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  1. Mejor Server Asmo

    No es que exista servidores de Aion para cada zona, en este caso si eliges Sudamerica no podras instalar Aion ya que no lo hay, tendrias que elegir el de Norte America para poder jugarlo, y cualquier servidor que eligas (Danaria ó Katalam) tendra buena poblacion de jugadores Asmodianos.
  2. Permanently keep Pvp instances open 24/7

    mmm, i dont think is a good idea, as you said it takes around 20 minutes in queue to enter any pvp instance, and one of the reasons why it takes so long is because we have in some instances a 5 hours window to be able to go to X instance, if we had a two hours window as in the afternoon would be easier to get a pop because the same number of groups that apply at night, when you have a 5-hour window, they would have to do it with a two-hour window, making the system find groups faster. On the other hand, if the instances were always open, it could take hours to pop.
  3. New Launcher

    we can, just close the launcher and open it again, i just did it and could open a second client. Neither do i understand whats the problem with the new launcher, NC dont have to ask us if we want it or not, its a decition of the company to gather all their games with one laucher, just like it was 7 years ago. one launcher for Lineage, Lineage2, Aion, City of Heros, etc etc....
  4. s2 ^^ Just a comment ^^ s2

    Ahh the millennials, just because they have a few followers they already believe they are much more famous than all the Hollywood stars and much more influential than all the university teachers in the world combined. Just one comment, follow your own advice and stop advertising your youtube channel.
  5. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    mmmm i dont think so, it would be more like what ever the gender X person you think is, well is not....So I think it would be better to start thinking that in this forum we are all hermafordites, so we do not err
  6. Kata bugged AGAIN

    Last time it took NC 8 hours to reset the server, how many hours is it going to be this time??? lets go people, bets are open the winner will have a lifetime supply of chewed gum !!!
  7. Only NC soft could mess up a simple request

    I know, my point is when they announced the sieges times in the last patch, they did not make an official announcement that the altars would be vulerable, it was not necessary because the map was simply not accessible, which they did this time, they announced it in the patch note but they just didn't bother to check if the map would be accessible or not
  8. Really, you didnt see this coming??? how are we suppos to take altars in Demaha IF WE CANT GO TO DEMAHA BECAUSE THERE IS NO PORTAL?? we only ask to make the sieges to forts one hour earlier and you come out with this WE CANT GO TO DEMAHA ON TUSDAY THURSDAY AND SATURDAY!!!! BRAVO
  9. @Kibbelz @Loki It would be nice to have a soul healer during the sieges of silona and pradeth, and thus regenerate the hp completely in an instant and return to battle as soon as possible, and not have to wait for a cleric or chanter to heal you or go to look for some mob to use a skill to heal your hp with it.
  10. Server bugged.... again

    @Kibbelz @Loki Ty for the reset, but lets hope it wont take to long next weekend.
  11. Server bugged.... again

    Ok, I know it's the weekend and that people have to rest and spend the day with their families, but even so, a serious company knows that both on weekends and holidays there must be a person who is watching the servers so in case of a problem to be able to solve them fast, its been over 8 hours and we cant even got to Crimson Katalam!!!!!
  12. Well, they pay for our game, so it is obvious that NC would do that, they have to keep these people happy so that they continue to buy prestige on a continuous basis, we might not like it but thats the the way it is
  13. Katalam bugged again

    The fact that Danaria also get a reset for the problems in Katalam does not benefit or harm me (i dont care), I just hope that when Danaria has a problem which is necessary to do a reset, NC have the same attention towards KT as they have towards DN with the problems of our server.
  14. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    The problem is not the damage a sorc can do, @Arhangelos-KT, me and others who have sorcs have said it before the problem is the defence skills that are completly outdated, and now not only that, but also nerfed, Elemental ward is a stigma with magic defense and resist which was increased from 1,000 to 1,500 (1,300 to 1,800 advance stigma), thats nice but the duration of the buff went down from 30 seconds to 15 seconds in a stigma that has 2 minutes of cd without enchant. And thundering spear, our only skill we have to heal ourselfs in pvpve, 50% of the damage done was regenerated to our hp and now will be only 20% (60% to 30% advance daevanion skill) and the increase in the damage from 559 to 587 (671 to 705 advance) seems to be really low.