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  1. Taking advantage of players in a hard time??

    Not only in the forum, it has also happened in the game, a couple of weeks ago an idiot (and yes, I said it, there are things that have to be said) when we were in pvp outside the fort of lakrum, an asmo was saying to me that a member of my family should die from this virus,i took screenshots and reported him and since then, I havent seen him in the game.
  2. Cambios en Aion

    its simple, doenst matter what kind of changes we want, new or old stuffs, if korea doesnt get it,neither do we. NC wont make those kind of changes for just one region.

    Only in the mornings, but once she goes to the ladies room and vioalá

    I'm sorry but as for beauty pageant there would be no competition, my char would always be the winner.
  5. Game wont start

    XIGN3CODE is not needed any more. I dont know if this could be the problem, but here in the forum has been mentioned before that the new NVidia drivers arent friendly with the game, so If you think it is prudent, try installing previous versions of your drivers But dont forget to contact support, they might have a solution to your problem.
  6. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    you forgot to say "and call it their music"
  7. Cheater_KT

    That would be funny, if it wasn't true
  8. NC Soft at 3E 2020

    I just read this, here is the link in case someone does not know about this news https://pulsenews.co.kr/view.php?year=2020&no=167143 I wish i could go and talk to them to tell them what I think of what they have done to this game.
  9. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 19, 2020

    Where is the entrance to this new instance? I've searched for it all over stellusia and can't find it.
  10. DC in Crimson Katalam = back to obelisk

    then must be some kind of bug, because i always choose this kisk and it always last 2 hours
  11. Evergale Canyon 2v2 alliances

    I did two runs of EC today, and everything seems to be fine, both runs had over 2 alliances (over 60 people). My first run was in quick queue and the other one in a premade. And at leas on elyos side, i saw 4 premade alliances forming with over 40 people wating to go in in quick queue.
  12. DC in Crimson Katalam = back to obelisk

    I always buy my kisk in Crimson Katalam, and none of them have disapeared after 20 minutes.
  13. Bastion of Soul bugged?

    for some reason, if you start killing and collecting the bombs before having rescued all the prisoners, the instance gets bugged, and the mob with the 1rst floor key wont spawn, so make sure you rescue all prisioners first and then kill the mobs with the bombs.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    I contacted support and their reply was a link of this topic ...... I should have seen that coming.
  15. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 12, 2020

    So it would be good to open a ticket and notify support about the items we missed?