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    I would very much like to have a page on the NCS website informing you that the server is online or offline. Is there any way to know this or do I need to try to log in all time?

    I don't see any problem in post this update to a next week.
  3. recommendations for new game to play ?

    In AION your wings no work now. In icarus you have no wings, but you have the best mount system of all MMOs to use. You can tame any creature in the game. You can fly with 51 species of dragons, as well as incredible birds. The best of all this is that you can fight even while on the mount. A ranger can fire a arrow, a magician can fire spells even while riding on a wing horse and there are more ... Some dragons spit fire ... and you will never be a little lamb or bear or mouse or... etc on your mount.
  4. add permanent mounts

    They are not interested in improving the game or doing anything that pleases the community, for that reason that the mounts have been removed from Luna. You will not have it. If you want to buy a chicken go to the website. Even the wings are useless now. In the future who knows a duck, an ostrich, a rabbit or anything fluffy or ridiculous will be sell for us.
  5. 7.0 incoming soon what I expecting is

    I'll be realistic. I do not expect much, but I have an idea of what it will be .. It will be so. There will be a new class and will be as it was in the past (SONG / AETHER and GUNNER). The new class will be OP and will crush all the others. The SM and the SORC will be nerfado again, because in every update the magic class is reduced. This is already standard in AION. You will need a new SET, so all your current effort will be thrown in the rubbish. The game will remain unbalanced and all the elements that destroyed the AION will continue and be expanded, as in the case of transformations and fail in enchantment/manastones. The economy of the game will continue to be bad. Only people who buy B.Pack will be able to use the broker. The BUGs will continue and the focus of the adjustments will continue to parallel the needs of the community. There will be the merger of KT and DN (maybe this will happen before). There will be a significant reduction of players and people involved with AION support. Players in North of America will banned again. The revenue from the game will down much more. The management of AION will blame the market and will say that the world of GAMES has changed. They will never admit that administrative mistakes are destroying the business. Some people will lose their jobs and others will be transferred to other sectors. The continuity of the AION will be evaluated and the PROJECT TL will be the news.
  6. recommendations for new game to play ?

