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  1. These areas are blocked and they have nothing anymore there. You now have aetherforging only which is a fraction of what the crafting professions were. It is also RNG driven which means many items will need to proc to be useful and the proc rates can be super bad at times.
  2. There were aome snake ostumes for 7 days only. But you can go to broker and get a new permanent one for like 50k kinah because while the snake event was on, we all kept deleting them because nobody wants that costume. Those few that kept them and placed them on broker, they have it for a very low price.
  3. Sorcs are walking dummies, many classes are on perma attack speed, some of them use animation hacks and we have some of the slowest casting skills in game. our sleep base c.time is so long that before you can cast it you will probably die. If anyone wants to play a nuker go with AT, gladiator, Archer or assassin, these are the real nukers in game and they are super hard to kill.
  4. Can we please get our DP skills back? some classes have extremely useful DP skills and others have useless. I have a 4k aoe dmg skill with 15m cool down!!! And a 2k aoe sleep with 5m cool down. Effectively I do not have DP skills at all, they are so long CD that are useless and super conditional. Give me back my Pandaimonium focus.
  5. We have had elyos invading our city a few times (not after siege so it wasn't that big scale) and we stood strong. Stay strong, it is not the end of the world.
  6. They threw the textures under the carpet with the transformation system. They thought people would love to run around like Furries in an animal suit so nobody would complain about the appearance of characters.
  7. And after this we came to your Lakrum city for a second round. that only proves that the siege buff is still needed, this time for the elyos.
  8. If you are talking about server amount of people do not count the ten alts each asmodian usually brings to sieges to sit on top of walls. I know before the EK transfer you outnumbered us in sieges by a lot. You had like a whole league of elyos waiting in the right side of fortress, in the center of fortress, in the left side of fortress and inside the fortress as well. We couldn't get close to even wipe guards at some times. When elyos attacked, they could simply enter the fortress to wipe the guards and we couldn't do much until elyos wiped the guards and decided to leave or take the fortr
  9. I almost cringe replying to you. You play a class that allows you to continuously hit the enemy for half a minute with him being literally llke a training dummy and you cannot kill them. If the SM is geared I do not see how he won't kill someone while the enemy is on perma-fear. We only learned today that you play a SM and you get rolled. I'vE BEeN rOlLeD bY pRo SoRcS git gud, you play the class made for retards and you lose. P.S. never play a sorc, you will lose from mobs if you play a SM and think he is weak.
  10. ..I think the conversation ends when the other guy resorts into retardation. Keep accusing others, you are the one who said SM is not good enough. Ask whoever you want sorc, is the second least pvp friendly class at the moment (Templar has to be non existent on this patch), everyone has silence and it is instant, plenty of classes run around with max attack speed and many people also use no animation hack and I do not have have the most op skill in game -> fear to compensate. If you ever got rolled by sorcs, delete Aion. I have killed SMs that didn't know that SM can roll almost every c
  11. I am not the one who made the thread, I do not complain and you are the one playing a broken class with the most retarded skill and say you are role by the "best" sorcs. Yeah, if a sorc has to be the best to beat you then you proved the point. you do not have to be the best SM to win anyone. and of course a SW can roll you, he is a sorc that can nuke and heal. Just because you cannot fear lock enemies like every SM does then it looks like you need to learn how to play. If you can fear someone for 15 seconds what is your excuse, for 15 seconds someone is turned into a dummy and you contin
  12. I didn't complain, AT, SW and clerics are OP and sins and archers are anti-sorcs. Anyone with a brain knows that. But you are telling me you are being rolled by sorcs when you can literally have a sorc turned into a hitting dummy for more than half a minute then you obviously do something wrong. You have those skills to do that and you obviously don't use them. there is nothing for me to "learn" you already have fear and you wil fear me, there is not much to learn from this otehr than the fact I will get feared and I will be useless for long enough to be burned. You are telling me to "le
  13. ...I am sorry if you as a SM cannot kill a sorc then you need to reroll. You have everything against me, you can insta fear me, you can burry your silence easier than me cause I need to cast everything, you have a debuff that doubles my casting time of all skills which acts almost as a silence since I practically can't cast anything before you break my skill or refear me or resilence me, you have skill that will resist the first skill so that means I need to waste a skill before I can bury silence and meanwhile you must already have me feared if not get your priorities together. You do not hav
  14. Imagine running around like a sorc and be totally useless because your sleep is good enough to sleep the enemy and cast illusion gate to go to pandaimonium. ATs are broken and gladiators as well. Sins and archer are also OP (they can now kill plates). But because these classes are broken it doesn't mean fear is not. But don't you have the pet shield? And a buff that gives you additional HP? Because I am a sorc and I am the only class that is made of paper and my only defense is practically a slow casting sleep while you can at least instafear others.
