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  1. the BCM does open but then i dont get to see the selection items on the left side so i can't get anything besides the prestige pass on top or the fetured items
  2. Got confirmation this morning that we were not able to get a fix for IDD into today's update. I understand everyone's desire to see this particular change in-game, and I've made sure to pass the urgency along. Given that the issue has been on our "known issues" list for a week, this would suggest that the fix is more complicated than simply updating a number... there's likely something more going on here. I'll inquire for any additional details. the fact every other aion server has this 100 time IDD means it's been deleted by nsoft US aion if you guys can delete it putting it back i
  3. looks like Arhangelos is right in his calculations it takes around 50 stones to get 1stigma from +9 to +12 i needed 320 stones to get all 6 stones from +9 to +12 (even a little lower then the 2.7%)this rates are terrible hope they fix this in next patch
  4. the next update does that mean you finally first fix all the wrongs Pinbug =more then a year now and getting worse last weeks eatherforging =same a year and counting pets/minions disappearing from quick bars= it's been so long i hardly remember a time it wasn't so
  5. what happend to the weekl lugbug event quest?
  6. don't look start talking to them(or yell)because it's been months now first let them fix errors before moving on
  7. and you think they answer they are only good in ignoring ppl even beasts have more decency
  8. all fine you keep running all kind of events but when are you guys gonna bring the aetherforging recipy back so we could finally morph legend and ulti pve stones would be nice if you first fixed your errors before moving on it would be decent if at least there will be a reaction all previous mentioning of this are ignored so please show us that your human and not some kind of animal
  9. first new patch event great work. But now the real problem when,if ever are you finally gonna bring eatherforging mats for the enchantmentstones back
  10. And still nothing on the eatherforging mats to make the pve stones are you guys really trying to not get new players or old players rolling a new class?
  11. when will the eatherforging skils for guiding stones and kibrium finally be restored doing event doing tryouts with authunting al good but firt start fixingthe game
  12. please sort this please anoying as hell
  13. Anytime soon i hope it's been 12 hours and since this bug is around for 6months now it's about time you guys are gonna fix this or fire the guys that should do
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