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  1. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Hm really? That's too bad. I guess they changed it. That sucks a lot.
  2. 7.2 Enchanted +15 Daevanion Skills

    Dude, you're replying to a post Lapis made 6 months ago...
  3. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    Could you share a little more info with us? Does it seem like they're happy with it because they can enchant infinitely and be OP? (Despite the fact that this is about to be changed.) Or is it because they like the challenge of the new patch? Or something else? Sorry, just curious if you mean they're ONLY happy with that gear or the patch overall.
  4. Help with old gears and stuff

  5. DN Server Last Night ...

    You might try doing a file repair on the client next time you go to log in and see if that helps.
  6. DN Server Last Night ...

    I didn't notice any lag. I usually dc once a night due to my shit internet, but I didn't even dc last night.
  7. Give us option to skip Demeha Campaign cutscenes

    No, you can't escape out of the Demaha campaign cutscenes. That said, they're really not too long and invasive. Idk, I've just never been one to want to escape out of cutscenes, I gues.
  8. Rewards

    I'll answer your question about if the Prestige pass is really worth purchasing. Welcome back to the game. Aion is in its last year or two of life, so keep that in mind with everything I'm about to say. PVE: There are some decent PVE instances in this patch. Some are pretty basic, and others are complicated and interesting. Prestige Pass will gain you an extra entry into each of the PVE instances and it will also give you a buff that gives you 400 PVE attack. The PVE flows in a very sensible manner. You start out in BoS/FM to get your baby gear then move onto PF easy mode and IDD, then to SL easy mode, then finally to SL normal mode and PF hard mode. (There is also VT, but only a few groups still do that for Prestige ulti stone quest.) There is also Herelym Mine for AP. It can be a bit tough to gear up in PVE sometimes because gear for your class might not drop. As a cleric, you will have an advantage because you won't ever have roll competition on the armor. If a piece drops, it's yours. Granted, you will have roll competition on magic accessories. There is not really any p2w in the PVE aspect of the game. PVP: Ehh. Things are a bit bleak, to be honest. There is a huge gear gap, worse than we've ever seen before. I have average PVP gear -- half T2 ultimate and half T2 legendary. I am either getting absolutely deleted by other players or I'm the one two-shotting someone else. There is no in between. You're either severely outgeared by people who have full +15 T2 ultimate gear or you completely outgear your opponent who is still in T2 ancient gear. It makes for pretty un-fun PVP encounters. Open world PVP is pretty much dead. It was fairly active back in 6.x because we were all sequestered onto one map. However, now people are spread out between Lakrum and Demaha maps, so it's hard to find open world PVP encounters. For instanced PVP, there's ID, Dredge, IB, arenas, and KBF. Prestige Pass will gain you an extra entry into each of the PVP instances. These instances all give you materials needed to upgrade your PVP gear, so the extra entries are useful. There is also siege every day. Prestige Pass will give you extra GP which helps you achieve a higher season rank, thus awarding you more PVP enchantment stones at the end of it. So would I say Prestige Pass is worth it? Honestly, my answer changes from month to month. Right now, I'm feeling pretty apathetic about it because one of our PVP instances, Evergale Canyon, has been broken for 3 months. Yes, literal months. NCsoft can't seem to fix it -- or doesn't care to fix it since this is Aion and not Blade & Soul. So there are many things in the game that just go broken forever, such as the outdated rewards you mentioned, and it really hurts player morale. What I would have recommended is you play the game WITHOUT Prestige for a week. That said, I know you already bought it, so what's done is done. Just see if you really care a lot about the advantages it gives before buying it again next month.
  9. Alter NPC broken after reset

    I believe they are talking about reset the NEXT day, not the reset that sometimes happens after like 5 minutes.
  10. Alter NPC broken after reset

    It happened to my legion last week. We all put in tickets, but support was unwilling to compensate us the lost ticket(s). Ripperino.
  11. Chanter DPS stigmas

    Yeah, my dream was to be able to use Blessing of Wind while in Instigation spec. Alas, I will have to be content with +11 stigmas until they increase the success rate hueeeee.
  12. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    It depends which set they are wanting the mace. The stats are not retunable, so they wouldn't be able to get heal boost on it for their support set. However, it would be good for their dps set.
  13. Gurl stop. Your whining is literally 22% of this entire thread. At least combine it all into one post. Cyan has answered your questions in various threads multiple times.
  14. Demaha mobs are too tough for me !!!

    It depends on your preference and your class. Although the Soldusk has slightly higher stats, some would say the world boss weapons are the best because of extendable. However, of course non-extendable classes wouldn't benefit from that. Also, the Soldusk doesn't have retunable stats. So if you're lucky on rolls (or Luna retune), you can get higher stats on the world boss weapons. (356 max crit on WB versus 320 max crit on Soldusk or 19% atk speed vs 17%)
  15. Chanter DPS stigmas

    None of us listed Blessing of Stone because you asked about dps spec stigmas. Blessing of Stone is a good stigma to have when you're in support spec though. It increases everyone's HP and also gives physical and magical defense.