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  1. Missed the livestream. Anyone got a summary?

    The last half was just previewing new skins, so you didn't miss anything there. Big points: Temperings are exchanged at a ratio of 1:3 (so you get 3 new enchantment stones per 1 tempering). Omegas are exchanged at 1:1 (so only 1 new enchantment stone per 1 omega). Transformation contracts (not scrolls) in the Gold Sands Market are a bit cheaper than in other regions. They're a bit less than 10 mil kinah per contract for us. The ultimate transformation, Kaisinel, only lasts for 2 minutes. Whites last for 10 mins, greens for 8 mins, ancients possibly 6 mins, and legendaries possibly 4 mins. Note, that's speculation on ancient and legendary; we were only told white, green, and Kaisinel for sure. Other than that, they just previewed the new pve instance, Primeth's Forge, and talked about the kinah/gold ingot points that were already posted in yesterday's article.
  2. @Cyan after watching the stream, I still have a couple questions: 1. Will we be able to use legendary stones on ultimate gear? 2. Are [Event] omegas and temperings exchangeable at the npc? 3. Do you just get random cubics and then register them and they're stuck there? Or can you select which stats you would like to apply the cubics on and move them around at will--like how we could change our essence points at will? Just generally a bit confused about cubics; I hope you all have an article coming out about it?
  3. What are the chances 6.2 will be delayed a week?

    ^ Don't be one of those people who takes off work on Wednesday and then gets mad when maintenance lasts 9 hours.
  4. question about housing and kinah

    yes hi where can i acquire this hat skin in game
  5. all mixed up now

    Some of the old pvp gear you cannot extract. I don't remember which though. You might see if you can sell your 55 gear to the AP vendors in Enshar/Cygnea/Norsvold/Iluma. I think you can buy some on the BCM. There MIGHT be some on the broker. Most people don't bother with that sort of thing anymore especially since so many things will be rendered useless or even deleted next week. Aetherforging? You will be able to access it by pressing Shift+K once you reach level 66. It takes VERY long to level it compared to the old crafts. It took me about 12 hours and about 1 billion kinah, and that was with three 5-hour, 500% crafting boost charms and lots of mats that I had farmed myself. So yes. I'd agree with that video since I assume you do not have any of 500% charms and that much kinah. It will be faster to level in 6.2. That said, it may be too expensive at first until people start farming the mats and put those for sale cheaper on the broker. In EU, people did not receive ANY kinah compensation for those old crafting mats, so yes, absolutely sell them to the vendor right now while you can. Even if it's just 100 kinah per mat, that's 100 kinah that you would not get from them next week. Same as above. Sell, sell, sell. I'm honestly not sure about this one. That might be true.
  6. "Gallery of relevant avatars"

    I think we all gave up on this, but I agree that it would be nice! Even if it's still "generic" avatars like this shugo, but just a bigger selection, that would still be nice.
  7. blood medal exchange?

    If you decide not to do that, they will be automatically converted to AP next Wednesday when we get 6.2.

    Nothing happened; we're still here and just as awesome as always. kekekeke
  9. all mixed up now

    We have not received any notice about if we will receive kinah for useless items. However, EU received barely any if that's anything to go by. For example, gray wolf marks sold for only 1 kinah each. Whatever crafting your old main has will be removed next week. The only crafts that will remain are aetherforging (most important, accessible from level 66 right now or 76 next week) and essencetapping (not sure how useful this will be in 6.2, but it remains). In EU, they did not receive any kinah compensation for old crafting mats, so vendor them now if you have them. The level 10 Fledgling Daeva set will carry you until level 55 at which time you will receive a new set from your first yellow quest in Enshar/Cygnea. Soloing dungeons is by far the fastest. You can also duo them with your niece. The xp will be slightly less, but still very fast, and you'll have someone to keep you company which is always a bonus. Levels 1-10: Yellow quests Levels 10-16: Yellow and dark blue quests Levels 16-23: Haramel dungeon Levels 23-25: Yellow and dark blue quests Levels 25-31: Nochsana Training Camp dungeon Levels 31-37: Fire Temple dungeon Levels 37-43: Kromede's Trial dungeon Levels 43-46: Yellow and dark blue quests Levels 46-53: Adma Stronghold dungeon Levels 53*-65: Beshmundir Temple dungeon Levels 65-66: Yellow ascension quest will automatically level you from 0% to 100% (level 66) * Although you can start BT at level 53, I usually recommend doing some yellow/blue quests until level 55 and then starting BT once you have the new and better level 55 gear from Enshar/Cygnea as it makes BT much easier to survive.
  10. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    Oh no, I played the game, how dare I? I mean, did you NOT get about 600 of those greater supplement bags from the Daeva Dash event? Because I did. And I only played that event on like 5 toons.
  11. Disappointment

    I always preface "I play Aion" with "It's a bit outdated and neglected, but..."
  12. NPC selling limit before 6.2

    Reading is fundamental.
  13. all mixed up now

    We currently have a 400% xp boost going through next Wednesday (when we get the new 6.2 patch). With it, you can level a toon from level 1 to 66 (when endgame starts) within about 4 hours. You could take your level 55 toon and duo Beshmundir Temple with someone. I did that over the weekend with an alt and got from 55 to 66 in about 90 minutes. I did not use any xp amulet or stars.
  14. Most Wanted/Needed class. 5.8/6.0

    Do you mean Wind Mantra? If so, it's rarely used. Pretty much only in flying sieges, and some don't even use it then. Furthermore, it is removed next week when we get 6.2. Or do you mean Swiftwing? Pretty much the same comment as Wind Mantra. It's also removed in 6.2.