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  1. Elyos Asmo Situation

    Welcome to a problem Aion has had since launch.
  2. In real wars, there are those who play all sides and profit handily from doing so, so...
  3. Decoration on main cities

    I found them when I started leveling a new character the other day. Literally two other people in Sanctum on Katalam when I was there.
  4. Where even am I?

    Seriously recommend rerolling a new character if you haven't played in a while to regain feel for the game. It takes less than 24 hours to go from 1-80 by just doing the quests. Everything else, everyone else has already covered.
  5. I know it's been a month, but this was Cyan's last word on it. Soon(tm).
  6. Regarding Server Transfers

    I dunno. I'm more amused by the situation than bitter. I'll only be bitter if NCsoft nyerks me over for their bad decision.
  7. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    amen, lol
  8. Regarding Server Transfers

  9. Regarding Server Transfers

    Sorry, I should have put /s after that line.
  10. Regarding Server Transfers

    I mean...EK did exactly what it was predicted to do. NCsoft has even reacted the way they were predicted to. It didn't take a shot in the dark divination to predict it, too. But EK is also apparently fine, even if there are no Elyos (supposedly).
  11. Which server to pick?

    KT-E DN-A are the bigger factions on the two servers, tho...is this a trap?
  12. Bots is a serious thing.

    How dare you??? I kid. I remember being new to MMOs and being too scared to talk to anyone because I was afraid it'd be an NPC.
  13. Bots is a serious thing.

    Remember when Aion started and had a ton of people and a ton of bots and the bots never got banned? Pepperidge farm remembers.
  14. Glide hackers, lol. Up, up, and away!!
  15. Those freaking astronauts. The one thing NCsoft would even sometimes swing the hammer at.
  16. No reasons to do pve when you are geared

    To be fair, if people don't like PvP, either, and get all their fun out of PvE (for reasons maybe you don't understand as a more PvP-oriented player), they think PvP is meaningless and getting and +15'ing PvP gear even more so.
  17. Elyos Asmo Situation

    DELETE EK, MATSU. DELETE IT! (I promise I'm not e-stalking you across threads. You're just making them pop up on Unread Content right now!) Yeah, KT E to A ratio is pretty broke. It's fun watching two (possibly three, word out of EK E isn't good) servers have just janky population imbalances with no easy way to fix them, and transfers can make it even more broke.
  18. Broker Fees

    It's a pretty genius move by NCsoft, though. /s
  19. MERGE EK

    I, personally, don't think it demands immediate attention or is even the ultimate problem in the game (plenty of threads on posts on matters like that!). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EK is y'all's problem until/unless NCsoft makes it my problem (ie name/house/etc losses again). The whole being we all dead thing seems kinda dark to apply to a discussion on the action and fate of video game servers, man. Delete EK was "said" with some snark (not really sarcasm), but, if there's a good snark emoji/tag, I don't know it. Shoot, I think my ultimate problems with the game right now are kinah gain and the fact that I have to look ugly if I want stats when I play. and stuff involving skins and appearances and I'm a very vain character and would like to look at myself when I play. whips out mirror
  20. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt! We need another big scandal or something to liven up the forums for a few days.
  21. That's assuming NCWest/NCsoft doesn't nerf the sell price on items the way they have everything else involving kinah gain (sans the luna kinah boxes).
  22. Unfortunately, the takes-hours-to-get-ncoin thing was going on pre-6.2, too. We switched to buying NCoin codes off Amazon because at least it was near instant (unless purchasing the $100 ones, then there'd be a 5-20 minute delay). And just block Valedia or stop responding to him. He's a really shitty attempt at a troll on DN-E.
  23. Transparent Scrolls (yet again)

    Aion: Pretty Darn Good Character Creation for a 2009 Game Aion: Lots of Skins Aion: Hides that character behind a whatever the bloodfang thing is. #hue
  24. Wow, didn't think I'd overestimate in my guess. Legit hurts.