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  1. So this mass dc feature of EC that you never removed, makes people disconnect from server, if it makes it when the EC is about to finish then you get 0 rewards (losing or winning) and you are teleported outside it and if you try to re-apply, it says you have 10 minutes cool down to re-enter. Either fix your mass dc bugs, or remove the penalty from Ec for re-entering until you figure out how to fix that instance.
  2. This is like the broker fees suggestion I made back when the fees were too much and people like you came here to tell me I am an idiot for suggesting. Then they shut their mouths when the broker fees were finally changed. Can you stop commenting on suggestions and constructive posts? The only reason I cared to know what FM is is because of the pvp rewards I am interested. I realized it is more of a hustle than I thought. @Decalcomania-KT I suggest you to enjoy your pve as much as you can, they are fixking it in the end, I was hoping they would separate pvp and pve earlier. Do your thing.
  3. If you guys remember that was changed in5.0 when they decided to throw acid on the faces of our chars and then gave us plastic surgery tickets to fix them, realizing they changed the faces too so you couldn't get your char to look like before, they added a lot of bags under the eyes, as it is a trend in the asian countries to get that (yes people go under the knife to puff up the bags under their eyes to make them look more cute, goodness lord) My character looked good, now I keep the sunglasses on to avoid seeing how they ruined the faces and especially the eyes.
  4. I want to have it on my side too with info, though, so I can see and know exactly what happened. I sure did report this guy but I had to put the moment it happened as an average guess. I also included parts of the chat prior to this kick like "give me vice" but I couldn't point the exact time frame for this since it was inside EC and that chat was deleted.
  5. I was referring to over +15 enchants. Before that I always use omega +suplements.
  6. This is another mistake they did. You turn soul stones into gray wolf marks and then buy the pouches to turn it again into pvp soul stones. But somehow getting gray wolf is as easy as afk since people afk in evergale and still get the soul stones. Which is another flaw and we made a ton of posts and suggestions for afking (one of them was that they implemented the kicking ability) PvP soul stones and Graywolf marks should be irrelevant to each other and there we are, having pvp and pve items interchangeable.
  7. Aion has always been like this? YOU BET IT WAS and we kept asking for changes that later came. You seem to enjoy it, are you a pve hero who love to get pvp affiliated items via a safe instance? Aion has always had flaws and we always had suggestions that later on were implemented. It is people like you that never cared for a change for a better game, you came to a post about a pve instance that gives the most wanted pvp rewards, that no other pvp instance gives (apart from EC) and you came here to tell us that it has always been like this so we should take it in the ass and enjoy it? My
  8. A log file that keeps track of the chat wouldn't be a problem, an official one would be even better so they can trust it. But we are day dreaming here.
  9. Best solution is to remove the cool down on leaving from EC. think about it, people keep asking to be kicked to re-queue fast, so that does the trick most of the times. Simply remove the penalty, nobody will complain, nobody will ask for a kick, nobody will have a problem with you leaving the game in a losing match and nobody will hate the bad algorithm that got you into a losing fight with the enemies being 3k points ahead and inside our base killing everyone. And probably the best solution is ---> STOP putting players into EC when the game started like 10 minutes ago, what is the po
  10. Thank you, I also believe people should be able to form their groups or alliances and then join the coalition like that because this way you ensure you won't get kicked by idiots who just want to screw you and then you have to open tickets hoping to fix it. @Bryos-DN The coalition is like communism, all unicorns and equality until it is implemented on humans who are so different to each other. One works and another one doesn't, they both get the same in return, pushing those that work to become unwilling to keep trying. In the end the place gets lethargic and people complain that communism w
  11. I am sure they do have it, and I did report the player. It is just that I wish I knew on my side better who is it 100% sure. I do not know what they did to that character though since they never say what they do to those who abuse the system.
  12. Well since I took my weapon as much as +28 I have to say that consequent enchants are a sure fail. This is not pure RNG, it is an algorithm, if you haven't enchanted in many days it seems to favor the success, if you enchant a lot, the moment it breaks, you should stop, it will keep breaking. This is why everyone keeps complaining about RNG, because it is not a pure randomized procedure, it is an algorithm meant to make you fail. ~~~ In short, enchant once every few days, not a guarantee to succeed, but if you put 100 omegas one after another your weapon might have not been able to ge
  13. Coalition is the EXACT opposite to team play, because NOW people afk more than ever. Nobody kicks afkers, the coalition failed. If you got into a premade in the previous sieges model and you afked, you were black listed, never again to be invited. That was what building a trusted community meant. You cared to be active, you cared not to be black listed. Team play, social play, do your thing for the whole function. If you get kicked now, you simply re-apply to the coalition and return. you don't even need an invitation, you invite yourself. ...have you ever been in a coalition siege? It
  14. Excuse you, I made the point here and you missed it. It is about a pve instance giving pvp rewards. People wanted to make this about "this is what the game was, go make your own FM group etc" Get a grip
  15. Legion ownership was not a good thing, I was mentioning what it used to be. I say if legions are going to have an ownership then the legion that does the most dps I guess should get it, not the one who was given the lead of the league even though his legion didn't compete as much as others. But you cannot argue that when legions could own a castle, they sure did care more about going there and contributing. ...effort yes, they removed the mob killing in the reward system at some point (which was the only reasonable thing to do) and only pvp could give you contribution. Effort me
  16. Ever since coalition came to be there were so drastic changes. For start you can no longer make a group/alliance/league to go there, it automatically does it for everyone and so far all matching algorithms in Aion are really badly implemented or just totally broken. Fortress ownership: With the old system a legion could be the "owner" of the castle if they had the lead of the league, this created politics and drama but it could be better implemented With the new system ownership doesn't exist Formation: The old system had the perfect formation system, you could g
  17. A sm should be the last to complain in general. It is one of the broken classes since forever.
  18. For a moment I was dumbstruck with what you wrote, I said to myself "I have tailoring so high and I have never seen those bags". Then I realized you made a suggestion. Which would be reasonable to get but they delete the professions in 6.0. I guess if they make it all untradeable then having a specific amount of slots will serve a purpose that now doesn't. But if in 6.0 I cannot deal with limited storage then this would be one more reason to quit.
  19. And here is a post about yet another pve instance giving amazing rewards for pvp. We call them out on these things hoping they fix them. I do not want to have to do Frozen Monolith. I hope in 6.0 they do their deal and totally separate pvp with pve
  20. Yes this is why I am concerned, I am used to having a 2nd account with 8 chars with their inventories and warehouses full of my extra items. But at 6.0 we will have to get rid of everything.
  21. I have a ton of these on alts that don't need it, also many items are tradeable so you can use it on them, but not on upgraded equipment. That is true. Reduction system is broken for sure.
  22. I'd love to see those too. People will be able to buy their gear instead of leveling it and the many amount of alts people have will help them get a ton of these. But if the upgraded get wraps, then why not have the wraps themselves too.
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