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  1. what happend to the weekl lugbug event quest?
  2. don't look start talking to them(or yell)because it's been months now first let them fix errors before moving on
  3. and you think they answer they are only good in ignoring ppl even beasts have more decency
  4. all fine you keep running all kind of events but when are you guys gonna bring the aetherforging recipy back so we could finally morph legend and ulti pve stones would be nice if you first fixed your errors before moving on it would be decent if at least there will be a reaction all previous mentioning of this are ignored so please show us that your human and not some kind of animal
  5. first new patch event great work. But now the real problem when,if ever are you finally gonna bring eatherforging mats for the enchantmentstones back
  6. And still nothing on the eatherforging mats to make the pve stones are you guys really trying to not get new players or old players rolling a new class?
  7. when will the eatherforging skils for guiding stones and kibrium finally be restored doing event doing tryouts with authunting al good but firt start fixingthe game
  8. please sort this please anoying as hell
  9. Anytime soon i hope it's been 12 hours and since this bug is around for 6months now it's about time you guys are gonna fix this or fire the guys that should do
  10. sunday so broken server
  11. please what happend with etium drops from pvp instances there are absolutly no more drops from there and you need for morphing enchantment stones and upgrading gear with the ones you can buy with stelium coins and the quest with expierence marks it wil take ages to promote gear and all enchant stones to plus them
  12. besides making it group/alliance loot please make them available at 2 times a day
  13. that's kinda hard for them to do communicating with the community
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