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  1. Exactly what I was thinking. Players took a 1-week vacation from the game, came back, and were still fully geared from that exploit.
  2. It's because your healing cleric didn't help dps at all. That's why it lasted an hour. lol I kid, I kid
  3. Aethertech has much more defense than gunslinger.
  4. Actually it was that other person who kept defending her while she was doing it. Shinygirl or something? idk I think Nalariel only said like one thing.
  5. I know right lmfao RMT is actually one of the few things for which NCsoft WILL ban people. #11: https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/ncsoft/code-of-conduct But sure go ahead and keep talking about selling stigmas for real money lmao.
  6. Combining weapons and dual wielding are two separate things. Dual wielding refers to using two weapons (dagger/sword, dagger/dagger, sword/sword) instead of just one weapon (greatsword, polearm). Combining weapons is called Armsfusion in the game. Left-click on the weapon, click the anvil, then select Armsfusion on the screen. You can only combine single-handed weapons. So you could combine two greatswords or two polearms, but you could not combine two daggers or two swords.
  7. No offense, but are you seriously comparing an actual medical condition *in real life* to a silly video game? "You're slowly potentially killing a lot of us too." Big yikes, fam. Big. Yikes.
  8. Exactly this. There is not an easy answer for them. Yes, players "abused" it by getting multiple Apostles, BUT it was support's fault for allowing people to "abuse" it by saying yes, yes, yes because they didn't realize it was giving the Apostle quest each time. They probably just thought people were getting the daily reward (not the new-egg reward). So ultimately, it was their mistake -- and they let it go on too long before they realized.
  9. ITT: everyone complaining about how their particular class is nerfed
  10. I don't want to sound like all the 20-year-old trolls around here and their JuSt RuN aWaY LoL but... this game is not kind to new/returning players. If you decide to come back, you MUST have the casual mindset of "I will play how I want and not be upset that everyone else can 1-shot me in pvp." If you're a pve king, you'll be all right fairly soon. If you only pvp, you will never again be happy in this game. I'm sorry, I know that sounds dramatic lol. Everyone hits so so hard and so so fast, you will die instantly. Even geared people die nearly instantly. There is no skill in pvp anymore. It's
  11. I never attempted a transfer because idk I don't give a shit I guess, but just curious -- after transferring it, do you have to enchant it from the lowest level egg all over again? Or does it show up at the final stage and you can get an Apostle right away?
  12. Directions on a fix from Kibbelz:
  13. Just my opinion, but you shouldn't go any lower than like 50% of what the current selling rate is AND you should be ready to buy immediately. So if something is going for 1 bil, I wouldn't go below 500 mil, and I'd make sure I was ready to buy immediately. If you have to log out and then log back in, then I'd just buy it at the going rate. Sucks to lose the broker fees, but better than losing the item.
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