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  1. @Kibbelz There is a typo on the web or the amount needs to be changed in BCM... Joker Card (x3) 1200 - On the website and while this is for 1600 on BCM????
  2. yeah so much about NCSoft's management can be said only if they had one...
  3. They might bring the server down cause they nyerked up the lugbug and that could be the issue, I am just saying....
  4. That make sense, initially there was a date and I thought it was applying to all items in the event. Thanks for clarifying that.
  5. I assume the item collection for this event is not permanent. Let's say if I added the Solar weapon to item collection, the stats are good for the period of the event and it will be deleted after the event is done?
  6. yeah that is the part with the *4 I did not understand and I thought they would restore them to stage 1 and now I have to go back and evolve them... Thanks for clarifying that . Yeah it though me off when I saw the evolution part.... Thanks! Thank you all for helping out.
  7. Thanks Aria!...hmmm if they are going to restore like that then I take it.
  8. Yeah I am this close to quit this game and I see where this game is going just like the City of Heroes and Villains... Biggest mistake I made and invested in a game like this... I should have just stayed away just like I quit 10 years ago...
  9. So it looks like you had the Eva Modor you used the Accuracy Sita to awaken then slotted a PvP Krom in the slot and the first reply they would undo the awaken and give you back the 3 minion as listed and it would take a resto. I guess they wont give you back the kinah used on combine, and the issue you are saying I guess is the Sita is lvl 1 and they aren't restoring to 4 I guess? No I am not asking to restore the a LvL 1 with a LVL 4. They are saying that they will restore all 3 and any evolution that has been done so far to any of them will not be restored. so basically I get bac
  10. Howdy all, I am not sure if you guys getting treated the same way as I am but I wanted to open this thread and get a little more info. Every time I opened a ticket and NCSfot cannot resolve the issue, I keep asking them for what is fair and money is spent on I get this answer "Any further replies regarding the same request may not receive a response and may set this ticket to solved." Here is what happened: I awakened a S Grade Rank 4 minion and unfortunately I did not understand the language they put in patch notes "ALWAYS CONFUSING AND MISLEADING PATCH NOTES". I used a Deft Sheba as th
  11. Don't waste your money please please... The box has no Ultimate Transformation. I and some other players can confirm that there is only 500 coin in that box and nothing else. It is a SCAM, NA NCSoft is milking you off and they don't give a shit about you players. There is no such thing as 500 Coin JACKPOT or an Ultimate xForm Contract in that 500 box. That box is empty...
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