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  1. Cool alts dude

  2. Aion black hole event

    pretty tough, he deserves a prize
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 16, 2019

    A legionmate was governor on DN-A last month, and he just received his compensation ulti stones a few days ago. But most of us haven't received any compensation, and there's nothing about it here on the forums from Cyan. It's kind of weird.
  4. Aion black hole event

    Damn, Devil lmfao.
  5. Aion black hole event

    It's okay to quit the game if you don't want to play anymore. You don't have to wait for it to shut down lol...
  6. Fighting Spirit Capsule

    This is the only thing we've seen about it: So while it's possible that it will cost 0 BCC, it's pretty unlikely. I guess we'll see.
  7. Player Created Legions

    They are not guaranteed legendary stones. They are enchantment stone bags that have a CHANCE to be legendary. They cost 200 legion coins for one stone. The rate of getting a legendary is about the same as the chance of a legendary from a bag in ID/Dredge/etc.
  8. Cool alts dude

    Completely acceptable reason.
  9. Cool alts dude

    I'm about to blow your mind. /select Teleport Device /select Atris
  10. Demaha Fortress Siege

  11. Demaha Fortress Siege

    All the damn Balaur mobs makes Demaha siege sound like a porno. >.>
  12. HACK

    aly why are you hack
  13. Submit a ticket. Since you know the exact time it happened, it will be very easy for them to look at their logs and restore your wings.
  14. Cool alts dude

    It's just boredom. At the same time as Ele's screenshots were taken, our side (Asmodian) had kisks all over our teleport too. All in good fun since, as you say, it doesn't really hurt anything.