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  1. I killed those, so you mean the orb that ports me to the last boss would work without eating that one? I will take notice next time, but I will have a problem with my alt getting agro. Anyway thanks for that infor
  2. Damn a whole BT run, my lowbie got 2 levels, got about 3 inventory bags full of items.... and only 2 firm balaur horns. That will take a while, I need like 55 or something. P.S. I had my 55 lvl in group but couldn't mentor him due to lvl restrictions so I kept a lvl 1 in group for my main to be able to turn into a mentor. The boss right before the final boss was so hard to kill, because he transforms you into a soul that you cannot do anything. I died on my main, nobody to dispel it and then I went back in fire form and managed to do it better, I almost died again to be honest. But it wo
  3. I think the conversation stops when you start writing bullsh!t like "you wouldn't be here crying". Did someone cry, did you moved from your seat? Get a grip. An equally skilled and geared sorc vs another class is what we talk. Also you are not entitled to tell me what I will play or if I should quit sorc because they decided to nerf it. You do not care about me having a good time in game, you already expressed so, so stop pretending you are giving me options. I have played other classes, I have soloed bosses with my SM, I have seen what SW are capable of because I played with my SW alt, and
  4. And do you think hard mode gives better drops? P.S. the reason I'd rather go to BT is because all those mobs I practically 1-shoot kill or 2-shoot kill as a sorc with full harvester and the bosses won't be an issue. Rentus base is much harder even for a 75 lvl sorc and I did manage to kill the final boss as well but that was much harder because the levels are higher.
  5. Excuse you, I didn't leave before the timer and if you want to make a change ask for it. I am entering the arena personally, I can leave it at any given time. The system is not my fault. I personally wouldn't mind if the person that is left behind gets full winning points. Give us a warning for leaving a personal instance? Who are you to tell me that? You should ask for warnings for people entering grouped instances and the leaving or going afk. My personal instance is my personal business. Your problem is the system that doesn't give the other person winning points although they technic
  6. If it si permanent they could give names, but if it is not permanent shaming characters or accounts would end up in people having to quit the game or change their characters' names.
  7. SM was, is and will probably continue to be the most ret@rd3d class ever. Fear is the single most powerful debuff in game and SM has a good amount of them and they last plenty of time.
  8. I am a little irritated at the amount of times someone wrote "learn how to play your class" type posts. If they nerf sorcs more that is it, they nerfed it. Sorcs became the punch bags of Aion since 3.0 If I know my sorc well and a SW knows his class well then the SW will beat me because of class imbalance. Unless you mean I should learn my sorc and hope others won't learn their class so I can brag about playing a sh!tty class and still win. A sh!tty class is a sh!tty class, no matter how well you learn to play it.
  9. I agree, we are having so many skills and we need many more for potions, equipment set shortcuts, scrolls etc.
  10. Oh so BT also drops them, because I did Rentus Base solo and it doesn't worth it, I got 2 firm balaur horns only fromt he whole instance. I'll go BT then. And also any specific mobs in silentera?
  11. Thanks man, I will take my lowbie in Silentera then, mentor him and he will get the loot with a Pink Nyako pet. And i'll give a check on the instances you mentioned. I never done any of these so if they are low lvv I will be able to solo them probably, with my 75 lvl sorc.
  12. Well with just a weapon of full +10 knowledge my crit spell is above 1000 and my m.boost is close to 5900, but that is with the armors being really bad. I knew about diminishing rewards in basic stats and I hate them
  13. I used to leave too when I cared to do the arenas (I no longer enter although I have very good pvp items). If the enemy was way too strong what was the point for me to stay in there, be consumed only to get the minor rewards. As you said you care for insignias, I personally didn't. For me it was a win or a quit. I thought about removing my items so the enemy can win faster and I won't lose augments (because it costs hell lot) but after some times doing it I felt that I either play against the enemy or I should leave. Staying there to die 5 times in order to get the lame rewards isn't my
  14. I thought there was no way to make sorcs worse than now. I guess I'll have to sell everything before 6.0 and quit before everything becomes soul bound.
  15. Exactly my point, I would be equally a damage dealer if I played a gladiator, probably better because of the most aoe skills and because with extra defense and HP I wouldn't be a risk in the group. I remember in Infinity Shard after the instance was done, many Clerics were in the top dps ranking, and they even had to heal us in support. If a Cleric can be a dps... can I be a healer? Nope, so my class is dumpified in the progress of making all other classes more dps, more pve, more defensive and more powerful in general.
  16. I tried the whole Gelkmaros area, I tried some of the enshar ones too. Did they remove this from drops and if not where do they drop? I need to make some skins with crafting and sadly this is an essential material, also broker has absolutely none of them
  17. How the hell is it possible to make a +38 item, don't they break? And does it give additional pvp stats if overenchanted? Tis is why I cannot kill all those pro players that get in our areas and kill a whole group alone. I think the max enchant cap is a good thing in the end.
  18. Shugo console is not bannable? It is a client enhancer that gives you a different and more beneficial field of view. What if someone uses a hack for anti-hide then? It changes the view of your client in the same sense shugo console takes advantage of client hacking. The reason they don't ban you is because it is not an obvious and direct hack, it is not like you attack faster or that you glide upwards, so they can see you and catch you. They will also not be able to ban you if you use an anti-hide hack as long as you play smart and not start following people in hide. Zoom hacks, camera hack
  19. I cannot kill anyone in 1~2 seconds, so if another class can kill me in this amount of time, thy are more dps than my class. Stop this "learn to play your class" thing. If sorc is the most offensive class in game, I should be able to dps an enemy's HP faster than the enemy can dps my HP. There are classes that even if I use all my ulties on them, they won't get lower than half their HP, meanwhile they can probably kill me. If I could use my ability to distance, then every melee class would be useless against a sorc and you know pretty well that a few melee classes can rip a sorc, like as
  20. What he means is that some classes have a sh!tload of defenses and for a strange reason they are given a lot of offenses. I always played a mage in all games and usually mages were the overpowered classes, I find Aion sorcerer to be the bigger p**ssy of all mages in all games. Sorcerers are not even dmg dealers anymore, we are a support CC class, and our CC is easily broken by a simple hit. I know someone will say "learn to play your sorc" but when a gladiator can kill me in 1~2 seconds I doubt there is any room to "learn". I can barely cast 2~3 spells in the meantime and that wouldn't t
  21. Guys to upgrade 75a2 accessories you need to have them at least +7 and when you upgrade them and if they are +7 they are upgraded to +2. So if I have the 75a2 accessories +9 for example, will they go to +4 when upgraded or will it be +2 and that's it? I am asking because the event will be over in 2~3 days and I need to make sure I can exploit it for my upgraded accessories that I will do weeks and months later. Thanks for the info
  22. the special skill sorcerers get (the one that does aoe dmg and DoT) does an insane dmg if you level it all the way up too. Personally I never had a huge problem with it. My problem is floor 36 with that boss that can single-shot kill me. And of course I could have never eaten floor 40 without wind transform. I have a lot of ping. But with wind transform I managed to make a rather good time last week.
  23. It is the same to pvp attacks, you get the highest number of both weapons in the normal stats, and you also carry everything in augment/condition
  24. I am also Hellene and I cannot attend any sieges. The game is halted for me. We had Aion for European players but NCSoft sold it and we had to abandon all our hard work there and come to NA, I play with permanent ping and cannot do most of the stuff. I only log in because I enjoy some events and do solo things only, just to pass the time. Same way I enter FB to pass my time I mean. For non European players there is no real Aion with all the content anymore.
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