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  1. returning player with a few questions.

    1. No. In fact, the new, free PVE gear you get from entering Lakrum map would be better for PVP compared to level 65 old gear. Just rubbish it or keep it for skins. 2. You cannot recover items that are already slotted/socketed into gear. 3. Possibly. Go to Pandaemonium/Sanctum and look for some pink quests. 4/5. I don't play ranger, so no comment, sorry!
  2. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    I get whispers at LEAST once a week by random people about my 7.0 skins thread here on the forums, how to do it, what's still available, if I've seen certain skins anywhere, etc. PEOPLE. WANT. SKINS. NCsoft really underestimates how much people care about that shit.
  3. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Bruh, I ALWAYS see @AriaTheMelodious-DN pvping. And we ain't friends either, so I'm an unbiased source.
  4. super raw quotes/things that happened while playing

    I hate the dude who says, "Stay vigilant, even in Lakrum." BRO IT SHOULD BE *ESPECIALLY* IN LAKRUM BECAUSE IT'S A SHARED PVP MAP. Smh...
  5. you've butchered your own game...

    I think those of us who are still here are the people who are just apathetic to the state of the game. Like, it doesn't anger us anymore. We're just like "eh whatever" about literally everything. I think we MUST need to have that outlook to be able to stay.
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 22, 2020

    Hey, I need those essences to start on my 2nd +15 skill. Cyan, it's Wednesday now. I hope we will still get a 7.2 announcement today!
  7. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    I think he means he doesn't have the dates of the original KR releases (for us to go look up info about them).
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 22, 2020

    Cyan said Wednesday for 7.2 news.
  9. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Yeah, it's kind of surprising. I also enjoyed the pvp for world bosses.
  10. The Man Who Saved Aion

    I eat next to my computer nearly every day. He was utilizing a lemon juice bottle as if it were... something else...
  11. Aion 7.2 is coming?

    Cyan, don't mess with us! 😭
  12. Stigma skills for pve

    You will get a couple healing stigmas through leveling blue quests iirc. I think you get Noble Grace and Saving Grace. But yeah, the others you will need to buy or wait until we get an event that gives selectable stigma boxes. You also get one stigma every Saturday by doing Kamar Battlefield pvp instance, but you need to be level 80.