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  1. Nice!! 😁👍, but please, next time let us know in advance what items are going to be deleted on each event, and im not talking about posting it on a tuesday night but on a Tuesday at noon or at the beginning of the event.
  2. 😑 no, but at leas the boss should make a little more than 400 of damage.
  3. @Kibbelz the nerf in Abbysal splinter was huge!!! its been a hour and the boss hasnt killed my char yet 😜
  4. This is not only the problem, you are right, they should announce what they are going to delete in advance, but few people come on every Tuesday nights to read the notifications about the next maintenance, kibbelz and the rest of the nc staff do not have the obligation to remind us that we must come to read about the changes to come so things like these don not take us by surprice, but I do completely agree with you that they should say these things in advance. @Kibbelz when you make the announcement of the next event to come, you could tell us which items will be deleted at the end of the eve
  5. or tomorrow https://www.aiononline.com/news/void-trials
  6. NO NO NO NO NO NO, if she is in my server Dont you ever say the V the word again EVER!!!, Could be that we might invoke her and return to the game
  7. You are the one who started this "fight" with me, i just came here to post a comment about this topic, and if you have a problem with that, well you can add it to your problems that need to be solved list, i never said anything againts you or any other person who has post something in this topic. And im sorry if you think that link is a hard proof of something that Hime said almost a year ago (which probable is the last time she logged in this forum by the way) you should already know in your vast experience that you have playing this game, you should already know that NC says is going t
  8. That was almost a year ago, and things can change a lot since then, as i say before, i dont remember where i read it but i knew something like this could happen, and for the same reason i deleted all items i had in my ware thinking there was no reason to keep them if they would be deleted later, and that was around september of the last year, when I stop playing practically every day and start playing once or twice per week.
  9. I remember reading something like this (but cant remember if it was here in the forum or in the game), where someone mentioned that the items would not be deleted when the event ended, but they would be deleted before the same event gets started next year.
  10. The skins are exactly like the custodian pvp gear we had in 4.x
  11. Mmmm sorcs didnt get any change in our skills??? wtf?????
  12. I think this is a good temporary solution ( NCSOON ), at least this way we dont have our weekly bug that made over half npc in Katalam impossible to interact for hours, and this is way better than the other option, to have luna dissable for almost a year or more.
  13. That would be good, as long as you could have more weekly quests, but the simple fact that taking the camp does not get us anything and that it takes two hours for the cap to respawn is completely useless, doenst matter who does it first, its completely useless
  14. What can be said, there are people who are stupid, they know they are and they still brag about it, just leave it like that, Valedia is a lost cause
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