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  1. @KibbelzThe message you should be taking away here is that basically the entire player base would PREFER for you to leave the offending players unpunished than for you to remove the items of players who are not guilty of offense. You're not going to find a single member of the player base that is happy about this decision. It is completely unacceptable and should be walked back immediately.
  2. You apologize for the inconvenience? You're causing more inconvenience with this decision than was caused by the original issue, by far. This decision IS the inconvenience. This is completely unacceptable. You're punishing the entirety of the population because a small minority of players abused something that YOU put on the store incorrectly. Absolutely ridiculous. I have many many candies and administrator boons that I've acquired through the daeva pass, for you to just delete them is completely unfair, and to be honest, probably illegal. We've paid NCSOFT money for the daeva pass to get the
  3. When someone in a real sports competition uses performance enhancing drugs or doping, they don't just reset their score/time to what it would have been if they hadn't been cheating. They disqualify the person completely. This is how it should work. Not saying they should be perma banned, but stripping all ap items makes sense. If you're not going to follow the rules of the game then you can't leverage those rules for your own benefit when it suits you. If you act in bad faith within a particular system then you forfeit the right to actively participate in said system as a respected and recogni
  4. Maximus has more HP than Kistenian and has all the traits of a boss despite having what looks like a non elite HP bar.
  5. Calm down guys, the patches didn't take all that long to come in Korea. It'll be here soon enough.
  6. To be fair, the DC set is a very good mr set for clerics until they get 40e or fenris, which is *supposed* to take a long time if you're not AP trading.
  7. The problem is really the mentality of NA players rather than the game. You will never be happy. You'll only ever see problems. You'll never enjoy what we have. This, more than anything wrong with the server, is the reason so many of you have already quit. People in KR don't spend their life complaining like this, even when they're at a disadvantage. They just play the game and have fun. As a result the game is better for everyone, and stays active. Even now elyos on siel own two upper forts and a lower. I've been to sieges here where we didn't have the numbers to hold off both you and balaur
  8. For real though, how can a three word compliment of "x is cool" be construed as "that passive aggressive approach" (whatever that means). Most unnecessary reply to an online comment I've seen in a long time. Forthyn has been a friend of mine for like 8 years or something. The idea that I should have to come and defend myself for something so innocuous is incredibly silly. Maybe stop reading into things that aren't there. And the fact that, of all the comments in this thread, THAT is the one you took issue with is just... I'm speechless. Had honestly forgotten how low the quality of interaction
  9. You can socket level 40 manastones in level 30 gear.
  10. As I said, it's been common knowledge that this is a fix for fps lag at sieges for many, many years. There's no point debating this. Your theory that it's only a fix for lag because the lag was being caused by shugo console itself is wrong.
  11. This is flat out wrong. Aion does have chatlog, and using shugo console to disable it has been a fix for fps lag at siege for time immemorial. I can tell when I've forgotten to open shugo console before playing because any pvp/pve with league-tier quantities of people will be laggy as hell, even with shift-f12 enabled. Open shugo console, the lag disappears within 1-2 seconds.
  12. This is way off the mark. What people miss from 4.0 are the following: - The gear progression: bm was easy to get and you could actually compete in it, but it was still a significant downgrade over 65a. This is unlike the ancient pvp gear of today, which takes the place of "starter pvp set" and takes roughly the same amount of work a bm set used to take, but is basically paper. BM also carved out a nice niche for itself in being the only gear to give block, so even in the end game it had a purpose in the form of block sets. 65a was also reasonably obtainable, much more so than T2 ult
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