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  1. You don't have the use the dps meter yourself nor do you have to enter a pve/pvp instance to show up on the website. If someone gear checks you and they use the meter, then you would show up. But yes, you are correct to check me on my wording. It is very possible this person is a real player, and that is my bad for saying that they aren't.
  2. Excuse you, but I am absolutely NOT making excuses for NCsoft's screw up! What they are doing/have done is WRONG WRONG WRONG. I was simply explaining how to avoid being banned for this stupid reason. It IS a stupid reason to be banned, and NCsoft is absolutely ridiculous for doing it, but it's happening just the same.
  3. I didn't do any of that which you listed here. I was having the same issue, couldn't figure out how to work the filter after their update. I did this below exactly and it worked. I haven't seen any gold spam in a few days since I've done it.
  4. You don't need to skip it. To avoid the ban scenario, just only complete the quest called Hat of the Steel Beard Pirates one time per instance entry. Like, some people in your group may leave in the middle of the instance to turn in their quest and pick it up again, but do not do that. That is what is causing these bans that people are talking about. Collect your 12 hats and wait until you're all done with the instance and leave before you turn it in. Don't turn it in more than once during the instance run. (There are more than 12 mobs that drop the hats, so there will be extras, but just igno
  5. 👏 Thank you, your questions were worded absolutely perfect. Hopefully we receive a reply.
  6. The sadly funny thing is, it's kind of on us in a way. Like, a lot of us quit Aion Retail because of how poorly NCsoft manages it. We stupidly thought Aion Classic would somehow be managed differently with the same team running things. That's our bad for being naive and hopeful. I'm really sorry to everyone who was banned for this stupid af reason while ACTUAL cheaters and bots still run rampant across the maps. It's so unfair. Aion Retail is down to one server -- literally its last leg -- and this is a huge nail in the coffin for Classic to head down the same death road. Really sad. 😔
  7. This will only be marginally helpful, but I've seen a couple Worthy Titanium designs drop from mobs inside Alquimia Research Center on Asmo side, so maybe it might drop from the Elyos equivalent instance? Low drop rate though.
  8. No, the FAQ states that ALL DN names will be reset and receive name change tickets.
  9. Poor character? From Aion players? Naaaahhhhh, impossible.
  10. It is more likely that someone else (not in your group) saw you and reported you. Either way, it's pretty crummy to report someone for something when you don't actually know for sure they're doing anything wrong. Like??? If you don't know what you're talking about, how about just minding your own business??? Jeez.
  11. July 13 was the date they posted about it on the website, so probably sometime between the 10th and 13th.
  12. Because every week, it's a new problem. Week after week after week, there is something else "wrong."
  13. Y'all can at least give us 4,000 Luna, 250mil kinah, and all the other crap EK server got when they were force-merged. I mean jfc give us SOMETHING considering we're losing our names, housing, and possibly our collection effects.
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