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  1. 6.0 info

    I would kill to see Ereshkigal sucessfully avenging herself against Fregion and Beritra. But I don't think NCsoft is creative enough to stay in the anti-hero plot that they developed to Ereshkigal. The scene in Seneteka Temple is kinda stupid for someone like her. Guys and girls, check the full 6.5 Concept art on my tumblr if you want! thank you <3 https://shugogirl.tumblr.com/post/175765235816/aion-65-concept-art
  2. 6.0 info

    Aion 6.5 Cinematic by Kelekelio! He said subs are coming soon
  3. 6.0 info

    Aion 6.5 Launching Screen F*CKIN FIERCE
  4. Aion July Preview

    guys, NA will probably follow the trend to fully skip 6.0 and start the new patch from 6.2 (EU, RU and CN servers confirmed that). So the update will be delayed and they're not telling it to us yet to avoid rage and sh-tstorm oh, and I LOVEEEE kumuki event. I really hope its the version with kumuki letters! aaaaaaa
  5. 6.0 info

    official korean page (months ago during the 6.0 release)
  6. 6.0 info

    I really hope she is not dying after this stupid scene LOL (at least for now...) Ereshkigal deserves more character development. The Aionic relic that she found appears on her 6.0 cutscene too, looks like she is on Senetuka Sanctuary since the very first part of 6.X patch. She also mentions "The Ice Citadel" on Mirash Sanctuary (5.8). Promethon Workshop lore also shows a giant claw on the forge (maybe for Beritra? since he is directly related to this instance disguised as a Scholar again).
  7. 6.0 info

    thank you Kelekelio for this cutscene! I cannot believe that one of the most powerful dragons (and the smartest one) is going to die in this stupid plot. Tiamat was all about powerful relics too, please don't do it again NCsoft... so redundant. Btw, her dragon form is spetacular!
  8. They did it because silence bury combo was a bit hard for rangers on this patch. But reducing it to only 20% PVP Remain Time is ridiculous LOL RIP. I was watching some chanter vs ranger streams and they can't even proper bury traps due to delayed dispel on recovery spell >.<
  9. There will be a NA master server ?

    Its really cool to think that its just one map divided due to its large size. But I love the "original" naming that NA gives to things. I can't accept a Shugo saying "Shugo loves South Katalam instead of Danaria" hahahahah
  10. 6.0 info

    You will ~ probably ~ auto-collect the money if you didn't collected it manually before, and it will be converted to Golden Bar I don't want Ereshkigal to be destroyed in this 18-man instance. She deservers more character development! PLEASE NCSOFT DON'T DO IT
  11. There will be a NA master server ?

    Shugo loves DANARIA they never said they love Katalam
  12. You mean the mysict shards? They're optional, you can use the skill even without it.
  13. Its an entirely new patch. I don't see any problem on creating a new thread since ~ various ~ things they did on the initial 6.0 are already begin killed or reworked within 6.2 and 6.5 and the thread is a bit outdated.
  14. Ok, rangers and ATs are getting a silence that CANNOT be potted and/or dispelled. Also, rangers are getting a skill that can instantly break any protective shield just like AT's Drillbore Maybe they're finally getting some love (and chanters with another AoE that also causes Stun on all affected enemies. YAAAAAAAY)
  15. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/6.5_Update 6.5 just launched on korean PTS and it includes 2 new Daevonian Skills for each class and one 18-player instance where we're finally fighting Ereshkigal (btw, I don't think we're going to deafeat her hehehe). You can find a good part of the patch notes already translated by Kelekelio on aion powerbook