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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki Take a look in that video and suggestions. Nowadays pvp instances are dead and this is a possible salvation and I know many players would love those chances. PvP in world map are worthless and pvp in instance server are dead. I recommend you to add more quests / rewards for pvp open world. And chance some reward for others instances too like: Increase the rewards for Arena of Tenacity to something that players need*. Active the season for Arena of Tenacity too, without Luna for rewards but the rewards on that video, AP and Kinah. The rest are in that video. Do so
  2. Since apparently you can't stop the bots from making billions of kinah and wreaking havoc on the game economy I wanted to make some suggestions to reduce that. 1st - Remove Kinah Box from Luna Everyone already know that their main way to farm billions of kinah is botting in luna, if nc remove it, would help a lot in the fight against bots and kinah inflation. 2nd - Reduce the broker fee We spend like 15% of the value from the item registering and getting the kinah, why? That is a unsuccefull plan to control the inflation, just reduce it to 3% - 5% so it would help everyone, even ne
  3. @Kibbelz Will 7.7 bring us new changes in Prestige Shop?
  4. @Kibbelz @Loki What do you think about convert the "[Event] Ultimate Cruel Sovreign’s Accessory Box" from event into an Ancient Transformation Contract or stigma +9 bundle or idk something good for a Rare Drop. Outdated itens are useless... Not even for skin they serve.
  5. The same thing happened to me, I was lvl 5 in CKT and now I have 40.40% of lvl 4... @Kibbelz @Loki Is there any chance that we can know how much renown it reduces at each level?
  6. Just a question. Will the Save spot at +12 continue even after this event?
  7. I really liked the idea, it would be good to show all the mounts for collectors to search for what they do not have.
  8. As Toluca said it seems that only players who did not play more / were inactive and received the email from ncsoft they received her, which I think is unfair because I really wanted this mount. I will open a topic in the "Suggestions" to request an event where you have the option to drop mounts, motions and emotions and conqueror marks to be able to buy mounts in inggision / gelkmaros.
  9. How can I get this mount? White Tiger of Darkness
  10. Even though I know GM's and CM's do not read these topics I wonder what the players think about. Here I wanted to give ideas for AION 6.0 (which would be in Korean Probably next year). I want to know about players' opinions and what they think of these ideas, and if you have ideas to complement. Siege: As we have seen the coalition system is a failure in sieges, although it is somewhat better in Sanctun / Pandaemonium Defense instance and in the invasions of Illuma and Norsvold. I simply find a much better idea to bring the league formation system of old sieges, each
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