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  1. 1 hour ago, Gern-EK said:

    dude, knowing ncsoft a date will be announced in 2 more weeks, the launch will be past next month or even later lol.

    Cyan said its going to be ncsoon.pngishly

  2. On 1/8/2019 at 0:11 PM, Kubei-DN said:

    Because 7.2 introduces Katalam back as an instanced map.

    And how is this instance is going to be?? i mean, Will we be using the full map for pvp or pve? Or will it only be sections like in Pandora where we only use a part of Cygnea / Enshar?

  3. I did understad your sarcams @Aly-DN, my post was referred to those people who do what you mentioned, because they believe that their chars are worthy of being mister / miss universe, and that they have to ruin the event to others simply because they cannot see their chars in a different way for just a few minutes.


    by the way aly, I'm stealing your meme, I loved the girl's expression at the end of it :P

  4. I really do not understand why the inconvenience of the transformation in this event, we have had several events in which we have to transform such as Shugo Emperor’s Vault, Daeva's Dash or Fire Temple. Worry and manifest that if we have this event, we have the rewards we want, and not how our chars might look while we do the event.

  5. What has happened to me is that by killing a few asmos, some of them log into their elys and start telling me about nonsense, that if I killed them in one of their alters, they will login to their main and that they will nyerk me (I really have been told that), to which i just simply reply please do it fast, because i still need to kill X asmos to finish the daily quests in each area. Always in the game, never in the forum.

  6. 16 minutes ago, Ele-DN said:

    I'm attacking or he is? did you read his posts? and what makes everyone think im new? any ideas how many people ask me in game for advice on how to play sw?

    i did, i read all post before i do a coment, do you read your coments before pressing submit??

  7. 2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

    ...you really love to assume things, and for this reason I will assume you are a man, you act like one. If anything YOU are the one carried because you started naked in 6.2 and even 10 months later you are still unable to do basic sh!t. Whoever puts you into his group is making you a big phat favor because you are a total imbecile. Next time someone invites you to his group, start with a "thank you" because he really is going to carry your sorry ass.

    I really dont know what Ele's gender has to do with the nonses he / she is talking about, you could have said the samething without making you look like a crazy feminist, I'm not assuming that you are, its just that part of your comment I do not agree that you have said it, as for the rest, I'm completely with you.

    and @Ele-DN , are you new to this game or something? if it is so, that would explain a lot, if not, you really love people being mean to you in the forum, dont you??

    if you dont like how this game is, i dont know what are you doing here.

  8. the worst part about those twinks was the trashtalk, they made fun of me they could kill me really easy, and at that time, didnt know what a twink was, i though they were low players like me, who were lvling and just wanted to do a little pvp. That really made me hate asmos for a long time that i started to call them assmoles :D

  9. I do remember that something like that happened, but not the name of who did all that, or even if it was the same person, but I think that happened between 4.0 and 4.8, when we were still being Siel

  10. im goin to tell a friend, to have at least one char lvl 10 in DN-A, the other day we were talking how boring the drama in KT-E has been lately or worse, no drama at all. :P

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THE ELYOS IN KATALAM LATELY?? DID THEY  GREW UP??? WHERE ARE THE IMMATURE PEOPLE?? its boring to read the lfg while im not doing pvp or farming :D