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  1. quitting again

    You lost me with just that, the only skill that lost the stun effect was Flames Waltz, we still have Arcane Thunderbolt, Freeze, Frozen Shock, Summon Whirlwind, Volcanic Wrath and Shifting Magma. And i assume when you said less silence you mean the silence duration went down from 7 seconds to 5, honestly 2 seconds is not a big deal, besides NC added to the silence skill the effect of bind, which is a big help in pvp vs melee clases. If you want to quit the game, go ahead, do it, but at least say reasons much more credible than those two.
  2. I've been here since the beginning of all this problem, but I was not affected by the rollback, the only thing I had done (apart from being like 20 minutes afk) was to create my vandal, and if that was deleted, then I just have to make another. Right now im actually reading a book, The Disappearance of Stephanie Mailer bye Joël Dicker, its a really good book I recommend it to anyone.
  3. New class

    mmm well, I don't know where I saw it, but even so, I think that would be something obvious, even if creating the character today and asend it to vandal tomorrow and not receiving the skin, would make a lot of people angry although it would be very easy to create another character and start over again
  4. Invisible Ranger

    but I bet you were happy when you found out that NC removed the sorcs's skill that made them possible to see through your hide, and your adaptation to that change was instantly, isn't it? (crying becasue i want that skill back)
  5. New class

    if you want to have the skin the character has to be created tomorrow (August 21) and then lvl it up to 10, some people are thinking to create the muse today and ascend it to vandal tomorrow, and i dont think thats going to work as the event specifications say it has to be created between August 21 and 28.
  6. Survey

    if you stay on the edge of the platform, you can die, that happened to me at the beginning when the instance was new, try to move a little to the center of the plataform next time and you will be safe.
  7. New launcher?

    As soon as this new launcher came out for BnS and L2, I asked the same thing in a maintenance announcement, and what Cyan said there was no plan for us to have that launcher soon.
  8. sorc vs. anything but

    life isnt fair i want one too
  9. Stigma stones in 7.0...

    So Kamar is coming back?
  10. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    Probably because he doesnt see those 2000 people talking noneses about them like we usually do, 've never seen him log in to the BnS forum before the stream to ask people to behave well or else they will be banned. in fact, I didn't notice him nervously, but rather careful in the information he could say and could not say.
  11. sorc vs. anything but

    sad, but true
  12. Let's talk about 7.0

    I would not put my hopes in that, since NC has become experts in not giving us what we want.
  13. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    What NC should do is check their logs and thus know who run the instances before the bosses started droping two boxes, and thus replenish them the remaining boxes.
  14. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Once again, NCWest is toying with us.