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  1. NCwest please dont fiх this. Without reset its nothing to do in this game all week. Or just make reset instances on weekends as permanent event
  2. @Kibbelz thank you for chance to get new nice collection of 150 attack, BUT last event with Pixel and very OP collection 440 crit we all knew that we were gonna get it with 100% even we paid some money. But this time collection needs all 4 leg transformations which 1 we can get from BCM, 1 from Event locked box + 1 free key, and 1 from 500 used transformation scroll. But how to get 4th? Spent a lot of money on scrolls from BCM I understood that there no chance to get 4th transformation for full collection. Of course someone will get it and probably some of them will pay even less than I just d
  3. You are not the only one LGBT here. We don’t care what people say ☺️
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