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  1. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    The problem is not the damage a sorc can do, @Arhangelos-KT, me and others who have sorcs have said it before the problem is the defence skills that are completly outdated, and now not only that, but also nerfed, Elemental ward is a stigma with magic defense and resist which was increased from 1,000 to 1,500 (1,300 to 1,800 advance stigma), thats nice but the duration of the buff went down from 30 seconds to 15 seconds in a stigma that has 2 minutes of cd without enchant. And thundering spear, our only skill we have to heal ourselfs in pvpve, 50% of the damage done was regenerated to our hp and now will be only 20% (60% to 30% advance daevanion skill) and the increase in the damage from 559 to 587 (671 to 705 advance) seems to be really low.
  2. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    there are 3 skills in the skill bars that i dont recognize them, would be nice to know that those skills do, specially the active one.
  3. Skill changes for the upcoming update - 7.5 part 2 vs. 7.5 part 1

    Wtf??? could it be the sorc class is really op in korea that need to nerf it in every patch???
  4. Server Maintance

    I dont know what are you talking about
  5. Server Maintance

    Lol, np.I always name my characters according to its gender, and the name Vessttemona comes from a character of a tv show that I was watching at the time i made my account in Aion.
  6. Server Maintance

    thank you, i know you were worried.
  7. Server Maintance

    Dont worry, its just one hour maintenance (already did my runs today :p)
  8. Server Maintance

    i was in lakrum, and when i wanted to go back to my server, i got kicked out.
  9. When will Exp fragment be deleted?

    The items in your quest cube are for buying items with the shugos that are next to the entrance, the other ones, the ones in your regular inventory are the ones that increase 5% of your exp bar everytime you use one of them, none of them will dissapear tomorrow.
  10. When will Exp fragment be deleted?

    Those exp fragments are from Shattered Abyssal Splinter Event / Instance so you can be sure that if that instance is going to be removed, along with the fragments, it won't be soon
  11. [Aion 7.5] GemStone Skills

    i found this video with a detailed information onn which skill can be boosted in each gemstone color for all classes.
  12. Katalam Server bugged again!

    No, i was thinking more like 20 shining gemstone shard box and 4 dazzling gemstone shard box would be enough
  13. Katalam Server bugged again!

    i take back what i say, only took them almost 9 hours to reset the server, still extra runs for red cellar wont be enough
  14. Katalam Server bugged again!

    Extra runs for the Red Cellar wont be enough, its going to be over 20 hours with a bugged server this time before they comeback from the weekend and reset the server.
  15. Katalam Server bugged again!

    Serverd cant be bugged, ITS SUNDAY!!!!!! but yeah, server is bugged @Kibbelz @Loki