipe with low materials requierement like 100% with 3 luna's light or 75% with 2 Luna's light if you feel lucky in my case from 40 Luna's Lights used on 75% recipe i got 26 Legendary stones.
  11. Oh boy believe me they still proc i got godstone silenced a lot of times in 6.0 , 95% of the times by sins. I even got binded with illusion godstone Behemoth's Binding once in arenas by cleric Raindeer, and blinded with Fegion's trick by a templar in openworld . Sometimes i change weapons to use +20 skills once doing duels i forget to switch back and procced a paralizys godstone vs SM stevenuniverse Every 10 minutes i switch to my tac offcer bow with ressurection skill and lot of times i forget to switch back, i have a strengthened Fregion's Stratagem with 10% bleeding and its amazing how much it proccs. And Valonte Strike does like 15k dmg in PvE so going back to my question from the 3 setup wich one you think would work better?
  12. @TheSecretCowLeve-KT what setup you think it's better nowadays to maximize godstones procs. Dual wield two 5.8 swords. (For Higher amount of strikes) Dual wield two 5.8 daggers (For Higher attack speed) Dual wield 5.8 Dagger in Main Hand and 6.0 Dagger in off hand (to minimize the stats lost that could affect Godstones like Magical Accuracy) To have everything socketed with Precision and Magical Acc manstones could help ?
  13. PvP as its finest right? When you could drop 40 to 60% of your enemy HP pool in half a second with a single skill. Took me a long while to get used to fight ppl with sheba. Something i don't think many ppl realized is that Enhanced Wolf of Death damage type was Elemental Fire so with with Balic food Sky Dragon and Fire Resist scroll you could reduce sheba dmg by 16%. Up to 22% with Fire Ring and Blessing of Rock. Anyways minions were Retarded and a their introduction in 5.6 was really unfair, available for P2W only for several months until mid 5.8. I guess many ppl quit during that time, was really frustrating.
  14. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    so it's even worst than i said lmao, 1 in 1350. and you used 4k contracts damn. Thx mooMoo
  15. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    Well i would not say "very possible" . @TheSecretCowLeve-KTIsn't the probability to get legendary like 1 in 600? Buying contracts in gold sand shop with 7 alts each week during 6 months (stopped now, getting poor) and doing like half of my pve entries each week i don't think i have acquired more than 300 contracts since 6.0 release
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 10, 2019

    My guess is 7.0 will be here by the end of the new event in 4 weeks or by 08/14 to match Competition Ranking end.
  17. Legendary Transform from a 62 Type Contract ?

    Reported ban him pls!!
  18. Pandora vs Voidsoul

    Pandora it's better, no need to test it. Base stats from pandora are a pretty higher than voidsoul, a small differente in PvE stats like in weapon case 158 atk & def in voidsould and 114 atk & def in Pandora its negligible, when voidsoul gives 3628 base atk and Pandora gives 4116. the same goes for other pieces for example: -Necklace gives 21 less attack but you gain a lot more in other stats like 250 accuracy & magic accuracy. -Jerking gives 153 more base attack and more HP, Phy def and Magic def. Also Ultimate gives 4 bonus while legendary gives 3, thats more stats lost. In summary you will do quite a lot more DPS and also u will be more tanky with Pandora. Now with 7.0 so close i don't know if it's worth the effort and time or not (as there are new easy instances that gives ultimate gear like PF normal mode, Stella easy Mode, IDD reduced to 6 man, No dragon form No shields). I have the set, sometimes i found the quests fun and relaxing some other times annoying XD.
  19. Quiting game

    Because we Elyos are Strong Bloodthirsty Lions and now you are trapped with us, and we are going to eat you! ROAR !
  20. Quiting game

    is not about me being famous ( coz i'm not lol) just giving a verifiable fact that there is OW pvp, as you can see many Elyos officers dying. Wich means there are asmos out there putting a fight not crying
  21. Low level World Drop skins

    what about using Mentor mode and wait for the loot to open?
  22. Quiting game

    kinda hypocrite huh ? wasn't that the situation in EK but much much worse ? now the server it's more balanced, more fair for both factions than EK was. Besides i always find PvP open world. Maybe you don't read chat? Elyos Army General DevilNest dying all over the map LMAO.
  23. Quiting game

    hum Lion's Cage... i like the sound of that! Bwahaha!! aaww poor little EK asmodians no more free wins? i remember the first week after merge, all the asmos with Lv 5 buff roaming inside our camp boasting in chat '' u elys will never see the fort green again!!11!'' asmos GP rank like 900 points below elys now haha Elyos always pays his debts
  24. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    I must STRONGLY Desagree ! These are the reasons why Blade & Soul is More popular And last NO Beritra = Better PLOT PLs Neleth STAHP!!
  25. Low level World Drop skins

    doesn't those new white gear works like Luna skins or Dragon Lord skins (1 time skins)? that once the item has the skin on it becomes untradable until you remove that skin.