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  1. No I'm not really defending NCsoft, just more calling you out for being uninformed or impulsive. The rewards being the same as the month before should have been a huge red flag...checking the forums after a maintenance should be normal procedure to see what got broken in a patch. This goes for every game, not just NCsoft. Patches break stuff. I agree that they should have disabled, but I suspect they wanted players to at least be able to get credit for completing the quests rather than turning the whole thing off. Things take a while to fix, or even to turn off a specific feature that might no
  2. I wasn't talking about the emergency maintenance, but the normal downtime maintenance that was scheduled to end 10:15am PT. There is a thread created on this forum that NCsoft was aware of the Daeva pass not showing the correct rewards at 11:07 am PT with a twitter post linking to the same thread. I agree that it sucks that there was a mistake, but maybe pay more attention when you are buying things and not blindly swipe the CC.
  3. Unless he bought it right after maintenance, it was likely bought after the announcement.
  4. The rewards you saw were for the first month, they forgot to actually change them for the second season which started yesterday. The hotfix was specifically to fix that, and was communicated on the forums.
  5. First off, the server populations are fine, they could be better sure, but this game is already doing so much better than retail is. There are some things that keep players away, but I don't think Siel's aura is it. Daeva pass overcharging, the game not being 'classic' enough, the game being too grindy for western gamers, too much p2w for the game being mostly subscription based. The only people who are complaining about the f2p restrictions are those from poor countries or people who don't have the disposable income to be able to afford a sub.
  6. NCsoft: "Server will be down for an hour" Players after 15 minutes: "Why can't we play?" "I can't launch the game!" "When will server be up?" Like...did you read the thread before posting?
  7. Yeah, not a fan at all. It's making my eyes think that the words are shaking in place. I have a curved monitor for eye strain as it is and this just makes the game unplayable for me.
  8. No where did I mention that there was. I stated that there were that many online, which is important to note in cases like Siel in which both sides have similar numbers but one side has more participation than the other. As far as numbers go, Forthyn has a thread up with numbers for each siege.
  9. All that "0" influence tells you is that Elyos were unable to cap a fort, nothing else. It doesn't say how many are online, were even in the Abyss, or just crafting in Sanctum or PVEing. Forthyn's chart (which anyone can verify if they want to collect that data at the same time), paints more of the picture of what could be happening. If you want to refute the numbers, by all means start presenting your own to actually back up your claims.
  10. According to myaion.eu; Siel has ~50% cap and IS has ~20%, if we use Siege as peak times, I would guess around 6k is 100%.
  11. Using your logic, me(an Elyos) getting ganked at a fort teleporter means that the Asmos have overwhelming numbers. Heck I get ganked at times in Heiron towns at times, especially during EU primetime. Getting ganked or camped doesn't mean anything about the population as a whole. Y'all even have more fort repeats than Elyos do, so I'm not sure what your point is there. There is plenty of population, if you want to see no pop...head to retail, both of those servers combined have less than IS does.
  12. Bold of you to assume that there is a merge coming. Look at how low retail got before they merged.
  13. By community you mean the ones making a fuss about it, there is a good portion that just don't care one way or another about the issue. But, you also need to understand that those candies are likely a great source of income for NCwest. They aren't going to get rid of them just because some group of people are making a lot of noise. That's like asking the movie theatres or sporting events to not price gouge on snacks.
  14. I'll take cold hard numbers over your feelings. Numbers don't lie.
  15. Oh right, yeah the mob I was thinking of while is a giant earth ele, didn't have any hat drops.
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