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  1. Aidps confirmation

    This is the one who always comes to my mind lol.
  2. Upgrading pvp = pve and p2w?

    You aren't wrong. There is definitely a lack of etium. They should absolutely be in all pvp instances, and it's absurd that they aren't.
  3. @Cyan - Transformation System

    Real talk, I would actually be pretty happy with it if it was transparent by default. I actually like just popping one thing to get run speed, atk/cast speed, and stat boost all at the same time lol.
  4. Lugbug's Story quest - Leibo Soul item

    I'll be a little kinder than Rakesh. I think it IS bugged on GST and we're supposed to get 3 per week. However, until they fix it, you can buy them on your alts because they are storable in the account warehouse.
  5. Etium and Ridium

    This is a really good point and one I hadn't actually thought about. Now it all makes sense.
  6. It's confusing wording, but it basically means that you CAN wear it if you want. Obviously, you shouldn't because no physical stats, but you CAN.
  7. What are y'all focusing on this week?

    This is SO SO accurate! I just walked around yesterday collecting every quest and doing a few of them. I agree that it feels nice to get them off the map!
  8. Skill Changes Applied

    Can also confirm all chanter changes were applied.
  9. Is my storm strike suppose be nerfed?

    Same here lmao! My sorc is my favorite alt, but I am HORRIBLE at sorc pvp. I was somewhat okay at pve. Now I'll be shit at both lmao rekt.
  10. Gideon and Cyan were on the stream. Hime was only a moderator on the Twitch chat. No skins/emotes were shown except for the new emote that the vandal class has. Gideon killed some open world mobs with no godmode. He died 2 or 3 times in fact. Like I get what you're trying to do/say, but I think your disdain is misplaced. The stream was actually somewhat decent, despite what some people say. Aion has a lot of issues, but a stream isn't one of them.
  11. AT Gear? o.O

    It's pretty terrible. I don't play AT, so I'm unbiased in saying this was an awful fvcking decision on NCshortly's part.
  12. Crucible Spire should be easier than 6.5 but...

    On the topic of Crucible Spire, I find it to be about equal for my chanter as of right now. The last time I tried it, I got to floor 12, but could not finish. This time, I got to floor 13, but could not finish. One thing I noticed is that it's definitely more AOE-dependent now (in my opinion). The mobs all have more HP, which makes it take longer to kill the little adds. The little adds can add a lot of damage very fast, so it's important to kill them fast. This is obviously a lot easier if you have AOEs. I think Crucible might be a bit tough for classes with only like one AOE skill. I was dps-stigma build on my chanter and found myself really relying on our Resonant Strike AOE skill whenever it was off CD. Still have the bug where the shark doesn't get the fire debuff right away, smh...
  13. What are y'all focusing on this week?

    @PsychoShooter-KT Yeah, I've done literally hundreds of IDDs and PFs in the past 10 months; it's low on my list right now lol. Thanks for the tip on the puzzle quest. I'll look for it!
  14. Hey guys. Lots of anger on the forum in the past 24 hours heeeeeee. When I was leveling a vandal, I was having a lot of fun. However, once I started playing on my main, getting ready for altars, etc, it felt very overwhelming. I find the new map a bit confusing with all the various teleports/flights. I feel like I was trying to think about too many things at once. I'm sure I'll get used to it. Anyway. So I'm just wondering -- what are you guys planning to focus on for this first week? Just exploring the new map? Trying to complete all the new blue quests in Demaha? Watching videos to try to understand what mats you should be trying to farm and/or keep? Trying to memorize where certain things are located or how to use certain materials?

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