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  1. Bring the shugo sweep event

    Dude, we have a great f2p event right now -- the best one we've had since October. Why you out here advocating for a pure p2w event?
  2. They work for me. Is it possible your graphics are set too low to see the proper colors?
  3. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Lol no, but that would be nice! I agree. NCsoft why you so greedyyyyyyy
  4. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    You cannot add shields to the wardrobe as those qualify as weapons. I have tested this on both "gear" shields (ones with stats, such as a mythic shield from Sauro Supply Base) as well as "skin" shields, such as the fluffy white rabbit one. It's unfortunate!
  5. Transparent Transformation Scroll @Cyan

    Yes, it sucks. But that's generally been the response each time it's brought up. I do share your frustrations because I use transparent scrolls. But it doesn't look like they plan to make it any easier on us.
  6. Hello, friends. I have noticed that a lot of people have some misconceptions about how Dorinerk's Wardrobe (aka "the Luna Wardrobe") works -- which isn't surprising because we never received any info or how-to from NCsoft about how to use it properly. If anyone has any additional info to share, please feel free. I hope this will help some of you who might be interested in using it, but unsure of how it works, the costs, etc. What You Can Put In It - Skins you buy from the BCM (real money skins), regardless of if you bought them from the BCM yourself or off the broker, were traded them, etc. - Skins you have crafted -- this includes old Luna skins, old Tailoring skins, and old/new Aetherforging skins - Armor pieces, both old and new (even ones that are untradeable) Restrictions/Notes: - The piece must be in its original skin/appearance -- as in, it will not register in the wardrobe if you have skinned over the original piece of armor. For example, if I try to register a Cradle of Eternity hauberk that actually looks like the Blue Bunny skin, it won't register. - The piece must be available to skin onto a piece of armor still. For example, if you've already skinned it in the past and it doesn't have anymore uses left to skin it onto other armor pieces, then it won't register. - You CAN add accessories to the wardrobe including hats, earrings, rings, etc. - You CAN add wings to the wardrobe. - You CANNOT add weapons to the wardrobe. (Sorry, no multiple use Pure Void weapons!) See examples below of things I have been able to successfully register to the wardrobe: How To Skin A Registered Item Onto Your Gear Next, you will select the outfit that you want to use -- the final skin you want to see on your piece of gear. Then, you will select the piece of gear you want to skin the above piece onto. Note, the piece of gear must be in your inventory, not on your character. How Much Luna Everything Costs To open up a wardrobe slot to store a skin, it will cost you 96 Luna. The FIRST time you use that skin on a piece of gear, it will NOT cost you any Luna. In the future, if you use that skin again (a 2nd time or however many times you want), it will cost you 96 Luna again each time you use it. Additional Notes - You will only get 8 slots for skins. Once you open up all 8, more slots do NOT appear. Unfortunately. - Once you register a skin to your wardrobe, it will disappear from your inventory. In other words, you cannot register a skin to your wardrobe and then turn around and list the original skin on the broker. - If you decide to remove a wardrobe skin from your piece of gear, you cannot remove it via the normal Modify Appearance function on the gear itself. You must come back into the wardrobe and use the Remove Outfit tab. It does NOT cost any Luna to do this.
  7. RIIIIIGHT?! Why do all the Mary Sues have heterochromia?
  8. Roll back

    sorry but can we just circle back -- what is a hunty?
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 17, 2019

    I don't care about housing scripts, but a lot of people do, so I appreciate you guys finally prioritizing that and fixing it.
  10. Chanter Bug?

    I tried both Daevanion versions of the skill on the gate last night. Note, I didn't get a chance to try the original skill because, well, siege/death/lag/etc. Melee Crush seemed to hit. However, I DID have issues getting Dizzying Smash to work on the gate -- and that's the skill you are talking about. I think I did get it to hit one time (kind of hard to remember as I was being murdered by Elyos throughout this whole experiment lol), but the other times, I was dodged.
  11. Is remodeling armor/clothing still a feature?

    You can add tradeable armor from old patches in there too. For example, I have an old Sophisticated Frigida hauberk in there. You can add old crafted skins also -- from both Luna and aetherforging.
  12. Chanter Bug?

    Hmm interesting. Melee Smash is the non-daevanion (original) version of the skill, right? I will put that version back for tonight's siege and see if I can notice this occurring.
  13. Post Buff PF Requirements (Chanter)

    Fam, I feel ya. I've had 21 legendary duplicates. I am only missing two skills, and Roaring is one of them! Siiiigh. However, in my PF group, one of my groupmates, a sin, is already at capped attack speed with his weapons and legendary transform. The other sin in my group is very close to cap. As people get better gear and better transforms, their attack/cast speeds are pretty dang nice even without it. So it's not a huge crisis if you don't have it. It's a great skill, don't get me wrong -- and I want it a lot -- BUT it's not a dealbreaker. Crit is very important for pvp. It is less important for pve due to how the crit modifiers work. Save your expensive crit stones for your pvp gear. Socket physical attack once you get your accuracy high enough.
  14. Post Buff PF Requirements (Chanter)

    Although the PF and IDD bosses hit harder now, the accuracy required for them has actually been lowered. I used to have 13k accuracy on my chanter unbuffed, no mantras, back in 6.2 and I would be dodged by them about 5% of the time. I have removed a bunch of accuracy stones and replaced them with physical attack so that my accuracy unbuffed is now 12.3k. I am still only being dodged about 5% of the time. This is on chanter, btw. So you'd be good to go with about 11.5k accuracy or 11k minimum. 10k is probably going to be a bit too low for you to be useful in the instance though. Note, Word of Inspiration will give you 400 accuracy, so if you get your unbuffed to 11k, you should be good to go with Inspiration buffing your accuracy further. 11k is easy to achieve if you socket accuracy manastones and retune your gear to include accuracy. I'd say the only "must have" daeva skill is Rejuvenating Spell. There are a couple clerics who are capable of healing PF with absolutely no help whatsoever, but I'd say at least 75% of clerics need help when the adds spawn because there's just a shit ton of damage going on. A lot of groups will want a chanter who has Rejuvenating. If you don't have Rejuvenating, at least socket Word of Life. Pop Word of Quickness and Block Curtain during the adds for your cleric. My group gets two sets of adds. On the first set, I pop Quickness, Rejuvenating, Word of Life, and Perfect Parry. On the second set, I pop Block Curtain and the other three since Quickness will still be on cd. Regarding HP, 50k is fine. My dps set only has 57k and I've never been one-shot or anything. I wouldn't go any lower than like 47k though.