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  1. My only concern is the AP it takes to break gear for fighting spirit fragments. It needs a lot of AP and we need even more for upgrades.
  2. When i said removed I meant there is no way to get them actively, I had 200 of them since 5.8, getting it from a sh**ty event is not a way to accumulate those. They used to sell on BCM as well, I would gladly buy them, but NCWest wants to end the game, they have removed all means of making money from people now, people cannot buy from BCM and sell in game for example.
  3. less chance to get a legendary i guess ...oh and what is the difference with it? Less drops or easier instance?
  4. I have Aetherforging to 300, proc'ing recipes has an insanely bad chance, it is pure RNG and there are times I crafted close to 100 ancient piece, to end up getting 0 ultimate legendaries. BUT can we do something about those 1000000000 codexes I need to craft? Each one takes 4~4,5 seconds to craft. I have to leave my char aetherforge for so long on each tier and I do not see any reason to this. In 5,8 we could trade materials so we had like 6~8 people crafting the basic mats and then handle them to the main to craft the final thing. Now it is not safe to trade via broker since people snat
  5. I used to get 2x AP with the Abyssal Star, but they removed those from game, I had like 200 left since 5.8 that I didn't use, and it worked even on instances, 800k AP in a winning AD/EC/ID but they worn off pretty fast. I even thought about getting lunas just to get additional pvp instance entries for this specific reason.
  6. I say lets make a new channel where only there you can see chat from both functions, it would be fun and you could always turn it off. Just imagine the flame.
  7. the only thing that worths from luna at the moment is the kinah box, everything else is stupid expensive to craft via luna, like 1 week worth of materials to craft a shard pouch that has 1k shards in there when you can actually buy one with 16k. I also agree that removing these items might not be priority although it would have been good so we can get more relevant recipes easier. Skins and decoration in luna would have been awesome but also in aetherforging maybe.
  8. What he suggested is all instances to have tiers, we have had it in the past. For example do FM 6-man with high difficulty and 2-man with easy mode. Obviously easy mode should have less rewards than hard mode. Last time we did 3-man FM and we did it pretty easily since we are all getting dressed in ultimates slowly. I also saw people 6-man IDD and they said when you 6-man it is nerfed or something, but I could be wrong.
  9. Can we bury blind on you... oh wait nobody can stop physical users from using their skills (except a few blind users that blind for a few seconds only), but magic users can be rendered useless by almost any class that has a silence. If a physical class can silence a magic class, then the magic class should be able to "silence" the physical class as well, otherwise it is a one side buff.
  10. If I understood by the 6.5 translation of the patch notes,the ranking system will be monthly based, to get a rank only the GP of the last month will be calculated. GP will not reset, it will still accumulate but the previous GP will not count on it. We have been saying this since the very beginning of the GP system and they are finally listening to us. The afk transformers will go to the bottom of the list hopefully,and new active players will take the slots, reviving the game.
  11. Alright then why don't they still fight other twinks? Why arena and dredgion queue took forever if there were so many twinks and all they wanted was to fight each other? Because there were never a lot of twinks, the only reason why low lvl arenas and dreg were a thing was because it was hard to level up and that was made harder by twink ganging the levelers, so plenty of low lvls existed. Once leveling became easy and fast, the actual end game players never had to deal with twinks or low level instance queues and that left the twinks by themselves and realized there was no longer an easy pr
  12. OK double post, I got these two, The Ailu one has 18 slots and doesn't share inventory with another 18 slot I have (a drakie). The trico has 12 slots.
  13. Hey so is there a way to get Abyssal Stars in 6.2? Also two pets in BCM that have inventory, but I do not see how big their inventory is. And someone told me the Ailu has 18 slots but it is not shared with others that have 18 slots, is that true? A site says that Ailu has 12 slots only but people said it is 18, thi sis confusing. another person told me Trcio is a 12 slot one, but I need to be sure. BCM is very confusing with no information on anything. ~~ thanks for any information
  14. Thanks it seems firebrand is better only in weapon, in armor and other items it is either no difference or the diffeence is in evasion/p.def etc.
