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  1. Renown Reduction

    The same thing happened to me, I was lvl 5 in CKT and now I have 40.40% of lvl 4... @Kibbelz @Loki Is there any chance that we can know how much renown it reduces at each level?
  2. Stigma Save spot +12

    Just a question. Will the Save spot at +12 continue even after this event?
  3. Mount List.

    I really liked the idea, it would be good to show all the mounts for collectors to search for what they do not have.
  4. White Tiger of Darkness

    As Toluca said it seems that only players who did not play more / were inactive and received the email from ncsoft they received her, which I think is unfair because I really wanted this mount. I will open a topic in the "Suggestions" to request an event where you have the option to drop mounts, motions and emotions and conqueror marks to be able to buy mounts in inggision / gelkmaros.
  5. White Tiger of Darkness

    How can I get this mount? White Tiger of Darkness
  6. Ideas for AION 6.0

  7. Ideas for AION 6.0

    Even though I know GM's and CM's do not read these topics I wonder what the players think about. Here I wanted to give ideas for AION 6.0 (which would be in Korean Probably next year). I want to know about players' opinions and what they think of these ideas, and if you have ideas to complement. Siege: As we have seen the coalition system is a failure in sieges, although it is somewhat better in Sanctun / Pandaemonium Defense instance and in the invasions of Illuma and Norsvold. I simply find a much better idea to bring the league formation system of old sieges, each one makes their own ally / pt and then join in a league. I believe you will have far fewer disputes, less afk and more action, as there will probably be no allys with only 1 cleric or none at all. Map: I do not think we need a new map exactly, I just think we should have a change in our current maps. Illuma and Norsvold are good maps, although they are poorly used. In the map of Atreia we can see that both are on the same island, separated only by a volcano (which I think is the tower of eternity). My idea is: Taking advantage of the implementation of AP xforms and artifacts (AION 5.8) I believe that we can merge the 2 maps and create a second Katalam, we would leave only 4 artifacts on the whole map. Tower of Eternity: I believe it would be possible to make an entry for a new map, smaller, with pvp pve instances and farm (exactly like Tia Eye), as I believe (I do not know) that AION 6.0 will have an increase of lvl cap to 80 (I hope, at most), only lvl 70+ people could get on the map, and would have another requirement like completing all the campaign quests for Archives of Eternity. The AoE entry would be next to the Tower of Eternity door, because to enter you would need the necessary knowledge (acquired in AoE), while CoE and ToE (And any other instance that maybe may have come in 5.9) will be distributed on the map (the higher the recommendation of the level closest to the center would be). All of the Illuma and Norsvold bases would be converted into Katalam / Danaria bases, which would have 2 bases for each instance like Adma, TTC and fissure, each base would be close (though further away than currently) from the base, and would not have npcs extremely strong, at most they would be normal Elites. Instances like DL and FP would be in only 1 camp each, if someone really wants to do the instances will have to flip the camp. So the zergs would continue, but it would be much smaller or scattered, it would not have places to flee in the middle of the map and would be forced to walk separately by the map (or in group) to do the weeklys that would have in these camps. These weeklys would have 3 quests per camp that would give: First Quest: Petra Medal (x100 / x200) Second Quest: Blood Medal (x5) and Blood Mark (x10) Third Quest: Spinel Coin (I do not know the amount, because it depends on the set costs in 5.8) Each quest would give an amount of XP equivalent to the weekly Reshanta quests, or maybe even more. We would have a total of 26 Camps on this map (So maybe the rewards for the quests can be changed) Other ideas are: Reducing the amount of mobs on the map Increase of the xp that each gives (facilitate the up, because currently the mobs are useless) More diversification and increase of drops in the map (Drop of tempering, Omega, that item that gives 100kk of kinah that drops in Idian Dephs, among others) Update maps like Kaldor, Idian Depths, Levinshor and Silentera Canyon. Put at least 75 or 80 instances on these maps, and they may look like old ones. Ranking: The ranking would be similar to the AP ranking: I would give the name of Winner Points (I am not good with names) Kill an enemy and earn a score, make a few instances and score. I would give the name of Winner Points (WP). How it works: The ranking would be similar to the AP ranking: I would give the name of Winner Points (I am not good with names) Kill an enemy and earn a score, make a few instances and score. I would give the name of Winner Points (WP). How it works: Each ranking gives an amount of AP; with these Points given AP and WP, imagine, a rank 1 given 3 WP (Just an example). If you kill him alone, you will receive 3WP, if you are in a group of 3, the WP will be split and you will receive 1 WP. This will work by rank, the higher the rank the more WP will give. Instances will give a fixed amount of WP per win or defeat, for example: IDL would give 50WP (just for example) The above army 1 players would lose WP per day / week, in that part it would be like GP. When dying is discounted WP, you are rank 1, if died the other person won 3 WP, you will lose 3x less then you would lose 1 WP. The values that each rank will give and instance I do not know (only a friend gave me this idea of rankings and I implemented certain things). Instance: In the instances would be equal to a time ago: Just divide the best items by the instances, such as: The best shields (physical and magical) drop in instance A A instance B drops the best set (even better than instance A) Instance C drops the best Accessories. Instance D drops the best physical weapon. A instance E drops the best magic weapon. No instance drops all the best items. The instance F drops very good items, but that is particularly not better than the ones stated above. So forcing people to make different instances and not getting so tired. Maybe you could have a set that really compares to the particular items from A to E, but that set would be extremely difficult to drop (it would be harder to do the EB full set or IS or any other instance). Event: I'll be simple, more dynamic events (for example the Pumpkin event), kill mobs event and drop random items, etc. Stop giving cap instances item to events, stop! In 5.6 they gave the items of Harvester, this discouraged many to make BOS (although I want to continue) Sets should only be given in events when it passes 2 or 3 Att. Now would be the time to give the Apollon in events, thus more people would be equipped and ready to do other events (even if making the apollon set is now very easy) Back with PvP events and good rewards Quests: Some ideas: Repetitive quests become repeatable at most 5x. Increase the Xp gain on all quests. Quests of PvE Example: Kill Boss A 10 times = 1 Omega (There are several types of quests possible) Decrease number of collection quests and increase xp of them. More chain quests on maps. New campaigns. Quests pvp (like that of reshanta) with new prizes, like Omegas, Spinel Medals. Example: Kill 3 great general or higher and gain 1 Tempering. (Remember that with the new ranking system the strongest will stay in better ranks) Other examples: Mate 100 Elyos / Asmos = 5 Spinel Introduction of new and better urgents in the new maps. Extra ideas: Rebalancing of classes. Disable the elemental xform in Arenas and pvp Dungeons (same as they did with Crucible Spire in 5.8) thus leaving more dynamic and fair. Increased participation of GM ingame, banning bots and interacting with players (At least in NA, because it is difficult to find 1 GM ingame) (It got longer than I expected xd) I apologize if I have many mistakes in English but I am not fluent.
  8. Welcome to the New Aion Forums

    Finally new forums * - *