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  1. @Kibbelz NCsoft should consider closing annonymous comments because people will always flame and be trashy in the forums. I knew classic would bring lots of toxic nerds back to aion community but it is going too far
  2. they aren't. But they can provide a better support since they give way more significant p.attack (and magic boost) to the group compared to retail
  3. thats TOTALLY it. these nostalgic a$$h0les won't complain but the time were the whales will 1 shot them is coming and then the qq will start
  4. because begin pawned by someone with a higher latency than you on your "own" severs isn't enough to spot xenophobic content eh? lets not forget that NCsoft has announced Classic Server as a global service for ocidental players. Stop thinking it was designed for NA players because there are LOTS or Europeans, Oceanic and South Americans coming to the server. I'm one of them
  5. thats all Kubei can offer, pretty cringe You can't even recognize the level of hostility you have put on your own first words in this thread. It was ridiculous tbh LOL
  6. how about you shut up and let people do whatever they want to
  7. so we get 3 "free" cards and can't do nothing with them? gg
  8. i am mentioning Cyan because like Kibbelz he used to post notes 1 day before the patch goes live errr, whatever
  9. my point is NCsoft is never releasing patch notes 1 hour before the patch goes live. It always come 1 day before or the night Kibbelz/Cyan usually posts maintenance notes
  10. i've been playing the game for years and can confirm not sure bout u
  11. they're posting patch notes 1 day before the patch for years please you dont need to lie, we already know you dislike ncsoft service and its ok
  12. this is awesome ty so muchhhhhhhhhh Kibbelz
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