    Icarus is a game very similar to AION, but imagine if AION had evolved from version 4 to version 7 correctly. No transformations, no change from a serious game to a children's game. Imagine a mounts system where you can fight. Imagine having a Dragon that you fight with him. I suggest going on youtube and seeing some videos about icarus. You will be surprised. After NCS changed the rankings and banished countless players from Latin America, almost all my friends are leaving AION. We need a game where the customer is important. This is no longer the case with AION. We are waiting for the official launch of icarus in South America and many will switch to this game.
  7. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I know, but I shared the case because this is part of several changes that are happening with the game and as a result the AION is getting empty. It is likely that someone at NCS will tell shareholders that AION is empty due to changes in the gaming market, but that's not it. This is not true. The AION is getting empty because the decisions made by Korea and NCS go in the opposite direction of what the community wants. Let me give you examples: Everyone said, asked, suggested, insisted, shouted, cried, begged, and even humiliated themselves for the NCS to provide an alternative to the transformations and to reduce the price of SHARD, but all were emphatically ignored. Most customers do not want these transformations. The transformations definitely disfigure the AION. They have destroyed the cosmetic system and visual connection with the game, with everything that makes you unique. We all want to be unique, we all want to be recognized, different ... So most do not want transformations, but if transformations are inevitable because of Korea, make it optional. Offer the <Transparent Transformation Scroll> free or with many hours of CD. Understand this now. What the customer wants is what matters. What the customer wants is what needs to be done. Everyone agrees that AION was by abandoning the original theme in version 6. The AION today is like the BATWOMAN video. A real disaster. Why? When you go to the movies to see a Ninja movie, martial arts, you expect to see the Ninja in martial arts fights and not a movie about ballroom dancing. You will not go into a comedy movie to see a drama movie. You do not go to a barbecue or a club in a suit and do not go to a swimsuit graduation. Is this so difficult to understand? We are not PETS, we are DAEVAS. Angels of Wings. If you de-characterize a work. If you destroy customer expectation. If you divide your audience, the chance of your business becoming a failure is enormous. People have been asking for a lot of things for a long time and the worst has happened. With each new update we have a bad, negative surprise in the game. You do not believe? Let's remember ... First came the 6th version with several horrible changes. End of the Broker, transformations, spells that do not work, imbalance and etc. The game had already been decharacterized with the change from the adult theme to a children's theme. We had the inclusion of different classes like Gunner and Aether, then came the animations and bizarre skills that distort the game. They implemented the arenas, pets, minios, transformations, ridiculous mounts and unbalance of the classes. Difficulty leveling (level 75), item destruction while enchanting, and so on. Worse .... End of the SIEGES free, organized. Weakening of the cooperative game, of the legions ... No more leaders or organization. As if the content errors created by Korea were not enough NCS needed to collaborate negatively. There were several bugs that started with first merge and followed up on each new update, but I'll shorten the story. When the AION 6.0 came to NCS gave a set (Ultimate) to several people creating an even greater distance between players. Some became OVP and they were without objetive in the game whereas the majority of the players needed to look for this new set that was almost impossible to obtain because of the incantations. In fact, they keep trying until today. If the discourse of version 6 was the return to the origins and the balance. What happened was the opposite. The AION had the biggest imbalance in its entire history. AION is no longer a question of skill but of GEAR. NCS should not have given anything away. There was already an equipment difference in version 5.8. I know that many do not agree with me, especially those who have received the (ultimate) equipment for free, but when you run a business you need to look at the whole and not at the individualities. If any decision in a business is.. divides the community between liked and disliked, if there is such a break near 50% or most are next to those who do not like then your business is on the wrong way. My God, this is so obvious. Either you do something that pleases the absolute majority or you are on the wrong way. It's simple. Another problem. Every new update on AION is a problem. Because? Because we know that something bad will happen. Nowadays we are absolutely sure that the next UPDATE will make AION worse. It is for this reason that many defend the return of version 4.x. Unfortunately instead of NCS focusing on the problems of the game and the players' request what did the NCS do? Let's pull in memory ... It unnecessarily opened another server, increased the difficulties in the instances, nerfou some classes, created a GP and AP BUG, reset the ranking, decreased the development and support team, became more rigid and harsh, banned players using Proxy and etc. I ask you ... It is good to this moment in game? The game is falling, people are leaving, so what is the meaning of these actions? Why are they banning people using Proxy now? You see, I've been here for 10 years, I've always used a proxy and I've never been banned in my entire life. Why now? Well, If you like this game... We need to be realistic, we need to speak the truth. FACT: The changes made by Korea and the NCS decisions (in the USA) are together destroying the AION community. People are abandoning the game and if we do not talk about it at some point it will be too late. I saw that last quarter revenue remained at 12.xxx, but maybe the next quarter is even worse. The change in NCOINS purchases for up to 12 hours is absurd. If game management continues in that same line of decisions soon AION will no longer be financially sustainable and then it will be END GAME for everyone. I believe that by the end of 2019 there will be a merge between KT and DN. Whoever stays will see ...
  8. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I do not love the bots, I just do not care for them. I do not think it's wrong for NCS to remove them (do it), but I think they are not AION's biggest problem in this time.
  9. About Sharing Account Terms update

    No... Aly please... Do not try to create a new version around the story of others. Talk about your problems and your impressions about the game and not about case of people you do not know. My case is recent. We stayed from May 27 until the 31st trying to understand and solve this problem. On May 31 we had a definitive answer and to this day, we do not connect more in co-op to play. We have more than 9 tickets answered about the problem. We exchanged various information with the technical support and we looked for a solution. We suggest that NCS have a proxy service or indicate some reliable service. We were very sincere in everything and received emails from Robin, Son, ChyLee, Mako and Glenn. Of all the attendants, Glenn gave us the final answer in a clear and objective manner. I'll put his email here in full. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Glenn (Aion) May 31, 16:01 PDT Hello there, I can confirm that a VPN program is a useful service but it is absolutely not supported in any way by NCSOFT, so the assurance you seek, I cannot give. We are aware that many of our players that connect from outside North America use ping-lowering proxy services to reduce their latency. While NCSOFT does not expressly prohibit the use of these services, we advise our customers to use them at their own risk. Because of the security concerns these services pose we may not accept proxy IP’s as authorized IP’s when connecting to NCSOFT account management. Please be aware that if you access the account from or attempt to add these proxies to your authorized IP list, the account may be blocked and subject to review especially if the proxy you use has a history of suspicious activity. If you require additional assistance, please let us know. Regards, Glenn NCSOFT Support Team ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The reading is very clear. Proxy usage may block our account and is subject to review, but until it is released again we will lose an average of 5 days. The use of proxy does not always lead to account blocking, but it is clear to us that when two players connect, the game does not have enough intelligence to understand that two players are on different computers accessing the same IP within the same proxy . It's automatic banishment and that's new. This change came along with the ranking changes, AP bug and GP and there is nothing we can do. Today, we are without alternatives. Even if one player uses proxy and the other does not. As the two will use the same IP, someone will have kick. Therefore, two = ban. Maybe this is how the BOTS work. This I do not know, but I know that none of what they did has change the BOTS problem that continues to spread throughout Lakrum. Also I do not think BOTS is the real problem in AION. The BOTS is bad in game? Yes, but do they harm a player? I dont know and I dont care. Actually I like them because if I see a BOT I can ignore them and kill them and then I go my way. They do not bother me, but not being with two accounts bothers and much.
  10. About Sharing Account Terms update

