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  1. new ultimates aren't part of the first 7.9 launch, they come later very close to 8.0 release date
  2. do you have any info about a good evasion number to look for? and block set? is it obsolete?
  3. Hi guys. I'm looking for some advice on wich DEFENSIVE set should I focus to counter physical plates as a Chanter (or even Cleric). Should I gor for block, evasion or physical def? wich one is the current meta?
  4. probably "The Labirynth" some 7.9 lacksluster content
  5. another qq thread from Ele sure it is
  6. you may have a point but repeatedly calling someone Burgernao just for the sake of body-shaming makes you sound stupid and pathetic. get better
  7. correcting: we got one ulti promotion 10 months before the last one. The first one was during the joker card event and the second one was during the transformation coin event
  8. it is working as intented by the way the only way to get another prime is combining the same xform runestone are you sure about it? any source?
  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa are you sure about it? I think it only works for EU and KR
  10. boy seriously? Hime is managing BnS community for much more years than is Kibbelz doing for the Aion Community this is the reason she has more posts on BnS forums compared to Kibbelz here
  11. you're saying a big fat bull.shit here boi A journalist can be an activist. I don't see the problem here. Anyway social discussions are extremely welcome in the gamer community, which is mostly made up of privileged white men who don't understand shi.t about social injustice.
  12. can you confirm if Splendor of Recovery and Perfect Shield gives DP to all group members?
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