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  1. Denaria needs a new Gov

    This. We see you guys (Elys) running around like chickens with your heads cut off during siege while we're united, and I'm upset on your behalf because I know it's due to the fact that you're not receiving proper leadership. This is a game, and games should only be played if they're fun; it's not fun to be emotionally abused.
  2. No Panesterra

    I just assume it's due to lack of servers now. But I guess I could be wrong?
  3. I'm new and I need help :P Silver Coins???

    Hmm, something is not right here. In the new, level 10 Fledgling Daeva set, you're pretty much invincible until around level 45-50. (I got one alt to level 60 before I ever died lol.) It's very powerful gear. Does your gear look silver-ish and shiny? Check the name of it in your profile. It sounds like you're not wearing that gear. You would have gotten it when you first hit level 10 -- at the end of the "Ascension" quest line -- when you stopped talking to Balder in Pandaemonium. It would have appeared in your inventory as brown equipment boxes; you have to open them to actually see the gear. Regarding your Abyss question, I assume you mean the NPC Rota? If so, you likely cannot find her because you are in the Lower Abyss, and she is located in the Upper Abyss. See map here for where she is: http://aiondatabase.net/us/npc/278104/ You can access the UA in a few different ways. You can be anywhere in the LA and just start flying upward and keep flying upward until the map shifts you into UA. You can use an NPC to fly you up (located on an island slightly southeast of Primus Fortress in LA). You can transport yourself into Enshar or Norsvold and then use the Harbinger's Landing portal in their capital cities (Harbinger's is in UA).
  4. How weird is this..

    Nah man, we gonna THANK ncsoft.
  5. Is Aion worth playing

    I get low level stuff on alts, and I do put them on the broker -- IF THEY LOOK COOL. I know I'm not the only one who will grab cool-looking, cheap (1mil and lower) gear from the broker just to collect skins. Again, a lot of us like these for skins! The mithril coin gear, especially, is quite cute; the harp has a crown at the top of it. :3 Kinah, kinah, kinah, my friend! Sell everything!
  6. Disable Soul Sickness until Housing Bids *Please!*

    ^ A few thousand? Lol it costs me about 4 MILLION.
  7. Can't activate prestiga pack

    There were a lot of these issues about two weeks ago. It seems that everyone had to email support to have it resolved -- which sucks, I know, especially given all the post-merge tickets support is wading through.
  8. Convenient Macros for All Classes (Input here plz)

    Chanter: tells the group that you're resurrecting someone who is dead (so the other group members don't stop focusing on healing/dpsing) /g I'm resurrecting [Target] /skill Light of Resurrection (can revise skill name to use on songweaver as well) ____________________________________________________________________ Chanter: applies Blessing of Stone buff to all group members (have to be within 25m radius or it will skip over them; can be revised to apply Protectorate's Prayer instead if you don't have BoS) /Select Vantheria /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group1] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group2] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group3] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group4] /Skill Blessing of Stone /Delay 0.8 /Select [Group5] /Skill Blessing of Stone
  9. Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22

    So now that NCsoft is only paying for two servers, they should have some leftover money to put toward upgrading the two remaining servers to reduce sendlogs... hint, hint.
  10. Levinshore Mid Camp for Supplements

    They know about the issue, but unfortunately, no word on when it will be fixed. Here's the original thread about it:
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 11, 2017

    11 hour maintenance. A whole week of double XP
  12. Aion Fast Start technique - permitted or not?

    To anyone who has done this, does it have a negative effect on Wednesday's maintenances? Like, we always get that long loading bar when installing a new patch. If it skips the loading bar, does the patch still install correctly? I've always wanted to try this "fast start" method because I sendlog at least once a day, but that's what always holds me back from trying it.
  13. Locked accounts - FALLEN POETA

    Aaaaaaaaactually... *cue the Adam Ruins Everything montage* It is common that one bullet will receive less punishment than, say, ten bullets. The reason is that one bullet can sometimes be talked down by a lawyer as being an "accident" or a "heat of the moment" sort of thing. Ten bullets is pure rage and can, in no way, be called an accident.
  14. Chanter Questions

    Your physical vs magical will depend upon what kind of chanter you are. I am a hybrid build (leaning more toward support), so I use a lot of both -- magical heals and physical dps. There are, I think, three dps magical skills too though. Basically, you will need both cast speed scrolls and attack speed scrolls. Use the cast speed scrolls if you're mostly healing in a group instance and use the attack speed scrolls for soloing and dpsing. The main offensive stats that you'll be looking at are accuracy (regular), critical strike, and attack. To be honest, I've seen a lot of people disagree about what are and are not good numbers for these stats, simply because chanters do so many different things, and people play the class in different ways. (Hopefully some other chanters will come in and give their own opinions, so you'll get lots of ideas.) Many people will say that--for levels 71-73--you'll need at least 1400 critical strike, 1200 attack, and 4200 accuracy. I'm level 72 and am right around or over these numbers, so it's very doable. For levels 74-75, I've seen recommended 1500 critical strike, 1400 attack, and 4500 accuracy. These are all "average player" numbers. Obviously, the more you have, the better you will be.
  15. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    @Cyan, here is some non-rude feedback about this event in case you guys decide to implement it again sometime in the future. I would recommend either 1. increase the amount of spawn locations for the regular omens or 2. increase the chances of receiving harrowed charms from those regular omens. Right now, it is difficult to find an "unclaimed" omen around the maps; even the ones on the far corners of the map are often camped. We can't help it because it could take 30-45 minutes just to get our 3 harrowed charms. Once merge comes in a couple days, it will be much worse, and many people won't even be able to do the daily quests simply for not being able to find an omen that isn't being killed already. I think this is a cute event and simple to complete, so just a suggestion that I hope can be taken into account.