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  1. Thanks @Iostcrazyman-KT for your answer.
  2. Hello, I wanted to share my experience about this topic, if it can help someone in the very difficult choice to tune his gear, if you play a cleric and dont get advises from friends, its a nightmare. And to profit of this topic to ask a question. I have two geared Clerics, one is full evasion and reach 20.5k evasion the other is full block with 21k block. Yes i can hear you laugh from here, a block-set for cleric in 7.5... Its cheap i know. Armor, weapon, acc and feather are all DT+15 fine tuned and all pcs are slotted with red manastones. I lack a lot of cubics and collection as i p
  3. @Kubei-DN thanks a lot. Now i see clear.
  4. So maybe i m worried too much, but i m still in trouble for making Kinah. I wait the second week for buying a Daevanion skill. Ofc as the unluckiest Aion Player ever , i have the same book i got last week... 200 Gold Bar (eq 1,7 bil actual kinah) waste? So i cant sell it at broker. And it is very low to sell it too... 190,000 kinah only @Kubei-DN So i tried to solo BoS instance. One hour of farm give me indeed some white gear but I dont feel very rich after that.
  5. ** WTB some ways to make kinah in 6.x ** I reroll a second toon and got again 7 mil kinah when all campain and dark blue quests were finished. But i dont see how to get kinah once we are Lv80 in Lakrum... I wanted some kinah to test some stuff like raise a Legion (Level 1 cost 4 mil new kinah eq 4 x 8.7 = 34,8 mil actual kinah) Btw, I find it a bit exagerate...
  6. Crafting Kinah and then enjoy the result!
  7. After playing a bit 6.2 on EU PTS, i think @Capa-KT is right. Its not that important to try hard for having the exchanged gear. It will give a head start to thoses who will have some, thats all. In 6.2, Weeklies at Lakrum is like doing Bloodmark Camps in old times. We will be able to collect with ease 600 marks a week (prolly more) by simply doing easy quests at each camp. That without mentioning tons of others sources of mats for gearing in PvP. A complete Armor set (Gold +0 that need to be purified) is around 500 marks. Nacked ppl should not stay nacked too long. And there is alway
  8. It will be real 6.2 and even i dislike Gameforge, it seams they all did well this time... I guess, it would be more interessting to tell to NA community that GF published the Gear exchange table too and that EU players will be rewarded since they have AP75 +15 when we will get nothing for this here since +20. Another point is that all current kinah will be forced exchanged into gold bar. A gold bar will be 8.7 mil kinah. If u need the source of this info, its explained in the Youtube video they did.
  9. Happened to me in the past many times. Place the camera in top-down view when you are on the elevator. With that tip, i never again fall through the elevator.
  10. Hello, I have lived most of things you list above but i had a very bad connection (lost packets and/or more 400ms of latency). I have a better connection now and i don't encounter anymore most of that bad things. So perhaps you have a bad connection too actually? Could be an explanation.
  11. I don't know if it could help, but for those who have only Lv66+ toons already in Illuma/Norsvold and get insta-DC when log-in, you can try simply to create a new toon Lv1, then try again to log-in why your Lv66+ in Illuma/Norsvold whitout trouble. Worked for me on 3 differents accounts that encounter that problem.
  12. @Khyri-IS I never did it myself so I can be wrong but as far I know, to obtain Ahserion gear, you need to win the Panesterra (1 time per week, need be ranked to go in) then you take the fort with your faction (wipe out other faction) then a Boss will apear http://aiondatabase.net/us/npc/277224/ and you will be able to loot his body to have a box http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/188056857/. Random gear and little chance to have a piece Ahserion gear in it, but tradeable. Will be hard to have Ahserion gear, nobody has interess in Pane on Elyos side. Hope it will help.
  13. Hello all, It's just a supposition but look at this: You stay in game at least 3 hours today and collect 9 charms. You take the time to transform yours 9 charms into 9 sealed sachets onto Owmens mobs. Indeed to day you wont be able to exchange more than 3 sealed sachets for 5 utlra-good-reward-purification-boxes, but tomorrow suppose you wont have any time to do this but you still have 2min to login, then you will already have all the necessarry stuff to do the exchange again. I think that is the purpose. I suppose that most of player will have tons of charms at the end of the ev
  14. Thank you for your explanations. So I deduce: 1/ The Abyss 75 AP Set remains the best set for PvP actually 2/ I will suppose, as you explain, that they sell Abyss 75 gear because change character because on SL Elyos, Ahserion piece of gear does not exist (No one is more interested in the conquest of Panesterra) Thanks again.
  15. Please, can someone explain me why so many players sell their AP 75 Gear? I know some just do that for making Kinah but many players clearly are selling the gear they was using. So is there a better gear than the Abyss 75 AP for PvP, because I am not aware of this. Thanks in advance.
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