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  1. GM, Please please fix the spawn time for Demaha WBs. About 80-90% of the time the WBs spawn between 1AM to 8AM in my time zone (east cost) and I'm sure other North American time zones feel the same. This is when everyone is asleep and there aren't a lot people on to kill the bosses. Only a select few hard core players or players from across the ocean are up to camp for the bosses. Can you please fix the timer where the spawn around 5PM - 8PM in the afternoon similar to 7.3? Also, can you please please move the WBs to server base? The cross server WBs raid are dividing factions and causing war within the elyos and asmos legions. People are fed up with the drama and are quitting because of that. If you really care about $$, please fix this soon. The competition is not even that fun anymore. It's 191 elyos from 4 different big legions competing for one weapon? How about increase the HP for Omega, Rag and SC WBs and have them drop the same gear? That way players from smaller legions have a chance to get them. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. @Hime @Kibbelz
  2. Siege Schedule Poll

    Loki, I'm okay with the current or later time. Anything before that is tough esp daylight saving.
  3. I live in Boston - East Coast. 12AM is so late!
  4. Nice post Belty. You're venting at him but yet... you don't want him to transfer??
  5. We are trying. We formed to fight off the Asmos... One comes in and take the WB.
  6. One has top DPSer in both servers. Their whole legion can out DPS DN Elyos server.
  7. Intensity disbanded last night. One kicked us out of their alliance for wb.
  8. One is starting to take all the WB for themselves. This got to stop. It's killing the fun. It is tough for Team Para to compete with a big legion like One. It's discouraging for DN Elyos. I'm not QQing. I care for the well being of my DN faction and my legion. TP and the elyos faction had an opportunity to compete with DN Asmos in 7.3. Now, it's just one legion that is getting all the WB. How is that fair and fun?
  9. Hi GM, Server wide spawned WB is killing the fun out of this game. Now that Intensity is gone, One has kicked out of their WB alliance. I'm afraid DN elyos may not able to compete to get the WB. It kills the fun out of this game. Alot of the DN players are unable to get rare gem stones and weapons unless you're in an uber big legion like "One". Can you please spawn at least one WB per server so we can compete with fellow Asmos?
  10. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 26, 2020

    Why? You can just do weekly lugbug to get do memory shard.
  11. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    Uhh... I thought you're still playing is because of me.