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  1. This and also make the PF and IDD ultimate drops be into a box, that you select what you want or even if it is random, it has to be for your class for sure! I have done like 200 pf runs or more since 6.0+ came, the last 30 runs it was always something for nobody on our group... a total free for all.
  2. ...meanwhile being afk on coalition for long enough gave people the impression they are worthy because every time they saw some Gp being awarded at them, even though they didn't even waste a single skill for that reward. When the time came that they had to actively compete they were left below 100 ranks, even in a dead game with not even 200 people active, while they still think they actually deserved anything because once they were stuck in a broken ranking system that benefited them from years of abusive GP earning and the fact that a lot of people above them had quit, making room for the
  3. With 50$ you can buy 4000 NC coin hence 4000 luna, which is 50 luna resets on any pvp instance (ID/AD/EC) which you could afk 50 times and always get the losing rewards and you get 1 pouch of enchant stones (instead of 2 if you win). That pouch gives you 3 ancient enchant stones min reward, so 50 losing/afk runs = 150 ancient pvp enchant stones at worse. If you actively play all those runs and you win on all those you get 2x pouches hence double the enchant (300 ancient enchants min rewards). plus the AP you will get and the other rewards. BUT the pouch has a chance to give a legendary inst
  4. Arena dodging is an issue (for those who do it, I personally play a sorc, hence I won't bother being a walking dummy so broken classes can get free win in arena), but giving GP options to arenas is not a way to fix dodging. Many times people dodge with their own alts hence an alt that dodged won't suffer anything. You can cheat in arenas by teaming with your alts, or you can cheat on open world pvp killing your alts as well. so adding Gp to anything that can be cheated, is not a good idea.
  5. With RTL open I play with 200~220 ping since I am from south-east Europe, without it i get lag spikes and if I get to EC I have like 10.000 ping sometimes, effectively I can only see chat and I cannot move.
  6. My friend Naduah got plenty of transforms both free and some paid, with the flower event she got plenty of ancients.. she combined them and so far she has gotten 3 legendaries that are not good for her class. I would agree the "free legendary" to anyone might not be the best option, at least NA has taken this path cause in other publishers the ancient is the minimum and legendaries are the norm, but I belong to the few luckiest players when it comes to transforms, I got my tahabata almost first to anyone else, I combined 2x ancient from the pumpkin event (first event in 6.2) and got a tahab
  7. I use ReduceTheLag and I didn't get any ban, me or my alt account. But I'll close this just in case, that means no EC for me, cause in there I always have liek 2k ping without RTL. Outside I can play, but not in sieges. They have to understand that when our connections are bad, that takes a small toll on the server as well with lost packages and re-tries. A stable connection benefits the player and the whole server. Automated bans based on IP or ping reduction services are a sure bet to finally destroy the game, once and for good.
  8. Exactly, and we also need to remember a free to play game dies, when the free players quit. And free to play gamers will quit because at some point they are walking dummies for those who paid enough money so they can be at the top of the food chain.
  9. If the transparent transformation bundle of 20, was 1 NC coin like it is on all publishers, except ours, I would have gotten those, but instead they are 20 NC coin for ONE scroll If the transparent scrolls were cheap and reasonable, and if there were a lot of skins in there, like there is in other publishers, people could care to spend money on skins again If the selective retuning was 1 luna, like ti is on all publishers, instead of 160 which is on us, people would spend money on them too, only a handful of rich-stupid people pay for a gambling with 2$ per stat, which can go even
  10. I just got the 50 coin on one of my alts, what really pissed me off, is that on an A-rank (when I was still learning it) I got 24 coins and then in an S-rank I got 20 coins! Because pouches can give you as little as 2 coins or as much as 7 (at least this was my max). So put even more RNG to this event, less effort, more luck!
  11. Exactly, I have also suggested this in an older thread about someone who addressed the issue with people quitting. Once you get an opponent you should be teleported inside instantly. Now... are you on wc that moment, or is your phone ringing, or did pizza just arrive, or is your baby crying... and you are not on your pc, well next time make sure you apply on a timeframe that will be on your pc because this is nobody's problem. The only way you could cancel your arena queue, is while you are still waiting for it to pop, once an enemy is found, both people should be teleported in without t
  12. This could be fixed by making arenas pop at certain times, like every 5 minutes, this way those that apply with their alts WILL get a pop the same time, because everyone will also get their pop the exact same time with everyone else. Of course in a dead hour someone might still be able to team himself with his alts but this is another story.
  13. His problem is enemies dropping and the guy who stays, gets no points. If you get in against your alt, you can just spend 1 minute killing him 5 times and win. Teaming with your alts is another problem which is not discussed on this thread. What Misfire said is that he enters to do his arenas,and people use their alts to make him lose points by dropping out of the arenas.
  14. The change should be, if you get an opponent that leaves the arena, you should be awarded the points you would have taken if your opponent stayed and you won against him. So if they leave = their loss. If your opponent leaves that means you are too good for him, hence you should get the points. If you enter and there is no opponent, you should get no rewards and get our entry back for sure.
  15. Well, this is the game and everyone has lost things because of enemies. We are playing in KT and the server is elyos infested, try going into BoS as an Asmodian or do any weekly on the elyos side and you will see the real struggle. Our camps are usually being raided by groups or alliances of elyos, and when we go to your side, we are a handful and elyos are waiting in hordes. I am sorry you lost your weapon, why didn't they wait for you to get in and then do the instance? P.S. it is a pvp game
  16. ...glad I am giving your existence a reason.
  17. AMEN ...so you want people to spam resets on any instance and turn that into GP now? Because you do not like the IB/ID spam? Isn't AP to GP giving those who reset even more power to go upwards? Especially those that do not need AP for anything else?
  18. I am not trying to convince you, your single cell brain is not enough to compute anything. Plus I am not throwing a lot of money on this game, I just purchased some items from bcm via broker which indirectly gives them money and I also purchased some NC codes from a friend with kinah. Which does count for money on their pockets. Right inside Pandora pve if you remove shock on the 2nd boss in dessert, it bugs your char and some times it makes you walk on air, some intellectual amoeba like you might even report a poor soul for this. When a char goes in hide sometimes a character will still
  19. This is also because people get under the same cause and push for it. There was a mass boycott done in their player base for not buying anything until the things they demanded were done and they realized it because whatever hurts their pocket, is a matter they are willing to deal with. Here we have people fighting mostly. nobody wants to do suggestions and if there are good suggestions people either down vote the poll or bash the thread/poster with the claim" they won't see this thread"
  20. Oh I also do not get the rewards now, I was replying to how much I am losing with this bug. The only GP I get now is from killing guards.
  21. ...lol exactly, it is not even an investment, I wouldn't buy me luna resets for so little GP ever. But some people do not mind wasting money, I mean they still get to keep their rewards from those instances like before the GP on them.
  22. I was going to write all these, so I'll just agree. In this game they deleted content an called it an upgrade or something. 90% of the game is removed. They also need to make all previous skins that ever existed possible in BCM at reasonable prices. I never understood why does it have to be THAT expensive to get a new look every time. I is as if they are trying to fine you for wanting a new skin. Skins in BCM should cost like 20 NCcoin or something, so people can treat them like consumables, one day you use this skin, next day you use another one. Right now you get one skin carefully and
  23. I always get 300 gp per successful defend/attack and 120 on losing the fortress, since I have prestige. I have never taken anything less than that. Not to mention all the millions of AP I lose this week from every instance. i didn't even bother doing Herelym Mine.
  24. I have accumulated all the excuses from old players who didn't want the GP reset and my heartless, selfish replies to them. Here, I just made these:
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