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  1. PVE Needs to go away more.

    Directly from Aion website: "[...] and engage enemies in both PvE and PvP combat."
  2. Ideas for Events Rewards

    This is actually a really solid list. Based on feedback from people who have opened snowballs in the past couple of days, we should be getting some of these things in the snowball event. That said, it's quite difficult to get a snowball to +10, so the chances will be low for things.
  3. How aion now?

    Come back and try the game if you like, but just be cognizant of all the issues it has that are not being addressed by NCsoft. It's still fun if you play casually, but just don't put a lot of money into it. Also, you need to be a patient/calm person so that these unaddressed issues don't make you want to murder someone.
  4. Option to keep current skin when Purifying an item

    Exactly! I'm almost out of wardrobe spots. If they're going to limit us like this, then give us more spots. (Hey, it's more money for them since we have to pay Luna to open the spots.) It's pretty silly to have so few spots.
  5. Crucible Spire seems a bit... hard

    Yep, basically. My chanter has 11,600 accuracy and I've only been able to clear the first 10 floors.
  6. Also watching them argue on Facebook as if this game actually has any meaning in real life lmao.
  7. New snowball item

    It looks like you can still trade them via the account warehouse though unless I'm reading that incorrectly.
  8. 6.2 - Returning Player

    This was changed to try to balance the kinah issue in the game -- players having billions and billions of kinah. Yes, it sucks. A lot. Yep, also sucks. Eventually, those of us with gold gear will catch up to those with red, but it will be a while and the game will bleed players until then. Again, yes, it's stupid. You can sell them to yourself via the broker, but of course, you will lose some kinah in the process due to fees. The extra two stigmas are a reward for getting your other six stigmas to +9. This actually does make sense. Those of us who spent millions (or billions) of kinah and several months to get our stigmas to +9 have earned those two extra slots. That said, yes, it is a boost, but it's not game-breaking if you don't have the two extra stigma slots.
  9. Same. I'm glad we have it. Shit was boring af the first two weeks.
  10. Reason why enchanting rates is so bad +

    If you plan out your group carefully, it's much easier to gear up fast. Try not to duplicate gear types so that people aren't rolling against each other. Example: Cleric/AT (don't need a cleric in FM if chanter has Rejuvenating Spell and CoE heal boost accessories) Chanter Songweaver/Sorc/SM Assassin/Ranger Templar/Glad Gunner (can probably skip as my friends and I have just been 5-manning FM and BoS)
  11. Ncwest team.

    Lmao right?! Ding dong, you are wrong~

    Glide hackers inc lmao
  13. Any spanish players?

    I don't know about legions on KT since I don't have any toons over there, but there are definitely Portuguese-speaking legions on DN, and probably Spanish too. So it's probably the same on KT. Have you asked in lfg about it?
  14. Ranger BOTS all over map

    Exactly. Unfortunately, we can't fix what we don't know about. One of the bots in our legion was brought to our attention by a friend who was not in legion. So that's really all we can do. If you see a bot in someone's legion, whisper a leader of that legion and let them know so they can investigate.
  15. Video - The Proof that Enchant is only fails

    Hurry, everyone, let's give Gabe a medal so he feels validated about his success in a video game. +1000000