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  1. When you see players forming their own event is when you know the game has gone to S***t, management, their team, they dont care about the community anymore. Saddest thing is the prizes of the event the players are doing is Ncoin, which will benefit the company, and the company is not lifting a finger or getting involved in it.
  2. You forgot to include hanbok pixel event.
  3. Are you seriously telling me that there are prizes, and these prizes are Ncoin? So you are still making NCsoft rich even though they don't give a nyerk about us? bro..
  4. when we are forced to create our own event cuz ncsoft dont give a nyerk about us lmao
  5. Wow no surprise event. Goes to show how much you care for your community. Happy holidays I guess.
  6. Come on @Kibbelz this will be the last maintenance before Christmas.. You can still surprise us with a Christmas event.
  7. because they dont give a crap about us
  8. Their entire workforce of two people are fixing clsssic apparently.
  9. Don't even bother updating the Web @Kibbelz We know now event is nyerking bad, another month no Aion.
  10. Perfect chance to add the <Cozy winter fox> and <Warm winter fox> new Ancient transformations to the game and as usual you all ruined it. How hard is it to plan an event ahead of time.. Christmas event down the drain now.
  11. Hey @Kibbelz Just wondering if you y'all have hanbok event prepared to release it before Christmas ? I believe the majority of the community is wondering the same. If you could share some insight would be awesome!
  12. This is a question that probably everybody has been asking. @Kibbelz If you can find out about this and let us know please, many of us have limited time to play and would like to know when this event is going to end, since its not on the pumpkin event notes.
  13. If you are removing the reward upon using 500 contracts then at least make the key for the locked box available 2 times per account. All of us that already used 500 contracts are nyerked then...
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