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  1. After hitting the soft cap (440 I think), is it worth it to continue to socket crit or should I socket attack? Does attack increase my skill damage or only my auto attack damage?
  2. No. Siel is not overcrowded. 12% of the players have quit within the last 2 weeks dropping from 42% to 28%. Merging the server will just fill that lost cap.
  3. I rereolled Elyos Sorc?? Seriously? How about reroll Asmos - IS, go do forts and let me know how that goes. The people who said IS is fine doesn't play IS Asmos. If you do, feel free to share who you are. All the asmos are rerolling to Seil, Elyos will realize they will not have much PVP going on.
  4. IS Sever is slowly dying. Just two weeks ago, we were at 14% now we're down to 9% because 1. A lot of Asmos are rerolling to Siel due to event. 2. They quit because lack of pvp, forts or content. The bleeding will not stop until you guys do something about it. Giving us candies won't is barely a bandage. Please do something soon.
  5. No server merge isn't the solution. Every week, the % of the population continue to drop, esp Asmos. Eventually, there will be barely any Asmos to PvP and it will affect the Elyos side where they are going to quit due to lack to PvP. You think It's great being elyos because you have all the forts and medals but you're not going to make good use of it.
  6. Offering to give the fort isn't the issue and it isn't fun. It's the balance. There are over twice as many elyos compared to Asmos. A lot of the Asmos wants to earn not given.
  7. Hi @Kibbelz, Please please save the players in IS. My best recommendation is merging IS and SL. Right now, the Asmos population is slowly going down. Due to the event, a lot of the Asmos are rerolling to siel or quitting. Asmos legions are refusing to go to seige because of the unfair balance which causing a major turn off to asmos who want to seige. With that, players are quitting. This is affecting PVP because there are barely any PVP. The community is lack luster compared to Siel. Eventually the server will die similar to retail if you guys don't do anything about it. Merging the serve
  8. No. But, can we have WB spawn on individual server? Maybe in SC? It was more fun and more action fighting for WB before 7.5. Now, Elyos takes 85% of the WB spawn.
  9. Yes... there are many ways to get legendary transform contracts... 1. Free Key and Contract from Survey. 2. Nightmare Coins. 3. Weekly Lugbugs. 4. Buy Legendary Contract bundles. Bam! U have enough legendaries. As for ...why not ask them to combine 12 ancient for a legendary selection contract? im sure most of us qualify for the 12 ancient for legendary... - Did you not read the event info???? Yes, you can combine 12 ancient for a legendary contract.
  10. @Kibbelz Please allow combine 12 legendaries = ultimate selection scroll.
  11. @Kibbelz can you guys do combine 12 legendaries and get 1 ulti selection box please?
  12. @Kibbelz please bring back 12 legendaries combine = ulti selection box.
  13. Can you also roll back the 8 legendaries that I combined this morning?
  14. @Kibbelz are you going to do combine 12 legendary contracts and get a selectable transformation gain? If so, im more than happy to buy more of those 6400 boxes.
  15. I agree... This is ridiculous. I spent over $1200 between the snowball, joker and this current event and all i got was legendary transforms while people who already had ulti transform spent almost $0 got their second ulti transform. How is this fair? I'm about just to quit this game and not give NCSoft any more money. They should make that if you combine 6 legendary contract that was bought from BCM, it should be 100% proc for ulti transform.
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