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  1. Well since I took my weapon as much as +28 I have to say that consequent enchants are a sure fail. This is not pure RNG, it is an algorithm, if you haven't enchanted in many days it seems to favor the success, if you enchant a lot, the moment it breaks, you should stop, it will keep breaking. This is why everyone keeps complaining about RNG, because it is not a pure randomized procedure, it is an algorithm meant to make you fail. ~~~ In short, enchant once every few days, not a guarantee to succeed, but if you put 100 omegas one after another your weapon might have not been able to ge
  2. Coalition is the EXACT opposite to team play, because NOW people afk more than ever. Nobody kicks afkers, the coalition failed. If you got into a premade in the previous sieges model and you afked, you were black listed, never again to be invited. That was what building a trusted community meant. You cared to be active, you cared not to be black listed. Team play, social play, do your thing for the whole function. If you get kicked now, you simply re-apply to the coalition and return. you don't even need an invitation, you invite yourself. ...have you ever been in a coalition siege? It
  3. Excuse you, I made the point here and you missed it. It is about a pve instance giving pvp rewards. People wanted to make this about "this is what the game was, go make your own FM group etc" Get a grip
  4. Legion ownership was not a good thing, I was mentioning what it used to be. I say if legions are going to have an ownership then the legion that does the most dps I guess should get it, not the one who was given the lead of the league even though his legion didn't compete as much as others. But you cannot argue that when legions could own a castle, they sure did care more about going there and contributing. ...effort yes, they removed the mob killing in the reward system at some point (which was the only reasonable thing to do) and only pvp could give you contribution. Effort me
  5. Ever since coalition came to be there were so drastic changes. For start you can no longer make a group/alliance/league to go there, it automatically does it for everyone and so far all matching algorithms in Aion are really badly implemented or just totally broken. Fortress ownership: With the old system a legion could be the "owner" of the castle if they had the lead of the league, this created politics and drama but it could be better implemented With the new system ownership doesn't exist Formation: The old system had the perfect formation system, you could g
  6. A sm should be the last to complain in general. It is one of the broken classes since forever.
  7. For a moment I was dumbstruck with what you wrote, I said to myself "I have tailoring so high and I have never seen those bags". Then I realized you made a suggestion. Which would be reasonable to get but they delete the professions in 6.0. I guess if they make it all untradeable then having a specific amount of slots will serve a purpose that now doesn't. But if in 6.0 I cannot deal with limited storage then this would be one more reason to quit.
  8. And here is a post about yet another pve instance giving amazing rewards for pvp. We call them out on these things hoping they fix them. I do not want to have to do Frozen Monolith. I hope in 6.0 they do their deal and totally separate pvp with pve
  9. Yes this is why I am concerned, I am used to having a 2nd account with 8 chars with their inventories and warehouses full of my extra items. But at 6.0 we will have to get rid of everything.
  10. I have a ton of these on alts that don't need it, also many items are tradeable so you can use it on them, but not on upgraded equipment. That is true. Reduction system is broken for sure.
  11. I'd love to see those too. People will be able to buy their gear instead of leveling it and the many amount of alts people have will help them get a ton of these. But if the upgraded get wraps, then why not have the wraps themselves too.
  12. I wouldn't expect an intellectual amoeba like you to understand the case. I haven't run FM but this is not the case, my case is that I am doing PVP instances and I do not see soul stones there, while they put soul stones in pve instances. People doing pve shouldn't get rewarded with pvp stuff. P.S. I never did BOS either, why would I bother with BOS when it is a pve instance and it gives pve rewards? I don't do pve and this is the biggest reason I never did FM, and the only reason I ever mentioned it is because it gives pvp rewards that I am interested in. I don't care about the pve reward
  13. Another reason I "complained" is that if we get the enchant event again, I will not have my accessories upgraded yet to be able to raise them high on temperings. I already did my weapon and it took me more than one month, it sure worth it. But I just wanted th game to give me plenty of chances to be able to get soul stones, other than going in EC and hoping not to get in with afkers or against a lethal premade enemy entry. And trust me, if I could go to Frozen Monolith I would, I have very good pve items (like Graywolf +6/+7 etc and a good harvester weapon). It is just that this instance is
  14. The thing is pretty simple though. A PVE instance giving so much wanted rewards for pvp. Like back in the days of GP and TEB (The Eternal Bastion) where people would get high ranking by doing 10x TEB per day... zero pvp and still got ahead in ranks, while doing pvp gave you practically no GP. I am trying to upgrade my items and since I cannot go to Frozen monolith, because although end game pve dressed, this requires a static group to do and I don't have one, I can only rely on EC, 4 soul stones per day, that means 6~7 months worth of farming EC on a daily basis just to do the items. Als
  15. Last night, a hated character, got with me on EC. This guy has a cleric and a sorcerer (high ranking) with the same name (one written with a lower case " L " and one written with an uppercase " i ". This guy at some point requested vice, the moment he got it, I was kicked and then I learned from others that they also got kicked. This guy puts his chars afk (at least one of them) and then when he gets called out for this, he holds a grunge against you. The problem here is that HOW can I report the incident with log proof? When you get kicked from an instance server dungeon, your chat gets
  16. With so many outdated pvp instances why do we have Frozen Monolith, a pve instance, giving soulstones to upgrade pvp gear? Evergale Canyon seems a reasonable thing since it is a pvp instance. BUT you can get 5x soulstones from Frozen Monolith and with 4 entries per week that is 20 soul stones. (Unless I heard wrongly about the numbers) How about we got 1 soul stone instead from every winning pvp instance, EOB, OW, IDL... heck even Dredgion has pvp along with the pve aspect. Even a winning siege could be more reasonable to give you a soul stone. All of these don't have to give soul st
  17. Solo was practically impossible for end game things back when getting dressed was a personal thing. Meaning that you couldn't buy your medals and buy your gear, now you can do that. With ceraniums and even further back, you had to compete with others in sieges, instances etc and hope to get AP and medals. Peopel would beg to be in a static group that spammed TEB (The Eternal Bastion) for medals. Now you can buy your spinel medals or even better (after the daeva dash event) you can dress your char in full 75a2 items with about 100m~130m per piece. So 2 weapons + head + main + legs + boots +
  18. I used to feel the same and not only I as a sorc lack the healing abilities and survivability of the others, but I also play with ping. Now that I have a ping reduction service (which doesn't really take my ping much lower but it stabilizes my connection making it a solid client-server connection) I am doing all floors. First I couldn't kill floor 36 and I still find that the hardest for a sorc, since we cannot evade any magic attacks so that boss can lethally kill me with 2 consequent skills if I do not pay attention. Then I could only kill last boss with wind form, now I can od it witho
  19. Just read the changes that will occur in 6.0 so you won't bother with things that will be changed/deleted. For example I have +10 essence cores and I will be rewarded something because of them. But I did them in the enchant event when they didn't break, so you shouldn't bother with those.
  20. So 2x from amulet and 3x from the event buff = 6x and he gets all the XP by himself.
  21. Well I still haven't been there, this instance is one of the hard ones and only static groups do it.
  22. There is no reason to wait. Sure some things will be deleted in 6.0 but you can always get ready for what is coming. For example don't socket +11/+12 manastones, they will be deleted. Don't bother with essence cores now, they will be deleted as well. Getting in now and getting money or getting items etc, won't hurt anything when you return, even better when 6.0 comes you won't feel like you are new again, you will be used to it. I've quit Aion 3 times in the past for personal reasons, each time from 6 to 10 months, and when I was returning I felt like I didn't know what I was doing wit
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