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  1. Been away a while.

    Ehh. It has its pros and its cons. As a returning player, you'll want to focus on: Getting at least a green transformation that is suitable for your class (gold/ancient would be better, but may take a bit of time to get). So run your pve instances and get the transformation contracts from the bosses and open them. Even if you hate pve, you need this for pvp. Your run/atk/cast speed will be very slow without it. Getting at least a B rank minion to level 7. It is very easy to get a B rank minion now. They're like 500k kinah on the broker, super easy to acquire. You'll collect minium from quests and pvp instances to level it up to level 7. This will give you extra stats. Run the Qubrinerk's instance as well as it gives you cubics to boost your stats. These things will all help since you'll have no gear to start with. Speaking of gear, get your few pieces of free Lakrum Protector gear from your yellow/blue quests at level 76, then go into Mirash Sanctuary (solo instance) and Cradle of Eternity (3-man instance) to get the next level of ancient gear. Once most of your Lakrum Protector pieces have been replaced with this, you can start doing Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith (both 6-man) to start working on your legendary/purple gear. Even if you don't like pve, this is still very useful because it will help you complete the camp quests more quickly for your pvp gear. Do your daily pvp instances (Dredge, Idgel Dome, and Evergale). Even if it's just a quick entry loss, it's still important because you'll get AP which you'll need to purify your ancient pvp gear to legendary. You'll also get enchantment stones for your gear. Don't throw away these items; they're very important/useful: Enchantment stones (importance: ancient > legendary > ultimate) Kibrium -- used for crafting various useful things Ridium -- used for purifying pvp gear to the next level Genesis crystals -- used for buying pvp gear or crafting daevanian skillbooks in the next patch Cubics -- register these in your Cubics menu for extra stats Manastones -- if you get some you don't need for your class, sell them on the broker for kinah Transformation scrolls -- you need these to transform into whatever transformations you get from the contracts Any old, tradeable skins you might have -- skins are hard to get now, so sell them on the broker for kinah if you want Fighting Spirit Fragments -- used for purifying pvp gear to the next level
  2. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    yes hi hello it is me
  3. Been away a while.

    I mean, yes, it's usable. But you're going to die very, very fast. No. Only Prime Royal Commander gear that was at least +15 was able to be exchanged for the new gear. Get yourself the basic Lakrum gear from the yellow/blue quests when you reach level 80, then start doing the camps around the Lakrum map. You kill 10 mobs (2 separate blue quests) at each camp and get 60 Genesis Crystals. These GCs are used to buy ancient pvp gear from NPCs in Lakrum. You purify that ancient gear to legendary and then to ultimate (eventually), which is the best pvp gear in the game.

    Accurate. *also whips out mirror*
  5. For this particular patch: Negative: Making us pay to look like our characters. Positive: Spreading out activities across the whole map of Lakrum, so we're utilizing all parts of the map.
  6. I don't think he's a troll. Just really dumb.
  7. @Ksara-DN, Delay from credit card purchases. It does not do that for PayPal purchases, which is why PayPal BCcoin will get to you within a few minutes.
  8. A concise game guide

    So the Conqueror ones are the 2nd best pvp gears in the game -- after the ultimate genesis crystal gears -- but ONLY if they are "Masterwork" (the procced version). You will see, for example, Ultimate Conqueror's Dagger and Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Dagger. The one without Masterwork in the name is useless and a waste of kinah. Do not buy these to use as the legendary genesis crystal gears are better. So yes, you can buy the Masterwork ultimates if you have a lot of kinah, but they're quite pricey on the broker, and also very hard to craft. Essentially, assuming you have 300 aetherforging which is required to craft ultimates, you will need to proc a Masterwork ancient, and then use that to proc a Masterwork legendary, and THEN use THAT to proc a Masterwork ultimate. It's a lot of luck, as you can see. Also, come 7.0, we will be purifying our ultimate genesis crystal gears into the newest best pvp gear, and unfortunately, the crafted gears cannot be purified into the newest gear. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong on that.) That ancient gear, once enchanted to level 15, can be purified into the legendary genesis crystal gear. Then that legendary gear, once +15, can be purified into the ultimate gear -- the best pvp gear in the game. Note, this is a long process as once you're in full legendary gear, the progression slows down considerably because it's a lot harder to get legendary enchantment stones than it is ancients. Unfortunately, you can no longer obtain GOOD free titles in game. Yeah, it sucks. Note, if you have the Prestige Pack, the permanent title Prestigious Adept (I think that's its name, it's the one that costs 15,000 coins from the vending machine) has the same stats as Aion's Chosen, but that's not really free since you're having to pay for Prestige.
  9. These Events are just Heartbreaking

    I was frustrated with no daevanion skills after opening over 60 fruit boxes; absolutely will not open any of these heart boxes.
  10. Competition Ranking is not LEGIT

    o shit I didn't realize I was a mom =O
  11. Competition Ranking is not LEGIT

    What about unskilled married moms? Or skilled single moms? Or unskilled broke ass boyfriends with nothing going for them?
  12. Gameforge launched Tera classic server

    They already did. It failed and got deleted when 6.0 came.
  13. Broker Interface issues

    I have heard of this happening to someone, but it was chalked up to being lag. Like, they saw that they entered an amount on their screen, but they were lagging so in the game itself, it didn't actually register the full amount. Kind of like when you run somewhere and then rubberband back. You can see yourself run to that spot, but the game didn't actually register you running up there. Not sure if that's what happened here, but a possibility.
  14. Question about armsfusion

    Agree with @DevilNest-KT, but would add that make sure you retune your pve weapon BEFORE you undercombine it. For example, if you have heal boost on your pve polearm and you fuse it under your pvp weapon, you're stuck with that heal boost. So make sure you get the retune stats you want first before you stick it under ther.