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  1. That could be it. It wasn't marked here. 😃
  2. Sounds like a lot of information. I wonder if they are going to listen to it... Actually, we know they wont. LOL Thanks for the response.
  3. Could you share the questions asked in the survey? I didn't get any. Thanks.
  4. Sadly that doesn't work when you are logged off. When I realise it's already too late! =/ Have you been reading her posts? Lol! She is completely delusional and in need of professional care. It's so damn clear. And that is not a bad thing as per say, but she needs someone to help her. And completely unrelated (or not), she uses the forums as she would use a IRC chat. I mean...
  5. I'd say that it does sound like a problem, but not nearly as bad as we have right now. I'm still looking foward to classic despite it's flaws. If it's bad then, well, retail is worse. =(
  6. Is it that bad on Classic? I heard there is the Battle Pass and what I would assume is "bug" that you could gift yourself a lot of playtime and get AP crowns as rewards. Is there something else?
  7. Exactly. PVP in Aion has always been like that. The difference now, though, if compared to classic, is that a geared player, someone in Ultimate Transformation, a few collections and all, can wipe 6, 12, 18 people. A Gladiator, for instance, can survive the 10 minutes duration of the GP transformation INSIDE the enemy MAIN CITY going to full health in ONE skill. On classic guards actually mean something, to some degree. That is just one of the aspects that I miss about it. To progress you actually need to play the game, not wait for some event to hand you things because otherwise (unless yo
  8. Awesome assumptions about my real life. You need help. Professional help. IRL. That's my last reply to you. GL with that!
  9. That's just not true. Not if you want to progress without P2W that is. Sadly we have to savage eachother because THE COMPANY MADE IT THAT WAY. I did not plan that event, or any of them. They could have made it group loot, or league loot, like the Tia event, but they didn't. Do you see anyone complaining about Tia event? Right, there isn't. Now can you imagine the amount of negative feedback if it wasn't a League event? I stand by what I said and nothing, absolutely nothing that you can say will change my mind. If you want to progress as F2P, or not a big whale at least, you have to compete
  10. That is the game design though. I was one of the people who did KS in that event, but the cmopany forced us to. If you didn't try to get as many items as possible, you were wasting your time. Plain and simple. Blame the company for not making it a group/alliance event, not the players. Demand better events instead of blaming people trying to progress in this #%!@¨# of a p2w game.
  11. I've been reading your posts for quite a while now without responding but seriously, look for help. I don't mean this as a bully, I'm being as sincere as I possible can. You clearly have some things to deal with IRL. So go figure that out. This is a gaming community and those tend to be toxic. I also don't have a group for hard mode content, so what? That's just how it is. People have been trying to make me play more (@dred-DN ty!) but this game is far gone for me to have the will to play it fully again. Only classic can save this disaster. (sorry for the classic rant qq)
  12. On the topic of instances though @Kibbelz. Does this means that it drops from either Easy and Normal modes of Altar of Gales?
  13. I figured they would do that too. I guess it's too hard to make the event like EU had it. I remember seeing those in the broker for as low as 100m hahaha.
  14. How dare you! You can buy them from the shop! What else did you expect? Event merchant has some very nice stuff in it. Stigma Enchantment stones being one of them. You can enchant stigmas to sell in the broker if you dont need more stigmas. Or save the coins for when they eventually add some new stuff. As for the extendable weapons, they should drop from ALL difficulties, not only the hardest versions of the instances. That would be a much better event. @Kibbelz
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