    I think this case is very serious and I hope I can talk about it without suffering a punishment for exposing my opinion. Lets go... In my house, we always play with two or three people. We are a family and each has its own PC, but our Internet is unique. It does not make sense for each family member to have a unique IP or a unique internet account. This is not possible and our router has 4 ports (LAN) where we can connect up to 4 computers. That's how it works. Now. We know about this.. We did tests and realized that if more than one person entered the AION (using proxy) at the same time all the account are immediately banned. The following day we received the following message: Due to suspicious activity. This account has been locked. Please contact Support at appela@ncsoft.com After that the procedure is to open a ticket and the NCS will study the case. They ask for our data and we have to wait for 4 to 5 days until they release the access again. We asked for an explanation and nothing was good. The result is simply this. If we enter AION with more than one account, all accounts are subject to a ban. I explained that this family has played that way for over 10 years and my comment did not make any difference. They do not care about the time you were faithful to this game. We feel that any customer today is disposable. Sad... but the most serious of all is... With the countless problems in AION like... decharacterization, bugs, manastones, enchantment, unbalance, injustices, changes in the economy, BUG in map, problems with GP and AP, reset of the ranking, transformations that no one asked for and etc. The NCS has decided to focus and ban many of players for futile reasons. All this is very strange and when I think about it I can not understand. I have the impression that the customer has become the enemy. My feeling is that we are no longer welcome ... I do not want to make a judgment precipitate, but I wish to express my opinion and I think that perhaps there is in fact a hidden intention to reducing the base of players. There may be a desire to keep AION only for players in states near Texas. We do not know what is real and what is not. We can only speculate on this, but we feel that everything is changing and converging to the something different. Maybe in the future there is only one server. A limited and reduced server. Incidentally, we have the strong impression that the focus of the NCS is now the Mobile games. If all I think is true then the strategy is working. I've seen hundreds of my friends saying good bye. Every day I get a farewell EMAIL and both my GUILDA and my friends list has never been so empty. Here at home, we are already studying an alternative. We want to play AION, but in a cooperative way. If only one person can enter the server at a time, then the AION is not more to us. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do except look the future, knowing that nothing lasts forever.
  11. Maybe we need AIon Classic...

    The classic is good, but that will not help because the classic will also suffer from the current administration. In addition the classic version will split the few remaining players and will not bring the old players back. Now, we need to speak the truth. The truth is that the game has lost its essence. The story and the elements that made this game a huge success are gone and they do not want to and will not bring it back. People like me ... Resist, but there is a limit. We try to be faithful to the game even with all the problems, even with the NCS ignoring our requests and suggestions, but there is a moment where the actions of NCS are stronger than our resistance and today... we have reached the limit. One of the characters in my family was suspended because we were playing together. Side by side. There are two computers using the same IP on a LAN network and this was interpreted as suspicious. One of our accounts was suspended. We opened a ticket and it was solved, but we discovered that the problem happened because of PROXY. Unfortunately the PING reducer prevents cooperative play. If we do this one of our accounts will get a new suspension. After 10 years playing AION this was the first time something like this happened. For some reason now is the PING reducer is a villain. To block the reducer of the lag is more important than all the other problems in the game. So if we can not play AION as a family, our days at AION are will... End game to us.
  12. I've been here for over a decade. I was ARM GENERAL and the NCS decided to reset the ranking. Now they are saying that everything will return as before. So what is the purpose of the reset? Do it to the veteran player be definitely discouraged ... Okay. Congratulations NCS. I'm discouraged. You took something from me and now... I will hardly go back to the rankings. Then I will hardly go back to buying prestige pack with this change.
  13. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I've seen about a new way to win GP through the arenas, but I'm not sure about the ranking. Will it be maintained or will it change? Someone explain to me? I speak of Abyss rank (Governor, Commander, Great General, General, Star 5-1, Rank 1-9).
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    The problem about the transparent scrolls are very easy to solve. This item should not even exist. There should be in the menu an option like this: Apply transformation on your character ( ) Yes ( ) No. When you select no, you can use a transformation, but this will not change the appearance of your character. End.
  15. Well. We should all do our part. I guess asking (politely) does not hurt. Anyway ... Let's move on.