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  1. Kaisinel transform

    I do not withdraw your merit then. Congratulations! Now I confess that other things bother me. It's amazing to see people getting their ultimate complete set +15 with 60 days of gameplay and I come here from the beginning without getting my first ultimate item. For my first item I need 400 items of a single piece, so when I see someone with a full set +15 in such a short time I realize that something very wrong is not right. hahahahaha Laughing not to cry.
  2. Roll back

    This subject does not take anyone anywhere. So it's waste of time, but maybe in a future that are not too far away the NCS resolves to charge some fee for AION to be SINGLE PLAYER and CO-OP with an IP number. So I could play AION with my family or friends after the NCS close this game.
  3. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    Reduction of servers. Change in cooperative mode. Reduction of instances of the game. Change in the theme of the game. Destroyed history. Excess of useless things with minios, skills and pets. Excessive Bugs in the game. Flight uselessness. End of the abyss. Transformations that nobody asked for. Destruction of cosmetic items. Enchantment and manastones that do not work. End of the mounts with moon. Nerf of classes. BUG of AP and GP Reset of ranking Ban on players with Proxy to play. And I'm being dramatic? Have a look at the AION numbers. See the number of players. Check the revenue. Coming down or up? How about reading what Gideon said about AION. Are you ready for the merger of KT and DN soon? Did you do the math? There were 10 servers and today there are only 2. And I'm being dramatic. It is seriously? When will I stop being dramatic? When does NCS announce that it is shutting down AION just like it did with MXM?
  4. Glory Points Reset & Seasons

    There are still some people who think, but they are really few. What else can I say? I'll just smile. Every new update a negative surprise that only serves to kill the game. It is one error followed by another, continuously. Of course people who put their money into the game will not do that. All the compensation that existed for the veteran ceased to exist. Paying to keep your status in the game is one thing I can understand, but paying every month to get into an unfair contest with people who are always cheating is something unsustainable. I do not have words. No more. The AION as we (veterans) we know does not exist anymore. We want to resist, but NCS will not let us. Systematically they will destroy your hope. Investing money in AION is now just a waste of time. It's just RESET to you. Think with me. What is the reason for you to participate of SIEGE? Everything you will gain will be temporary. So you will not waste time on this because instead of being on SIEGE ... It is preferable to do something else to amuse or take items that are important to you in the game.
  5. I thought 1Q2019 was interesting, but it was not necessarily a surprise. There was a lot of expectation around version 6.x, but after that came the mistakes of NCSoft. So I think the next chart is going to be a pretty negative surprise. Maybe we'll see the biggest AION financial crash ever since the day the game was released.
  6. Old motions and skins back on BCM

    If NCS removed the mounts from Luna (something that was good), do you expect them to actually do it? What is the purpose of having old items, any cosmetic, if you are a creature all the time in the game. Forget it. There are no more DAEVAS, there are PETS. We are all PETS now. We have Useless Wings because we was DAEVAS... Now... Just PETS.
  7. About the "compensation"

    You may think I'm being pessimistic, but I'm being realistic. Reflect a little. Think of all the things that have happened in the last few months. Transformations that nobody wanted, enchantment and manastones so terrible, community ignored, history destroyed, fails in excess, purchase of NCOIN with 12 hours of waiting, people dissatisfied, destruction of the ranking, destruction of cooperative mode, unbalanced classes, wrong focus, expulsion of players which use proxy, BUG in GP and AP, nerf classes, more difficult instances, no attraction to new players, server fusion, leadership destruction and so on. If you disagree with all this, fine. I do not care, just look at the AION numbers. Did you see the chart? Did you see the money? There is no prospect of improvement. Revenue will continue to fall and NCS is sure to introduce some negative news. Every update is a disappointment. Another BUG, new nerf or other change to massacre the community. Alas, this community is amazing and very persistent. Suffer much and remain faithful. Is amazing.
  8. Forgive me. I want to be optimistic, but it's impossible. The AION has been deconstructed. The story is dead. Without a return to origins there is no way to save AION. The game will continue as it is now. It will bleed into drops until the day that financially will not be more sustainable.
  9. About the "compensation"

