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    People do copy/paste each other to follow what was written, but unfortunately the goal is not the debate. The focus is always on one's will to attack the other. About the idea. I really enjoyed that race event. It only happened once in AION and it was a lot of fun.
  2. OMG. My focus is on the game and all the things that can improve. My answers are not for attacking. In fact I'm defending myself against the attacks of others. And now I need to say the obvious. Well.. If i do not like the game I would not be here. Dahhh!!!!!! About your text, you did not go well. It was improving in the middle but so bad in the end. Have focus? Nahhhh! Only to attacking me too and this resume all... I'd like to see someone say something constructive because I've been doing everything possible so that NCS does not lose any more players... There are several elements in the game that could enhance the experience whit this game. Reducing the price of transformations is just an good idea to make up for something that the majority did not like. Have much more of course, but trying to talk about it here is like throwing pearls for pigs.
  3. OMG. I had to remove this person from the ignore to respond to this so that this person does not influence others to think the wrong way. Lets go. It's amazing how you make comments totally disconnected from reality and always attacking people you do not know. I recommend. Focus on the solution of the problem and not on people based on their always wrong judgment. "... accepts everyone who applies from LFG ..." What? Are you talking about mine or yours? If it's mine, it's your mistake. You do not even know what my legion is. It's an unfounded comment. "... consider logging in at all to be a red letter day worthy of a post..." Why not? According to who? According to yourself? Who promoted you to god? "...how many of these 220 players are alt..." Do you know? Are you a medium? Fortune teller? You are totally uninformed. You should focus on facts or yourself. At most in what you think and not about of others. "...how many of them haven't logged in more than 6 months..." OMG. Again? Well, I'll tell you. None. One of our rules is if a player does not enter the AION more than 3 months is removed from the legion. I advise you to stop attacking people and focus on facts. State your opinion regarding the facts. Saying things about other people you do not know, do not know who you are ... only shows that you are in the opposite direction of common sense. It's ... or... Maybe you do not have ability to do this. I dont know. I'm really curious about that. Why you think like that? Do you want to keep everyone transformed? Think with me. Would not it be fairer if the change in appearance were optional? Forcing people to be what you want is to take away the freedom to choose. Do you disagree with that?
  4. [EU] Aion 7.0 deployment date pushed back by 2 weeks

    I need to confess something. AION is bad now and will get worse. NCS continues to ignore customers and goes do again, but the forum really continues to be fun. I know there are few people in forum now, but it's still fun. In my country it is common to say that "hope" is the last that dies. You will not understand... naturally, but the word "hope" here is also a proper name.
  5. This is very funny. I did login in AION today. My legion that has more than 220 players, does not have anyone online. My list of friends (full) does not have anyone online. And even considering this reality I see some people asking for AION 7.0 (version). This is crazy. The way things are going... The merge DN and KT = will not have enough people to this game. This is the reality. This is my point. I know that 7.0 has a new class, but the truth is that after 1 month the game will be empty. Perhaps the cost of translating version 7 into English is too high for NCS considering how many players put money into AION. I'm talking about ... people who put money and not people who are online. The reason the game is empty is because of the wrong decisions of the NCS. If the 7 arrive, this version will be filled with wrong decisions once again, because the managers can not listen the customer. My question is. Without the client, what future will this game have? Wake up. It is not 7.0 that will save AION. It's the decision of directors / managements of this game with focus (or not) in the customers.
  6. I would be happier with news about all the things the community has been asking for for so long. Imagine that: Transparent transformation scroll lasting from 24 hours to 1 kinah. Limit 100 per week. Ultimate stones do not fail anymore in legendary items. Arenas return with GP. Box containing 1 ultimate PVP or PVE item of your choice for each year of your character's existence. Luna returns to be exchanged for mounts as tiger, lion and etc. ncoins delivered with less than 30 minutes. Great variations of items that everyone wants in the NCS store such as cosmetics, old and current skins, mounts and so on. Return the polls to check what customers want for the next update. That would be update with focus on the desires of the customers. By doing things like that the game would hardly be empty. But... NCS is focusing on just nothing.
  7. Low level World Drop skins

