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  1. If we look at Korea, each update is basically 3 months and went along with a new promotion for the 90 day Siel's Aura. At minimum, I wouldn't expect 1.7 for another 70 days or until the start of Deava Pass Season 8. Then another 90 days until 1.9 after that unless we hear specifics from NC.
  2. I have been having the same issues since 1.5 update. I re-downloaded my video card and the game without a fix. The only solution I have found is restarting my computer and then the game is fine for about 15-30 minutes. Once the lag starts hitting I just don't move curser on the screen and play via keybinds as best I can and that works.
  3. It would be amazing to see 2.0 get to our servers, but it will hit in Korea in 1 month and we still have the super minor 1.7 patch and 1.9 patch. I had kind of hoped we would see patch 1.7 simultaneously as 1.5 as just the treasure rooms being added is so minor, yet it looks like we will be waiting 3-4 Deava Passes before 1.7 hits.
  4. If you notice the regular ancient crowns do stack to 2, this is done on purpose as most AP items will stack to somewhere around 7-9.8k AP (notice the Major Ancient Crowns don't stack at all). This is done on purpose to ensure people don't horde too much AP to "hide" their rank. with regards to turning in the crowns in the core (the dangerous area), you will be pink to everybody and the vast majority of people will leave you alone (and that is even if other people are around which isn't a given). But, if you really need the space and don't want to bother turning the crowns into the c
  5. Two ancient Crowns per day is an amazing log-in reward and I hear so many people talking about what they can now buy with this reward. Events like this or rewards that are guaranteed (or can be earned, not random) like this is the kind of events/activities that creates excitement among the player base. Of course constant AP turn-in items would ruin the game because it would essentially make AP/pvp rewards moot, but once in a while events like this are well received (in my opinion). As comparison, the godstone reward from the Gojira is awesome, but so rare the vast majority of individuals do
  6. Right now we are not even at the content level of when the original Aion was released and won't for likely another 3 months when the Fort Instances will be released. I know a lot are claiming pay-to-win, and there is a lot to agree with that, but right now you can't buy AP feeds so AP all must be earned beyond a few major crowns each Deava Pass (so far 10 Major Crowns would have been awarded if an individual purchased every Deava Pass I believe).
  7. Exactly, there has been a lot of frustration on the Elyos side from hackers/griefers and many I have grouped with will now kill pinks on site as payback.
  8. With regards to the cosmetic set vs. AP items like Crowns I value any and all AP items much more. When the new Deava Pass was released I looked for Crowns (and if any other AP items were rewards) and ignored cosmetics as they have been traditionally untradeable. Too many AP items would definitely turn the game towards P2W even more strongly then we see now. Conversely, it is nice to have items (cosmetic final reward and dyes) that are not P2W, but to me are not valuable and would only be seen as valuable if I could sell/trade to players who want such items. With regards to AP items it
  9. As NCsoft asked for feedback to Season 4 I thought I would start. Pros: Nothing better in this season than Season 3 in my opinion as everything is either the same or rewards reduced (enchantment stones, manastones, coins, and appears dyes are not tradable this time?). Cons/Changes I would like: 1.) Make everything storable in account warehouse. This is my number one request for Season 5 and beyond that every item can be transferred between characters. I don't see the downside as I am actively deleting many items from the Deava Pass to not take up space such as the NTC reset scr
  10. @KibbelzThis is fairly obvious now. Last night 4 of the 6 officers on Siel-elyos were from AN HERO and there is only a total of 5 people in that guild. ALSO, there were rumors Onaho had his AP removed and even if that is true he was back to being an officer last night so a lot of good that did. This is just sad....what a waste.
  11. It is pretty hilarious reading the thread and justification on Reddit and that people have already paid for it. This is just another example why if you want to play ethically, games developed by NCSOFT are not for you. Aion will be my final game I ever play developed/marketed by them.
  12. Yep just saw Onaho AP trader (elyos-Siel) just now so I can 100% say he has not been banned and his gear appeared top of the line still. So ZERO action has been taken from what I can tell. The crazy thing is while farming guards this morning was attacked by Teemomeow, which is another AP trader and last night Juu was holding the door in the fort attack. Both identified AP traders by video evidence. To anybody who thinks AP traders are not negatively effecting the game they are dead wrong. They are actively limiting competition and actively hurting the game and NCsoft's profits. @Kibbe
  13. I guess the question NCwest asks themselves is will it hurt the AP traders and if the answer is no then this is working as intended. Because all the AP trader videos I have seen it the AP traders being grounded so it is okay to have discrepancies in flight time/speed between factions.
  14. Does anybody have screenshots or lists of the different season rewards from Korea? I know they are a little different now, but a lot seems similar so I was wondering what is coming in a few weeks specifically with the 4th season. On the Korean website you can already see one reward is two major crowns, but it isn't clear which season that is.
  15. With this video and the other two or three on this site has somebody been able to make a list of the names so we can actively check up on those characters to see if NC will actually ban them because if they don't then they are basically stating it is okay to do in Classic. As a side note, that is a LOT of AP to be trading with rank 1s (1k AP net per trade!). No wonder so many have such good gear already.
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