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  1. Return wings and wing skins!!

    You can craft them yourself via aetherforging or you can buy them on the broker sometimes. They're rarer on the broker these days because most people aren't crafting anymore. (Too costly.) And no, the Veilbreakers wings are not worse than the Lakrum Protector. It's just not worth grinding out all those daily quests for them unless you really like the skin. And yes, absolutely you need your cubics. The extra stats are very useful. Always always open those cubic bags until you finish your cubics.
  2. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    Ye, same thing happened to OnionKnight and someone in my legion. lel NCsoft ultimate troll
  3. Return wings and wing skins!!

    No, they are not. They have the same success rates as other purple gear. It is reasonable to go from +10 to +12 with gold stones. After that, I recommend purple stones until +13 or +14 (depending on how lucky you are). Then I recommend an ultimate stone to go from +14 to +15. These purple Veilbreakers wings are no longer worth the grinding -- tbh, they never were, even back in 6.x. Only do it if you really like the skin. The ancient wings you get from FM are just as good AND they can be retuned. Yes. You will need purple stones to do so. It is a morph recipe (shift + K) that we all have. You do not need to do anything special to get the morph recipe. You will need a few other crafting materials in addition to 5 purple enchantment stones; you can either grind out those mats yourself or buy them on the broker. Additionally, if you are in a legion which often conquers altars, you have chances for special NPCs to spawn at those altars. You can use stellium to buy ultimate enchantment stone tickets (70 stellium) which only use 5 purple enchant stones (and no other materials) to morph into ultimate stones. Here is some commentary about current leveling of aetherforging: They are gold/ancient wings. They are retunable with kinah. I'm not logged in right now to check, but it's not a lot. Like maybe 50k-100k kinah per retune. You can try as many times as you want. Note, if you wait until next week (Dec 18th), we will have a special event NPC which gives you a buff that makes it only cost 1 single kinah to retune gear, no matter how many times you try! On ancient gear, you get two optional stats, and they are random. So when you retune, you will come up with 2 random stats. If you try again, it will be 2 stats again. Could be the same, could be different. You just have to keep retuning until you get the 2 you want. (Fyi, purple gear has 3 stats; ultimate gear has 4 stats.)
  4. Post your Snow Bawlz rewards.

    1 of 3, randomized skill: 1. Increases Physical Defence and Magical Defence by 800 for 20s. Increases Atk Speed by 12%. Increases Casting Speed by 12%. Increases Speed by 12%. (http://db.lfstrat.com/aion/en/skill/?id=13358) 2. Deals 5,000 physical damage to up to 12 enemies within a 7 m radius and stuns them. (http://db.lfstrat.com/aion/en/skill/?id=13357) 3. Restores 30000 HP if the HP falls below 40%. (http://db.lfstrat.com/aion/en/skill/?id=13359) However, it is very possible that NCsoft is giving us a nerfed, troll version with no skill like what happened with OnionKnight:
  5. Dorinerk's Wardrobe: How It Works

    Yeah, I agree! One of my favorite shields is the Sophisticated Frigida skin which is, of course, not something obtainable in game anymore since we don't have the Sunday night Panda/Sanctum siege anymore. I had finally just used the shield because obviously I'm not going to just never use things lol. However, when I got a new shield, I was very sad to know I'll never have that shield skin again. Ah well.
  6. Event Disappointment

  7. Event Disappointment

    The only transform I still need is Frigida. (I have Kromede, Mastarius, Bollvig, and Sheba.) So with a 1 in 11 chance... yeah, I stopped worrying about it. But I recognize that I speak from a place of privilege because I already have pure attack and cast speed transforms. I really feel like this event should have been a choose-able legendary. The thing is, we've had the transformation system for 14 months now, and there are still people who don't have a class-usable transform. That shouldn't be the case on something that is SO CRITICAL for good gameplay.
  8. Aion 2.0 or 2.5 or 1.0 legacy servers

    Damn, @Cheesecake-DN out here with the hard truth. feelsbadman But all very accurate. Siiiigh.
  9. Lots of non-chanter-mains in this thread haha. Here's my opinion as another chanter main. Hmm, I don't HATE this idea, but I don't love it either. I always have WoL socketed, but I also have +11 stigmas, sooo... To me, I love having that one extra heal that I can throw out while running. Plus, the CD (for me) is only 50 seconds. So I guess my opinion is based on privilege, but I rather like having it as a green stigma. I don't like how songweaver's HoT got changed to a blue stigma, so I naturally don't want that to happen to Word of Life. However, I can see your points as well. Agree completely. Word of Instigation is SO powerful for physical classes, but 100% useless to magical classes. I would prefer a compromise. Instead of 500 crit/acc/atk to phys classes and 0 to magic, why not 350 to all classes? Idk. Also would like to see our "nukes" have their damage increased a bit as you mentioned in point 3. I don't mind only having 3 mantras. However, one of them is pretty dang weak -- the purple "shield" one. I even toggle it off completely in some cases so that my group members don't accidentally push off more important buffs due to that fairly useless mantra. It's okay in pvp, I guess, but absolutely dumb in pve. Agree on most of these. I do miss Binding Word. That said, however, Overwhelming Judgment is a good way to "snare" someone as I feel like the stun rate is pretty high. Acceleration Cheer is useless now especially now that most people have a legendary transform. To be honest though, I don't think anyone would trade a more important skill for Acceleration Cheer even if they DO make it more useful. There are just too many better skills out there. I never use Splash Swing because of the parry thing. Too much of an annoyance. I don't necessarily think we need (another) timed dispel, but I do think it should be buffed a bit. It's almost useless because there are SO many things it won't dispel. A greater healing pot is more useful than this skill. One other thing I would add... Emergency Teleport The cooldown on this is 3 minutes, and it's the only "blink" skill we have. It would be nice to see the cooldown reduced a bit, maybe to 2 minutes.
  10. A solution that would benefit everyone

    I'm going on vacation tomorrow so I'll miss most of the last week of this event. I don't even care. That makes me sad lol. :<
  11. Thanks for the instance reset event.

    It wasn't yesterday (Sunday). It was Saturday at 11pm server time. Unfortunately, the date/time wasn't given in Cyan's post. You just had to know when it was based on other regions when they had this event. (Yeah, crappy, I know.)
  12. Return wings and wing skins!!

    Those Lakrum wings are terrible. Don't be sorry that you threw them out. Any current patch pve wings will gain flight time and flight speed each time you enchant them, PLUS you can actually retune them with kinah to have more of those stats. My pve wings have 12 minutes of flight time for example. If you just want basic pve wings that you can retune to have flight time and flight speed, go into the 3-man instance called Frozen Monolith. Note, the loot you get from this boss is random, so it might take you a few runs to get the wings. You get two boxes of loot per run. This instance is very easy with 2 other people (many of us can solo it), so it's definitely doable. You get 4 FM runs per week or 5 if you have Prestige. So you will get 8 or 10 loot boxes in one week -- a pretty good chance to get the wings.
  13. How to Maximize AP gain from HM?

    Also AP stars.