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  1. Please fix this.. With this being a 30 minute boss fight we have lost so much time to this boss when wiping at 5% due to the constant send logs. @Kibbelz
  2. You can get 300m per week easily. Especially with all the free stimulus gear and stigmas they gave everyone. also wraps are not required to get the new gear so I don’t see a price drop happening.
  3. They need to just put them on the bcm already, alot of people want the wraps this could be a cash cow for NC 🤣 @Kibbelz here's an idea for you to present to the team. $20 a wrap, every player needs 12 of them per toon they want to gear. $240 per toon. per person on the server.
  4. Sadly.. the GM's will tell you that they can't help you.. As the mechanics were as intended. I accidently lost my +8 runestone.. because I grabbed the wrong one out of my inventory when combining and the GM's told me to get F*&#ed
  5. They go based off server time 🤷‍♂️ Also you have been this long without ulti xform you can wait a few more hours 🤣
  6. The [Event] Zudra’s Gift Box Contents is missing 2 rewards? [Event] Daevanion Skill Selection Box (10 Types) [Event] Berdin's Lucky Star (x6) Was looking forward to this even to finish Daevanion skills for my alt.
  7. Has anyone seen them drop yet? Pretty sure they forgot to turn them on in the drop list. Before anyone says they are 7.0 weapons and they suck.. I wasn't around to farm them, and as a melee class there are times that extendable would come in handy granted not for 100% of the time use. Also will be good fill in until I can grind the 1000's of exp marks and get good RNG that the 7.8 extendables are going to take to get.
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