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  1. I've been here for over a decade. I was ARM GENERAL and the NCS decided to reset the ranking. Now they are saying that everything will return as before. So what is the purpose of the reset? Do it to the veteran player be definitely discouraged ... Okay. Congratulations NCS. I'm discouraged. You took something from me and now... I will hardly go back to the rankings. Then I will hardly go back to buying prestige pack with this change.
  2. Scheduled Game Update - March 27, 2019

    I've seen about a new way to win GP through the arenas, but I'm not sure about the ranking. Will it be maintained or will it change? Someone explain to me? I speak of Abyss rank (Governor, Commander, Great General, General, Star 5-1, Rank 1-9).
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 6, 2019

    The problem about the transparent scrolls are very easy to solve. This item should not even exist. There should be in the menu an option like this: Apply transformation on your character ( ) Yes ( ) No. When you select no, you can use a transformation, but this will not change the appearance of your character. End.
  4. Well. We should all do our part. I guess asking (politely) does not hurt. Anyway ... Let's move on.
  5. He can tell how this is being developed internally or say he has no information. I'm not charging anything directly, I'm just asking about it. It's been many months since AION 5.8. Cyano is the person who carries and brings the information. He is a bridge between client and NCS. He needs to know everything that bothers the customer even when he can not help ... he can take our issues up.
  6. Valedia. Nor one neither the other. Do not judge me. I'm not doing this to you. The problem I am informed is real. It was not like this before, so what's the point of being like this now? If you play some other MMO then you will realize that virtual sales are fast, they are virtually instantaneous. This delay means something important is happening. Maybe the billing system is now outsourced, I do not know, but I try be optimistic. Anyway, this whole time is bad for sales. This is a natural law of the market, it is not just my opinion. If it takes too long to acquire a product this is perceived with mistrust. When the customer is demotivated, he will think twice before making a new purchase. In my humble opinion ... Have some errors against the potential that AION has and that means less money.
  7. I will answer the above two questions. The problem is not my credit card because the debt is recorded instantly. The problem is time. I do not need to open a ticket because the NCS information is clear. They ask for a deadline of 12 hours. The question here is time. Before (version 5.8) ... The process it was in a few minutes. Today is 12 o'clock. If you buy a game in STEAM, in less than 1 minute you can download the game. This 12-hour time is not normal for virtual sales. This did not happen in AION 5.8. This happens in version 6.2 and I think this will weaken revenue of NCS with AION. Gentlemen. My complaint is logical and valid. I am not against you and neither against NCS. It's the opposite. I want to help. Here is an example. Sometimes I want to buy NCOIN to pick up a LUNA box and enter an instance with my friends (FM, BOS or PF). If I have to wait 12 hours to go, obviously I will not make the purchase because I want LUNA at that moment. You understand this? There is a basic rule in the business world. Time is money.
  8. Hi Cyan, I would like to take the opportunity to ask about another important subject. I made a purchase of Black Cloud Coin and now the time for this to be processed is very large. 12 hours. Besides the problems, besides the complaints of the players with the new version, besides the details such as the transformations. Now there is a new problem. The time to process a purchase is very large and this is not good for the game. Can you say anything about it?
  9. Leave your opinion here. I think your opinion is not subject to criticism because it is just a free manifestation of your thinking. I just want to know what's positive and negative about the game in your opinion. I will start: For me the biggest mistake of the NCS was the transformation. Nothing in AION was so terrible like the transformation because this decharacterizes the game. Transformation is the visual death of the game. So AION is currently just a skeleton of what the game was one day. Part of all the magic was already deteriorating with the inclusion of children's details like pets and classes that created a break with the theme, but the transformation was for me the last breath, the death of the game in relation to the original theme. For me the biggest hit of NCS was and remains the game's combat system. The ability to capture your opponent's target before attacking your enemy. All new MMOS use a combat system that I do not like and it's exactly this AION combat system that has kept me faithful to this game. Otherwise I would have left the AION forever.
  10. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    I agree but... I'm pointing out what's written in GM's message. He was clear and said it : "... the team will be taking this time off to spend with friends and family ..." They are on vacation. Therefore, there will be no changes. There will be no changes before 2019.
  11. Happy Holidays from the Aion team!

