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  1. Wildstar was a non-directNCsoft development studio game that was doomed before it even launched. MXM was an experiment that failed miserably, in part because NCsoft refused to give it the resources it needed to even try to be successful. Aion is established and developed directly by NCsoft, so there's a greater chance that they'll keep it open for a while, though I wouldn't be surprised if they did close it in NA. I just doubt they will anytime soon. They're still getting money out of us. When that money dries up...?
  2. There is no Aion classic server in Korea. There will be no Aion classic server here. NCsoft has no priority for Aion, domestically and internationally. We're already treated only slightly better than maintenance mode. We have one guy who communicates with us, and he's one of the guys for BnS, so we never get to see him. Hell, I think Guild Wars 1 almost gets more attention than we (in NA) do, and GW1 is just a dude who works on it in his spare time. It took two weeks for NCsoft to push out a fix for a gamebreaking bug in Aion that didn't merely hamstring progression but rather slammed it into a solid wall. That's appalling under any circumstance. They're going to keep us open; they're just also going to get as much money out of the playerbase as possible, and we're the idiots who'll keep feeding it to them.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - May 8, 2019

    RIP Auto Assault, Dungeon Runners, Exteel, and MXM.
  4. Is there any solid way to get a hacker banned?

    All you can do is record, report, and hope that maybe, one day, someone in Support will give enough of a shit to look into it more closely.
  5. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    My friend opened 50 contracts over a few weeks and only got whites, not even greens, and the whites didn't combine into any greens. She got her ancient from CoE two days before she had enough flowers for the flower one.
  6. Uau P2W Event..... Pls take point on our feedback

    I got two ancients from CoE, and not months apart. Also got an ancient AFK'ing the flower event and an ancient from the pumpkin event while playing super casual. Seriously, if you've been playing since the patch came out and you don't have a single ancient at this point (not necessarily ancient for your class) then that's your own fault. Don't blame RNG for even the halfassed effort it took out of flower event to get one.
  7. Roll back

    But...it's not? If you use even a piece of someone else's song/artwork/etc, there are usually royalties, permissions, and other things involved. Copying someone else's work, even if you modify it, is heavily frowned upon, and some artists will legally go after you for it. Especially if you're making money off it. "Fair Use" isn't blanket protection. Arguing the legality of private servers is stupid, though. They're not legal; the material, assets, and everything is owned and created by NCsoft, even if its not "actively used" in the current version, and NCsoft can issue a Cease & Desist at any time. They own the product and everything about it. I, personally, don't care if you play on one, and, if you want to play past versions of Aion, that's the only way you're going to get to do it. By and large, I don't think NCsoft cares about Aion private servers the way Blizzard really didn't care about private classic servers until they decided they wanted to launch WoW Classic themselves, but they do legally own all the rights to the game, not the owner of the private server who "copied" the game (even if the owner of the private server modified it). I'm really not sure why we're arguing this in the first place. Really, the number of shits I could give about people playing private servers, especially for Aion 1.9/3.7/4.7, is quite low. Hell, I played on a popular one back in 1.7 for a short while to try out the endgame with how painful leveling and gearing was in retail. But they're still not legal, and, to reiterate, NCsoft could use legal force to have them shut down at any time, if they wanted to.
  8. Seriously, gotta know, are you trying to get banned from the forums? Because that's how you get banned from the forums.
  9. Vindictive and hypocritical. Like a petulant child.
  10. My Client always crashing "Send Log"

    If you haven't updated your drivers already, try that. There's also switching to the less buggy 32bit client by going into your NCsoft/Aion/bin64 folder and renaming aion.bin to aion.bin.old See if either of those work
  11. I know this might be news but... She doesn't have to. She can block you if she wants to. In fact, Support TELLS you to do that. You know...the GMs. She is breaking no rules. Even telling you she might block you isn't against the rules. Are you even Danaria Asmodian? Why is this not sinking in?
  12. Holy shit, you are not only dense but also vindictive and hypocritical. I'll keep reporting her until they ban her? That's harassment...and a threat. Guess what? It's not against the rules to kick someone from an alliance and block them. You have no rights here. The forums aren't ruled by the Constitution or Bill of Rights.
  13. Is this the part where you make disparaging comments about Millennials?
  14. It's like you don't understand how the internet, the forums, and the rules work.
  15. Good luck with that. She can kick and block you if she wants. It's not against the rules. Cyan's not gonna do anything because she hasn't done anything wrong, but, hey, it's your time.
  16. We quote this all the time, and I don't know why.
  17. Looked it up. Seems to be NCWest. Good luck, Anet.
  18. I hate mobile gaming with something approaching religious fervor now. All these companies doing quick, dirty, mobile cash grabs at the expense of their fanbase is just getting gross all around. I understand needing and wanting money, but, dang... It's not shutting down. "All or Nothing" was supposedly written months ago (and the ending was hinted before that) and sets up for a really dark season five filled with hopelessness and stuff. Looks fun, even if I'm still pissed at who died. I believe it's a subsidiary of NCsoft the whole, not NCW, but it could be NCW. I wonder if Anet can gtfo from under NCsoft because GW2 is still a popular MMO for the west. Get out like Bungie got out from under Activision(?).
  19. Aion 6.5 ?????

    "We're working on it." lol
  20. Been worried about GW1 since 2 came out. More concerned now, but I like to believe it's stupid cheap to continue to keep up in maint mode. But this is NCsoft and an increasingly shitty gaming company trend right now.
  21. Still floored by that one. She's a freaking icon for Guild Wars. She pretty much is Guild Wars for me! It's pretty terrible that there are so many layoffs going on across the entire gaming industry atm.

    Oh, no, lol. Yeah, I played with some good people. One was just too hardcore with the game, and he made it unpleasant for me, so I eventually just stopped logging in. I do miss my dragoon, though.
  23. Community Management Team

  24. What are we *not* able to do?

    Click the item you want to modify. It should pull up a menu on the item. Click modify (an anvil?). There should be something about modify appearance on the window that pops up.