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  1. I didn't gamble in anything, I played the game as they designed it, then one day they told us that will be deleting things so we all start from nothing. I am a hoarder of these things. I just had a lot and still have.
  2. This is irrelevant to what I wrote. Whoever has crafted scrolls one way or another (or bought them from broker) will have them deleted now. And this info was sent out to us the last week before the deletions. In EU they had the patch notes like 1 month before the update (or even more), the whole August players already knew what was going to come 100%, they didn't release a single note the last week, because it was already pre planned at least 1 month before that. The same date they announced the update, they also gave exchange rates. NCWest announced the date of update and then for t
  3. We don't get the same exchange as Korea, or EU. Deleting something without compensation is NSWest's decision for our servers. Reading Korean patch notes had nothing to do with kinah conversion on our server, omegas or temperings etc. EU also got it totally different. I am referring to them, they know 6.0+ for some time, if they had planned all this before we could at least know what they are about to make. They shouldn't be taking all these sharp decisions the last moment. Also try not to be too salty on your posts, I read all those patch notes, if you are playing this game long e
  4. We are "exploiting" the temperings and omegas, hoarding them to get something in return. We are enchanting our items to get the exchange We are enchanting essence cores to get gold ingots as a return. ...the list goes on and on for what people are doing to get "ready". I do not see where the problem with anything. Crafting normal scrolls is not a simple click, you either gather hours and hours or aethertap, then morph, then craft non stop. As I said I worked really hard for these scrolls and now I have to sell it on the npc for pennies, heck if I even manage to do so with the kinah
  5. They value BnS players more because they pay a ton of money to play the game. Someone said there is no way BnS has any 100% free to play gamer because the game is designed like this. Those that are hooked are those willing to pay a lot fo money. Aion on the other hand doesn't yield them much, the majority of gamers here are 100% free to play and do not bother with buying ANYTHING with real money. Here, I made a meme for this
  6. What do you mean "finish stuff"? If you are a new player I understand this but ti is nobody fault you started now. If you are an old player and you didn't finish campaigns for example or quests (like me) there is little to no excuse. I always thought campaigns and necessary quests were a mere hustle and avoided finishing those that didn't matter. I still have campaigns as low as lvl 50 not done at all. But it would be silly to think a whole game will delay 1 week so you can finish your things. If 1 more week is enough, then you had plenty of time to do this previous weeks.
  7. Does this mean we can still trade things between chars of the same account via that?
  8. I kept about 30 billion kinah in cash (I bought a ton of transcendence temperings and normal temperings cause I had like double that or more) that will be 1000 ingots and 12 billion. I am not sure about this. I might buy me more tempering and keep less gold bars and money.
  9. So I have a ton of stat scrolls, normal crafted ones. If I knew that you will just delete those I wouldn't have crafted it, why not compensate something for them as well? You are acting as if normal scrolls were given to us for free, I worked really hard for those and now you are deleting them. Only the 1 hour scrolls are exchanged and in a really bad ratio!!! This is one of the worst things you decided to do. I spent hours gathering, morphing, crafting to get them and now you are "hey whatever is not on that list we will just delete it yay, you should be so happy we are the best team, we
  10. Well I play with Shift+F12 in EC for example, I didn't know that high details won't cause a problem when in Shift+F12. I'll try it, I always played in normal graphics for this reason.
  11. I wouldn't get to antialising 8x myself, 2x would be more than enough. Problem with this game is that if you are doing massive event or go into towns you can't 1-click change settings so your pc can handle this. So I myself usually play on lower details although my pc can take higher graphics with 120fps in normal areas. I can only assume this might have something to do with your graphics card. I am not 100% sure, try updating the drivers, if this doesn't solve the problem then try a smaller anti-alising and check if the problem persists. I personally do not have a ghosting problem with
  12. Wait till October 24th, we get 6.2 update and then the game changes dramatically.
  13. My 5 cents on it is that even a person with +15 75a2 items will be stepped on by those dedicated to pvp. PvP is a job now, you either do it and do it correctly, or you don't do it at all. I have +15 75a2 gear for example (and only my weapon is upgraded) and I can die in 0.5 seconds by known people that are always outside norsvold waiting for you to make the mistake to go out of town, I can hardly hit a single instant skill in 0.5 seconds and I am already 10 times stunned and dead. I know they are all probably full +30 or something but using 10 skills per second is also something that should
  14. I am trying to log an alt account and the verification is never sent, not in rubbish/spam mail, it is not in another folder, it just never gets received. Is there a way to at least disable this worthless security thing? EDIT: I am trying to contact support, they replied that I need to message them with the account that is being affected... which I can't because to log that account I need the verification code that I cannot get. Seriously, delete that verification code thing, it only serves as a nerve breaking feature.