  15. ...that is a good example you brought and the answer would be "no", why would anyone go anywhere when there is no reward? Whatever we do in game has a reward to make it desirable to do. Nobody like to go to Primeth Forge 200 times over and over again for fun, we all want that last 1~2 drops that we cannot get and many people skip the "fun" of doing it another 200 times by buying loot rights from others. Because fun is when you get a reward you want, something to feel like you worked for. At the moment the guards give so much GP that they are more important than anything else. And yes, th
  16. SM was always the most broken class in all patches, I got into an SM fight the other days I was feared for so long without being able to sdo anything, when fear was not on, I had silence buried, then fear again. Whoever designs the Aion classes either doesn't play the game to make tests or simply plays one of the broken classes and wants them to be easy mode.
  17. Yes the elyos side is full of Greek names but I was referring to the main names: Ασμοδαίος (Asmodeos) is a daemon in Greek. Pandaimonium = Παν + Δαίμονας (Pan + daemon), indirectly we use this to describe a disaster. And of course Αιών (aion) pronounced as Eh-on (in Greek) means "Age-Century-Eternity"
  18. It was bugged, and it didn't apply for the first 1,5 months or something. In the last siege we had no buff, and Asmodians were inside your base near fort, are you sure you want the buff removed? If yes prepare to never see a fortress again because you are no longer 3:1 to us and we have close to equal numbers if still not less than you.
  19. The GP acquisition is not working as intended because we are a dead server, the guards are plenty and the players are not. If a server has 2.000 active people and they all attack a fortress, the GP per person from guards would be minimal. Effectively 300 GP from winning a siege is the most people make in an alive server and the additional GP from guards are just making the fine tuning. On our servers the guards are game changers since we have like 100 people actively trying to kill them, or even less. Coalition was the most retarded thing they ever though which started killing the game.
  20. That is great news. More pvp and less waiting on camps just to get that 1 hit on the captain mob.
  21. I am not doing it all day, I usually never do the balaur quests at all, and only do the elyos by accident because I need the camp to make the weeklies. The quests are retarded though.
  22. I think it is necessary because the number difference in both servers was a real struggle. Remember on KT server before the buff was implemented on 6.2, Elyos had the siege for like 1~1,5 months or something and we had no chance. We got some EK asmos now and we got a slightly better balance, today's siege we had a lvl 1 buff which gives what, 5~6k HP, so it is not that you lost due to the buff. If by any chance the sides become equal in numbers, then the buff won't matter that much because the fort should be going back and forth. Also attacking a fortress is more difficult because attackers
  23. This is another issue with the way it is implemented, it is not really pure pve because you have to go through a horde of enemies to kill the guards, it is pvpve. But I agree, the siege should give more GP for pvp than killing guards, and maybe for dpsing the Deity which is what actually lands you the fortress. Currently you can get more GP by attacking and losing Lakrum fortress, than having it and successfully defending it due to guards.
  24. I posted this same picture on the forums long time ago and I still had it in my stash. Then we made a search and realized that the under-eye bags we saw in all our chars and that was present in almost all possible eye options in game, was actually another korean plastic surgery trend to make their asian eye bigger, after the double eye-lid surgery, they thought that puffing the lower lid made their eyes appear bigger. And the aion developers thought it would be a good idea to make the chars in Aion look as if they are asians who had an eye surgery... yes, drop dead serious!
  25. ...yeah someone might also not se a reason to remove GP from luna resetting instances because many people "enjoyed" pay2rank system, but they removed it regardless. I doubt anyone enjoys sitting in a camp with 50 more people, constantly hitting tab button and an instant skill hoping to get the kill on that camp. And yes if they make them weekly with more GP that would be easier for everyone, in theory everyone will simply do them easily and it won't be a change to the GP outcome. I agree with Ele on this one:
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