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  1. what a joke this is, if that's it, this game is not free to play but pay to win. It's ridiculous, it's nicer to charge a monthly fee than to make people look like an idiot wasting their time. I'm deleting this game from my computer right now. The disrespect that this company had with the consumer in the past is enough, it launched the paid game, we buy the game and pay monthly, and then the game breaks and becomes free without even returning or giving any bonus to those who were faithful paying every month and bought the game in 2009 hasta la vista game failed, failed in the past and worsened
  2. I dropped a blue item and couldn't put it in the bag
  3. my 1h aura is gone and I can't get the blue item, and I'm kidding that or I really don't have that right
  4. Let's see when the payers of this shit run out of players online, because that's what will happen 60% of players have already given up on this poorly managed and thief game, in 2 months at most it will happen the same as the current aion, 40 players online at most.
  5. at the very least you must be a rubbish gold seller to write this shit
  6. Hello, it's disgusting, to see so many bots in the game, and gold sellers, not even in 2009 as I bought this game and paid per month, via so many filthy bots, destroying the game, and a shame for ncsoft it looks like a server private amateur, a game of years and they still can't fight this kind of practice, and on top of that they charge for the terrible service offered for a game of more than 12 years. At least regarding players, this game should be the same for everyone, because many like me who bought the game in 2009 and paid per month, we were left adrift, when the game was free without t
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