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  1. Aion Legacy server please.

    I pull out all my old wings and weep over the memories of them. q_q I wish they would do something with flight again; I just don't know what. Another flight instance that isn't as painful as Void Cube?
  2. New Enchanting System Changes

    You should, maybe, think about heading to a hospital if you're dying right now. Thank you for helping me pad the post-count. I do much appreciate it.
  3. Aion Legacy server please.

    Well, they're certainly infinitely more "intellectual" than you. I kind of miss flight, but it has always been such a mess that I'm disappointed, yet not surprised, that they finally ditched it. The game engine and optimization and balancing has been rubbish for years.
  4. still waiting for a pre 4.8 master server

    If you don't like the game and have nothing more to throw at it other than rollback the game (which they literally cannot do, even if they wanted to), master server (because EK and BR didn't demonstrate what new servers do to our region's population, and we know that the pre-4.8 patches weren't near popular enough to draw in a new/old crowd that'll stick around for more than 10 minutes), or close the game just because you don't like it or the direction it's taking, it might be time to take a break from the game and go play something else. Seriously, it's totally okay to play something else. Come back later. It's what a lot of us do/have done, and, if you don't want to come back because you still don't like what it's done, don't.
  5. New Enchanting System Changes

    Then...stop playing? You know, it's totally okay to stop playing a game and go find another one without going full delusional on the old game's forum. It's actually healthier to just let it go completely. Or just sit there and cry in your broken-ass attempt at what I'm guessing at English communication. It'll be okay. Just go home and play something else if this game triggers you so badly. And I've been playing since beta. Whoop de nyerking doo?
  6. New Enchanting System Changes

    Oh, shit, I didn't know I spent hundreds of dollars on the BCM to buy mass amounts of PvP stones, so I could enchant my PvP gear. I learned something new about myself today.
  7. New Enchanting System Changes

    Judging by how much legendary spam I saw on patch day, and my own experiences, 99% sure they upped the rate.
  8. How many games do Hime and Cyan working on ?

    Mobile game is a totally different office, iirc.
  9. about to leave the aion :(

    I think he's talking about Tiamat from the DLR solo instance. She is kinda tough, tbqh. I haven't done it in a while, so I don't have a pretty guide for how to do it. Maybe someone else knows.
  10. i forget my pin

    Send in a support ticket here: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us They're the ones who can reset it.
  11. New Enchanting System Changes

    I freaking know, right? I'm just so excited to finally have one piece of +15 gear! Makes me want to play the game again.
  12. New Enchanting System Changes

    Got my chest from 0-15 with 60 ancient stones, 20 of which were turned into two legendaries.
  13. So you don't blow through shit all in one week.
  14. NA needs region sale price

    Programming the sales system to modify cost based on currency/region outside of what PayPal already does is A) difficult, B) unfair to the players of the region the game is marketed to, C) potentially exploitable? Heaven's sake, they're already having enough issues with NCoin/BCC/BCM without trying to throw something as silly as this on top of it.
  15. Server Merge

    (I wouldn't mind seeing transfers out with an eventual forced transfer with server shutdown, where the only people affected are EK people)