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  1. It's not and that is the whole mind boggling point. I have seen p servers with ten times the amount of skins in their cash shop, lol. How many threads on the same topic does NC need to see to know it needs to be addressed? (Props to 5s2C40D6-DN that listed out the numerous threads asking for more skins, I can't @ you because you have an invalid forum name) And how many times do players have to go unanswered before they just give up asking entirely. It's called learned helplessness, and it's the current state of your forums, NCSoft.
  2. Pretty sure just the OP is under that delusion.
  3. @Rag-DN None of anything you just said changes the fact that there is no unfairness to DN players over KT players at the moment, only the PERCIEVED unfairness you're feeling. The KT server issues are far worse for the players of KT, bottom line, the server bug issue effect the players of KT more than they effect the players of DN. You should be embarrassed you're here on the forums trying to make it about DN players.
  4. Don't you feel like NC already has enough important issues they are(n't) dealing with? Why are you worried about a hypothetical issue of unfairness? This was not the normal bug KT players experience after 4 days of NPCS disappearing/objects being unclickable. The KT server literally crashed out of the blue and went offline. I can't believe this is seriously being talked about as an unfair advantage, seeing that.... 1. The server reset for KT took place less than 24 hours after weekly maintenance meaning there wasn't much time for instance CDs to even be used. How many instances
  5. lol @Kibbelz You really should consider a career in politics with this response. You literally just said a lot of discussion has been happening lately with the community regarding guaranteed ultimate xform. What? Where? Please show me where anyone from NC has engaged in any ultimate transform question thread after Aug 28th. You made a game changing announcement on Aug 28th and then completely disappeared from any and all of the conversation, despite multiple threads. This is the first time you've said anything about it in over 10 weeks!! It will be almost THREE months before you prov
  6. @Kibbelz You're all ears, huh? Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Is that why you haven't responded to ONE of the MANY threads inquiring, pleading and downright BEGGING for clarification about your new "guaranteed ultimate transform feature" (consume 12 legendary during a single promotion event) because you're all ears and you literally don't see the threads? LOL Is there a place we, your paying customers, can leave you audio requests so we can get some nyerking answers around here for game breaking issues? Thanks for checking in for your once a week maintenance post. See you in 7 days.
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