  15. Hi, I would like to know what items should I get as a sorcerer for upgrade. Tehre is absolutely NO INFORMATION anywhere on what you get in the end which I find almost insulting. What does the ultimate fire brand mystic items gives vs the ultimate cloud war mystic items for sorcerers? I did some google search and all I got was the un-tuned version which shows nothing. Thank you.
  16. I have an Estate in Pernon and I am the lucky few that have one, I am not sure if we have a palace and if yes then where is it. But I would love to see more houses outside pernon as well. Since there are already houses outside Pernon why not more? The maps are full of mountains and plenty of room could have been used in housing, especially now that leveling is obsolete and going around the map is not done by anyone, why not have houses in areas that will bring back memories? I would love to have a house in Brusthonin, one of the few maps that remind me of Spring time since in majority it
  17. Aion in 6.2 has 11 slots by default (or is it 6.5), I think EU already have 11 slots, we just never got this because we get a minimal version of the korean while EU gets practically identical to Korean. In 7.0 we are supposed to have 13 slots by default, but I am sure our GMs will request specifically for us to be limited like they requested so many things to be limited in us in order to have the worse possible game experience (for example one thing they decided in our servers is to not have many events unlike EU, we also got nerfed enchant rates but they are bringing 6.5 enchant rates this
  18. Fraps does an amazing job also writing the name of the program that took the screenshot from like this: Aion 2018-09-13 04-17-19-89, this would have been Game <space> Year-Motnh-Day <space> Hour-Minute-Second-Centisecond I am not sure about the 1/100th of the second (centisecond) but the rest is surely the hour, minute and seconds, while the last number is anything from 00 to 99
  19. ...how is a thread for 5.8 relevant today? "Fix the low levels" there are no more low levels in this game, no ganging and no abyss as the thread starter wrote.
  20. I am not sure how easy that is to change, but the way the client names the screenshots is not good, if you take a few screenshots and delete on of them, the next screenshot will take the name of that, ruining the row you got them. Fraps for example has the best naming for screenshots, it has the date and hours, minutes and seconds the screenshot was taken so not only it is easier to find it also has the date as the name and it is super easy to just see when they were taken without having to right click and see the details. ~~~ Sure this is not an important fix, I usually do not tak
  21. I obviously read your post and I do not care whether you got played or not by NCSoft and started in a new server without people. You assume too much for me, I barely do any pve at all, assuming things for people you do not know is a sure bet to make you look like an idiot. A server merge was catastrophic to my ex-Siel server and the new Katalam server makes the asmodian side suffer from this. YOUR opinion also doesn't matter to me or anyone else, you want to express it here, I can express mine here too, you do not like the arguments then MOVE ON yourself. Just because you want to come to ou
  22. ...ok you answered my thing, you never did FM so far, I get the message for shugo WHEREVER it spawns just from the start of it down before the pods. It doesn't matter where it spawns, the area is so small that you are within the range of it wherever you stand, you do not need to be near it to spawn. Otherwise I would have never gotten a single shugo since I never eat anything unless I get the message and I get the message just from the start. I have gotten shugos spanwed inside the boss area, in the door right outside the boss entrance, int he ladder etc and always got the message from t
  23. I opened a ticket, they offered a Beshmudir temple reset scroll :> but that happens to all characters, all my alts got that problem and not just me, everyone gets 2~3 days of waiting for reset. The only reason why I need Beshmudir is that it is needed for legion upgrade quests and one Beshmudir ticket won't solve the problem, cause once I get in it will again have 3 days. I hope they will fix it.
  24. So you played in a server without any competition, you got dressed and now you want the real thing? Excuse you, but we are running in the old servers, some people had +15 80a2 items which were good for 5.8 and they were exchanged for shitty ancient +15 ones that are junk. And there were +25 items but not everyone had it so to us it created a disparity and peopel that played for years saw their toon get practically reset and all their efforts thrown to garbage bins. Effectively you could have made an ancient set within the first month, that was what compensation many people got while they still
  25. The only thing I kinda agree is that templars shouldn't die easily, but to want more dps on the templar that is not how classes' roles should be..
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