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  1. Where is my compensation for having played a bugged game since 10 years ?
  2. Yeah very few people are left and since there is no servers to merge their last resort will be faction merge, so the remaining 12 people from Asmodians and 20 from Elyos can be together. It only takes them so long because they haven’t decided yet on the name of the new faction - Asmelyos or Elysodians.
  3. All we want from it are the free breaths of transformation though.
  4. If you remove your weapon, you will have higher attack speed, this helps me get rank S with runes easily.
  5. Invisible and untargetable but still killable ;)
  6. Thank you for this useless event, I won’t have to log in for another month.
  7. And I will join but with 1 hour per day can't promise anything... Maybe it's a bug they sent to motivate ppl to quit for Classic
  8. Aion pvp is now like this : you win if your opponent is the first to get the bug
  9. ah, so this was the purpose of the maintenance - to introduce a new bug, okay
  10. Yeah I just got it today, game is unplayable, screen freezes every couple of min, I just died on asmo because couldn't do anything for 10 sec. @Kibbelzplease fix it because can't play game like that
  11. Oh, this is always like that. For example, once I wanted to make a group PF nm, just for fun, where I had 400k dps on Frigida in my dps meter. And when it uploads on the website, it was only 371k, which is very different. And if you install myaion, you will see that the numbers on the website are always lower compared to the ones you see in your dpsmeter. That's why I asked here why is that and which numbers are correct ?
  12. yeah, look this is an example of a Frigida session and this is the famous AoA session that lasted more than 1 hour, according to myaion (where I have 9k dps, OP)
  13. Dear Livo, Thank you for having created and maintaining myaion dps meter, an awesome tool that helps us to explore the game and improve our performance. However, I'd like to point out some discrepancies in the software redarding sessions timing. I noticed that in 100% of the cases, the dps given by the application differs from the one uploaded on the server. Sometimes the discrepancy is small, sometimes considerable and sometimes totally irrational. For example, I have an AoA NM session that lasted 63 minutes according the both software and the website ! Also, while checking the website I notice that the session start timing is a bit weird : for example, in my solo pf nm sessions, I have start time at 13:53:43 while I cast my first skill at 14:39:54, that is almost 1 minute later. I assure you that I don't start my fight afking at boss for 1 minute. These discrepancies make it hard to evaluate the exact dps and undermine the reliability of the dps measured by myaion. Looking forward to hearing from you, Best regards, Gab
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