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  1. Hello people. Don't waste time with me, I'm just passing through and this will probably be my last participation in this forum. I played AION for 11 and am currently playing BDO. I abandoned this game because NCS wiped out the SIEGES and made my class obsolete, but obviously that was not the only reason. I was already dissatisfied with several things and it all started with the transformations. Then came the imbalance of the classes, the de-characterization of the game, the endless bugs, the hackers and the promotion of the bad players. So... Game over for me, but I promised to come here to kn
  2. I respect everyone's opinion and think that what doesn't work for me can work for other people and that's fine. For me, NCSOFT's last big mistake was the adjustments at SIEGE. SIEGE was the last breath of a good time. This is over and as a result there is no reason to buy a prestigie pack anymore. Why? Because the NCS reduced participation in fortresses from seven to three with a drop in score (GP) in a ranking that is periodically deleted. ING and GELK went from being a PVP SIEGE to becoming a PVE SIEGE. That's because NCS removed the score from the opposite race. This ce
  3. Thank you all for your comments. ilikeskins-DN I will consider your suggestions, except for Guild Wars 2 because it is an NCSOFT product. About BDO, it's true. There are many similarities with AION and everything is fine. I'm used to it, however, the game is infinitely superior and I can finally invest in my character's appearance within an adult, mature context that hasn't been emptied and bombarded with elements that don't make sense. What discourages me at AION is all this focus in the opposite direction of the community. They ended the trade, made the broker useless, turn th
  4. After 11 years of AION, I decided to try Black Desert Online and I'm enjoying it. Unfortunately I will not appear on AION as before. I must eventually login until I finally lets go. I am usually persistent and stubborn, but there is a limit. If NCS hadn't destroyed the base of the game or if my SM wasn't so obsolete, I might not have been writing now, but unfortunately the way how, I play and what NCS promotes, does not converge anymore. I am a single character player while NCS wants its customers to have multiple characters. The NCS creates situations, content, events, etc. to enco
  5. Thinking about what you said my conclusion is that there is no hope. Unfortunately the most important details about the game are still being ignored. I cannot understand why NCS makes adjustments to the game in the opposite direction of our expectation. Every upgrade is always demotivating. The update is frustrating and what was good ceases to exist. Example: Not to mention the others, I'm just going to talk about SM. After 11 years of playing. Never has SM been so bad. I have never felt my character so disposable. My experience with AION is now just frustration. There is no in
  6. Although AION is an MMO, I think NCS never wanted to have loyal customers. I think this is inconceivable for them. Perhaps the way the NCS thinks about players is that they come and go. I think NCS is focused on player turnover. Loyalty was never their goal.
  7. Any help is welcome, however these discussions and changes in my opinion are temporary. The secret to a good recipe is the combination of the ingredients. What was taken from AION was the ingredients. You removed an important part of the game. NCS Korea changed the essence of AION and it certainly reduced the number of customers. Falling revenue is a trend. See what you (NCS US) did with SIEGE. NCS US destroyed SIEGE's PVP. SIEGE decreased. It is obvious that the revenue plummets. SIEGE is the only motivation for several people. There should be more and not less. I say. It doesn't ma
  8. I would very much like to have a page on the NCS website informing you that the server is online or offline. Is there any way to know this or do I need to try to log in all time?
  9. I don't see any problem in post this update to a next week.
  10. In AION your wings no work now. In icarus you have no wings, but you have the best mount system of all MMOs to use. You can tame any creature in the game. You can fly with 51 species of dragons, as well as incredible birds. The best of all this is that you can fight even while on the mount. A ranger can fire a arrow, a magician can fire spells even while riding on a wing horse and there are more ... Some dragons spit fire ... and you will never be a little lamb or bear or mouse or... etc on your mount.
  11. They are not interested in improving the game or doing anything that pleases the community, for that reason that the mounts have been removed from Luna. You will not have it. If you want to buy a chicken go to the website. Even the wings are useless now. In the future who knows a duck, an ostrich, a rabbit or anything fluffy or ridiculous will be sell for us.
  12. I'll be realistic. I do not expect much, but I have an idea of what it will be .. It will be so. There will be a new class and will be as it was in the past (SONG / AETHER and GUNNER). The new class will be OP and will crush all the others. The SM and the SORC will be nerfado again, because in every update the magic class is reduced. This is already standard in AION. You will need a new SET, so all your current effort will be thrown in the rubbish. The game will remain unbalanced and all the elements that destroyed the AION will continue and be expanded, as in the case
  13. Icarus is a game very similar to AION, but imagine if AION had evolved from version 4 to version 7 correctly. No transformations, no change from a serious game to a children's game. Imagine a mounts system where you can fight. Imagine having a Dragon that you fight with him. I suggest going on youtube and seeing some videos about icarus. You will be surprised. After NCS changed the rankings and banished countless players from Latin America, almost all my friends are leaving AION. We need a game where the customer is important. This is no longer the case with AION. We are waiting for the offici
  14. I know, but I shared the case because this is part of several changes that are happening with the game and as a result the AION is getting empty. It is likely that someone at NCS will tell shareholders that AION is empty due to changes in the gaming market, but that's not it. This is not true. The AION is getting empty because the decisions made by Korea and NCS go in the opposite direction of what the community wants. Let me give you examples: Everyone said, asked, suggested, insisted, shouted, cried, begged, and even humiliated themselves for the NCS to pr
  15. I do not love the bots, I just do not care for them. I do not think it's wrong for NCS to remove them (do it), but I think they are not AION's biggest problem in this time.
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