  15. Is there a way to lower the camera attitude on a char? I know there is an option to raise it even higher above the character's head but is there a way to make it lower than the default? I want this so when I take a screenshot I want my char to be fully centered and not lose any area, if I want my char to be 100% visible in all screen from head to toes then I need to have him rather far losing details, if I bring him closer his feet are cropped but there is plenty of space above his head. Look at the whole char screenshot: If I bring him closer, his feet will be cropped a
  16. Hm, not tried this to be honest but they sell for like 3m on broker.
  17. You are the one who is rude coming to me telling I am salty and to go play another game. This is a post about the event and the rewards, the outcome of the event is a mixture of RNG, the reward list and the economy of my server. I am not mad or pissed or anything, I only addressed that some rewards are pre 5.0 relevant and that the overall bad game route and the fact people are quitting it, is making the economy so low that even the good rewards didn't worth as much. This is a post about statistics and to help other players decide what they will do with their boxes or how they will go by
  18. And in every post I make you come to be salty yourself with your alt accounts because you are scared to come with your main account. I am not salty, I opened the boxes as the game intends and there were some 65 and lower rewards and I also mentioned they are not worthy, I made fun of it in the end unless you are not sarcastically savvy. Also nobody asked you what you did with you alt cleric. I have a shitload of alts all 70+, many of them 73+, I didn't brag about it. Go play another game or whine in another post. You are telling me about RNG and enchants and a price for +10 cor
  19. I saw a video on youtube where you exchange your +10 manastones for something new that doesn't worth as much in 6.0+ but I saw nowhere anything about +1~+9 manastones.
  20. They won't learn unless we riot or agree all together to stop buying NC coin, this is the only thing they understand.
  21. OK, so I got myself 381 poppy boxes, I did sell some when they were selling for 100m+ I did buy some when they dropped at 50m. I made MOST of them myself with my main and alts and I am a multibillionaire ingame as usually so I said "lets open them, maybe I make more profit than selling them". Before I show you the results, I have to tell you that the first round I opened the 381 poppys, I got about 4993 poppy letters back, which was another 166 boxes and some change. From those 166 boxes, I got another 103 later on and then it was 60 and then 33 and then it went so low each time that I st
  22. Let me fix these rewards and make them just worthy having, because the above rewards are deletable rewards, nobody will waste spirit stone of eternity crafting those +4 stones to +5 and +6 and more.! Here: Manastone: Power +6 (x1) Manastone: HP +6 (x1) Manastone: Agility +6 (x1) Manastone: Precision +6 (x1) Manastone: Knowledge +6 (x1) Manastone: Will +6 (x1) ...there, I fixed it, giving ONE +6 manastone worths more than getting 50x +4 ones! Event he old +27 m.boost manastone worths more than a +4 Knowledge.
  23. OK, so I opened 381 poppy's boxes... and I think it was a big fat mistake. I ended up getting enough poppy letters to get back another 170 (the first round) then another 100 etc so I opened plenty of poppy boxes more than the original 381. I am going to make a stand alone post about the rewards in detail but... ....WHY on earth is Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) a 65 and lower one? WHY, I was so happy getting this item, and I didn't even notice that it was the worthless one, you advertised that we are about to get into 6.0+, you gave us a table or exchanges in items etc... and y
  24. Well I am an Asmodian from Katalam, that would have to be the same race/server but also I bought all boons of broker now and then burned them, so I cannot find enough till the end of power up. If there were enough boons I'd be enchanting at the same time 2~3 different ones and see, but I would also have to find a right spot then.
  25. Well I didn't know I had to change the stigma itself, I mean I just took a test with a cheap sh!tty one that nobody needs, started at about 2m price up to almost 10m, I bought 17 of them, I ended up with a +3 stigma. you know the struggle, this is what happens most of the time when I try to enchant stigma. There is no such thing as RNG, it is a drop dead algorithm made to devour your kinah, there is some fake advertising with this event that you can enchant easier just because it doesn't get all the way to 0, but a +3 is the safe to enchant without an event and this is what I am left. If i
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