    My opinion. Is clear... There will be no change in the game. No one should expect any change in the game. This reflects several things and those who do not understand, are just wasting their time. To complain, to suggest, to ask, to threaten, to cry, to beg and etc ... It is all useless. There will never be any adjustments. The only adjustment we will have are those that came from the translations in version 6.5 and later 7.0. You need to understand that the game follows the laws of the original version. All NCWest does is translate the game into English. Just it. All changes in AION occur with Korean programmers and eventually Korean customers. Requests from players in North America and / or South America can happen when NCWest sends an EMAIL of suggestions to Korea, but they are just suggestions. I know that eventually NCWest does something in the game, but it does not seem like it's a priority right now. So have what I said in mind and you will be in peace. Accept or look for another game.
  12. The people login to AION to up for SIEGE, only. The goal is just to maintain your ranking position. When you do not have SIEGE the server will have a reduced number of players. There is no incentive for anything. Niguem rises and no one descends. The game is stopped, static. Who has the Ultimate + 15 does not need anything else. Who do not have... Never will take it. Is impossible now... So... This impression of being empty will increase with time.
  13. Nc Will Kill Aion

    NCS will not kill AION. NCS already killed. What keeps the game is a base of old / veteran players. There are people in AION who have been here for many years and have no desire to test another game. But transformation of the character into pet and the administration errors may cause some veterans (tired of asking for changes) to leave the game. If that happens, it will be the end because AION offers nothing innovative to new players. Every new avatar is actually a veteran player testing another class.
  14. The AION has been deconstructed for some time and in this version they finally fled the theme of the game and turned everyone into Pets. In my opinion this was a mistake, but the NCS needed to do something to make it worse. So they had the brilliant idea of splitting the players. While some received the Ultimate + 15 the rest had to run and find that at the end of that road there was a cliff. Few have been able to enchant any +15 item. What makes me sad is knowing that all this could have been avoided if NCSOFT did the basics. (Preventive tests). Now I'm going to prove what I just said: With the changes in how to get the GP, all players warned that the ranking would fall. Everyone complained, it was clear that all players would fall to rank 1. It was two weeks warning and what could have been avoided happened. Two weeks after the AION 6.2 was released, all players dropped to Rank 1. Governor, General, Star5 and etc. Everyone fell to Rank 1 and the NCS just adjusted it after the worst it happened. In other words NCS does not make preventive adjustments. The NCS is only reactive and never preventive. The same thing is happening with enchantments. If the revenue does not go down, if as a significant portion of the customers do not go away, the NCS will not react. This positioning is typical of companies in crisis or with weak management. The consequence is a significant loss of revenue. This practice continues is what drives many companies to failure. I do not know what will be the end of it all, but I'm not very optimistic at the moment. Especially because the community has been ignored for many years.
  15. Enchantment Stones remains only in deception

    You've seen my tumble, but you do not know how my knee is. If I do the count ... It is likely that I have already used more than 2,000 Ancient stones and more than 150 Legendary stones in a single item and nothing. I do not have a single Legendary garment from the day that AION 6.2 was released. From my point of view the AION 6.x is a deconstruction of this game. The AION is being dismantled from the inside out and the consequence is an aberration that is not pleasing. Unsurprisingly, the MMO market is bad now, but some companies will suffer more than others. Blizzard (for example) fell 47% in a few months and EA dropped 45%. I'd rather not talk about the shares on the NCSOFT to not suffer retaliation, but the problems of these three companies is the same. They do not listen to the customer. Recently Blizzard thought to make up for their financial slump by embracing the Chinese market, but they forgot to combine that with the Government. Then his myopia took his version 8.1 to the largest number of dislike (in youtube video) in history. Something similar is happening with NCS as well. Some think in changing jobs, but they are not paying attention to the market signals. The trend is a general reduction in jobs linked to MMO games because companies turned their backs on their customer. If the customer (responsible person in bringing money / revenue to the company) is not important. The inevitable happens.