    I just do not think there's any compensation that might actually favor the game. The damage has already been done, the wrong decisions are already producing their consequences. I suggest keeping an eye on the numbers, this is the telltale fact that there is no remedy for an amputated limb.
  10. Siege gp

    I'm not against making GP with mobs, but that's just a wrong decision based on what AION should be. The function of an SIEGE should be the union of the players. SIEGE should promote organization, strategy and unity. This SIEGE is very far from what was the SIEGES of old. People today only play individually, there is no union. The idea of a cooperative game was destroyed. So this is just one more mistake. I'm very sorry for all this AION transformation. It was an incredible game, nowadays it's a mess.
  11. This subject is very interesting and to be honest is a hope. You can cry, scream, complain, you can do what you want, but the AION has been deconstructed. The story is dead and the game has the worst management of all the MMOs that currently exist. So I think AION does not go very far. Who knows. As soon as NCS finishes killing the game, they may allow us to play AION cooperatively. Here at home are many people playing AION. It would be great if I could play AION with my family and maybe some friends in cooperative mode. Should have a option in the game (using IP) to create an AION HOST and then we would just make the PVE with family and friends and everything would be fine. Preferably the true AION, version 4.0. Without these transformations, pets, minions and animations in the spells that made AION a child's game.
  12. Gold coins from event

    It's a bad strategy. This will die with you in your inventory. Hardly this instance will return and the way that AION is, there is a risk of (end game) before the event comes back.
  13. aion is dying

    Some people think that this game is dying ant this is just a repeated story. Like a scratched disk, but I'm sure not. Unfortunately you need to put aside your passions and pay more attention to the facts. Think better. AION had 10 servers. Today you have 2 and you will soon have only 1. Do you really think that this drop from 10 to 1 is not significant? Do you know how many people are online at the moment of an SIEGE? Take a test. Log in to your Elyos account and your Asmodias account, see how many are connected. It does not reach 500 people. Perhaps the number of active players in AION does not reach 1000. WOW has lost 3,000 players in 3 months because they are not listening to players and want to focus on mobile games and micro transactions. In AION, things are worse. NCS sees customers as enemies. All this has consequences. The NCS has an incredible game in their hand, but it's true. We can not deny it. The NCS have the worst MMO admin I've ever seen in my life. There is no way for AION to survive. It's a matter of time. Look. All the decisions this month were wrong. Ranking, GP, AP, Banning players who use Proxy. All wrong. The focus should be to correct BUG, increase the time of transparent transformations, or let transformations be optional, improve enchantment and manastones, seek class balancing, but not. Focus is always something to attacks the community, it attacks the customers, attacks the game, destroy the history. Hey NCSOFT. The customer is not the enemy. The customer is the company's revenue. Do you know about this? I think no.... Oh right. I'm tired, it will not do. They do not understand. I'm talking to the walls.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    I need to say. Me and you, we AION players are incredible. Extremely sweet and tolerant. I wanted my clients to be so calm and passive as well. I see happiness in everyone's face when we receive the news that we will have more of the same. The truth is that the adjustments will only return the game to its previous state and with all the damage that was the reset of the ranking. Well, well, well ... As said Maleficent. If something so important. Something essential for the operation of AION can be turned off for a week ... Actually the NCS does not need to be in a hurry to fix the BUG. Let it go, let it go... Can't hold me back anymore... Let it go, let it go... OMG
  15. 8 Sieges and bug continue.

    I need to say something to you think. Because of all this problem with the GP and AP, imagine if the NCS reset the ranking once more to balance everything again, allowing people to try again in the ranking. I do not think it's impossible and if you think it's unfair ... Well, NCS already did it. Right? HUmmmm