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  1. This @Kibbelz ^ Please do not screw up this halloween event ... keep it same or similar as last years! we need halloween transforms and pixel transforms event
  2. Nah he don't care about you, Ncsoft or any of us. Having your name is just another crack up for him. Because he knows he can make and sell whatever he wants and Ncsoft can't do anything to him. He just mooning at all of us here lmao
  3. Or the brightest.. Way I see it, he was making fun of Ncsoft. Once he reached 100 views he took it down.
  4. Honestly think this thru. Having details open all the time is not good. Maybe you are proud of your gear and want to show it off, other players don't, and it could really cause them problems even by trying to joining groups. If you don't have enough gear everybody will start to finger point at you and don't even invite you. Maybe some players would want this, but I assure you the majority won't. This could even drive people away from the game (even more).
  5. Lesson of the day, never report bugs or exploits 😉
  6. Exactly, ncwest should have double standarts in this case, they probably did that to more players but i was the only one brave enough to rant here in the forums. Yeah I'm pretty sure this happened to many others, honestly taking items away would have been the best option instead of banning accounts. Then of course investigate where all these items came from and punish them. We are already a short community.
  7. Oh please we don't know how long these items have been in the game illegally. You can't be "certain" this item didn't come from exploit. We just know that people found out couple of weeks ago.
  8. I don't know rick people can edit pictures quite easy now days.
  9. Yeah bots with +15 paragon weapons.
  10. This is not the real simpok. It's Golden in fake discord account. Be aware of Golden scamming people.
  11. Calm down @Khonsu-DN Even with paragon +7 or +8 pieces you are able to reach those kind of stats
  12. @Kibbelz Can we have Omega boss in Silentera canyon back? Making renown in SC is very hard for the lack of questing. Omega was a good source or renown points. Please ! Or maybe you have plans for making renown more accessible in SC?
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