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  1. Does anyone remember these old icons of our skills? they got different hue as they became higher and higher. Nostalgia hits here, but I remember how difficult it was to get some skills due to rare books etc. Then they gave us the books in NPCs, then they realized it was useless to need books so we got an auto learn. I just remember the skills' colours and I wanted to share this.
  2. Well there are a few languages that I can't stand in my ears, like Russian or German, just they are harsh, on the other hand find Chinese kinda soft while Korean, Japanese etc sound pretty difficult for me to hear for a long time. I am from Greece, I am sure there will be plenty of people that wouldn't be able to stand my language, nothing to be afraid to say. The fact it is made by Koreans doesn't mean we should like the language as well. I have never been able to enjoy an anime (I am not a fan btw) in the original Japanese language, they all sound like trying too hard to sound tough wh
  3. OR if by any chance you get in and the opponent hit cancel or left before the match started, you should get the full winning rewards as if you won the opponent 5 times (or whatever it is needed to win) (P.S. I haven't entered the arenas since like 1,5 years now and I don't even know if winning a non opponent match still gives you less rewards than a fully win against an opponent does, so excuse me if it is changed/fixed)
  4. Well I had my master harvester at +27 and thought I'd try to get it to +30, let me tell you what. I wasted 42 omega stones (worth about 4,5billion) and with the enchant fees it was an additional 6B or something. That was a good 10 billion worth of wasting money and my weapon was still at +27. It looks like after that it could get to +28 pretty rare and only ONCE it went to +29 and then failed. I am not even your average player, I have alts and play all day when there are events. If you really want us to stay here, at least remove the ridiculous fee of the enchants past +15, we can't
  5. ...I usually play with all sounds muted, but if I ever had to endure Korean voices I would burn the hard disc that Aion is installed on and throw it away. I can't stand the asian languages at all, maybe because I grew to loath them while in university because of all my friends were watching anime without an English dub.
  6. Make sure you have "Display Effect" into "All" so you can see those ground skills they do especially pierce which is great damage. Melee chars are having trouble in that instance in general.
  7. OK so, the item can be enchanted without breaking above +15 just like the upgraded weapons (harvester and prime archon), but does it get any bonuses? I mean how is this going to be an OP pvp weapon, if someone has an 80a2 pvp upgraded weapon, enchanted to +25, it gives additional pvp bonus. A suna weapon +25 will only have the base stats upgraded (right?), to make it pvp you have to armsfuse a pvp weapon below, but that armsfused weapon won't get any additional pvp bonus because it is +0. Is the extend-able so important that this beats a real pvp weapon?
  8. Oh hell naw they better didn't! I guess I'll have to sell all those 1000 boxes I'll make then, they sell for 2,5b in broker, it will obviously drop in price soon Thanks, I don't see how this is good, but then again I know nothing about fighters' weapons
  9. Open world was never leveling friendly since the twinking times. Unfortunately you can only rely on instances and if you can buy some scrolls repeat the easy ones. Also when there is a passive XP buff, make sure you use amulets to raise it even more. Do these instances at all costs: 1) Luna daily & Luna weekly 2) Adma, Thebomos, Drakensheer Lair, Fallen Poeta, if you have a friend to carry you, clear the room, bring the boss close to 5% HP and then they should leave you alone to get all the XP in some of them it is more than possible. 3) Fissure, this is easy one, single playe
  10. Or better yet, instead of getting an entry window for enter or pass, you are simply ported in. After all you applied and this means you are asking to enter. This way if you apply and cancel before you get an match you wouldn't lose one of the 5 entries. But if you find an opponent, you are simply ported in.
  11. excuse everyone, I never got ANY rewards when that skunk zero was asking for lead so she can kick me and then safely go afk. I reported her sorry bottom several times, she is still there afking and I never got any rewards I lost.
  12. The more you pvp the more you will get used to it. also never be afraid to lose, in this game you will most likely lose since there are people devoted to the point they are so overgeared or they play a broken class, hence chill and keep trying.
