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  1. Abyssal splinter

    Any news @Hime about the instances?? is not coming back?? will be back next week?? anything?? please??
  2. Abyssal splinter

    Has anyone seen the entrance to abyssal splinter? is not where it used to be in Demaha, and i've look everywhere in inggison and i cant find it.
  3. Game Update Maintenance - May 27, 2020

    @Hime The game is laging so bad that I can't even finish logging in any of my chars, I enter the pin and start loading the map, but that's it, my char or any other char never appears, and after a few seconds the server disconnects me.
  4. Here is a tip: is not Danaria
  5. Shattered Abbysal Splinter not spawning the gatekeeper

    Nice!!! so i guess both servers get compensations!!!, Katalam gets compensation for the problem in Danaria, and Danaria for the problem in Katalam
  6. Shattered Abbysal Splinter not spawning the gatekeeper

    If this is happeing only in Katalam oh boy you guys in Danaria are so lucky, more compensation for all of you of something is happeining in KT Lets hope this time it doesnt take 6 months to fix this instance
  7. A returning Sorc needs help.

    There are some quests that will give you legendary pve gear, not the best ones but you wont feel like you are completly walking naked, just open you quest window (press J key) and follow the guide quests till you have all parts of accs and gear, is not hard to do them. But i would really focus first on getting the transformation contract, without a legendary transformation doesnt matter how good your gear is, you are going to get wiped out really easy
  8. A returning Sorc needs help.

    Next week we are going to have an update, which will give us new pvp and pve gear, i wouldnt recomend you to get the gear we have now although still will be better than the new now it wont be much the difference between both gears, so i just recomendo you to wait for the update on may 27th. it will save you a lot of trouble watch these videos so you have a better idea of what I'm saying, it's very well explained We have an event right now that is very useful for new and returning players, as you may have noticed we no longer have cast and running scrolls, we have transformations instead of that, and with this event you might still have a chance and get a transformation suitable for sorc class, welcome back and good luck
  9. New version 7.5

    it's more than an assumption, usually when we have events like Hungry Hatchlings at the end its when we have the update, and updates like this one, 7.2 to 7.5 are usually announced one week before launch. Updates like 7.x to 8.0 are announced with more days, sometimes a month in advance.
  10. Hackers

    @Cheesecake-DN Probably not, Although I can tell you that I have come to report to some of using glide hack from which I took a video and sent it to support, and they have been banned, so dont lose hope, and keep reporting those people.
  11. Hackers

    What you are showing has no validity, if you are going to accuse someone of hacker, it is better to do it with a video and not the listing of a third party program.
  12. I wish i had free resets like KT

    If you can stand a ping from 300 to 400, inability to use more than half of the npc (including teleports and warehouse), some mobs (incuding those in instances and some bosses) at least for one hour all of you are welcome!!
  13. Heey Reset the DN server too

    what can i say
  14. KT server bugged again

  15. BCM Skins

    I think it was in the BCM before practically 100% of the products were removed in 6.0
  16. Weekly Server Maintenance - April 29, 2020

    Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith - defeating the final bosses can earn you powerful Ultimate Sovereign armor and weapons. in FM the drop is one for all, or one for each?? Beshmundir Temple and Drakenspire Depths - defeating final bosses has a chance to drop Manastone Fasteners, Ancient Engraved Manastone Boxes, and Legendary Engraved Manastone Boxes. Even for lvl 80 characters??
  17. [4.8.20 KR Update] Silentera: Secret Sword

    i like the sound of my sorc when casting a skill, the ranger female voice is really irritating, all the time saying aaaa aaaaaaaaaaa aaa aaaaaaaa aaa eeeeeeeeee aaa, really wth???
  18. Two Questions

    you can buy them with kinah in the Gold Sand Traders or going to the Abyssal Fragment (pve solo instance) and the last 10 minutes and they work exactly like regular transformation scrolls, the moment the time is up, you have to use another to keep having the stats.
  19. Two Questions

    Transformations stil a must, but now we have transparent transformation scrolls, which allow you to have the stats of that ugly transformation you have but still be able to look the beauty of your char . For pvp we have not only the siege of lakrum fort, we have now Divine and Demaha fort, for instances we have the same, EC, Dread, Idel Dome, Illumiel Brawl and Kamar. Welcome back and have fun.
  20. Here are two images so we can make a better comparison, everything that DevilNest says is true, Skyflame has better stats than Pandora regarding magic attack, hp physical and magical defense which are important stats, but he forgot to mention the most important stat, the pve one and of which Pandora has better stat than Skyflame, and any Pandora +10 will give you better results than Skyflame +15 and it really easy to get any Pandora part to +10, or at least that was for me. In the end, as Arhangelos said, pandora is a gear for casual players (as my self at least in the pve part),It won't make you carry the whole group, but it also wont make you be the carried one.
  21. Should i go back to NA?

    You can buy emotes with gold ingots, broker or events, skins?? you can forget about them as we have so few in the game now, you can buy a few in the gold sand traders store, and in broker you can find some skins that are not longer avaible in the game. And as for daevanion skills its really hard to farm them but if you manace to get the stormwing lvl 5 you can get one daevanion skill box everyday.
  22. Should i go back to NA?

    right now there is a event where you can easly have a useful legendary transformation for your class, details of that event can be found here https://www.aiononline.com/news/hungry-hatchlings Good luck and welcome back.
  23. Server bug again

  24. loyal stormwing egg

    I dont know whats your gear, so im gonna assume you already have Ultimate +15, you can have benefit of this event saving stigma enchantmet stones for future enchantorama event, or save legendary / ultimate pve /pvp enchantmen stones for future pvp / pve gear, you could try to get all your daevanion skills to +15. This event is not a waste even you are completly geared.
  25. loyal stormwing egg

    I never said it was an event, i just say that if we wanted to have an ultimate transformation, we had to buy the possibility of having it It would not be logical that the storwing event gave us ultimate transformations and then put the possibility of having it on sale at the BCM, that would have been a very bad business.