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  1. Newbie guide?

    Welcome to the game, fellow chanter~ <3 Yes, all of the gear you will receive from quests until level 66 will be crap compared to the free gear you got at level 10; you will also receive another high-powered set of gear at level 55. These gears are meant to carry you until endgame starts (level 66). Unfortunately, it takes a bit of the challenge out of things because you can kill things so easily. For the crap gears you get from quests, just sell them and keep saving up kinah. Once you hit level 66, you're going to need kinah, kinah, and more kinah. In other words, you do not need to worry about buying any gear until level 66. Regarding quests, make sure you have low levels quests turned on. To do this, press O (to see options), then click Interface, then check the box for Display Low Level Quests. Note that some quests will not become visible until you are at their level. Keep doing quests until you reach level 25. Then you can do the instance called Nochsana Training Camp, commonly referred to as NTC. Additionally, you can do the solo instance called Haramel right now as that became available to you at level 16. The yellow and dark blue quests will grant more EXP than the light blue quests (which you won't see until you "display low level quests"), but the light blue quests are often fun, out-of-the-way things to do too.
  2. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Another thing I haven't seen mentioned is the amount of useless "stuff" in the game from previous patches. For example, if we bother to do the dark blue and/or light blue quests in lower levels, we're awarded with iron coins. Then silver coins. Then gold. We continue to trade them in for the "next" one in the line until we finally end up with a bunch of useless mithril coins. These coins have no purpose unless you like the gear skins you can buy with them. I saw someone on lfg begging for some static aether. I whispered them and told them where they can buy current aether in Pandaemonium, but they replied that they specifically needed the static version for a quest. Aion needs to update all of these quest rewards to current items. Instead of giving us iron coins, give us ancient coins or petra medals. Then new players can be saving these up to either use or sell once they reach 66. Instead of having the angel's pink quests give us gear that is nowhere near as good as the free level 10 and level 55 gears, have the angel give us fragmented spinel or something else useful that we can be saving up.
  3. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    One pallasite crystal sells to the NPC for 477k, so these are far more useful than, say, the +3 manastones.
  4. Katalam - Elyos Tree event

    ^ To add onto that, my comment only applies to those who are keeping the rewards. There has been one person (maybe more) who held raffles to give away the tree-upgrader prizes, and in that case, I commend them.
  5. [Event] Major Ancient Crown

    I feel almost positive that I got a few of these from the trees this weekend and I was able to turn them into the shugo in Norsvold. Maybe I'm mistaken though.
  6. no quest to level with

    It's the same on Asmo side. I have a level 48 ranger currently that I'm working on getting leveled for events. I didn't run a single NTC or FT with her because I couldn't get a group going before I outleveled those instances. ... I mean with a group. I did run one each solo lol. But yeah. Kind of sad because I prefer group play.
  7. Game worth coming back to?

    If you have friends in the game, you will have fun. If you try to lonewolf everything, you will not have fun. Aion is a very social game.
  8. Need help asap ^^

    Lots of people in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia also play on NA server. We have players from all over the world. It's not unusual at all.
  9. Katalam - Elyos Tree event

    The person who is getting the title, wings, etc SHOULD have to spend a little kinah in my opinion. I have not sold a single seed; I've given away all of mine freely so that we could upgrade our trees more quickly. However, I can understand why people may prefer to sell the seeds instead. It really isn't that fair that the one person who spams lfg and begs people for seeds basically gets free wings, etc while the people who actually donated the seeds get nothing (except the regular tree rewards). Again, I donated all of my seeds, but I'm just trying to see it from the other side too. The event is a little lopsided in favor of the people who have time to whine in lfg and beg people for seeds.
  10. Verteron is Killing People

    ... Excuse me while I go log my Ely and go to Verteron. EDIT: Aw dang, I guess it's already been fixed. I didn't die lol. Or maybe it's only on DN-E, not KT-E where my Ely is.
  11. Cleric DPS set

    There are two different options that clerics (and chanters) can use. There are three chain versions of Apollon; one is + enmity and obviously for ATs. The other two are - enmity. One has healing boost; one does not. My chanter's healing gear is the healing boost Apollon. My dps gear is the other Apollon and Harvester (plus two Sophisticated pieces I'll try to replace with Harvester).
  12. Weekly Server Maintenance - December 6, 2017

  13. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    Wave Song and Sea Feast again? And not even the weapons instead this time?
  14. Congrats to glad and cleric

    but are they cute tho
  15. aion crashes with google chrome usage

    I've never heard of this issue, and I haven't experienced it myself. Sounds pretty annoying though. Have you tried a different browser to see if it's only Chrome?