  13. You have 1 free run per 46lvl+ char per day. You can run more with scrolls only, not with entry boost pack or prestige pack. does anyone have a link to that sunakaya weapon thing? Is it better than a master harvester weapon? (My master harvester is +27 with a provenance armsfusion for example)
  14. People need to understand 4x events are meant for your main, if you want to run them on all 100 alts of yours this is not the game's problem. Anyway we have kumuki now, go run it in all your 100 alts, I'll do the same But I also kinda agree 4x awesome events is too much to ask, I only said get 1 real event at a time, but be a real one.
  15. Well give it a try, if Xigncode "sees" it it will close the client, you don't get banned for xigncode positives, it is full of false positives all the time so half the server should be banned by now. I also play in high details, but those reshades etc seem to be able to alter the whole look of the game. But that is good mostly or only for screenshots.
  16. There was this Black Friday sales for it, I missed it, but back then I didn't own an a-rank pet. https://na.aiononline.com/en/news/announcements/11232017-black-cloud-friday-sales-now-live.php Last month I paid for a prestige and took some alt chars in my main account to lvl 53 to make the quest for the 4000 coins which translates to 40 minium. If I had more time I would have been able to make me 1 char per day and do the quests for it and then continue the next day. BUT, I couldn't play many hours so I made only a handful of chars at 53 lvl so I couldn't complete my sheeba. First tim
  17. I guess something was off in my client and it redownloaded it all. I usually rename the movies folder so I won't have to see those cutscenes every time, but I saw that and it was OK so I am not sure what was it. As for the events, I think they do have a saying on what event they put here. It is just these drop events are not really events. I guess we should see it as if "hey there are times there are no events at all, so lets be happy we got some sh!tty one now, better than nothing". Lets stay positive, we get some useless event drops now that we can delete like the junk we do.
  18. Are there any, and if yes under what section? wouldn't it be at least reasonable to have a search ability in BCM to save all these questions?
  19. I was in EU and they sold the servers to GF and GF back then ruined the game, then I came here. In servers that already die you do have the audacity to tell people to leave.
  20. Is the maintenance's update today THAT big, it downloaded 668MB. Also what is it with those fake events we get? An event needs to have its own thing. This is not an event we have now, it's like a drop boost for some additional items (the event ones) to do some quests. It forces you to do pve instances that are normal, to get some event rewards. A real event is the one that you play by itself, in its own instance or that is irrelevant to existing non-event instances an mobs. Take a look at the events they got in Europe, not only they get REAL events, they have 4 real events at once:
  21. These are presets for Reshade, the problem is whether Reshade can even detect Aion now or not due to the client needed and because it is a ./bin and not an .exe and you cannot run the game with a bat file. Don't wait for a reply from Cyan though, this is a 3rd party application and as long as it doesn't change the graphics to exploit, it shouldn't be their choice to tell us whether it is allowed or not. After all I have a rather good graphic card, I can play with full details because of it and because of the renderers it has and because of the drivers and they can't tell me that I exploit m
  22. But then someone told me there are only three options for this tunic, and they are all passive pvpv buffs!!! Oh well you learn a lessons every day These are the options:
  23. Alright to sum this up, I talked to the GMs and they told me ok, they will revert my item back to +20 (o,O) yes, they thought this was a broken item and that I wanted it restored. I told them that it is not a broken item since it is a master harvester and I want to take it from +21 back to +19 so it loses the skill and I can retry to get a new skill. They said OK, and they ended their phrase with this: I am going to excuse them for a second time because they still probably don't know the issue here. The skill you get its totally random! -------------------------------------
  24. It doesn't have according to the official site. https://reshade.me/compatibility Also in the forums someone asked if it is possible to tweak aion to make it work with it and someone said no because you need the launcher and you cannot run it with a bat file or turn it into an exe from bin. https://reshade.me/forum/troubleshooting/3633-aion#24544
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