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  1. Well, experienced myself and deleted the character soon after I hit level 80. Thank you!
  2. Well, the forum still display the name of my character that no longer exist in my account. I also have a bunch of level 80 on both servers and none of them show up for selection here, It's no biggy and I'm careless about it. I came here looking for some answers/issue I ran into with the game not here to showing up my character profile...LMAO
  3. Look like someone out damage him in zone bosses fight and stole his claimed. It's frustrated sometime when some high rush dps just come and down the mob and you loose the right to loot, it's happened to me all the times on Kat Server. Anyway, they always went on after 2 kills, and I can get my own kill for the pots/weapon I need for my class.
  4. Is there a way to play gunner eathercannon main without swap to pistols? (My main point playing Technic is Aethercannon not some silly pistols) I'm still low level and I don't want to do anything with pistols but seem like all the skills are made for pistols. Thanks for any replies or advises.
  5. I think it's your area internet services provider, everyone stay home due to Covid-19 and everyone source of communication, entertainment are now online. I played on Katalam too and my ping is 40ms (I'm using FO), the only problem I'm getting from Aion is getting log into the game is a pain for somedays, lol. It's just decide to crashed for no reason but when it's on it's stay on until the server forced disconnect me because I stay in game for too long!
  6. I found the cause, look like Aion not liking Nvidia in game overlay record feature, and porting the game play to Xbox record feature. I disabled those and Aion working fine now.
  7. Thank you for your advises! I did do the file repair, my graphic driver is up to date by Nvidia, and my PC power is decent enough to run this game old game lol (all modern new games are fine without any issues) *I want to see if I like this new updated game before I investing in it. I paid for this game from the beginning so I'm an old Aion player back where level cap only 40-50 and everyone must grind the Abyss for rank and gears! Why am I have this new account? Because for the life of me I could not remember my ID user name and password after many years inactive with this game
  8. Note: These Characters are new created 2 days ago and Highest toon is in Essha or whatever name of that zone, and 1 in Bellusan both got Message on the screen "Disputed Land" and the game crashed right there.
  9. LOL Trying to play this game is quite a task. I got blank screen yesterday and today its just crashed when I loaded to the game, all I saw is a red letter in center of the screen "Disputed Land" then the game just crashed...Anyway, I got what I don't pay for...FREE TO PLAY GAME and It's suck.
  10. The game was run fine last night! Now, its just come up with blank screen after 100% loading, I did not change/install anything new. I did run file repair but it doesn't help anything. Anyone know what's happened? (Sorry for the NCsoft stupid name, it's auto screen name changed without my approval)
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