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  1. Thank you but .... you meant that they will be eliminated again on 05/26, right?
  2. @Kibbelzplease bro shows up soon and ends this nonsense of not wanting to transfer the egg. Well, time is short and the event will end.
  3. @KibbelzLOL! Please attend to this need and fulfill the possibility of transferring the egg via tokens. If you have already made transfers, then do not be unfair to the players who have not yet been able to transfer their egg as many times as it is. possible. Stop being a shame and leave the contradictions.
  4. Put the auto-hunting on please. It's one of the only "legal" ways out there to compete against the cheating users of the auto-hunting hack / bot, which you never dealt with.
  5. @Kibbelz Please, you will have to review the ping instability that this new host has and solve it as soon as possible, since most of the GPN reducers mark in their software a lower ping than before in server ashburn, this means that their routes are correct . However within Aion the instability is unsustainable. Please do not cause 50% of players to leave the game.
  6. Could you tell us where did you get that information from? If it were true that the quality would be better, don't you think they would have mentioned it?
  7. Please do what is fair, it is fair to put the npc back with the free legendary scroll but with a single purchase. But that this purchase cannot be made by those who have already made it, so that is how people who do not have it could buy it, but not those who already bought it.
  8. Please restart the server! Many of us want to do the instances to take advantage of the events, but we cannot because the bug has just occurred and you still do not restart the server. Please already reset!
  9. Thanks for your responses guys and sorry for the delay. So ...., I play aion for love xD. since several gladiators have recommended me to leave the game due to the problem with my ping. I use ping reducer, but my internet is of very poor quality since it is wireless and so the ping is not fixed but too unstable, because sometimes I have played with 180ms fixed from another internet and there I feel that my gladiator is an turret. I suppose that I will continue fighting so that in my area we can have fiber optic internet, and thus obtain at least 150ms fixed to achieve decent play. After that
  10. 1-Hack 2-Hack 3-Hack Some of us settle for perma ban for all users of animation speed, etc. After that, the game is already naturally beautiful and many of us are ready to play with all the changes to come.
  11. Good Morning. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will relate my problem. I suffer daily the reality that my dps is very low with my gladiator. My question is: Do low fps mean low dps? I understand that if I have high ping then I will have low dps, but does this relationship also apply to fps? Surely my rotation and gameplay are bad, but the problem is that other gladiators with less equipment (also daevanion skills, and stigmas), attack and critical stats do more dps than me, although they have better pc and ping. My ping is 200-290 and my pc is i3 3220 3.30HGz, 8GB RAM, RX 570 4GB. When I a
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