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  1. Aion black hole event

  2. HACK

    I hope this is true @Aly-DN i really do, otherwise
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    I have know people who make kinah not by farming and selling crafting materials, or crafted gear, etc. etc. those people have told me the make kinah by working the broker, and that means waiting for someone to put an item with a low price on sale in the broker, buy it, and so put it on sale again at a higher price.
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - October 9, 2019

    @Cyan How many fragments will we get in case we win any of those instances?
  5. 1 more anniversary event week :D

    OMG!!! so this is what we have to do to get what we want, to say we dont want it!!!
  6. Demaha Siege

    yeah, it was strage that the kisks didnt dissapear when the siege started.
  7. So I assume it's just cause I'm intoxicated

    well, i just use the 60 minutes ticket in my vandal and it was gone when i finished doing the changes i wanted.
  8. ATTN Devs: Prize Item Previews

    @Vantheria-DN Where can i get the Laughing one?? the one i see in one of the shugo robots is blow bubbles emotion,Playing Dead, Cute Dance and Swing Dance but not the Laughing one.
  9. @cyan @gideon

  10. @Forgotten-DN Go to Style -> Costume you will see two boxes, one of them is free
  11. we have a free gear from the BCM, one box per account
  12. Explain yourself 'Valiant'....

    @Vantheria-DN he revealed our evil plans to fill the server with bots