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  1. Well, at least now I can delete all those useless coins and get back one free inventory spot on all alts. Imagine an event that does nothing but occupy your inventory. 😆
  2. I also noticed that but I guess nobody gives a … because people are not doing this instance if it was not for kerub and event.
  3. Yeah, I’m surprised that greater transformation shards and wyvern transformation contracts are not in reward list.
  4. Wait what ???? Do you mean this event has already ended ?
  5. But wait, you can still use titan coins to get an OP pve buff… where ? … in Inggison !!!!! why ? …. probably to help us farm 50 mobs for luna. Thank you NC for such an awesome reward.
  6. Well, on a positive note - this event is exactly the same as last year, at least it’s not nerfed like anniversary event, thank you. However, last year Aion was a completely different game, so it would be nice to keep the rewards up-to-date with the new content. Because now we will have to choose between 8.0 content and farming old-content rewards from this event. Basically we are paying with Holy waters for a chance to obtain old-game transformations.
  7. Basically just kill Nightmarish Gellar on all channels
  8. After all these years, I still believe they are not stupid. However, I feel they like "first-come-first-serve" things. For example. why not make wrap npcs spawn at random location, random spawn - ok, but why not simply make a weekly limit per account like with legendary enchantment tickets for example ? They can make npc stay there for let's say 3 min real time so people who don't get there in time cannot buy but at least so that the ones who made it there can get their wraps ? As for myself, I can say that mystic cloth still haven't dropped even for my alts, so even with wraps I still ha
  9. Imagine, they listen to you and make an event where a shugo spawns in inggison at 4am EU time and sells 10 wraps first-come first-served.
  10. If you need something on BCM, open it straight after you log in to the game. It usually works for the first 15 min, then gives error.
  11. Are you farming apsa ? Quests there give a lot of XP. Come on, we need your help to flip camps
  12. This event is honestly the worst one I ever seen in Aion for both players and the support stuff. @Kibbelzplease stop this madness and distribute the remaining boxes as login rewards.
  13. It’s been 3 weeks since I stopped receiving the boxes 😭
  14. Maybe it is easier in this patch to get kinah, however, you already have to farm XP to make an experience mark, why make us also farm kinah for this ? That is too complicated. The price of an XP extractor should be ten times less (50k kinah).
  15. Ofc, otherwise it will make totally no sense because if we keep getting halloween transforms we already have, it will take by the year 2050 to complete the collection, since we only get those transforms once per year. And as an excuse for the horrendous anniversary event, a selectable box with pc café mouse/kbd ranger.
  16. Yes and it would be nice that halloween event includes objects related to 8.0 patch, like new gear, holy water, etc.
  17. I’m scared of this year’s halloween event, because last year it was awesome and I’m afraid this year it won’t be at the height if my expectations… don’t want to be disappointed again
  18. So it seems that this year for anniversary we only got 12 weeks event and dream world. I’m not considering kerub event because it is related to 8.0 patch and not the anniversary. 12 weeks event is very badly organized, people are not getting reward boxes and it is hard to remember what they correspond to because they come 2 weeks after the tasks. Dream world event is probably the worst event I ever saw, the event coins can only be used to purchase consumables and the event zone is empty. To make it look even more sad, they barred the bridges that were leading to labyrinth and the oth
  19. I’m not even receiving those boxes although I completed all tasks except 20 asmos.
  20. Otherwise make items tradeable again, because trade is basically dead, the only thing we can trade is stigma stones.
  21. It’s not lazy, it’s meant to make people mad and break their computer with a hammer.
  22. Pardon, when I said “consistent” I actually meant rather “logical”, “interesting “, but you read it literally like “non-contradictory” (which is also untrue and the topic starter just submitted one if the proofs). See, if it’s a fantasy world that doesn’t mean anything can happen, there are still rules of common sense. I don’t recall any fantasy story where 90% of the world can suddenly get deleted and continents sink and rise every few years. In a fragile shell as Atreia looks like, a massive destruction of terrains and continents would inevitably lead to the collapse of all and scattering
  23. For me, the lore was pretty consistent until the fall of Tiamat.
  24. I kept telling you they removed BCM, you don’t believe… 🤗
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