    My opinion. From 6.x version the clothes, the appearance and the skins became insignificant. I think the cosmetic in AION was ruined because of the transformations. Acquiring a transparent item has definitely weakened people's interest in the game.
  8. Quiting game

    Very interesting this discussion. It reminds me of the series (The Walking Dead). What is the similarity? I'm gonna explain. The world is in ruins, it is dying. Humans are on the verge of extinction and instead the survivors unite to attack and kill each other. hahahahahaha The truth is different. The AION is bad now because the game has been deconstructed. Because NCS does not listen to the customer, does not make important adjustments and has focus on insignificant things. They still attack the customer, make the trade difficult, sell useless things, and when the revenue goes down, they blame the market. That's the problem.
  9. Broker Bot and Untradeable Items

    I'm against the bots, but on a priority list the bots would not be at the top.
  10. The reason why BnS become esport and popular

    Is that serious? Hahahaha. That was a good idea. The AION has deconfigured and changed from the original format. Then NCS had various incredible idea to create many reasons for clients to leave. Now, finally someone else had another idea... This is amazing. I liked it. Let's change the one thing that keeps those customers (veterans) loyal to the game. hahahahaha I think we take a serious risk of NCS love this idea. Why? Because I have not seen any other idea as incredible as that to ward off those this stubborn veterans who persist and love this game.
  11. Server Down

    hahahahahahahaha That was joke, right? I thought it was. It made me laugh a lot, but a lot. I can not stop laughing. hahahahahaha
  12. Event

    You say this because you did not lose 6 Ultimate stones in a single Legendary item for 6 running days without being able to get out of +14 and go to +15. It is by these and others reasons that the game is as it is now. Agonizing and dying slowly. Luckily for me, I'm testing other games. I will not leave AION, but I'm playing less every day. Now whenever I try to get into the game and I find myself forced to use a transformation to simply walk the map I get very discouraged and I leave the game.
  13. Transformations

    For me the transformations is the conclusion of a destructive work. Everyone knows that AION has been deconstructed and these transformations have been the final blow. What struck me was the ability of NCS to collaborate negatively. The ranking is an example of this. I know a lot of people like the reset, but this idea in the long run naturally leads to a drop in revenue. Why? I explain. The idea of any player becoming a General or Governor is ok, but only just in the short time. In the long time, the players who financed this game have lost their differential and now will not invest as before. So ... economically speaking, the idea of making the rankings so popular served to discourage many veterans. This was not the best way. We need to be realistic. It's no use defending the game. It is the mathematics, the numbers that will give the last word. This is what NCS should evaluate before making a decision. Blaming the market is the easy way out, but it has terrible consequences, including for the brand.
  14. AION is currently playing by fewer players than it was a few years ago. Is amazing. Although this phrase is true... The most important, necessary, essential ... What is emphatically requested, begged by the vast majority of players continues to be ignored. So this is the AION. They will do everything, except what is necessary. The customer will continue be ignorated. And we know that the effort would be really little if they focused on what is important us. Example: Option to enable and disable the Transformations.
  15. I'm sorry. What you want is impossible now. I think the founders of AION are gone and no longer work in this game. Today the AION is in the hands of people who do not know the history of the game and do not care. Errors and lack of communication is justified with an excuse. They inform the shareholders that there has been a change in the MMO market and suggest investments in other games. The expectations for the AION is a downward curve and if there was interest in investing in this game the NCS would have to work on adjustments suggested by the community. Example: Transformations. They would have created a way for you to choose whether the transformation may or may not change the appearance of your character. If someone who could see the potential of this game, everything would be different. NCS would have already introduced micro transactions into AION to PC. So, forget It. This GM thing will never happen. Everything the AION had of a cooperative game is dying. Over the years all they have done is put the players against each other. They introduced arenas and changes in SIEGE to deconstruct alliances and legions. Now they did the same with the ranking. The old AION is dead. Accept this or look for another game to play.