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  1. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    A game to be good must be fun. This way is the basis of success for any game. Swapping the fun out of frustration or disappointment may seem functional, but it is temporary. I see people playing Street Fighter, a game that was released in August 1987 and keeps running because it's fun. Fun games stand the test of time. AION was a fun game until version 4.x and after that it has been deconstructed. AION lost its identity and has the worst RNG system I've ever seen. I do not know how long the game will hold, but one thing I'm sure of. The AION is far from its full potential and this was due to wrong decisions.
  2. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    The story is over, the game has been deconstructed. Forget. Nobody cares. Nothing that happened to the AION was casual. Everything is where it should be. They want it. Maybe shareholders are tired of this gaming thing or they want something different. They're do it to see what happens. Nobody cares. Look for something else to do. Another game, some friends, a girlfriend. Do anything ... no more AION. This is the end.
  3. Daily Luna Box is Bugged.

    Ajust for what? Who cares?
  4. Petition?

    Forget it. Nobody cares more.
  5. I will not complain any more and you know why? Because I do not care about this game anymore. See you....
  6. Relax. It is impossible for everyone. The chances of this working out are so low that you will find dozens of topics on this in the forum. The adjustment of this should only occur in version 6.5 for the coming year.
  7. [Youtube] Death of a Game: Aion

    I can not say that the game will die and I can not say otherwise, but I can say that there is a trend and the trend is that the game will lose several customers. I can not make predictions. I'm not a psychic, but I think a merger of servers is possible in a few months.
  8. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Take some time off this vacation to refresh your resume (your profile). Never know. Maybe someone or the whole team might need it.
  9. Thinking about Cubic, BOS, FM and etc. Soon we will not have groups to do this because there will be no reason to do it. Almost everything in 6.2 is limited, including enchant that do not go up. Then the game will only be monotone and aimless.
  10. Start Petition

    I also support, but I think we will not get any results. To me the chain of command is in the hands of someone who knows nothing or who cares nothing.
  11. 6.2 was the best patch but not in NA

    I counted 39 legendary stones in a single item that continues at +10. This is only a sign that we are nearing the end. I come here, I try something on the forum in the hope that the NCS would do something, but I think in fact they want the end of this game. There is no other explanation. So all I can do is look for another MMO. I'm still studying the options, but one thing I'm sure of. I'm not interested in playing MMO on my phone, so AION2 will not be for me.
  12. Death of a Game: Aion

    I really need to say that when I saw the video I was thrilled. My emotion came before I looked at the content and the information. The images of the AION story, their songs and everything else made me cry. I'm not here to praise or criticize the video. I'm just deeply sad. I'm sad to see that NCS deconstructed all the content of this incredible game. I'm sad because they ended up with cooperative trading system of the game, they destroyed the central focus of the story changing the AION to something else very far from of story. Elyos and Asmodians, Daevas in the tower of eternity. Magicians and dragons. Now... All lost. Enchant only Failures, dissatisfied customers and constantly ignored. This is so sad...
  13. Transformation System

    That's what I'm saying. This has been asked extensively and nothing will happen. I'm so sorry.
  14. New server already dead (rant)

    To me. This new server was unnecessary. All the effort used could have been converted into fixing the serious problems of the version 6.2. With the passage of time and without any useful progress the trend is ... People going away.

    Your challenge is to find people. People who regardless of the culture of the game, are able to see in the relationship with you something stronger. Do not try to change other people. Meet new people. People with the same affinity as you. This is my advice.