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  1. are n.a. servers back online with a brand-new festival event? (need to check aion twitter support team for update today) are those new recipes worthy in your opinion ?
  2. Dear @Kibbelz @Hime i would like to ask your permission to send extra feedbacks and other suggestions (planing for the future) a) All future upcoming increasing drop rate related events are always very welcome. As players, we remember very fondly historical times in golden age of Aion where there were amazing events we used to called them fat l00ts because after killing bosses or special event mini boss mobs there was a nice chance for many extra event related item drops beside the normal ones. We hope those times to come back to Aion, at least, in a very special event one day.
  3. Dear @Arhangelos-KT i would like to thank you for all your informative replies. You took time and effort to help aion community and for your attitude i am very gratefull. You solved many doubts and questions related to several Events and other Aion activities. And if even you didn't have the answer you were willing to help.
  4. This is really nice @Kibbelz We are so glad we will celebrate Aion 11th Anniversary in high style after this good news. @Hime No trolling here, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for bringing it back on! Drop Rate should be increased not decreased!
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